Sasha and Dante (MM)

Operation True One 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,289
32 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Publishing: The Bellann Summer ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
After finding a secret scroll that told of danger and great love, Dante Johnston’s cousins decide to set out on a journey to find their true ones. Being claimed by a grumpy Kodiak grizzly bear shifter isn’t something Dante would ever accept, but he’d go along for the ride. Someone had to be the logical one in the bunch. Meeting his True one, Sasha Kodiak, turned Dante’s world upside down, literally.
When Sasha’s brother needs him to come home, he goes home. Peaceful Siberia will wait for his return. Walking into a church to find a man waving a plastic rose as a weapon against a bear shifter wasn’t what he expected. Sasha finds mouthy, prickly, and temperamental Dante fascinating. Sasha has his hands full. Killing people because they're stupid is out. Finding who is kidnapping and torturing Johnston’s is at the top of the list. Oh, he also has to break it to Dante that he’s carrying twins.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bellann Summer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Sasha and Dante (MM)
32 Ratings (4.6)

Sasha and Dante (MM)

Operation True One 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,289
32 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
I knew I would love Sasha and Dante! Dante is hysterical and had me laughing out loud more than once. Sasha is just bad boy.... umm, bear.... enough to be very sexy. The two together are a great mating and definitely give one another a run for their money.

The secondary plot line was well done although my heart is now breaking for Charlie. I sure hope his and Owen’s story gets here quickly! LOL
Christy Duke




Sasha Badger Kodiak’s balls hurt, and his iron hard dick could pound holes through the log wall of his cabin. Coming home to help his brother, Silver, with some rogues had been hard enough on his temper and need for solace. Meeting a spellbinding man who twisted his guts into knots, threw dangerous, into a whole new category.

The little man with the intriguing golden eyes jammed his hands on his hips, mirroring Sasha’s stance.

“What do you mean, you don’t want a mate?”

Sasha shrugged and shoved a hand through his shoulder-length brown hair. “I’m better off being alone. Stupid people piss me off and end up dying.”

The straightest slashes of eyebrows that Sasha ever had seen lowered into a line with only a tiny crease between them.

“Then why are you here? Lots of people go to weddings. I’d think you’d avoid one that included humans mixing with hostile shifters like the plague?”

“My brother needed me.”

The answer was a simple as that. Sasha would always come when his brother called.

“Ah, well, good for you.” Dante glanced around the small cabin and stepped sideways toward the door. “It’s a good thing you have this place to be alone. Saves people and all. I’ll just leave you to your aloneness.”

Sudden anger surged through Sasha. No one was separating him from Dante. Not even Dante himself.

“No!” Sasha swept Dante into his arms, carried him into the bedroom, and threw him onto the bed.

Quick as a wink the man jumped off the mattress and tried to rush past Sasha. That wasn’t happening. Sasha picked up a kicking and screaming Dante, sat down on the mattress, and put the man over his knee. One sharp slap to his firm derriere settled the man right down.

Sasha laid Dante back onto the bed. The man glared daggers at him but remained quiet. For some reason, the little man’s silence bothered him. He kind of liked the sarcastic way he expressed his opinion.

“You will not leave me,” Sasha ordered.

Dante didn’t answer him. Instead, his bottom lip protruded in a cute pout. Sasha couldn’t resist. He leaned over and covered Dante’s mouth with his.

Fresh honeycomb. Sasha thought he had caught wisps of the enticing scent when Dante moved. Now a delicious honeycomb scented cloud wafted over him and tantalized his taste buds at the same time.  Being a Kodiak grizzly down to his very bones, Sasha craved honey.

Needing more of a taste, Sasha licked the seam of Dante’s lips. A tease of honeycomb was his reward. Sasha blanketed Dante’s body, cupped his face, and got down to a serious kiss.

The little man opened his mouth to Sasha’s seeking tongue. Pure honeycomb enveloped his flesh. Sasha became addicted, and Dante’s fate was sealed.

The little man trembled in his arms. Tongues tangled and explored.  Sasha wanted to stay in the warm cave of Dante’s mouth forever. Dante sucked on Sasha’s tongue. His bear neared the surface urging Sasha to conquer and claim. Sasha broke the kiss and bit into Dante’s bottom lip. They stared at each other in a standoff of want and need versus anger and independence.

Sasha sat up. He took Dante with him until the smaller man straddled his lap. Dante’s hard cock pressed against his belly, showing him that the fascinating man’s desire matched his. The clothing separating their skin irritated Sasha. Letting his claws emerge, Sasha raked slashes down the back of Dante’s tuxedo coat.

“Hey!” Dante twisted, trying to see the back of his clothing. “The rental company is going to have a fit.” Dante glared at Sasha. “The fines are on you, bub.”

“Take it off.” Sasha wanted inside Dante’s ass.

Dante’s golden gaze narrowed. “Has Silver told you anything about the Johnson family?”

“No.” Sasha pushed Dante’s Jacket down his arms and let it fall to the floor.

Sasha went to untie Dante’s bowtie. The man covered his hands.

“Stop! I haven’t agreed to do the deed with you. There’s stuff you need to know. My life depends on it.”

“Are you ill?” Sasha buried his nose in the junction where Dante’s neck met his shoulder, and breathed deeply. The scent of honeycomb lit up his senses. Blood surged into his cock, making the already hard organ rigid. Red clouded his vision and buzzing filled his ears.

Sasha came out of his haze of desire to Dante screaming, “Stop, stop.”

Most of the man’s tuxedo lay in tatters around them. Dante wore only his pants, at least what was left of them. Material covered his ass, dick, and thighs. The rest was gone.

