[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Dragon shifter Rey Larson just wanted some peace and quiet to forget the ache in his heart and his loneliness. He never expected to find his mate while out flying, alone and injured in the wilderness, bleeding, dying. An omega werewolf. Skinny and pale, Rey has no choice but to cement the bond and give his mate some of his dragon blood to help him heal, or else risk losing him before he has the chance to have him.
The plan works, and Rey takes his mate, and the man he suspects of abusing him, back home. One for recovery, the other for questioning. Rey's only concern is with his mate and making the claim his body desperately desires.
Threats to Aiden's safety do not come from the outside, however. They come from within. Multiple confrontations that lead to violence might cause Aiden to doubt his new place in a dragon's world and whether or not he can survive there.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Mated Dragon's Fury (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Rey Larson, dragon of the Fury clan, second in command, and all around badass motherfucker, just wanted a minute of peace and quiet to himself.

Which he never told his friends about because that would sort of ruin the whole alpha vibe he liked to give off.

Big, bad alphas didn’t exactly go off for their moment of zen

But he did, under the guise that he’d wanted to stretch his wings and hunt, which was partly true anyway, so it wasn’t as though he’d actually lied to anyone about anything.

It was a nice night out, and since Silver, the commander of the Fury clan had recently found his mate in Erin, a short and spunky little omega, Rey found he needed more time to be away from those two.

They constantly and consistently always seemed to smell as though they’d been fucking five minutes before appearing in a room.

There was only so much Rey could do about that before he had to leave.

Silver was Rey’s best friend, and he liked Erin, despite the omega being a touch more trouble than he was worth, what with the Dog Catchers constantly sniffing around the territory.

It wasn’t just that. Silver had seemed to forget in his newly mated bliss that a mating heat could impact the rest of the clan.

Even Lightning had to vacate a room, and that guy was stoic as fuck.

Whatever. Fresh air against his scales, beneath his wings, and across his snout was amazingly good.

He could fall asleep up here, just gliding along.

That would be amazing if it were possible.

A new scent, however, caught him off guard, something that wafted up from below him.

He snapped his attention downward, focusing his vision as though he were a hawk looking for a rabbit.

Something was down there. Something interesting was down there.

Blood smell. That could be the only thing so sharp as to reach him from all the way up here.

Not in the sense that it was something he wanted to eat, however. This was something different. Something he couldn’t exactly place.

It bothered him. Like an itch on the one spot on his back that couldn’t be reached, this made his heart race and his brain scramble to come up with a possible solution for what it could be.

And he still got nothing.

What the hell?

Rey angled his wings and circled back around when he realized the scent was becoming to faint for him. He wasn’t able to hold onto it well enough with the distance he put between himself and...

Whatever it was that was down there.

God. His blood raced fast and hot. It was so damned strange, but good in a way. Why would this be good?

Ray needed to see it.

Angling his body and finding a good spot, he came in for a landing.

It was tricky. Especially around here. There were streams everywhere that came down from the mountain and fed into the river.

Not that he worried about getting his precious scales wet, but the rocks had a habit of getting sharp.

And now he could really smell it.

Whatever it was.

It was here. It was here and he needed to see it. He needed to see it and smell it up close, whatever it was that this interesting thing happened to be.

Another dragon? No, not a dragon. This didn’t have the smell of a dragon. Ray turned his attention this way and that, searching out with his eyes, so excited that he was forgetting to do it with his nose and ears.

The little holes against the side of his dragon head. He would have shifted back into a human, but Rey was fairly certain he was going to need his sharper senses.

He moved, searching, always searching.

The scent began to come off as something more...dirty. At first Rey assumed he’d moved in the wrong direction, but no. That wasn’t right either. This was something else.

Sweat and body odour mingled in with the blood. Something else as well. A chemical. Something sharp. Something that made Rey feel...not weak. Not exactly, but not so close to his inner dragon. The scent was so heavy he was forced to shift out of his dragon form before he could lose all focus.

When in his human shape, Rey brought his hands to the side of his head. He blinked a couple of times, chasing away the dizziness.

What the fucking hell was that supposed to be?

“Jesus Christ.”

He sniffed hard, shaking his head, but the feeling persisted.

Then he knew what it was.

The chemical the Dog Catchers used on the alpha wolves, foxes and coyotes they’d captured. The ones that had gone insane with that brain disease a couple of years back.

Back when alpha wolves were still around. When there was any alpha animal that had yet to be infected.

The dragons had been immune.

Rey didn’t know why. Maybe something to do with the fact that dragons were reptiles and other shifters just...weren’t.

The problem was that, nowadays, that chemical wasn’t just used on alphas. There were no more alphas. At least, none that Rey was aware of.

Which meant the Dog Catchers were using that on the omegas.

Omegas had also been immune, and yet the Dog Catchers hunted and chased them down. The public fear of getting rabies, of having shifters running around attacking anything alive was apparently too much for them to handle.

He couldn’t blame them.

