Strength of an Assassin (MM)

Assassins Inc. 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,422
42 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
I was an assassin, one of the strongest. My strength was my asset when completing my missions. When I was captured and forced to fight in cage matches, that strength was used against me as I was used as a feral monster for the entertainment of others. My salvation came in the form of the man I was forced to mate.
I was an omega shifter forced to be a fighter. It wasn't a job I wanted, and going against my nature was harder than I thought it would be. By the time I was tossed into the pit and made to fight for my life, I was ready to give up. My salvation came in the form of the man I was forced to mate.
Note: This book is written in the first-person point of view of both main characters.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Strength of an Assassin (MM)
42 Ratings (4.7)

Strength of an Assassin (MM)

Assassins Inc. 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,422
42 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
Wow another great book from stormy
Nancy Henry
Loved it!!!






"He's a big one."

The anger was instant. The rage explosive. I stared through the thick iron bars, stalking from one side of my cell to the other. My growl was low, threatening. I'd tear apart any who came near me. I'd end them without blinking an eyelash.

I lunged at the bars, snickering when the three men watching me jumped back.

Pansy ass bastards.

They were weak. Fools. They dared to take me captive, to toss me into a cage like an animal. They were dead men and they didn't even know it. Their bodies just hadn't caught up with their fate.

One guy chuckled, the sound nervous and forced. "Oh, yeah, he'll do."

"The boss will go nuts over him," the one in the middle stated.

I knew they were guards simply from the things they said. I just didn't think they were very good guards. If I had been them and I was faced with me, I would have had me in shackles at the very least. They didn't even have me tied up.


I still couldn't believe I had ended up here. Wherever here was. The guys back at headquarters were going to laugh their asses off if they ever learned about this.

It had been a simple termination assignment. My mark was a coyote shifter for fuck's sake. They were not the sharpest crayons in the box. Even the five who had been waiting for me should not have been able to take me.

I curled my lip back as I glanced at the blue feather tipped dart I had pulled from my thigh once I woke up. It explained a lot. I was ashamed to admit I had walked right into the trap they set up for me.

They shouldn't have even known I was coming.

Someone had squealed.

 And as soon as I escaped whatever hell this was, I was going to find whoever had blabbed and show them why it was a very bad idea to piss me off.

I knew my pride would come for me just as soon as they figured out where I was. I had stayed in contact with my handler, even checking in with Ion before I went to scout out the warehouse where my mark was supposed to be meeting his associates to broker a gun deal. Ion knew the location of the warehouse. He had given it to me.

I just didn't think I was in the warehouse anymore.

I shot a quick look around my cell. It was made of mostly stone. I could hear water trickling somewhere off in the distance, but it was more of a leaky pipe sound rather than a creek. There was also a stench of rot and mold saturating the air. It almost overshadowed the despair that seemed to seep from the very pours of the cell.


I suspected whoever had occupied my cell before me had died a horrible death. The smirk on the faces of the three men facing me from their relative safety on the other side of the iron bars told me I was headed in the same direction if I didn't find a way out of my cell.

They didn't concern me.

The single iron barred door behind me did. It was dark. Even with my enhanced eyesight, I couldn't tell where it went beyond a stone tunnel that led away from my cell.

When one of the men watching me raised a black dart gun and pointed it in my direction, I growled. I tensed, my muscles hardening. I clenched my hands, wishing I could reach the three men and pound them into the ground.

I dove out of the way when the man pulled the trigger and an orange feather tipped dart shot out, headed right for me. I wanted to laugh at the anger I could see on the man's face, but there wasn't time. The guard pulled the trigger again.

As I dove out of the way of that dart, I missed the one fired by the other guy, and the guard next to him. Two darts hit me in the chest simultaneously. The first guy shot me again, this time in the leg.

The guy laughed. "That should amp him up nice and good."

I pulled out the darts and brought them to my nose. There was an acidic smell to all three darts, but I couldn't place it. I did detect a chemical component to the smell so I was pretty sure it wasn't natural.

Which meant I had just been dosed with some sort of drug.

Fucking peachy.

It was a little different than the one I had pulled out earlier, so I wondered what it was. I tossed the darts into the corner and went back to staring at the three men. They seemed quite amused, which probably didn't bode well for me.

Especially when I felt my skin begin to itch.

I clenched my hands again. Blood had started rushing through my system, setting me on edge. I was growing agitated. Uneasy. It was almost as if I had been given a massive dose of adrenaline.

If that was true, the guards on the other side of the iron bars weren't going to be laughing much longer. I was stronger than most on most days. Shot full of adrenaline, I'd rip the bars right out of the wall and beat the guards with them.

The thought actually brought a smile to my lips.

I narrowed my eyes and turned when I heard a grating noise behind me. A deep foreboding entered me when I saw the iron gate leading into darkness raising. I wasn't stupid. I knew I was supposed to go wherever the dark tunnel led.

I just didn't want to.

I jerked when another dart embedded into my thigh. I snarled at the three guards. I so wanted to rip them into tiny little pieces.

My blood started pounding through my body, my agitation growing.

