Llyano (MM)

Beyond the Veil 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,300
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, MM, HEA]
As the king of the Wind Fae, Llyano came into his throne at an age earlier than the norm. Everything he had went into the ruling and protection of his kingdom yet his only wish was to find his fated mate. As events unfold, Llyano begins noticing cracks in the fabric of their world, cracks that could lead to the destruction and extinction of the entire Fae race. As though not enough, people begin disappearing in lower Dari, a section of the Wind kingdom.
Solax is a guardian spirit and the keeper of the cave of enlightenment, a cave of knowledge and great remembrance. Leading a solitary life with duty above all else, he is rendered speechless by his visceral reaction to the king of the Wind Fae.
With the both of them from entirely different species, a revelation on the real identity of Llyano and time running out for the survival of the Fae species, where would love fit into?
Llyano (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Llyano (MM)

Beyond the Veil 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,300
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“You again.”

A lilting, musical voice called from behind Llyano, causing him to spin around in surprise at being caught off guard. He hadn’t thought it possible, but the man he’d come here looking for looked even more striking than the last time he’d seen him.

Even more so, the pull he felt eclipsed what he’d felt, meeting this mystery of a man the first time. The pitty-patty of his heart felt almost too loud, a reaction unbecoming of a man of his status.

Piercing silver eyes gave him a thorough checkout, then delicate brows rose up as amusement curled the musical voice. “Still at a loss for words? Should I sit for a painting? I’m sure it would last longer,” the man said cheekily.

Startled back into the here and now, Llyano flushed at being called out on staring at the man so blatantly. “Why do you live here?” were the inane words that came out of his mouth. Llyano flushed deeper, wishing the earth would open up and swallow him up in his entire embarrassed glory.

“Well, that was random and rather pointed, too. Why should I tell you?” the man asked with a raised brow.

“Fair enough. However, you never did tell me your name,” Llyano pointed out.

“Yes,” was the man’s response. “I am sure I do not have to inform you that you should take care not to tarry too long here. Now, have a good day, Llyano of the Wind Fae.” The man finished with a mock rise of his brow before walking around Llyano, a bag of fresh produce in hand as he headed towards his home.

“Wait!” Llyano called out when he realized the man was bent on remaining a mystery. He hurried after the man until they fell into sync in their steps. Llyano ignored the questioning look the man levelled on him and kept walking by his side, even though he could tell he was not really wanted.

They strode together in silence, Llyano content to wait him out, his thoughts exhilarated and settled on finally after so long, finding his fated mate. Never would he expect to find his mate in so remote and isolated a place yet here he was.

The man sighed in frustration, turning to face Llyano when they arrived at the golden ornate door that led to his home. “Why are you following me?”

“Should you not have asked me that when I started following you?” Llyano countered.

“I had thought you would get bored and leave by now. Why engage you in conversation that would ensure you stayed longer?” the man asked as though it had been obvious before.

Llyano chuckled low, then responded, “I see your point. However, it will not work on me. I am determined to talk to you and get to know you better.” When the man started to object, Llyano shook his head. “I would advise that you suck it up and go along with my plans. I am not going anywhere until I have to, and even then, I will be back.”

Sighing in exasperation, the man searched his face thoroughly until he realized than Llyano meant every word before spinning to face his door in defeat.

“Since we are both agreed, why don’t you tell me your name?”

The men muttered something under his breath, probably cursing Llyano out, but Llyano did not mind. He’d get his way in the end, so it was all good in his book. He kept a grin firmly plastered on his face whilst he awaited the man’s response.

“Solax,” the man whispered, so low than Llyano had to strain to hear him.

“What did you say?”

“My name. I am called Solax,” he repeated.

“Solax.” Llyano rolled the name off his tongue, testing it out. “Bringer of light.” Llyano eyed the man from head to toe, admiring the exposed swirling pattern of markings on his body before nodding his head. “It suits you.”

