Blood And Bite

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,611
2 Ratings (5.0)

One man, shot, robbed, and left for dead. The poor soul who rescued him was dying, destitute, living on what little he could trap or grow, and the victim of brutal abuse. Jacob follows the scent of blood to find them both, and something extraordinary: a call to blood and bite with two, one a wolf bent on revenge, the other a human with a heart of gold.

As alpha, Jacob couldn’t leave his pack. With the position of beta already taken within the pack, Nathan couldn’t stay without conflict. The blood and bite between them would seal a bond, denying them Caleb’s love. If either mated with him, Caleb would be at the mercy of wolf prejudice against humans. A three way mating had never been heard of, and they were certain, if they were to succeed, the stress of a double change would kill Caleb. They could see only one choice: do what they could for Caleb, sacrificing their love for him and each other.

Can there ever be a future of any of them?

Blood And Bite
2 Ratings (5.0)

Blood And Bite

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,611
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Standing side by side, gazing at the valley below, Nathan spoke first. “It’s been two days, and I can’t stop thinking about Caleb. As many times as I see you here and where you look, I believe the same is true for you.”

“Yes. As strange as it seems, despite Caleb’s sad appearance, I find myself aroused by thoughts of him.”

“Just as I find myself aroused looking at and thinking of you.”

Not put off in the slightest by Nathan’s bluntness, Jacob answered in kind. “I desire you as well. We could—to avoid conflict—could share him.”

When Nathan did not answer immediately, he asked, “Do I mistake my instincts? Or is sharing not within your nature?”

“You do not mistake, and I admit to fantasies over the three of us together. Though you are of the warrior clan, my alpha will dominate your beta. As we have only known each other a matter of days, do you believe you would find that distasteful?”

“No, I find the thought arousing.”

Glancing down, Jacob smiled at the tenting of Nathan’s pants. Covering the bulge with his hand, he squeezed lightly, receiving a welcoming flex of Nathan’s hips to his attention.

“There is one thing we have not considered. Caleb may not accept one man, let alone two at once, not after the mistreatment he’s had at the hands of Tyrone.”

“There is but one way to find out. Shall we go tonight?”

“Must we wait that long? We can go and be back in time for the festivities this evening.”

With a chuckle, Jacob told him, “Meet me at the corral. I’ll let the others know where we’re going.”

To demonstrate his eagerness, Nathan had two horses saddled by the time Jacob rejoined him. By Jacob’s expression and manner, Nathan guessed news of their trip had not been met favorably by the elders of his clan.

“Trouble?” he asked while they rode.

“A reminder of our practice not to take in any outsiders and then only with a full mating.”

“Mating?” He scoffed slightly. “No mention of a mating has been made. Only fucking.”

“Which I stated. One felt the need to say if it was only a fucking I craved I need not leave the compound. Another reminded me of my position and certain requirements in discretion.”

“They do not approve of any connection with Caleb?”


The abruptness of his answer was explanation enough of Jacob’s mood. Like himself, Jacob was protective of Caleb and took offense at any insult to the young man.

“They do acknowledge the assistance he’s given, without asking for anything in return?”

“That much, yes, but suggest I do nothing to encourage any further contact.”

“As we are riding to see him, I assume you are ignoring that.”

“I wish to see him. I will. I am their alpha. Though I will consult with them and consider their opinions, I will make my own decisions.”

Nathan had to give thought to his own decision. While fascinated with Caleb and sexually stimulated by him, association with him was not a good choice. The more they were in his company, the more things Caleb would notice about them and question. Self-doubts, however, did not turn his direction any more than Jacob. They found Caleb where he said he’d be, on the point overlooking both sides of the valley. He was, however, still wearing his rags.

“Where are the clothes I had sent to you?” Nathan asked as they dismounted.

“Hid,” he answered, backing as both men approached him.


“’Cause they’ll come take them from me if they know I got them.”

“Wouldn’t they hear who got them for you?”

“Probably, but they can’t take them if they don’t see them.” He stopped, backed up against a tree trunk. “I’m gonna go away from here, like you said, when you don’t need me to watch no more. I’ll wear them then.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” Stepping in a little closer, Jacob drew a finger down the center of Caleb’s bony chest. “How is your rash?”

With his face turning red, his head dropped, and he muttered, “Gone.”

“Good. Now, I have a question to ask you. If you like the man and he didn’t force and hurt you the way Tyrone did, would you object to his attentions?”

“Bible says it’s sinful for a man to—” His breath caught, and his body shuddered when Jacob’s hand reached his cock.

“Please don’t.” After two gasping breaths, he finished. “Stop.”

“I’m not certain on your meaning.” Closing his hand in a light grip, he massaged. “Do you mean, please don’t and stop? Or please, don’t stop?”

Panting, Caleb got out, “Don’t stop.”

Erotic Excerpt

Jacob didn’t. Stepping to the side to make room for Nathan to join them, he asked, “Do you think you would enjoy the attentions of two such men at once?”

Nathan didn’t wait for Caleb’s answer before he cupped his hand beneath Jacobs, cradled Caleb’s balls and nuzzled the side of Caleb’s neck. Caleb leaned toward one and flexed his hips to the other. Each man lowered one side of his suspenders, moving their hands only long enough for the trousers to fall.

“You’ve bathed again.” Nathan whispered between flickers of his tongue into Caleb’s ear. “And smell sweet.”


“What did you hope?” Jacob asked.

“That you’d come back,” he said in a rush. “I don’t care if it’s a sin. I don’t care you made up a reason to hire me. I wanted a reason for you to come back. My body and mind cry out for you to be inside me.”

“So I shall.”

Both men stepped back, shedding their coats to make a mat. Together they guided Caleb, down to his hands and knees, tossing the rag of a shirt away. Sitting to one side of him, Nathan gave attention to Caleb’s already stiffened cock and full balls while Jacob knelt behind him, kissing his ass cheeks, spreading them, and probing his tight asshole with his stiff tongue. Using spit for a lubricant, he penetrated with one finger, nodding to Nathan to join in. Nathan rose to his knees, swiping his finger through the pre-cum dripping from Caleb’s cock. Shoulder to shoulder, the two men worked their fingers, in and out, seeking and finding the bundled to give Caleb pleasure.

If they caused him any pain, he gave no indication, pushing back with each push in, pushing back even harder when Nathan and Jacob each added a finger, stretching him wider, preparing him for the ultimate invasion.

“Are you ready?” Jacob asked.

“Fuck me,” Caleb answered in a breathless whisper.

With one hand, Jacob opened his pants, drew out his throbbing member, and lined up.

Nathan released his cock, edging on his knees toward Caleb’s head. He needed to do nothing more in invitation. Caleb’s mouth opened, greedily taking Nathan’s cock, though flinching slightly from the cock going in his ass. The two men fucked in unison, one up his ass, one in his mouth, all three climaxing at the same time, a mass of bucking, groaning, moaning pleasure.

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