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Oh Yeah, An Elf

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 26,576
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Enchained, enchanted, cursed….

Since coming home from Afghanistan, finding himself in a motel room with some random guy he’d picked up in a bar was nothing new for Jason Burge. To have the random hottie say he was an elf…yeah…okay, that was different. Sex on two feet or not, the whole thing was just too weird for Jason’s tastes. But, just when Jason decided it was time to leave, things go from weird to just plain crazy when Guy, a real live elf with pointed ears and all, appears out of thin air.

Jason suddenly finds himself embroiled in a war involving elves, demons, fairies, and – who can tell one from the other when they’re all glamoured? – dragons. One thing is sure, Jason wants nothing to do with any of it. Well…maybe there is one thing he wants – a sexy elf named Guy.

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Embarrassed even more than when he woke the first time, Jason at least knew where he was. His climax—in no way normal—had wrung him out, leaving him too weak to even want to move. He had to get up, clean up, and get the hell out of that motel room no matter how much his traitorous body wanted sleep. He didn’t know what Emory had slipped into his drink, but it had taken him on one hell of a bad trip. He thought maybe he should call the police. Drugging him with something that made him go sex crazy was against the law, wasn’t it? Then again, the way he hurt, and as wiped out as he was, maybe he should call for an ambulance. Nope. Better to keep his mouth shut than admit to the world what a stupid ass he’d been. How could he have been so stupid?
As he struggled to get his pants up over his bare ass and sit up, his mind raced. At least once they were done with him, they left him alone, and his head was down to a dull throb. Wait a minute. Was there ever anyone there but Emory? Did his drugged mind just conjure up a rescuer? A rescue from what? He left the bar with Emory with one objective, a good fucking. The whole drug thing wasn’t necessary. If they’d wanted a three way, he could have done that. No, no three way. The second guy chased Emory away, maybe. The whole thing was so screwed up in his head, he wasn’t sure what happened except he had gotten fucked by someone or something.
Rolling to his hands and knees, Jason crawled toward the bed. The room was paid for. He might as well use it to rest for the remainder of the night. Head down, eyes closed, he concentrated all his energy into moving a few inches at a time until his head bumped into something several feet short of the bed. Looking up, he recoiled, falling to his side.
“Ah, you were again using the word for an exclamation of…” He cocked his head to the side. “…fear perhaps.”
A man never admitted to fear, right? Jason sure as hell wasn’t going to.
“Did I hurt you? Is that why you fear me? If so, I apologize. My attempt to measure and control my strength may have been insufficient. It was my first occasion to—what do you call it?—finger fuck a human.”
“Oh, shit,” Jason said with a deep groan. He only thought the hallucinations were over, and then he laughed. What the hell? He better laugh or go crazy for sure. “I don’t feel like it was a finger up my ass.”
He held his hand up, the tips of all four fingers and his thumb pressed together to form a wedge. That Jason could believe. With the size of the man’s hand, a baseball bat wouldn’t have been that wide. “At least you’re learning how to talk. I mean if I’m going to hallucinate, I may as well control my creations.”
“You do not hallucinate.”
“No—don’t!” Jason shoved back with his feet when the guy bent, scooping him up. “Ah, hell, why not?”
Put to bed, stripped naked, and being washed clean wasn’t a bad experience. He was drowsy enough to even doze off during the warm strokes of a wet wash cloth down his chest and belly. He woke up when it reached his crotch. The action wasn’t meant to be sensual, but his cock responded anyway, twitching and growing.
“Look at me, into my eyes,” the guy ordered, holding Jason’s face between his hands. “The effects of E’bwan’s spell still linger. Breaking free of the spell required a great deal of energy. You are too exhausted for more sex. You must rest.”
“I know. Tell that to my cock.”
“You must resist the urge.”
“You could fuck me.”
With a sigh, the guy repeated, “I cannot until—”
“Yeah, yeah, blah, blah. So explain it to me.”
“You are in no condition to rationally comprehend.” His thumbs stroked Jason’s brows. “You will sleep now.”
Damned if he didn’t.

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