Bad Boys (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,199
30 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Angels/Demons]

"Chicks dig the bad boys." So claims Boranaz the demon, and to prove it he intends to seduce Solian the angel’s charge, a mortal woman named Wanda.

However, over the course of dinner dates, clubbing and an unexpected kiss, Boranaz finds himself falling instead for Solian’s heavenly hotness. Suddenly the game plan changes. Can Boranaz tempt the good guy into taking a chance on a bad boy, or will his hopes for a happy ending go straight to Hell?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Bad Boys (MM)
30 Ratings (4.4)

Bad Boys (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 21,199
30 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4.5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Pat Cunningham is a new to me author and I really enjoyed reading about her take on demons and angels which is a new type of story for me also, but at least I started with a wonderful story. Bad Boys is a delightful romantic story. Boranaz is a sexy demon that loves to cause trouble, especially for angel Solian. Boranaz decides to use Wanda, the human Solian is watching over, to make his point that women prefer bad boys over nice guys. While doing this, Boranaz gives Solian a kiss. From then on, the kiss is the only thing the two men can think about. The chemistry between Boranaz and Solian is blazing. Ms. Cunningham is very good at bringing the reader into the world she creates. The humor in the story is awesome. Seeing the relationship between Boranaz and Solian come together is very emotional. I could not stop reading until the story was finished. I would be very happy to recommend this story to everyone and I’m sure I will be reading it again." -- Rhonda, Dark Divas Reviews

4.5 TEA CUPS: "Good guys always finish last. In this case, that’s actually a good thing for the angel Solian. For sixteen centuries, Solian has been watching within close proximity and lusting for the sexy demon Boranaz. However, getting tangled up with the bad boy was out of the question. That was until Boranaz gives him one hell of a kissing demonstration. The mischievous demon, Boranaz is always trying to stir up trouble with mortals just to piss off the angel. When Solian tells him about his reassignment to watch over a mortal woman named Wanda, Boranaz tries to seduce the human to the dark side. To make a point that chicks prefer bad boys over nice guys, he challenges Solian to have Wanda by the end of the week. But after being rejected, Boranaz changes his game plan and turns his pursuit onto the gorgeous angel that’s more than meets the eye. Readers who are in the mood for a sinful romance and fantastic plot are sure to enjoy Bad Boys. The book contains a ton of heat and plenty of emotional tension. I was hooked from the first page. The characters were likeable and amusing with their own desires and imperfections. It was a fun, deliciously erotic read with just enough conflict and a jaw-dropping love scene near the end. Pat Cunningham did an amazing job with the dialogue and the romance development between the characters. Boranaz was totally the bad boy with a quick mouth and tough attitude. It was good to see that he finally comes to term with himself and realizes what he’s been looking for was right in front of him the whole time. All things considered, Wanda found her happy ending as well. Overall, this was a great paranormal romance story about two characters from different side of the track that are able to find love and romance with each other despite their immortal boundaries." -- Lorien, Happily Ever After Reviews

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“Fancy meeting you here,” he said.

“You—” Boranaz coughed the rasp out of his throat and tried again. “What the hell’s this all about?”

“Precautionary measures.” Solian smiled. He had dimples. The bastard. “After sixteen centuries, I’ve come to know how you think. I figured you’d try something like this, so I approached Wanda first. You don’t know what a pleasure it is to be a step ahead of you for once.” He cocked one perfect brow. “Although you don’t appear so disappointed.”

“More like shocked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you solid before.” His gaze dropped to Solian’s slacks, molded to him like a second skin. A very bumpy skin. “Or hard.”

Solian glanced down. His cheeks flushed a fetching shade of salmon. “It keeps doing that,” he muttered.

Tell me about it. Boranaz was all too aware of his own pride and joy’s betrayal. His cock strained painfully against his jeans as if it wanted to shake hands with Solian’s equally-eager little friend. Ho-kay, not so little. The feather duster hadn’t skimped on that detail, surprise surprise. Boranaz struck a jaunty pose that he hoped would hide his reaction from Solian’s eyes. “It’s one of the perks of a meat body. You’ll find out. Or have you already?”

Solian blushed even darker. Bricks and brimstone, he flushed more prettily than his lady friend. “That isn’t why I’ve encased myself in this…thing. I’m protecting Wanda from the world’s temptations, as I was assigned. This form allows me to stay close to her.”

Boranaz looked him up and down and whistled. The divine dip surely knew how to build himself one hot erection set. “Just how close are you planning on staying?”

“Close enough to keep you at a distance. For once in your existence, take the hint.”

“Fancy a little of that mortal meringue yourself, do you?”

Solian’s embarrassment gave way to righteous anger. It pinked up his cheeks most delightfully. “I would never consider such a thing, and neither would Wanda. She’s a moral, upright woman.”

“She was two seconds away from hopping onto the back of my hog. I guarantee she wouldn’t have stayed upright for long.”

“You disgusting—”

He broke off as Wanda returned from the ladies room. She approached the two nervously. “Everything okay?”

Solian smiled at her in a way that would have shivered Boranaz’s tail if he’d still had it. “Everything’s fine. Naz here has to leave.”

Her gaze bounced back and forth between them. “Do you two know each other?”

“We’re old buddies,” Boranaz said before Solian could deny it. “We used to hang together. Right, Solly?”

