The American Soldier Collection 18: This Cradle Won't Fall (MFMMMM)

The American Soldier Collection 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,308
21 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Evonna “Vye” Colon will do whatever it takes to protect her unborn child from an abusive man heading down a path of destruction. Her only chance of keeping her baby and herself alive is to get as far away from Merdock Mullen as possible. Vye and baby Benny make a grand entrance into Salvation during a dangerous rainstorm, nearly succumbing to the elements. Thank God for American soldiers and five men who never expected to deliver a baby—or to instantly make a bond with Vye and Benny.
Vye is set on making it as a single mom. She’s not interested in this town rule of guardianship, no matter how attracted she becomes to the McCann brothers. She’s not a good judge of character when it comes to men—her self-confidence and self-esteem is low, never mind these crazy postpartum hormones.
It will take a little push from the townsfolk, some momentous encounters, and a bit of friendly petting to get her to let down her guard and take a chance…kind of hard when the five men fight their own denial, until jealousy kicks them in the behind and gets them to stake a claim. Salvation is achieved for all of them.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The American Soldier Collection 18: This Cradle Won't Fall (MFMMMM)
21 Ratings (4.3)

The American Soldier Collection 18: This Cradle Won't Fall (MFMMMM)

The American Soldier Collection 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,308
21 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This is one of my favorite series by Dixie Lynn Dwyer. I was thrilled to see she had written another one. Fast paced and hot and sexy!!
I have loved this whole series. I would love to see even more of it.
Karlyn Plett

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“Come on, baby, don’t come now. Please just wait until we get to Aunt Ella’s place. It isn’t too far,” Vye said aloud and tried breathing through the contractions. They were bad. They were close together. She panicked as she rounded the corner just as lighting struck, and a tree fell down in front of her, slamming against the windshield. She screamed, and jerked the wheel before hitting her head on the steering wheel. She was stunned a moment. She reached up, touched her fingers to her forehead, and felt the blood as water started to come into the car.

The car was moving sideways. She was going to be taken away and pulled into the water below. “Oh, God, no!” she cried out to the darkness. She undid her seatbelt and pulled the shoulder bag with her money inside over her head, but as she went to move, she felt dizzy and the contractions intensified.

“I’m going to die out here and so is my baby. Oh, God, help me. Help me,” she cried out. Suddenly she saw headlights, and then men getting out of a truck. The tree was over the hood of her car and glass was all over her lap and the coat she wore.

She was petrified. When the man with the brown crew cut hair approached, along with another one with long blonde hair, she felt lightheaded. He got the door open.

“What in God’s name are you doing out here this time of night?” the blonde yelled out, then squinted at her, apparently seeing the blood on her forehead.

“Help her, Kendrick. She’s hurt, and the bridge is flooding out. It’s going to take the damn car,” the other one yelled.

“Come on, honey,” the other one said as more lightning struck and thunder rolled. The blonde reached for her as the car rocked, water splashed up onto them, and she felt her water break. Her eyes widened and she tightened her hold on him. He lifted her out like nothing and then carried her across the deep water and to their truck. They got her inside.


* * * *


Lou stared at the gorgeous blonde in the back seat of their truck. As Kendrick got into the driver’s side, Lou got in the back with her and reached for the first aid kit.

“Where the hell are you heading this time of night and in a storm like this?” Lou asked as Hendrick turned in his seat and looked at her too.

She had gorgeous baby blue eyes, blonde hair, and full, pink lips. She was so strikingly beautiful, he couldn’t even process his thoughts. She held her arms over her stomach and that was when he noticed how round she was.

“Please. Get me to Ella Brazos’s farm. Please,” she said and closed her eyes, seemingly in pain.

“Ella’s? Honey, you need a hospital,” Kendrick stated.

“We aren’t getting her to one in this weather and with the bridge flooded out. How do you know Ella?”

“Please. The baby is coming. Just get me there,” she said.

“Baby?” Kendrick asked and looked down just as Lou reached out and undid her coat.

“Holy shit. You’re having a baby?” he asked, his heart instantly pounding. His thought about how he found the woman incredibly attractive, but now that he knew she was pregnant, and maybe some guy’s woman, he felt like a dick.

“Where the fuck is the father?” Kendrick asked, raising his voice.

“He shouldn’t let you out driving on your own in weather like this. Jesus, what the fuck?” Kendrick carried on.

“Just drive her to our place, Kendrick. We aren’t making it the twenty miles to Ella’s. I’ll call the sheriff,” Lou said, pulling out his cell phone.

She grabbed his hand.

“No. No, please, no sheriff. Just get me to Ella’s,” she stated.

“Honey, it’s too far. Where is the father? Do you want to call him and let him know the baby is coming and that you’re with men that can help you?” Lou asked her. She held his gaze. Her gorgeous baby blues were filled with tears. “There is no father. It’s just me and my baby.”

Lou looked at Kendrick, who narrowed his eyes and just seemed to stare at the young woman.

“Kendrick, drive and call the others on the way. Have them get things ready. I’ll call Ella,” Lou told his brother.


* * * *


Vye cried out as another set of contractions came just as they lay her on a bed.

“Holy shit. She could have died out there, and the baby too,” some tall man said. There were five very large, serious-looking men in the room, and still no Aunt Ella.

“Please. Ella,” she said, panting for breath and trying to breathe. Lou, the one guy who comforted her since getting her into the truck, came over and held her hand, then caressed her forehead with a washcloth.

