[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranomal Romance, M/M, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
Jerry “Fitz” Fitzpatrick has a reputation for being the kind of shifter you don’t mess around with, so he’s the obvious choice to deal with a spate of seemingly random shifter attacks. When he spots Mica Heath one night, though, all other thoughts leave his mind. There’s something about the man. Something different that Jerry can’t quite put his finger on…
Mica Heath is new in town and looking for fun. His hometown had very few gay guys, and none of them could keep up with him. He wants a challenge, and finds it in Jerry. Not only does the man take the lead in the bedroom, but he also has more than enough stamina to tire Mica out.
But what will happen when Jerry figures out what makes Mica so damn irresistible? And how will Mica react when he finds out that there’s something more to his boyfriend than just good looks and personality?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Attraction (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Jerry settled onto a stool and nodded to the bartender. The woman came over to take his order, handed him a beer, then disappeared back down to the other end of the bar. He didn’t blame her. As big as he was, and as dour as he no doubt looked right then, he’d probably have done the same.

He flipped the cap from his bottle with a thumb, and took a long, slow drink. The alcohol would have almost no effect on him, but the cold and the taste were all he was interested in anyway.

The chat with Bobby after Conway had left had been brief, but had garnered a few hints as to the identity of the attackers. As well as the accent clue, Bobby thought he might have heard a name as they were running away. Sharon. It wasn’t much to go on, but it was a start.

The more interesting clue was the most vague. Bobby, his voice low because he didn’t want to mention it out loud, mentioned that he got a feeling from two of the men. Their scents were covered by perfume, he’d said, but there was a sense of something “different” about them. That generally meant shifters, demonic blood, or some ability with magic, and since a shifter could instinctively identify another, that left only two possibilities. It at least narrowed the field a little.

As he turned back to his beer, a shiver went up his spine, bringing his attention to the doorway to his right. There was nobody there. He frowned and turned away again, only to catch someone’s entrance in the corner of his eye. It was Mica, the guy from the previous night, as well as the park that morning.

If Mica had spotted him, he didn’t show it. Instead he walked past to the far end of the bar, where the bartender was polishing a glass.

“What can I get you, cutie?” she asked, a smile on her face.

“Whatever beer you have will be fine.” The man sat. “I need something to take away the taste of three hours in an art gallery.”

The bartender chuckled and fetched him a bottle, then headed off to another patron, a swing in her hips that hadn’t been present earlier. Suddenly Jerry’s own feelings toward the man didn’t seem so rushed. It appeared Mica had quite the effect on all kinds of people.

Alone, Mica’s smile shifted to a neutral expression, and he sipped his beer while he took in the bar.

There wasn’t much to take in. Jerry had been going to the bar for years, and had never seen it more than half-full, and at that time it wasn’t even near that. Other than them, there were seven other patrons. All were male, and it was clear that none of them interested Mica.

The same couldn’t be said for the others, though. More than a couple of them had cast glances Mica’s way, and it wouldn’t be long before at least one of them approached. Jerry wasn’t a jealous man, and certainly not when he’d not said so much as a single word to the object of his desire, so he sat back and watched with interest.

Sure enough, after a couple of minutes a blond man Jerry knew to be a bit of a hit with the guys strolled over to Mica.

“Hey,” the man said. “You new here?”

Mica nodded, not paying much attention to his admirer. “Came in last night.”

“Well, if you want to see the sights, let me know.” Blondie thrust out a hand. “I’m—”

“Not interested. Thanks.”

Blondie’s expression shifted at the interruption to one of mild anger, but as Mica smiled so did Blondie, his irritation instantly dissolving. “Hey, no worries. Have a nice evening.”

Jerry smiled, too, then spun back to face the bar as he realized. He hadn’t meant to smile. If anything he’d found Mica’s control over Blondie to be a little disconcerting. As soon as he’d seen Mica smile, though, he couldn’t help himself.

There was clearly something different about the man. Strangely, though—especially given the spate of attacks—It didn’t worry Jerry. It just made him want to get to know the guy a little better.


Jerry jumped a little at the voice, which was closer than expected. He turned to find Mica sitting down on the stool beside him.

“I’m Mica,” he said. “I figure a good way to avoid the attention of the local populace would be to attach myself to a big guy like you.”

Oh, you can attach yourself to me, all right. Right on the end of my—

“Jerry.” He held out his hand and smiled. “I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before. And that’s not a pickup line.”

“The park, this morning. You were running, and I was at the fountain with a friend.”

“Ah.” He nodded. “That’ll be it.”

