1-800-SEX-GODS #3: Sam (MM)

1-800-SEX-GODS 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,335
19 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]
The last thing Sam White expected going to Sex Gods that night was to have a perfect stranger, who was pretty perfect himself, announce to the emotionally abusive man he was dating that he would no longer be seeing him. The stranger’s reason – because Sam would be marrying him and he did not share well.
Conor Muldoon had fallen for the beautiful little blond with the braid that trailed down his back the first time he had walked into the club. Now all he had to do was convince the man he was correct when he stepped between him and his loud mouth of a boyfriend to declare their impending nuptials. 
Would Conor be able to live with a man who dealt with bridezillas and their mothers all day? Would Sam accept his proposal? And how is Sam going to deal with the Muldoon matriarch when it came time to plan the wedding of all three of her sons?
A Siren Erotic Romance
1-800-SEX-GODS #3: Sam (MM)
19 Ratings (4.3)

1-800-SEX-GODS #3: Sam (MM)

1-800-SEX-GODS 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,335
19 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




After reading nearly a dozen texts from Sunday’s bride, Sam made notes of answers and solutions to her overactive imagination and the disasters she had dreamt up. Then he turned the paper towel over and took notes while listening to the voice mail messages, which were all from the bride in Saturday morning’s wedding.

He was surprised he had not heard from the Saturday evening bride, but since this was her third wedding maybe she had figured out that everything would be fine without her stressing about every little detail. He slowly typed out text responses to the two manic brides with solutions to problems that he knew had a slim to no chance of cropping up.

When he finally finished, Sam collapsed back in his chair with a weary sigh. He really needed to hire an assistant. Or invest in a clone. Or work on the ability to say no every once in a while, instead of accepting every job that crossed his path.

Closing his eyes, he crossed his arms over the front of his chest and tried to massage the knots out of his shoulder muscles. But there was too much tension stored in them to be dealt with in a few seconds of self-massage. Especially with Mitch no doubt growing pissy because Sam had not yet returned to the table.

“Looks like you could use this,” a deep, unfamiliar voice said in a gentle tone.

Sam opened his eyes and looked at the table where what looked like a red slushy drink sat beside his phone.

“What is it?” Sam asked as he looked over his shoulder to find the man of his dreams looking at him with a gentle smile.

“Non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri. Cool and sweet and sassy.”

Sam had to swallow twice to keep from drooling. He shifted his hips as his cock blew up like a helium balloon. He was not sure if it was the caring gesture, the delicious cologne that wafted around him, or something else, but for the first time in more than two weeks, his cock was standing at full attention begging for some relief.

“Why non-alcoholic?” Sam asked as he picked up the plastic cup and took a long pull on the straw that had been added.

“Your wristband indicates you’re a DD.”

Sam nodded. “Oh yeah. Mitch never lets me drink when we go out.”

He was surprised at the bitterness in his tone, so he dropped his head to hide his cheeks that suddenly burned with embarrassed fire. This gorgeous man did not care about his problems though it was obviously well past time to break up with his supposed boyfriend who acted more like an angry father.

“Mitch. Tall with black hair and a beer belly?” the man asked as he stepped around behind Sam and slid his hands under Sam’s palms to cover his shoulders.

“Uh-huh,” Sam moaned as big strong fingers began to squeeze the tight muscles from neck to the top of his arms. “Oh God, that feels amazing.”

“Mitch is an asshole, and you would do well to get far, far away from him.”

Sam tilted his head left and right, moaning as the effect of the strong fingers working his shoulder muscles traveled down his body. In less than a few minutes everything in him relaxed except his cock. That organ grew harder and pulsed a painful beat in its bent and confined position in his too-tight jeans.

“I know that now. Problem is I don’t know how to tell him to pound sand without getting turned into a grease spot in the parking lot.”

“Hmmm, that might be a problem, especially since he’s already had more than a few. If you’d like, I could act on your behalf and break the news to him.”

Sam’s heart skipped a beat as he dropped his head back in order to look up at the big, red-haired man who continued to massage his shoulder muscles into stringy goo. Even upside down the man looked lip-lickingly yummy.

“Why would you do something like that?”


* * * *


Conor Muldoon debated for half a second about lying to the hot little blond with the beautiful braid that trailed down his back to end at his ass. But he refused to start what would hopefully turn out to be a lifetime relationship with a lie. Instead, he smiled at the man who was staring up at him with doubt in his expression, and pure lust filling his pale-blue eyes.