Rey had seen first hand what that disease had done to an alpha. Silver’s first mate.

It had been fucking harsh. For both Silver, and his mate Ajax.

Thank God he had Erin now. Otherwise Rey wasn’t sure how much longer the other man would have been able to handle mourning so hard.

Rey had to find that omega. It had to be an omega. There was no way it wasn’t an omega.

An omega in danger.

There went Rey’s peaceful night.




Aiden’s body had never felt this hot before. This tight. So wound up and ready to explode. It was as though there was a ticker somewhere within him counting down to the moment when he could let everything go and just...


That was it. That was the word he wanted. The thing he waited for was somehow tied to the man going down on him, licking and sucking on him like a damned lollipop.

It should have been a lewd and crude thing. Pleasureable, sure, but still lewd.

Aiden shouldn’t be thinking about the meaning of his life, his place in it, and how well he would fit in with this man’s life, while he was recieving head.

But fuck it. Whatever this was, it was good. This desire, this aching pleasure, was shocking in its intensity, and Aiden could hardly believe that something could feel so good, and yet at the same time, be nowhere near enough.

He pushed his fingers through that blond hair, marveling at the green frosted tips. The man had a green tattoo beneath his right eye. At first Aiden assumed it was a tear drop. Some guys got those.

But no. Not a tear drop. A scale.

A dragon scale? He’d thought he’d seen wings at some point, when he’d struggled to open his eyes so he could see for himself what that wonderful scent was.

“Fuck me,” he moaned. Fuck me, please. Need you.”

He felt as though he’d needed this man from the moment he was born. Was that normal?

The man, Rey, ignored him. He continued to bob his mouth up and down around the length of Aiden’s prick, as though he was savoring it.

No one had ever touched Aiden like that before. No one had ever sucked on him with so much pleasure, so much passion, that they could have been getting paid good money for it.

This guy was working Aiden as though he would get paid a million dollars if he did a good job.

Aiden didn’t particularly like going down on people. The two times he’d done it, he’d gagged and embarrassed himself.

This guy was a professional.

Professional enough to make Aiden come.

His orgasm hit him hard and unexpectedly. The rush through his body, the tightening of every muscle as that sweet release hit him was almost too much to bear. Pleasure so great it was almost painful.

And yet Aiden moaned, because it was far and away the best pleasure he’d ever recieved in his life.

He was still hard. When his body had spilled every drop and there shouldn’t have been anything more for him to give, he was still hard, his cock throbbing as though the orgasm hadn’t happened in the first place.

“What’s...oh God,” he moaned, his fists tightening in Rey’s hair as his spine bowed.

Rey pulled away from him, a smile on his lips. “Baby, much as I love that...you’re going to make me bald.”

Aiden exhaled hard. He glanced down at the other man, shocked to hear him speak at all.

He’d pulled his mouth away, and Aiden’s dick felt so wet, so close to the edge again, that Aiden hadn’t noticed.

“Inside me,” he said again.

As if those were the only words he knew how to speak.

“Please. Inside me.”

He wasn’t even sure why that was the thing he was desperate for. He’d never had anyone inside him before, so how would he know he needed it so badly? Why bother begging for it at all?

Why wasn’t he the one begging to be let inside of Rey?

Could this man be...?

No, it was impossible. He looked like an alpha, had the build of one, but the alphas were gone.

Then why was Aiden so determined to submit to this man? Why did he want to bend over and present himself? Why did he want to give, not just his body, but his entire life?

Rey kissed Aiden on the thigh. His mouth left a burning imprint there. When he pulled back, he smiled at Aiden, as though Aiden was his Christmas present.

“I will. Fuck, baby, trust me, I will.”

Aiden nodded, watching with eager anticipation as the man reached for somethin. A bottle! Thank God. It was a bottle. That was good. He could handle this so much better now that he knew the end was coming.

Wasn’t he supposed to be doing something? There was something important he was forgetting, but it was so far out of his mind at the moment, and his brain so fixated on the curve of Rey’s mouth that he couldn’t bring himself to care that something important was being left behind.

He only cared when the lube bottle was finally being opened, and Rey squeezed the contents into his hand.

The sight of that slick made Aiden’s dick jump. Rey noticed that.

“I swear, your entire body is a hair trigger.”

Aiden nodded. He wasn’t sure if that was meant to be an insult or not, but it didn’t matter. He spread his legs open without any prompting from this larger man, feeling no embarrassment at all for how forward he was being.

It was as though that part of his brain had been shut off. Not just shut off, but locked away in a chest and stored in the very back of the closet of his brain.

Forgotten about.

That’s what he felt like.

Rey leaned in. He inhaled deeply around Aiden’t pelvis.

“Fuck. Your smell.”


Rey chuckled. “I mean it as a good thing, sweetheart.”

Aiden didn’t realize it was possible for him to blush so hard while being called that.

“I like it when you call me that.” He gasped as he felt the press of fingers around his asshole. So good. So damned good.

“I’ll call you that as much as you want me to. I promise.”

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