A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Gretel

Modern Wicked Fairy Tales 1

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 20,584
0 Ratings (0.0)

In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, Gretel has never understood her father’s choice of a second wife, and she and her brother Hans have high hopes of getting out from under the suspicious, spiteful eye of their penny-pinching stepmother once Hans graduates from college with his degree in chemistry. But on Gretel’s eighteenth birthday, when their stepmother insists they go on a cruise around the coast of Australia with a rich candy-heiress grandmother neither of them has ever met, the siblings’ plan, in fact their whole world, is turned upside down. Hans is drawn into the lavish, opulent lifestyle on the yacht, easily seduced by their grandmother’s riches and her plans for his future. Wary Gretel, on the other hand, finds herself seduced instead by Andrew, their grandmother’s bodyguard and assistant. And when their grandmother reveals the real reason for taking the two siblings on the voyage, it may be too late for either of them to escape her greedy grasp.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and erotic situations. It also has yachts and candy and SEX - yum! Oh, and sharks. And perhaps the solution to the world's energy crisis...

A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Gretel
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Gretel

Modern Wicked Fairy Tales 1

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 20,584
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Isis, Sizzling Hot Books, 4/5 Hearts!

"[A] very quick and fun read easy to get engrossed in and it all came together at the end for a perfect conclusion. I enjoyed the dynamic between Drew and Gretel [and] how their relationship developed through the book. I would highly recommend this erotic quickie to anyone."

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“I like the open water best too.” Andrew’s arms went around her waist. She held her breath and closed her eyes.

“Full moon reflecting off the water, dolphins playing in the waves. You feel so small and insignificant in the scheme of things, and yet a part of it all.”

“Yes.” She turned in his arms, tucking her head under his chin, a perfect fit. “I really like you, Drew.”

He hesitated just a moment and then she felt his lips against her forehead. “I like you too.”

“Please…” Her mouth had a mind of its own, finding his and making a small attempt to give him just a minutia of the feelings coursing through her body. He held back at first, letting her wrap her arms around his neck, her breasts pressed hard against his chest, her mouth searching for more, more.

She felt him give in, as if his whole body was exhaling. He even groaned a little against the press of her lips, his tongue finding hers, his hands groping her flesh, the sudden explosion of emotion so overwhelming that Gretel cried out from the pleasure, the pain of it. It was as if a switch had been thrown from “off” to “on” and her whole body lit up in response to his heat.

“Oh god,” he whispered against her neck, kissing and biting at her flesh, driving her backwards towards the bed with the lean muscles in his thighs. “We should so not be doing this.”

“I want an adventure.”

She let him tumble her onto the mattress, accepting his weight and curling herself around him as they kissed and fumbled in the lamp light. She closed her eyes and let herself be transported by sensation—the wet trail of his tongue across her collarbone, the hard throb of his cock against her thigh, the desperate grip of his hand over her breast, the nipple standing up for attention, begging for more. She was so lost that when he stopped, still breathing hard, it took her a full minute to open her eyes to the realization.

“Gretel …” His smile was sad, a little sorry, and she hated it. She tried to kiss it away but he shook his head, rolling to the side of her, both of them staring at the ceiling now. “Sweetheart, wait. Let’s just…wait…”

She took a deep breath, her whole body still tingling, cold now without him covering her. She wanted him back, she wanted the moment back, but part of her knew it was lost.

“Okay,” she agreed, blinking at the white expanse of ceiling. “What do you know about my grandmother?”

Drew snorted a laugh. “Well that’s a subject change if I ever heard one.”

“Does she ever talk about my mother?” Gretel rolled onto her side toward him. “She won’t tell me anything.”

He reached out to smooth her hair, shaking his head. “Your grandmother is a very private person.”

“You’ve been with her…how long?”

“Six years,” he confessed.

“Does she ever talk to you?”

He shrugged. “Sometimes.”

“What does she say?” she demanded, leaning in closer, searching for the truth in his eyes.

“Can we go back to kissing?” He grinned, only half-joking, she could tell.

“Do you want to?” She wasn’t about to let the opportunity slip by.

“It seems safer.” He smiled, accepting her arms around him, the soft press of her lips and, oh his tongue, exploring the soft recesses of her mouth. She slid a thigh over his, pressing it between his legs, feeling his instant response like a brand. Her dress was hiked up high, her panties soaked, the aching throb of her mound straddling the hard muscle in his leg, and she rocked like a wave against him again and again, whimpering her longing into his mouth.

He groaned, breaking the kiss and gasping, “Okay, I was wrong, definitely not safer…”

“Oh god, please,” she pleaded, knowing she was begging, not caring in the least. “It’s okay, I’m not a virgin. And I’m on the pill.”

“Oh…well that’s good to know.” He blinked at her as he sat up on the bed, leaving her curled into a desperate, quivering ball beside him. “But that’s not what I’m worried about.”

Sighing, she sat up to face him. “What are you worried about?”

He leaned over to kiss her cheek but Gretel turned her face to him and he caught the corner of her mouth. She took full advantage of that, licking at his lips with her little tongue, lapping like a cat, her hand sliding behind his neck.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” he groaned and then got up, holding his hand out to her. “Come on, there’s a big dance floor. Let’s go dancing.”

Gretel wasn’t giving up that easily. She stood too, wrapping her arms around his neck, letting the heat of her body sway against his. “We can do that here.”

His breath drew in sharply when he felt her thigh pressing between his. “We can also get into much bigger trouble here.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” she whispered into the shell of his ear, giving it a lick for good measure, using her fingernails to gently rake the hair at the back of his head.

Drew rested his forehead against hers with s sigh. “You’re a very naughty girl.”

“So spank me.” She grinned.

“Oh god. Come on.” He turned, grabbing her hand and pulling her with him. “Before I lose the last thread of my sanity.”

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