The 1-800-SEX-GODS, Volume 1 (MM)

1-800-SEX-GODS 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,000
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]

1-800-SEX-GODS #1: TOBY: Homeless and living in his car, all Toby Smith wanted was a job. He gets more than expected when club owner, Riley Muldoon, falls for him. Can he keep Riley from finding out his secrets until he fixes his life? Will Riley care one way or another? Will Riley really let him decide their relationship?

1-800-SEX-GODS #2: CHAZ: Chaz Young responds to a call for The Fixologist from Sex Gods. His sexuality is deep asleep until he meets Sully Muldoon. Is Chaz brave enough to admit he’s gay? Can Sully keep from rushing the man into a relationship? Will Chaz be able to fix the plumbing?

1-800-SEX-GODS #3: SAM: The last thing Sam expected was a marriage proposal. Conor knew the first time he saw Sam his mantramp days were over. Would Conor be happy with a man who planned weddings? Would Sam accept his proposal? And would Sam’s wedding ideas make the three Muldoon men and their mother happy?

The 1-800-SEX-GODS, Volume 1 (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

The 1-800-SEX-GODS, Volume 1 (MM)

1-800-SEX-GODS 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 64,000
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Though he hardly felt ready to beg for a job, he pulled the door open and stepped inside. “You can do this,” he assured himself, taking a moment to adjust to the dim interior of the building before heading toward the light across the large room.

As he moved around a table and then toward the open dance floor, he looked around. The owners had gone for an interesting rustic-retro look. Walls and furnishings were various types of wood while three small stages around the room were of chrome and glass. The bar ran the length of one wall, with what looked to be a smaller one across the room. Directly in front of him appeared to be a larger stage with bloodred curtains hiding whatever lay beyond.

Three men sat at a table directly in front of the stage talking quietly as they passed papers back and forth. They fell silent and two of them turned to stare at him when Toby bumped into a table. He had to do some fancy footwork to keep from falling to the floor. Toby mentally kicked himself for the clumsiness. How was he supposed to impress these men if he could not walk across the room without tripping?

The two men who looked his way eyed him with a predator’s interest. Their matching expressions reminded him of Mr. Roland and the other lecherous old men who wanted more than Toby was willing to give. Just because he was little was no reason for bigger, older men to think he was vulnerable. With a shake of his shoulders to throw off the slimy feeling that had his stomach clenching, Toby moved around their table. He kept enough distance between him and the three men that they would not be tempted to touch.

Once he could see all three, he concluded they had to be brothers, maybe even triplets, though the one in the center who had yet to look at him seemed a little larger than the others. They were all as broad-shouldered as barn doors with thick, muscular arms and varying shades of red hair. He could not make out their eye color, but they were all gorgeous with a capital G.

So, that was where the club’s name came from. The trio had named it after themselves.

“Can we help you, sweet thing?” the ogler on the right asked.

Toby swallowed hard, took a breath, and fought down the urge to run. He had to have this job. If had to sleep with one of them to get it, then by God he would figure out a way to get through it with his dignity intact. “I’m here to audition for the dancer’s job you advertised for?”

“I’m sorry, those positions have been filled,” the man in the middle said without even bothering to look at him.

The soft, deep voice wrapped around Toby, and for the first time in a long time, his cock twitched with interest. How was that possible?

Then he thought back to what his mother had told him when he had come out to her in tenth grade. He would eventually meet one man who would arouse him without trying. A man who would claim his heart as well as his body. The man who Toby would love and who would love Toby for the rest of their lives. Could this be that man?

“I sorry I’m late, but my car broke down and I ended up walking most of the way from town. Please, I really, really need this job,” Toby said. His fear of embarrassing himself by begging fled as he smelled the remnants of what had to have been the men’s lunches on the table. “Can’t I at least show you my moves?”

He took deep breaths to keep from bursting into tears. The last thing he needed was these three to feel sorry for him because he broke down and cried like a tired, starving baby, even if that was how he felt. He was a man after all, even if not the most masculine one on the planet. From the looks of these three, he had a feeling they were too masculine to be swayed by tears, no matter how well deserved they might be.

When the third man looked up, Toby sucked in a quick breath. Raw heat and hunger flashed through his body and settled just behind his cock and balls. While the other two made him want to flee for his virginity, this one made him want to climb into his lap and spend the rest of the afternoon kissing him.