When all three of the men lifted their dart guns, I stepped into the tunnel. I knew I was playing right into their hands, but I didn't want to get shot with another dart. I could already feel my heart rate beating out of control.

I didn't have long to walk before I started to see light at the end of the tunnel. I hoped it wasn't an oncoming train.

A little farther and I started to hear a noise, nothing specific. More like the low murmur of many voices. Yeah, it was probably a train, or something just as dangerous. I stopped at the edge of the opening at the far end of the tunnel. It was easy to see that the second I stepped out into the light, my life was going to get very busy. 




“You are so perfect,” Samson whispered. “You accept everything I want without question.”


He was my mate.

“I have never done anything in this life to deserve you, but I’ll fight the devil himself to keep you.”

I smiled as I looked up into Samson’s intense eyes. I reached up and stroked my hand over the side of his face. “You don’t have to fight anyone for me, Samson. I’m yours.”

I had no idea the violent response my words would garner. Samson growled as he crushed our lips together, capturing mine in a brutal kiss that curled my toes. I groaned as I spread my arms and legs, wrapping both around my mate.

The man was rock hard against me, his entire body.

Every glorious inch.

Something possessive and scorching ignited in Samson’s ice blue eyes. His touch was feather light, worshiping as they moved gently across my skin. The awe in Samson’s expression took my breath away.

“You’re mine, Henry,” Samson whispered before pressing a kiss against my skin. “I’ll love you until the day I die.”

“Samson.” I slid my hand along the rough stubble on Samson’s jaw line. “I love you, too, Samson.”

Samson let out a small whimper. Before I could draw in a breath, Samson’s lips covered mine once again, the man’s tongue pressing in to explore and conquer. I melted into Samson’s embrace, my body tingling with need.

“Clothes,” I murmured against his lips.

I was more dressed for the occasion than he was…or undressed in my case. His needed to go.

My eyes widened when Samson scrambled back to stand at the end of the bed. Fabric tore as he ripped it clothes away.

I was in awe of his strength.

I was thrilled by his loss of control.

By the time Samson’s naked body covered mine, I was ready to scream. The desire to feel every inch of the man’s large, muscular body pressing me down into the mattress rode me hard.

Samson’s hand trailed painfully slow down my side before moving around to grab my ass. “Need you, baby. Need to feel you wrapped around me. Spread your legs.”

Was he serious?

I was supposed to move?

To function?

My brains had melted out my ears.

I blinked in surprise when Samson pushed my legs apart. Apparently, he was serious. I dug my fingers into Samson’s shoulders, holding on just a bit tighter. I shook every time Samson touched me.

I was coming apart.

“Samson!” I cried out when a thick finger breached my ass and began to move.

“What do you need, baby?” Samson instantly stilled and hovered over the top of me.


Samson’s finger pushed into my ass again, the man grabbing my cock at the very same time. I cried out and bucked, unsure if I wanted to push back against the invasion thrusting into my ass or drive my cock through the fist slowly driving me out of my mind.

“Keep your arms wrapped around my neck, baby.”

I shot Samson a worried look as I did as directed.

He was giving orders again.

What part of melted brain didn’t he get?

“There you go,” Samson crooned as he pushed a second finger deep inside of my ass, and then a third, thrusting them in and out, spreading them, rubbing against my sweet spot.

My head fell back, the intense burning warring with the pleasure shooting through my body at lightning speed. I almost couldn’t keep up with the exquisite sensations flooding my system, one right after the other.

“Look at you,” Samson whispered hoarsely, “Look how sexy you are.”

Looking deep into Samson’s blue eyes, I could believe what the man was saying to me. There was no way Samson could look at me with such burning intensity without there being some truth behind his words.

I kept one arm wrapped around Samson’s neck. With the other one, I reached up and cupped the side of Samson’s face, drawing the man’s lips down to mine. Samson’s hot breath blew across my face as our lips met. The kiss was surprisingly sweet considering how erotic every other touch between us was.

“I need to be yours,” I whispered against Samson’s lips. “Claim me again, Samson. Make me yours.”

“You are mine,” Samson replied as his eyes bored into mine. “You will always be mine.”

I inhaled sharply when Samson’s fingers pulled out of my ass. I felt hollow, empty. I almost cried out in protest until I was lifted and turned, and then settled on my hands and knees. Samson’s large hand grabbed the nape of my neck, pressing my head down toward the mattress. His other hand lifted my ass up into the air.

It was not a dignified position.

“Sam—oh god!” I bit into the blanket as the head of Samson’s cock push against my tight ring of muscles. Samson slowly eased his thick length inside of my ass, stretching me until pleasure held me immobile.

I might have whimpered.

I had an excuse. I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven. I changed my mind a moment later when Samson lifted me, pulling me back until my back was flush with his chest. I slid down, Samson’s rock hard cock impaling me inch by glorious inch.

“God, baby,” Samson whispered in my ear, “the way you feel wrapped around my cock.”

The body at my back shook as if it took every ounce of Samson’s control not to move.

While I appreciated the man’s restraint…”Samson, please.” I clenched my inner muscles, digging my fingers into the arm wrapped around me. “Move.”

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