Belonging (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 53,465
26 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires]

Raised by vampires, Jeremy Teach wants nothing more than to belong to a vampire. After a slayer destroys his family, Jeremy flees to southern California and finds work as a prostitute in a brothel that caters to paranormal creatures. Here he meets and falls in love with Wallace, one of his vampire clients.

However, Wallace is harboring a deadly secret from his long-lost human past that threatens their future together. Can Jeremy learn to forgive, or is their relationship doomed?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Belonging (MM)
26 Ratings (4.2)

Belonging (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 53,465
26 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This story did not have as much heat as I expected. It was also hard to follow the dialog between the characters. I couldn't understand if only one of the main characters was telling the story or if at other times the character's love interest was finally telling his story.
Professional Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "Can a prostitute fall in love with one of his vampire clients? And if so can they build a relationship on a foundation of secrets? In this paranormal story, vampires drink blood but if they consume too much they go into blood lust. The only cure for blood lust is to engage in sexual intercourse with another person to ease their pain. Jeremy Teach is a young man who has taken a job of convenience to help escape his past. As a child he lost his family to a fire and then was adopted by a flock of vampires. A human, Jeremy was loved and cared for by these vampires until tragedy strikes his world again when vampire slayers kill the only family he has left. Still reeling from the loss, Jeremy runs away to a new town to start over. He takes the knowledge he learned from his vampire family on how to ease the blood lust suffering and turns it into a job he is happy to do. His knowledge on how to sooth the savage beast has made him quite popular. He has taken a job in a brothel that caters to the paranormal, mainly vampires. While working at the brothel he meets a vampire named Wallace. Wallace appears to be strong and confident, but under the tough guy exterior is a broken man. We soon discover Wallace isn’t your typical vampire; he too suffers a tragic past. He’s so filled with vengeance he is out to destroy the creatures that he himself has become. The attraction between these two is instant. Jeremy tries to resist Wallace but with a very persistent vampire is can be difficult. They struggle to find a common ground but ultimately the attraction is too great and they succumb to their desires to be together. But can physical attraction turn into love? Can a relationship with stand lies and secrets? Jeremy and Wallace soon find out it’s a rocky road to happy ever after. This is a beautiful love story between two men who want nothing more than to save the other from the poor choices they make. The conflict between these two men made for a very strong story line. Jeremy and his ever present need to have people accept vampires and Wallace’s need to rid the world of them. Pat Cunningham out did herself on writing a story about two people with completely different backgrounds coming together to find that unconditional love that everyone is looking for. This is not just a story about falling in love but more the journey love takes you on when you find the one worth fighting for. A very good read."-- Coreopsis, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 STARS: "I loved BELONGING. The book started with a blazing sexual chemistry between Jeremy and Wallace that captured my attention, but the complex, psychological relationship that developed between them kept me turning every page in anticipation of a happily-ever-after ending. I wasn't disappointed. And if you're interested in likeable characters that are larger than life despite their flaws, you won't be disappointed in BELONGING, either." -- Renee, The Romance Reviews

4 RAVENS: "If you are looking for a different kind of vampire story, Belonging is the story for you. Ms. Cunningham put two very willful and flawed characters together with Jeremy and Wallace, which makes them very real. She also covers suspense, comedy, tragedy and especially love. I loved some of the nicknames Ms. Cunningham used, along with some unique jargon, throughout the story. Jeremy and Wallace have to work hard to keep their disparity of views from destroying their relationship. Wallace’s past is another problem that threatens the relationship. There are plenty of twist and turns in this story that will keep you intrigued. I really liked that while there pretty much is instant magnetism between Jeremy and Wallace, they do put great effort into finding a common ground before surrendering to their longing to be together. There is so much going on from both Jeremy’s and Wallace’s past that they are both stressed about, but I’m afraid to mention too much without giving the story away. What I will say is that they do have some help from other characters in the story to help resolve some of the issues. It is great to see both Jeremy and Wallace Belonging to each other. I will be looking for the next story from Ms. Cunningham and so should you." -- Eryka, BlackRaven's Reviews

4 CUPS: "I began this read with the feeling it was going to be just one more in a long line of vamp seduces human stories, with lots of hot sex but very little substance, and boy did that change. The hot sex is still there, but it comes in small bursts in relation to the real meat of this story. Wallace is NOT your average vamp, and you almost have a love/hate thing going every time he opens his smart mouth, but then his soft heart gets you right back on his side. No wonder poor Jeremy is confused and conflicted, although there is never any doubt he is loved." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance

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Too soon they arrived back at Jeremy’s apartment. He climbed the steps reluctantly, Wallace at his back. What now? Stick with the brain and take things slow, or listen to his cock and go for it?

He unlocked the door and stepped inside. Wallace started to follow then slammed to a halt as if he’d run up against an invisible wall. “What?” Jeremy started before he remembered. “Oh. Right.”