“And the night before.” Mica raised an eyebrow. “We passed each other.” He leant closer. “Honestly, I had a hard time getting you out of my head.”

Jerry felt a little knot of worry disappear. So he’d had the same reaction. That meant Jerry wasn’t a creep. He was a little surprised by how upfront Mica was, though. He’d seemed more…subdued, judging from what Jerry had overheard in the park.

“So, you’re new in town or you don’t go out much,” he said. “I know most of the locals.”

“In a city this big?”

Jerry shrugged. “Been around a long time, and worked the door on more than a few clubs.”

“I see.” Mica shifted on his stool, his knee grazing against Jerry’s. “I’m new. Came in last night, in fact. Maybe you could show me the sights.”

“I’m sure your friend has that covered.”

He smiled. “Those weren’t the kind of sights I was thinking of.”

“Oh?” Jerry could feel the lust coming from the man. “And what sights were you thinking of?”

Mica slipped a hand from the bar and onto Jerry’s thigh. “Well for a start I was thinking of getting a look at your cock.”




Mica let the suggestion hang in the air, and watched Jerry’s expression carefully. Not everyone liked it when he got straight to the point.

It was odd, when he thought about it. When he was going about his day-to-day stuff, he was so laid back he was practically asleep. When he was horny, though, he almost became another person. And that person only had one thing on his mind.

Jerry’s eyebrows raised slightly, but it was barely noticeable. He glanced to either side, then licked his lips and leaned in.

“Only if you promise to suck it dry.”

Mica let a slow smile take over his face, one he knew was oddly contagious, and nodded. “Bathroom?”

Jerry drew himself to his full height. “Now.”

The size of the man combined with his order sent a chill through Mica. Normally he liked his men a little meeker, but not being in charge for once certainly held an appeal. He followed behind him, and noticed more than one envious glance in his direction from the other patrons.

Once inside the bathroom, Mica was expecting them to head into a stall and lock the door. Jerry had other ideas, though. Instead he turned around on the spot and began to unfasten his belt, there in the middle of the small mirrored room.

“What if someone comes…” The rest of the question was lost as Jerry’s pants slid down to reveal his cock. “Holy fuck.”

To say Jerry was well endowed would be an understatement. He had to be eight inches long, and he wasn’t even fully erect. As he pulled it free and began to stroke, it slowly grew further, thickening as it lengthened, ending at easily ten inches. Mica’s mouth began to water. He didn’t even want to think what it would feel like inside him. Depending on the man’s skill, it would either be the worst day of his life or the best.

For now, though, that wasn’t an issue. Mica dropped to his knees on the bathroom floor, his foot surreptitiously holding the door shut, and ran a finger along Jerry’s length.

“Would you look at that…” As he reached the tip, he squeezed gently. “I don’t know if my mouth is big enough.”

Jerry moved forward a step, bringing his cock closer. “Let’s find out.”

It was clear who was in charge. Mica nodded once, then opened his mouth, his tongue poking out. Jerry moved closer still until his cockhead rested on Mica’s tongue, then pushed forward. Mica took the first few inches without moving, then gripped Jerry’s shaft and began to suck softly. Jerry seemed to relax, which Mica took as a good sign. Slowly he began to take more length until he could physically take no more, then bobbed his head back and forth, letting the thick cock slip in and out of his mouth.

“That’s it,” Jerry murmured, his eyes half-lidded. “You’re a good little slut.”

Mica almost stopped in surprise, but on second thought he could hardly argue the point. He was blowing a stranger in a bathroom. Besides, hearing Jerry say it kind of turned him on.

As always happened during any sort of sex act, Mica started to gradually feel more and more energetic. The few aches and pains from all the walking he’d done earlier in the day began to fade away, leaving behind a sense of mild euphoria in their place. As the sensation built, so too did Mica’s speed, and within minutes he was hard at work, sucking, stroking, and squeezing like it was the last cock he’d ever taste.

Jerry certainly enjoyed the ride, that much was plain. His breathing had become shallow, and a soft growl reverberated around the room. He was like a wild animal, barely held in cage of a human form. That thought turned Mica on even further, and he shifted one hand down to his own pants, and began to stroke himself through the fabric of his pants.

It wasn’t much longer until Jerry began showing the signs of being close to orgasm. Mica was hovering on the edge, too, and worked feverishly on both Jerry’s and his own cock. He came with a cry that was muffled by Jerry’s cock, and felt a warm wetness spread through his boxer shorts. A moment later Jerry pulled back and began jerking his cock hard.

“Open your mouth,” he said. It wasn’t a request.

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