“We were never buddies,” Solian snapped. “Don’t you have some puppies to kick?”

“Sol!” Wanda said. “You apologize to your friend right now. He’s not that kind of a person. I can tell.”

Boranaz flashed his grin. He draped one arm around Wanda’s shoulders, the other around Solian’s, and grinned still further at the way the angel stiffened up, both above and below. “I like this one,” he told Solian. “I like this one a lot. You better watch out, Solly old boy. I’m liable to take her away from you.” He winked broadly at Wanda.

The angel clamped his own arm unshakably around Wanda’s waist. “We have to be going. And so do you.”

“No we don’t,” Wanda said. “He can come along, if you guys want to catch up.”

“Hey, those puppies ain’t gonna kick themselves. Maybe some other time.” Boranaz flicked Solian a breezy salute, and treated Wanda’s shoulders to a brief squeeze before he let her go. “Definitely some other time.”

“I doubt that,” Solian said.

“It’s a small world. You never know.” He winked openly at Wanda again before he ambled away.

It was not a smooth amble. His hard-on made smoothness difficult. Bricks and brimstone, this made everything difficult. Damn that huffy angel and his please-jump-me body anyway. Didn’t he know by now demons could resist everything but temptation?





Boranaz struggled for breath and control. “You prissy cocksucking seraphic bastard. All this time and you never once let on to me you could do that. Or that you would. Hellfire. Sixteen hundred years. You think you know a guy.”

Solian grinned at him, still primly. Not in the eyes, though. Nothing remotely angelic burned within his eyes. “You never provided proper motivation.”

“Is that so? Then hang onto your motivators, sunshine. I’m about to make you scream for Papa.”

He snagged Solian’s wrist and hauled him down onto the carpet. Solian’s golden aura flared. Boranaz squinted against it, and smirked. “You bad boy. You really are hungry for a taste of the wicked, aren’t you?”

“As hungry as you for the light.” He crushed his mouth to Boranaz’s for a kiss that set off skyrockets behind the demon’s eyelids. Solian’s body blurred a bit at the edges before he tightened it up again. “I never dared stay solid in your presence. The temptations of the flesh are so…tempting.”

“So you’ve been denying yourself for, what, over a thousand years? I take it back, what I said before. You are a putz.”

“You’re a creature of pure evil.” Solian trailed his finger, then his tongue, along Boranaz’s shoulder. “Pure, delicious evil.”

“Maybe you need to keep that in mind.” Oh crap, here came the honor again. Tainted, that was the problem. Solian had tainted him. “Look, sunshine. I’m sin on the hoof. I’ll do things to you you won’t find in the Bible, all for my own amusement. Then, when I’m done, I’ll laugh in your face and leave you lying in a cold, goopy pool of remorse. I don’t give a damn about you, and I never have. You know all this, right?”

Solian smiled and peered into his eyes. Boranaz shivered from head to invisible tail. Was this what having a soul felt like?

“I know,” Solian said, “that demons lie.”

“Just so we’re on the same page,” Boranaz said roughly. That wasn’t love for an angel he was experiencing just now, either. Couldn’t be. No, sir. “Now let’s get this party started.”

Much as he wanted to claw and bite and get right down to business, Boranaz pressed his hand with unaccustomed tenderness against Solian’sthrobbing, frustrated demand. He wondered that the angel’s slacks hadn’t burned off him by now. “You just settle back and let ol’ Brother Naz do the driving. Oh, wait, just one more thing.”

Boranaz kicked free of his pants to deal with his own major frustration. His tail erupted out of his backside like a whip uncoiling. Solian stared at it, fascinated. “What does that do?”

“Well, for starters…”

He snaked his tail’s muscular length around Solian’s slim torso and teased its tip against the angel’s lips. Solian obliged by opening up and accepting the invitation. He suckled on eight inches of demon tail while his hands kneaded and caressed the taut stretch lying on his chest. Boranaz crooned encouragement. When Solian had his tailtip good and wet, Boranaz withdrew it and sent it questing around to Solian’s back and down inside his waistband. It found what it was probing for and knocked at the door. Solian yelped.

“Ding-dong, demon calling.” As long as Solian had his mouth open wide like that, hey, what the hell. Boranaz inserted his tongue at the fore while his tail crept in at the aft. Taking its time, his tail advanced along Solian’s tight, burning tunnel and made itself at home. Once it had the lay of the land, Boranaz pulled it almost free and then plunged it full in. Solian made an incoherent noise around the plug of Boranaz’s tongue.

“What was that?” Boranaz said, grinning. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

He wasn’t entirely sure the angel could hear him over all the noise he was making. The walls shook. A chunk of plaster fell from the ceiling. Boranaz stared around worriedly. “Whoa, wait a minute.”

Solian sang a note that shattered the heavens and two of the windows and knocked Boranaz onto his back. Golden wings sprouted from Solian’s shoulders andstretched the length of the room. Their shining tips scraped the ceiling. Solian fell back with a sated moan. The walls shuddered twice and finally stilled.

“Beelzebub in a barbecue pit.” Boranaz shielded his eyes against the wings’ glare. It faded back to viewable levels as Solian fluttered down from Paradise. Boranaz gingerly withdrew his tail and coiled it behind him. “And that,” he said unsteadily, “is what’s known as a piece of tail.

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