Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,883
21 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex in shifted form, HEA]

Lt. James Donovan, shipwrecked on a strange, alien planet, must fight for his life in the arena against an alien twice his size. The Tyger shifter is gorgeous, powerful, and set on killing him. When Donovan shows reckless courage, the alien spares his life and takes him to be his submissive captive against his will.

The young Alliance pilot tries to accept his fate, and against all odds he falls in love with his captor, Ragan. Yet on this planet, mating with a fierce and beautiful Tyger male means having to prove your ingenuity and bravery by participating in a deadly game of cat and mouse with his Tyger mate, while thousands watch on closed-circuit television. In his bestial form, Tyger won’t recognize his mate and will try his best to kill him.

Can Donovan outwit the game, survive the contest, and find happiness, or will the challenge prove to be too great?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright (MM)
21 Ratings (4.3)

Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,883
21 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
It was not Shannon West's best book, but it was not horrible. I expected more from her and I felt I was left hanging.
"spoiler alert"
I don't understand how mates could choose to leave their Tygerian after bonding or that they would want to.
I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down. It was an quick read for me beginning to end. I hope the author writes more books about this world.



The Tygerian turned his back on Donovan, deliberately playing to the crowd. The posturing reminded Donovan of pictures he’d seen in his Ancient History classes at the Academy of old-time bullfighters, showing the spectators that he had nothing to fear from the weak creature he was about to battle, and tempting the bull to make a run at him. Donovan refused to be baited. Instead he picked up a rock half the size of his fist from the gravelly arena floor and hurled it at his opponent, striking him in the back of the head. He’d thrown the rock as hard as he could, but it bounced off the thick mane of blond hair, causing no discernible damage whatsoever.

The Tygerian whirled around though, as the crowd shrieked their pleasure, and gave Donovan a strange look of amusement and satisfaction. He threw back his head and laughed, seeming to welcome the spirit and fight left in his opponent. For the first time he spoke to him in English with a deep, melodious voice tinged with a strange accent. He wondered fleetingly not only how this alien creature knew English, but how he knew it was Donovan’s own language. The crew had been international, of course, and had spoken many languages, though the official language of the Alliance was Earthonian, a kind of mixture of several of Earth’s primary languages. He tried to concentrate on the words spoken to him in this heavy accent.

“So, Little Warrior, you have claws after all.” He made another mock-attack move at him, smiling as Donovan took a step backward. “Time to see how sharp they are.”

Moving quickly for a man of his size, the Tygerian dove at his feet, knocking him down and rolling away from him so fast he could barely react. Donovan was able to get in one good swipe with his dagger and was gratified to see thick crimson blood welling up in a stripe along the Tygerian’s bicep. He sprang back to his feet and grinned at the Tygerian. So you bleed the same color we do, don’t you, you bastard?

Come at me again, and I’ll stripe your other arm,” Donovan taunted.

It was only a graze, but the Tygerian sprang to his feet and looked down at it in surprise. Again, the satisfied look came across his face. Throwing down the chain, he raised the mace over his head, and with a powerful swing of his arms he swiped the weapon at Donovan’s feet. As it came toward him, Donovan pulled his legs up beneath him, barely clearing the club as it passed under him. He landed back on his feet, and again, the Tygerian laughed with seeming delight as the crowd roared. If the blow had landed, it would have easily broken both his legs, and he would have been done for.

The young gladiator again turned his back to Donovan, holding out his arms to the crowd, soliciting their cheers. Knowing the Tygerian wouldn’t aim so low next time and realizing it was only a matter of time before that terrible club shattered his body, he decided to go on the offensive and end this thing. At least he could die well for the cameras. Raising his dagger over his head, he leaped onto the alien’s back and brought his weapon down toward the gladiator’s neck.

In a lightning-fast move, the Tygerian reached up and grabbed his wrist, pulling and twisting downward. He brought his face up close to Donovan’s and whispered urgently in his ear. “Pretend I broke your wrist, little warrior. I need to make this look good for the crowd.” He pulled away and hurled Donovan over his head to fall on his back in the dusty arena. Donovan’s dagger bounced away, and the young Tygerian warrior kicked it contemptuously from him so it landed some twenty feet from them. Again the gladiator held his arms in the air, playing to the crowd, milking their response. Donovan looked up at him in wonder. Was he trying to help him or merely making himself look good? He reached down for Donovan’s other wrist and twisted it as well. “Cry out in pain. Do it!” Without another thought, Donovan followed his orders and yelled loudly, gazing up at the huge young man in confusion.

Writhing in mock pain, Donovan lay on his back in the filthy arena, shoving his hands up under his armpits to make it look real. He wasn’t sure if this was some elaborate game the gladiator was playing with him, but just in case it was, he did the only thing he had left to do as the Tygerian warrior leaned over him. He spat in the Tygerian’s face as he bent over him, and bared his teeth in a menacing snarl.

“Come and get me, you striped bastard!”

The Tygerian wiped the spittle from his face with one hand, showing it to the crowd and laughing aloud. He bared his teeth back at Donovan and bent down, Donovan thought, to finish him off. Instead, he grabbed him around the waist, twisted him around so he was facing the crowd, and held him aloft. He yelled out some rapid phrase in Tygerian. Still holding him above his head as Donovan tried ineffectually to kick his feet back at him, he turned to each corner of the arena, displaying Donovan. The crowd screamed its pleasure and held up one fist. At first Donovan thought they were shaking their fists at him, but a snatch of memory came back from the long ago lecture on the Games, and he remembered that the closed fist was a sign of approval. A sign to spare his death.

