A Cook in King Arthur's Court (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,917
3 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Historical Romance, M/M, HEA]
The wizard Merlin saw rot in his beloved Camelot. He asked aid from his Gods. They answered and, after a fashion, along with a bit of complicated magic, he got Alex. 
Alexander Foster, a modern-day chef, fell into bed exhausted and alone. After a Technicolor kaleidoscope of a dream, he wakes up. He's under a tree, in the great outdoors, and there's a beautiful man wearing armor watching him.  
Alex learns the beautiful man is Mordred, and apparently Merlin is waiting for him. So, off to Merlin and Camelot they go. On the way, he hears Mordred’s tale and the man’s loneliness breaks his heart.   
He also finds he can't keep his hands to himself.   
Then, they reach Camelot and Alex meets King Arthur and Merlin and learns why he’s there. So now Alex has a choice to make: sit back and do nothing…or meddle.   
Meddling sounds good. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Cook in King Arthur's Court (MM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

A Cook in King Arthur's Court (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,917
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Alexander was having another strange dream. It had started off with him in Merlin’s head and, then darkness. He remembered a whirling Technicolored kaleidoscope. Then he’d heard a man’s voice chanting in another language, then a weird pulling feeling, and then nothing, just the blissful black of sleep. Now he just felt really uncomfortable and a bit cold.

Grumbling he felt around for his quilt. He flapped his hands around searching for it. Finding nothing he sat up frustrated and looked for it on the floor. He quickly saw it. It wasn’t on the floor, but he was. More accurately, he was on the ground, with dust, dirt, and leaves all around him, and his quilt held in the hand of some dude wearing a knight’s armor costume.

Alex stood and reached for his quilt. “Very funny. How the hell did I get out here?”

“That I cannot answer for you, gentle sir. I am Mordred, a newly raised knight of Camelot. The wizard Merlin sent the king’s knights on an errand of recovery. We were to search for a stranger among us. I believe you are most definitely a stranger here, are you not? I have never seen one dressed as you or ever felt a blanket as this one.”

Alex could not keep from gaping. This dude spoke like he ate English dictionaries for breakfast, and God damn, he was beautiful with his black hair reaching his shoulders, his pale skin, and his blue eyes. Alex couldn’t help wondering what the armor hid.

Alex walked forward and took hold of his quilt. Looking around for the first time he noticed the tree he had been sleeping under. Next he saw green fields, more trees, some sheep, and not much else. He swallowed hard suddenly scared. Goose bumps surfaced on his bare chest.

“Umm…yeah…a stranger in an even stranger land. That’s me,” he mumbled, still staring around.

Mordred stepped forward. “You are chilled. Allow me to help.”

He wrapped the quilt around Alex’s shoulders. When he pulled the quilt closed around Alex’s chest, his unarmored hands brushed over Alex’s cold, hard nipples, causing Alex to gasp. Mordred’s hands were hot and strong. Alex snapped his eyes to Mordred. The man was beautiful, but blushing shyly, he looked angelic.

“Oh my…” Alex whispered.

“I believe Merlin is looking for you. I can take you to Camelot immediately. Come. My steed is just here.”

Obviously unsettled, Mordred wouldn’t meet Alex’s eyes. Alex followed Mordred to a massive black horse peacefully grazing just meters away. Mordred mounted his horse easily. The man was obviously strong. He leaned down and offered Alex his arm. Praying for grace, Alex took hold of Mordred’s arm and held on as he was pulled onto the horse behind the knight.

Mordred settled Alex’s arm around his waist. Alex wrapped his other arm around Mordred’s waist and held on tightly. He scooted forward, tucking the blanket between him and the cold armor.

“Usually when I have a beautiful man in my arms, he at least knows my first name. I’m Alexander Foster, Mordred. Pleased to meet you,” he whispered into Mordred’s right ear.

Mordred had stiffened as soon as Alex had started speaking. Soon he was panting slightly. “D-Do you often hold men in your arms?”

“I’d rather have a man in my arms than a woman,” Alex answered honestly. “You?”

“I have not…a true knight should not…man or woman…not until wedlock,” Mordred stuttered, obviously flustered.

“Oh, Mordred, you would be delicious, but I always keep my hands to myself until a man begs me to touch him. So you are safe from me throwing myself at you.”

“I am not so sure I am reassured. Your control may not be the issue here,” Mordred muttered. Clicking his teeth quietly, Mordred set the horse in motion.

An hour later Alex was not a happy camper and could not help squirming.

Mordred looked over his shoulder. “Are you well, Alexander?” he asked solicitously.

Alex couldn’t help it. He was numb and miserable and going to let Mordred know all about it. “No, no, I’m not well, Mordred. My ass is numb, my cock and balls are, too, and now so are my thighs. I have no idea how I am going to stand up again and walk.”

Mordred headed the horse toward a small copse by a shallow brook. “Please explain what you mean, Alexander,” he said quietly.