For the first time since they met, Solax blushed, color dusting his light skin, which made for a contrasting look with the silver marking on his body. Grunting, Solax pushed open the door to his home and stepped inside, leaving it open as he strode purposefully to the kitchenette to arrange his purchases.




“Is that all?” Solax all but purred, his lids falling down into a seductive half-mask.

Llyano felt all the breath rush out of his body at the temptation Solax was proving to be. Blood rushed from his head down to his dick, filling and swelling it so that all he could think about was climbing onto the bed and taking Solax in every way imaginable until neither of them could walk. His entire being strained towards taking up the invitation Solax presented, but he could not allow it. Not yet.

Shaking his head, Llyano broke his gaze away from Solax and stared at the far wall adjacent the bed.

“You’re trying to distract me,” Llyano accused once he’d regained a measure of control over his libido. When he turned once more to face Solax, he recognised his mistake for what it was as his gaze followed the tantalising line of Solax’s bare shoulder. The robe he had been wearing earlier had slipped down his lithe form, coming to pool around his elbow and exposing golden skin, precious, delicate skin he longed to touch and kiss and lick so badly. His gaze returned to Solax’s once more and he felt as though he would die if he could not have the other man right this very moment.

When he saw Solax’s lips part further, it was then he realised he had crawled across the bed and was almost within reach of his devious mate. Immediately, Llyano sprang off the bed entirely, walked away towards his balcony, and stopped at the very edge of the room, groaning as he dragged a hand through his hair. Frustrated with himself and amazed that he was able to exercise control even if he was hanging on by a thin thread. They had not been able to consummate their bonding yet with all the issues piling up on them, and the demand of their attention since the incident of the bonding day. It had been very frustrating, and this being the first chance either of them had had to breathe, Llyano was crawling out of himself to settle their bond once and for all.

“Stop it, Solax. It won’t work.”

“What won’t work?” The voice came from directly behind Llyano, causing him to jump in surprise.

Llyano turned around to face his mate, frowning at the playful smirk dancing on Solax’s lips. His frown deepened when he saw the amusement on his devious mate’s expression. “You. Distracting me.” Gaze drifting down to those tantalising lips once more, Llyano cursed under his breath and dragged a laughing Solax into his arms, crushing the laughter beneath his own lips.

Unable to control the tidal wave of desire coursing through his veins, Llyano took Solax in a brutal kiss, releasing his desire and frustration, restrain crumbling like a piece of paper as he bent Solax backward, all without breaking the kiss and devouring the temptation of a man. He felt Solax wrap his arms around his neck for balance and bit down on Solax’s bottom lips, dragging a moan out of his mate.

Solax allowed Llyano to dominate him, silently impressed by his mate who had been able to resist his charms at all. Because of his genetic makeup, no one was able to resist him should he turn on his charms, not that he did it often for he found it irritating more often than not. That Llyano was able to hold his attention and not only that, but also intrigue him was a feat in and of itself. That he was attracted to Llyano on a level he had never been with another was a bonus to him.

To know that this male desired him above all else was a rush to Solax. Never in a million years had he thought the fates would match him to another, and finding out that Llyano was his match in every way pleased him greatly. He had been so deeply consumed by the kiss that when Llyano suddenly pulled away, he tightened his hold around Llyano’s neck, refusing to let go and moving in to continue the kiss.

A deep, rumbling chuckle drifted over him and with a frown, Solax raised his gaze from Llyano’s kissed swollen lips to stare into emerald pools of satisfaction. Pouting, he asked, “What are you laughing for?”

Llyano stepped back so that they were both standing straight, then caressed his cheek with a thumb, a smile on his face. “You. You’re temptation personified but, there will be no distracting me, Solax.”

“I was rather enjoying the distraction.”

“And so was I.” Llyano leaned in and pecked Solax on the lips once then withdrew. “However, now that you’ve raised the subject, I would truly like to know more about you and what makes you so different.”

Solax worried his bottom lips, lowering his gaze to hide from Llyano, but the other man was having none of it as his chin was lifted and he had nowhere else to look but right at Llyano. “I’m debating if I should tell you.”

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