In a sudden move, Donovan found himself thrown over the Tygerian’s shoulder facedown. His loincloth was bunched around his waist, baring his ass to the spectators. The Tygerian brought his hand down in a hard slap on his ass, causing the crowd to go wild with laughter. Despite Donovan’s fierce struggles, he held him across his shoulder with little effort, walking around the arena, spanking him in front of the crowd.




Ragan ran his hand slowly, sensuously down Donovan’s back and over the cleft of his ass. “Are you ready, little one?”

“I doubt it, Ragan-lan.” He hated how his voice cracked, but he was powerless to stop it.

“Be still. I don’t want to hurt you. Try to relax, sweet one.”

Relax? Was he kidding?

Ragan stroked his ass for what seemed like a very long time. Donovan couldn’t help wondering if this was some kind of new torture he’d thought up for him. His fingers slipped into the crevice between his cheeks and found his entrance. Slowly, he circled it with his fingers, causing Donovan to groan and squirm.

“You have a beautiful backside, little human, plump and white. This little hole is beautiful, too, so pink and tight. It pleases me that it’s tight, nobyo. I would have you the first time all for myself.” He slowly massaged the rim as Donovan grew harder. He knew Ragan could feel his rock-hard cock against his groin. It had to be as uncomfortable for him as it was for Donovan.

“Have you ever had a spanking, Donovan?”

“No, Ragan-lan,” Donovan gritted between his teeth. “Not since I was a child.” Considering his rather vulnerable position, he fought to keep the sarcasm from his voice. Why did the question in that low sexy voice of Ragan’s arouse him so much? He moved around a bit, trying to get more comfortable. He was lying across Ragan’s lap on the bed, and the position wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, just embarrassing. If only his stupid cock wouldn’t get so hard. Did some perverse part of him like this? What was the matter with him?

“Do you think you’ll like it?” Ragan’s comment was so much like his thoughts he jerked in surprise, wondering if he’d spoken aloud for a moment.

“I–I don’t want to be hurt, Ragan-lan.”

A little slap came down on his butt cheeks and Donovan flinched. It hadn’t hurt, not really, only startled him. “That was one, darling.” With one hand Ragan massaged the place his slap had landed, while the other hand slid back to stroke his rim. Ragan opened his thighs slightly to give Donovan’s cock more room. “Did it hurt you?”

“No, Ragan-lan,” he said hoarsely.

“Do you think you could ever climax just from a spanking alone, Donovan?”

Donovan groaned aloud and let his head drop to the mattress beneath him. “No, Ragan-lan. Please.”

“Please what, sweet one? Please do it again?”

Another light slap fell on his cheeks. “Two, baby.” The light caresses to his ass were going straight to his cock, making the shaft harden even more and press against Ragan’s bare leg. Donovan took a deep, shuddering breath.

Without any warning, all the air he’d managed to drag into his chest came out with a surprised yelp. Ragan’s hand had come down sharply on his ass, and pain shot through him. He half turned in Ragan’s lap and looked up over his shoulder into Ragan’s eyes, finding him concentrating deeply on every expression flitting over Donovan’s face. Right away, his hand began to massage the abused flesh, first rubbing and then lightly stroking his skin.

“That was three, Donovan.” He made no move to pull Donovan back into position. Donovan had the feeling that if he wanted to get up, Ragan wouldn’t stop him. His eyes were glowing at him warmly, and Donovan wasn’t the only one with a huge erection. Donovan moved a little, adjusting himself so his aching cock could rub against Ragan’s thighs. It felt so wonderful, he almost closed his eyes and moaned in relief. Suddenly, this spanking morphed into something else entirely. This was a love game they were playing, and Donovan knew it. He suddenly knew with clarity that if he decided to get up and end this, Ragan wouldn’t say a word. The choice was his.

He made his decision and settled himself back on Ragan’s lap, squirming his ass a little more than was absolutely necessary to see Ragan’s reaction. Ragan closed his eyes and drew in his breath sharply. Donovan lay his head back down, beginning to enjoy his spanking, if for no other reason than to torture Ragan. Donovan rocked his body against Ragan’s legs, almost dry-humping him.

Another quick slap was his reward as Ragan choked out the word, “Four.” Donovan felt the heat from the slap building all the way through him, and his head reeled with so many emotions he couldn’t catch hold of any one. He rocked his hips harder, and Ragan’s hand came back to caress and massage his rim. Ragan reached beneath his body and his thumb swiped across the slit on the head of Donovan’s cock. He spread the drops of pre-cum gently over his hole, sliding in one fingertip.

Donovan jerked his head back as another slap landed. “Five.” Ragan’s hand caressed the skin on his ass and moved back to give his attention to Donovan’s entrance. Donovan found he was raising his ass higher in the air, craving more, then slamming back down to get relief for his throbbing cock. Ragan stuck in another fingertip and pushed it in and out slowly while Donovan made whimpers of pleasure he’d never heard himself make before. “Six,” and as the slap landed, Ragan pushed his finger deeper inside and touched a spot that made Donovan scream and buck his hips as cum shot from his cock and spurted between Ragan’s legs. As the fireworks exploded inside his head, he collapsed forward onto Ragan’s lap, feeling boneless and incapable of forming a complete thought.


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