“She’s trying to get here, but I don’t think she’s going to make it in time. We’re going to have to deliver this baby, honey.”

“No. Oh, God, no, please, this can’t be happening. Haven’t I gone through enough? Goddamnit, I can’t take this bad luck anymore. I can’t.” She cried and then gasped as another contraction hit.

“Okay, I know this is a bad situation all around. You don’t know us and we don’t know you, but we’re soldiers, trained men in military abilities and some medical ones. We can handle this until Ella comes along and takes over and Doc arrives. He’s making his way through this torrential downpour. Trees are down and it’s a damn obstacle course. So, let’s work together. Introductions will help. I’m Tex,” the tall man with the dark black hair and huge, muscular ody said, and she breathed through the pain and nodded.

“I’m Frankie,” the man with the black beard, a scowl on his face, and tattoos on his arms told her. He was scary. She swallowed hard.

“I’m Pierce,” the man with a very short, reddish brown crew cut and a beard said, looking dead serious. Maybe he was pissed that she’d invaded their home like this.

“And you know I’m Kendrick,” the flirty one with the blonde, shoulder-length hair said.

“And I’m Lou. So, what’s your name?” Lou asked as he held her ankle and caressed it.

“Evonna, but my friends call me Vye,” she said and then gasped. “It’s coming. Oh, God. I feel it.”




“Training starts now,” Pierce said and slid her panties down her thighs.

“Pierce. Oh, God,” she moaned, leaning back against Frankie.

“I’ve got you. Let go and let us pleasure you, baby. All of us—your men, your guardians, and very soon, your lovers,” Frankie told her and suckled her neck.

“Arms up behind you. Hold onto Frankie,” Kendrick ordered, and she did. She slowly raised her arms up until she felt her bra unclip in the front and part freely.

“Jesus,” Lou said. Then he and Tex started feasting on her breasts again just as Pierce raised her thigh up over his shoulder and stroked a finger into her cunt.

She nearly shot back and away from them, but all four men were holding her firmly as Kendrick stood there and gave orders.

“Let go and let us love you,” he stated firmly. Pierce stroked her cunt faster, deeper, and then he bent lower and licked her cream. They were all feasting on her and Pierce plunged his tongue into her cunt and she cried out her release. He pulled back.

“Fucking delicious. She’s delicious,” he said, lips wet and an expression so wild and carnal in his eyes. Pierce’s muscles flexed and Kendrick placed his hand on his shoulder.

“My turn,” Kendrick stated.

Pierce lowered her leg only for Frankie to bend down with Tex and Lou and lower her to the floor. As Frankie slid from behind her, her back hit the mats and it was on. Kendrick lowered to his chest and spread her thighs over his shoulders and started to feast on her cunt. She cried out and Frankie gripped her arms and held them above her head as Lou and Tex suckled on her breasts hard.

“She looks incredible. Look at her. Our woman,” Pierce said standing there panting for breath. She cried out another release, in shock over what these men were doing to her here on the mat, at the training center. What if someone came in or could see or hear them?

“Easy, sugar."

“Could someone see or hear?” she asked in a panic.

“No fucking way. I locked up immediately,” Kendrick said to her and then thrust another finger into her cunt, then licked and suckled the cream he caused to flow from his ministrations.

She rocked her hips and moaned.

“My turn,” Tex said and Kendrick chuckled.

“I don’t know if I can give this sweet pussy up just yet,” Kendrick said before suckling her clit hard and making her gasp.

“Move the fuck over,” Tex stated and then chuckled. As he moved, Frankie released her arms and went to her side, taking Tex’s place. Her nipple hardened as cool air collided with it, but then Lou was stroking her nipple with his thumb as he watched Tex lower down between her legs and suck on her cunt. He used fingers and tongue to stimulate her pussy and she rocked her hips and moaned as they all took turns feasting on her.

“Me next,” Lou said and then slid down her body only for Kendrick to lower down and suckle her breast.

“So fucking big. Goddamn, you’re bigger than my hand. Holy fuck,” he said and lowered down to feast on her breast as Lou plunged fingers into her cunt as he held her gaze.

“So wet. Jesus, baby, you like it. You want more,” he said to her.

“Yes. Oh, God, this is crazy,” she stated and rocked her hips. Lou pulled his fingers from her cunt and replaced them with his tongue. He suckled and feasted on her and she just kept moaning. When she felt his tongue slide over her anus, she gasped.

“Me,” Frankie said and Lou blew warm breath over her pussy.

“She has a nice, tight bud. We’ll need to work it so she’ll be ready for all of us to claim her fully,” he said and she knew what he meant, but then Lou moved and Frankie went down between her legs, his beard tickling her sensitive flesh before he started to lick her from cunt to anus. Back and forth he licked and then fingered her. When she felt the thick digit plunge into her asshole she cried out and came hard.

“Fuck, yeah. She is going to love a cock in her ass,” Frankie said, then lowered back down and feasted on her.

“You’re fingering her ass?” Tex asked and looked. He and Kendrick lifted her thighs higher and looked down.

Lou cupped her cheeks and tilted her head back so she would look at him. It caused her to raise her pelvis and her breasts.

“Ever have a cock in your ass?”

“No. Oh my God, no, never.”

“Oh,” she cried out as she felt Frankie’s fingers thrust into both holes. She rocked her hips faster.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck she is going to be a fabulous lover. Holy fuck,” Tex said and she grunted and came hard. So hard her head spun. Then Lou kissed her mouth as fingers eased from her body and multiple sets of lips kissed her everywhere they could.

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