Shifting his weight, Toby wondered if he should just walk away. The third man looked him up and down with a strangely blank expression. Then his expression shifted as heat filled his eyes. He looked interested for a handful of seconds. Then, taking a deep breath, he released it slowly as he shifted in his chair.

Was he feeling the attraction Toby was? Toby wanted to ask, but then the man returned his attention to the stack of papers in front of him as he shifted again.

“I’m sorry, but no. If you want to leave us your picture and résumé, we’ll let you know when other positions on the entertainment staff open up.”




When Riley stood suddenly, Toby took a step back then froze as the big man moved around the desk. Riley did not touch him, just moved to lean against the front of his desk so only a couple of feet separated them. Looking into the big man’s face, Toby saw something he had never seen in another man’s expression before, contrition.

“I’m sorry,” Riley said as he leaned back and rested his palms on the desk. He then spread is legs a little more, appearing open and vulnerable and so delicious that Toby’s mouth watered at the thought of stripping off his clothes and licking every square inch of skin.

“Sorry? For what?” Toby asked as he took a step forward, cutting the distance between them by half.

“Sorry I fell asleep last night before I could return the favor.”

Riley’s smile pulled Toby forward another step until he stood between the big man’s legs with only an inch or two separating his burgeoning erection from the growing bulge of flesh pressing against the front of Riley’s jeans.


“Really,” Riley assured him as his gaze traveled over Toby’s face. Then his frown returned. “You look tired, baby.”

“I’m fine,” Toby said quickly.

Riley’s frown deepened. “No, you’re not. You’re exhausted and probably sore from all the work you did yesterday. Maybe you should take tonight off.”

“No! Please, no. I have to work tonight. I’ll be fine. Really,” Toby managed to get out before a big yawn erupted from him, proving him a liar.

Riley studied him for another moment before sighing. “All right, but if you get too tired, I want you to come back here and lay down for a bit.” The words were a direct order, not a suggestion.

Before Toby could assure him that he would be fine, whether or not it was the truth, a knock came at the door a mere second before it swung open.

“I need Toby, if you’re finished with him,” Paulo said suggestively with a sly grin, ignoring the deadly look Riley shot at him.

“We’re not done talking,” Riley said, returning his gaze to Toby. “He’ll be there in a few.”

“Sure, boss. Whenever you can spare him,” Paulo said.

“Close the door,” Riley ordered when the man began to walk away.

A moment later, Toby heard the click of the door and Paulo’s laughter as he walked away. The whole time he was caught in the warm blue depths of Riley’s gaze.

“So, what else do you want to talk about?” he whispered, before licking suddenly dry lips.

“It wasn’t talking I was thinking about,” Riley said as he leaned down until their lips were less than an inch apart. “What about you? Anything you might want to do?”

Just like that, need rose up and washed through Toby like a tsunami. Remembering what Riley had said about him being in charge, he slid his hands up Riley’s broad shoulders and around them. With a smile, he licked at Riley’s lips until he parted them then Toby kissed his man.

Riley’s lips were soft and gentle as they instantly responded. Just the feel of them under his own sent electrical impulses through Toby, blowing hot air on the banked coals of his arousal.

Breathing through his nose, he shifted his head to the right and parted his lips to take the kiss deeper. Riley matched him move for move but allowed Toby to stay in control of their mating of lips and tongues and teeth.

The kiss went on for more than a minute, during which time Toby decided to test his newly assured in-charge power. Shifting back, he pulled Riley to his feet then shuffled them in a half circle before backing up and leaning against the desk himself.

Finally breaking the kiss, he looked into Riley’s heavy-lidded blue eyes, he whispered, “Time to return the favor.”

Riley blinked, his gaze sharpening as Toby’s words penetrated. “Now?”

Toby smiled as a mental image of what he wanted this man to do to him filled his brain. “Uh-huh. Then, after everyone leaves tonight, I want to do a striptease on one of the stages before you lay me down and fuck me until we both come. Sound like something you’d be interested in?”

“Oh, fuck yes, baby,” Riley breathed as he broke away and stepped to the hall door. After twisting the lock in the knob, he returned and knelt before Toby.

Not sure what he was supposed to be doing, Toby slowly opened his jeans, hissing with relief when his cock and balls sprang free. He then sucked a breath and moaned when Riley’s hot, wet, silky mouth enveloped just the head of his hard cock.

Riley’s tongue swirled around the entire head before brushing back and forth over the slit. Toby sucked more air when the man took him deeper, sucking and licking his cock like a Popsicle.

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