Dante beat on Sasha’s chest and shoulders. Sasha knew he should let the man go. He had lived most of his life alone and uncivilized. Bending to another’s will didn’t exist in his mindset. Sasha followed his bear and crushed Dante against his body, not allowing the man to move.

Dante’s squeak inflamed Sasha’s bear almost sending him into another frenzy. Sasha held onto his sanity by a thread. Inside, his bear urged him to claim, mark, and mate. Sasha may not agree with his bear, but in his world the bear ruled.

“Talk,” he ordered. In a few seconds, Dante’s time would run out.

“I can’t breathe,” Dante whispered. “If you don’t loosen your hold I will sew your nostrils shut while you sleep.”

Sasha froze at Dante’s outlandish threat. His shock relaxed his fingers. Dante took advantage and jumped off the bed. Sasha watched the bathroom door slam between him and his mate.




“We are going to mate now, human.” There would be no doubts between them.

“You said you didn’t want a mate.”

“I’ve changed my mind. I want you as my mate.”

Sasha rubbed his cheek over the spot where Dante would one day carry his child. So many years had passed since his parent’s death, but Sasha still remembered their life. The connection of love and respect between the two had been a guide for every mated pair of the family.

 He spread his scent over Dante’s groin. Unable to resist the temptation, Sasha licked a line down the pink hardness of Dante’s prick and tasted the soft sack beneath.  

Sasha’s bear grumbled in warning. It was time to continue making their mate totally theirs. As he continued to spread his scent along the slender length of Dante’s legs, Sasha recalled how his father would always touch his mother in some way. A press of their hands or to brush a slip of hair away from her face. His hard as nails father’s adoration of his tiny wife was apparent for all to see.

“I’m surprised you don’t have any rings on your toes.” Sasha brushed his cheek over the arch of Dante’s foot.

“Don’t touch the toes.” Dante tried to pull his foot away. “Please, ignore them. They don’t exist.”

Sasha studied Dante’s foot. As far as toes went, Dante’s were slim but not too long. Sasha thought them kind of cute.

“What’s the matter with your toes?” Sasha figured if he implied something could be wrong with a part of Dante’s body, he’d get the answer he wanted faster. He was right.

Dante’s bottom lip stuck out. “There’s nothing wrong with my toes. I just can’t stand anything between them. It freaks me out so badly that I can’t move.”

Sasha nodded. Good to know. He took pity on the man and made quick work of scenting both of Dante’s feet. His bear wouldn’t allow one inch of his mate’s skin to remain free of his essence. Grabbing Dante by the hips, Sasha flipped the smaller man over.

“Hey, give a guy a warning.” Dante reached down and adjusted his dick. “You don’t want to break anything important in half or cause a cloth burn.”

Sasha made his way up Dante’s body. The man’s spectacular ass had Sasha’s bear rumbling in pleasure. The sweet aroma of honeycomb mixed with Dante had them both growling with need. Sasha’s cock hardened to the point of strangled pain inside his jeans. Precum dampened the material.

“We’re going to need some lube,” Sasha whispered into Dante’s ear before leaving the couch to remove his clothing. “I’m a big man and patience is not my strong suit. You best be prepared.”

Dante flipped over and stared at Sasha. “Are you one hundred percent sure we are mates? Because I’m a virgin, and you aren’t allowed to ruin sex for me by ripping me to pieces.”

“Do you have any doubts, my prickly one?” Sasha frowned and held Dante’s gaze.

Sasha waited. The mini-showdown lasted until Dante sighed and looked away.

“Okay, fine,” Dante huffed and gave a cute little sniff to emphasise his point. “We’re mates. So why are you asking for lube?”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Sasha started to wonder if Dante knew the mechanics of male with male sex.

“We’re mates. Of course, you won’t hurt me.”

Sasha grew dismayed. Would he have to explain sex to his mate?

“That’s why I asked for the lube,” he pronounced every word clearly. “I don’t want to hurt or tear you when I slide my cock into your hole.”

Dante’s eyes widened. “Shit, you don’t know, do you?”

“What do you think I don’t know?” Sasha and man-on-man-sex were well acquainted.

“We don’t need lube. Your pre-cum prepares me to take you.”

Sasha frowned as a faint memory tickled the edges of his mind. “Who told you that?”

“Keaton and Mickey explained all the juicy details to me and Charlie.” Dante’s bottom lip pushed out. “They wouldn’t lie.”

Sasha couldn’t resist. He swooped down and sucked that sweet bit of flesh into his mouth. He vowed to pursue a lifetime of enjoying Dante’s lips. Knowing that he needed to finish undressing before their mating could continue, Sasha released Dante’s lip and began taking off his boots, jeans, and shirt.

A memory of Cameron and his friends sitting around a fire during a summer camping trip flitted through Sasha’s mind. He went along on those trips, but usually took off to be by himself. For some reason that he couldn’t remember, this time Sasha had stayed.

He recalled the guys were discussing soulmates. Everyone yearned for the illusive one who whispers said was the other half of a shifter’s heart and soul. One of the guys stated that soulmates didn’t need to prepare each other for sex. Precum did the work for either male or females. He claimed that no matter how big a guy’s cock was, their one would be ready for him. The others laughed, but he insisted his grandfather wouldn’t have lied to him.

Could that claim be what Dante was talking about?

“I’ve changed my mind,” Dante announced and stared at Sasha’s cock. “I don’t care how much magic your precum contains, that thing will never fit, and you aren’t getting anywhere near me.”

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