“Maybe because I want to be your knight in shining armor, Sam White,” he said with a wink.

His grin grew when Sam’s eyes widened. “You know my name.” The delicately built man sounded shocked.

“Of course I know your name. You’re the hottest man to come into the club since we opened. Just watching you walk across the room makes me so hard my teeth ache.” Conor wondered if admitting his attraction so soon would help or hurt his chances, but it was too late now. The truth was out there. “I want to learn everything there is to know about you so I can spend the rest of my days making your every dream and wish comes true.”

Instead of responding, Sam raised his head until all Conor could see was the beginning of his braid and the back of his head.


Conor frowned when the shoulders under his fingers hunched forward and tightened up again. Then Sam pulled his legs up and rested his feet on the chair seat as he curled himself into a ball.

Everything he had admitted was the truth, but had been taken the wrong way. Concerned, Conor pulled an empty chair over from a nearby table. Sitting so he was as close to the man as he could get without touching him, Conor waited.




Conor woke the second Sam pulled from his hold. He was shocked to find he had actually slept, and slept well. Opening his eyes to slits, he watched the little white-blond-haired man climb from the bed and pad to the living room. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and relaxed back to a semi-sleeping state until he felt Sam climb back into bed.

When the man did not immediately return to his arms, he opened his eyes and found himself looking through the early morning dusky light to see a pair of feet. Then he felt Sam’s breath on right hip and a gentle hand touching his clock. He rolled to his back and grinned as the covers beside him moved as Sam moved closer. Then he felt wet heat surround his cock.

He had to fight down a groan of appreciation as the man began to lick and suck and play with his length. At the same time, he fought a spiraling need to pull the man on top of him so he could reach his cock as well. Instead, he settled for slowly bending his arm until he could reach Sam’s crotch.

Having been aroused since the night before, Conor knew it would not be long before he lost control. He just hoped his man would not be disappointed.

When Sam took the top few inches of his cock into his mouth and then swallowed on him, Conor could no longer pretend to be asleep. “Oh, shit, angel, that feels good,” he rumbled softly.

Sam froze for a moment, then began working his cock with even more enthusiasm

Conor worked his hand under the waistband of Sam’s boxers and then wrapped it around the erection he found there. Applying a gentle pressure, he began to stroke him even as his own arousal began to spiral tighter him.

“Sam, gonna…gonna come.”

He groaned the warning as tingles raced down his spine and swirled around his balls. He was surprised when Sam did not pull away, but instead backed off until his lips were wrapped tight around the head, putting just the right amount of pressure on Conor’s glans.

Conor’s groans sounded tortured to his own ears as he used his free hand to push Sam away before he came. All of the sudden he did not want to just come in Sam’s mouth. He wanted more. Much, much more. Tossing back the covers, he rolled away when the little man tried to climb back onto his body and reclaim his cock.

“Do you have a condom and lube?” he panted.

Sam’s expression was so transparent, Conor watched as confusion replaced the disappointment as he considered his question. “Uh-huh.”

He watched as Sam crawled to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lube and condom. Conor smiled when he offered them without a word. “No, angel, I want you to gear up and fuck me.”

And just like that shock chased away the confusion. “You want me to fuck you?”

Conor nodded. “Is that okay?”

Sam swallowed and shrugged. “Well, um, uh, I’ve never done this before,” he admitted softly.

“Well then, I think it’s time you did, don’t you? After all, we’re going to be fifty-fifty partners, which means you get as much time in the saddle as I do. And I really want to feel you sliding in and out of my ass if that’s okay with you.”

“Okay,” Sam agreed. After pushing off his own boxers and helping Conor out of his, he fumbled with the condom wrapper, eventually getting it open and his length sheathed.

“How do you want me?” Conor asked gently.

Sam looked at him for a minute before he said, “On your back with your legs to your chest.”

Conor moved into position then tried to relax. Truth was, he rarely bottomed, but for his angel, he would try anything at least a time or two. And after Mitch and his assholery, he was sure the little man could use the bump to his ego that being in charge would give him.

Sam lubed up his fingers then slowly, carefully stretched Conor’s ass up to three fingers. He was so slow and careful that Conor finally looked over his shoulder at the man kneeling behind him.

The fingers slid out and Sam’s cock eased in. Conor moaned and smiled as he slowly pushed his way in until he was fully buried.

“You okay?” Sam asked, as he leaned over and tried to press a little deeper.

“Oh, yeah. You feel good. Now fuck me good before we run out of time,” Conor said, smiling up into pale-blue eyes.

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