“My ass, my nether regions, and my thighs, I cannot feel them, is what I mean.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Alexander.”

Mordred brought the horse to a stop. He managed to get himself off the horse gracefully without dislodging Alex somehow. He held his arms up to Alex. Alex placed his hands on Mordred’s shoulders. Mordred had a firm grip on Alex’s waist. Mordred pulled and lifted, and within seconds Alex had his feet on the grass. Then, not long after they let go of each other, Alex had his ass on the grass. He had been right,—his legs wouldn’t support him. Mordred followed him, quickly kneeling between Alex’s legs.

“Can I help you? Do you not ride at home? What can I do?”

“No, I don’t do any horse riding at home. We use other means of transport. Sweetheart, the only help for me right now, is to get blood to the numb areas, and for that, I need to rub them. I don’t think you are ready for that,” Alex said, shoving his hands down his pajama pants and rubbing at anything he could get his hands on.




Alex gently shifted and lifted his hips, then wrapped his legs around Dred’s hips, and did it again. He saw Dred’s eyes darken  with lust and felt him thrust against him. Alex smiled and lifted his mouth for a kiss.

Dred didn’t disappoint and claimed Alex’s mouth happily. Their lips locked and tongues played, slipping from one mouth to the other. Alex pulled away a little until he could nip at Mordred’s bottom lip. He sucked it into his mouth to play with it. He claimed it as a trophy and played with it until he noticed Dred was shaking and groaning. Dred was grinding his hips against Alex’s, and Dred was hard and hot against him. Alex pushed at Dred’s chest. Dred pulled away, lust and confusion covering his face.

“Clothes, honey. Too many clothes. Let’s get rid of them. I need to feel you naked against me,” Alex said quickly.

Mordred rolled away and started stripping off his clothing. Alex tore his clothing off, his eyes never leaving Dred’s body. In seconds they were back on the bed, Alex eagerly running hands and lips over any part of Dred he could and Dred giving Alex the same attention. They even wrestled it seemed as Alex suddenly found himself flat on his back with Dred nestled between his legs again. Only this time they were naked and hard erections were rubbing against each other. Both men were groaning between panting breaths.

“Oh gods, Dred, more I need more. Please give me more.” Alex was writhed under Mordred.

“Tell me what you need, Xan. All I am is yours,” Dred panted into Alex’s mouth as they shared breaths.

“I need you inside me, Dred. There is a pot of oil on my bedside. I took it from the kitchens earlier. Dip your finger in it. Then you need to put it inside me, open me up. It’s easy and feels great. I’ll show you, okay?”

Dred nodded and dipped two fingers in the small pot. Alex took Dred’s fingers and positioned them at his entrance. He carefully pushed one finger in, and comprehension lit Dred’s eyes as he started moving his finger in and out of Alex’s hole carefully. One finger soon became two as Dred watched Alex writhe and shiver on his fingers. Alex was panting so hard that he felt like he was going to faint. Dred had one of his own lips caught in his teeth. To Alex, he looked like a God. Alex could feel three fingers inside him, and that was as long as he was willing to wait. He pushed gently at Dred to move away. As soon as Dred moved, Alex was on his hands and knees.

“Inside me now, Dred,” he commanded.

Dred was quickly coating his hard cock and pushing in. He did it slowly but did not stop until he could go no further. Alex had dropped his shoulders to the bed as soon as he’d felt the amazing penetration. Dred was thick and just long enough to make Alex feel too full. Alex was panting again.

“Jeez, it’s a good thing I don’t have asthma,” he said inanely. There was a grunt of confusion from behind him. “Dred, baby, I need you to move. Thrust, baby. Just do it.”

Dred pulled back slowly and then pushed in again. He did it a couple more times before he snapped and started pummeling into his lover. Alex was keening at the pleasure Dred was handing him. He pulled at the blanket under him and shoved it into his mouth to try to stifle some of the noises he was making. He felt Dred lean over him, getting a better position and scraping over his prostate, and he screamed around the blanket in his mouth. Dred started pulling the blanket from Alex’s mouth.

“I want to hear you, Xan,” he growled.

Alex spat the blanket out. “There. Right there,” he gasped.

Dred hammered his prostate again and again. Keening and screaming, Alex pushed onto Dred as Dred pushed into Alex. Dred wiggled his hand under Alex and found his leaking cock. He took it in his hand and stroked it in time with Dred’s thrusts. Dred’s rhythm stuttered, and  Alex felt him coming. He felt Dred empty inside of him. Everything came together to push Alex over as well and spill onto the blankets under them. Alex grunted as he felt Dred fall on his back. Chuckling lightly, he rolled them to their sides and allowed them to rest as they caught their breaths again.

Alex felt Dred slip out of him and slowly roll off the bed, only to return with a wet cloth. He helped Alex clean up before moving Alex into his bed and joined him there. Alex felt Dread pull him into his arms and cuddled him close. He rolled over to tangle their arms and legs together, and in seconds both were asleep.

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