“‘Right,’ he says. The big vampire expert. Private dwelling, scarecrow. I can’t come in unless you invite me.” He took a step back onto the landing and waited expectantly.

Moment of truth time. In his brief seconds of hesitation his brain reared up and reasserted itself. “If I ask you in, I won’t want you to leave. I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

Wallace took it better than expected, with a curt nod instead of a protest. “It is your night off, and I did promise no sex. Just tell me who the bastard is so I can hunt him down and rip his guts out.”


“Whatever bat it was who screwed you up this bad. I know you want me. Your pulse has been skidding all over creation tonight, but you keep fighting it. The marks don’t always show up on the skin.”

Jeremy sagged against the doorjamb. “Her,” he said, “and she didn’t screw me up. Don’t bother looking. She’s gone.”

“Her.” Wallace pressed his lips together. “I should have figured. That’s why I steer clear of women. They can fuck up a guy something fierce. Is that why you stick to males now? Oh, stop giving me the look. You can keep your little secrets. We’ll save it for the next date. There’s going to be a second date, right?”

Jeremy shook his head. “We’d better not. We’d better just keep it professional, and safe.”

“Fuck safe.” A corner of Jeremy’s jacket poked out beyond the barrier of the threshold. Wallace grabbed it and hauled Jeremy back onto the landing. He clamped his hand on the back of Jeremy’s neck and claimed Jeremy’s mouth with his own.

No desperate, beast-blind attack this time. The kiss left Jeremy floundering in something close to shock. Unused to a vamp in full control of himself, he had no idea how to respond.

“I know what your problem is.” Wallace’s mouth moved against his lips. “We’re outside the whorehouse now. Outside your little controlled environment. Out here in the real world you’re not in charge. You don’t know what’s going to happen. That’s what’s making you twitchy.” His grin brushed Jeremy’s cheek. “Too bad. I don’t want the whore. I want you, and that’s who I intend to get. Stop trying to run things. I’m driving the bus now. Relax and enjoy.”

Having little choice at the moment, Jeremy gave in. Past and future faded until only the present remained, brought into sharp focus by Wallace’s firm, full lips and the skillful probe of his powerful vampire’s tongue. Fangs scratched teasingly over Jeremy’s lower lip, the enticement of a nip that never came.

After a timeless stretch, Wallace eased away, leaving Jeremy reeling. He had to take a moment to re-orient himself in the here and now. At some point, Wallace had backed him against the doorjamb. It was the only thing holding him up, as his legs had lost most of their strength.

Wallace nodded over his handiwork, grinning like a fiend. “That’s what I like to see, you all shook up like that.” He dropped his gaze from Jeremy’s face to far lower down. His grin got even wider. “If I took you right now, right out here,” he said huskily, “would any of your neighbors object?”

“Mrs. Schneider would probably call the cops, but not till we’re done. Her TV’s broken.”

“Get her up here. We’ll have a threesome.”

“She’s eighty-seven.”

“I’ll make her go easy on you.”





Jeremy happily kept his word because Wallace had kept his. From Wallace’s first touch, his naked body pressed to Jeremy’s, it was clear the vampire was in full control of himself. No mindless gropes, no frantic blood-lust fumbling. He could surrender himself without qualm to Wallace’s expertise.

Except for a vampire’s patented oral fixation.

After Jeremy turned his head away for the second time, Wallace growled and sat up. “All right, scarecrow. What did I fuck up now?”

“Nothing. I can’t help it. I swear I taste rat.”

“It’s all in your head. I downed half a bottle of Scope in there. You want me to brush my teeth again?”

“I don’t think that’ll help. Wait, I’ve got an idea. You willing to try something new?”

Wallace brightened. “The dresser?”

“No, not the dresser. God. Here. Sit up, against the headboard. Yeah, like that. Now spread your legs. Wider.”

“You like giving orders, don’t you?”

Jeremy couldn’t answer. He’d already knelt between Wallace’s thighs and taken his cock in his mouth. Wallace had a thick, heavy penis that required a bit of jaw-stretching, but not so big that Jeremy couldn’t handle it. He grinned mentally at the surprised noise Wallace made, and went to work.

His cock was so hot, almost burning. Normally sucking off a vamp was like swallowing a Popsicle. Jeremy worked his way down with deliberate slowness, savoring every torrid millimeter. He switched his attention to Wallace’s sack, and sucked expertly on his balls. If only his own tongue were as rough as a bat’s, to bring off that extra bit of tactile pleasure. Judging by the delighted sounds Wallace was making, and the hand that suddenly clenched in his hair, Jeremy figured the vamp didn’t mind.

When he had Wallace’s penis sufficiently slicked up and nicely hardened, Jeremy pulled away. Wallace voiced an incoherent protest and grabbed at him to haul him back. Instead Jeremy turned his back and started to lower himself. Wallace hissed against his shoulder as understanding caught up with him. He set his powerful hands on Jeremy’s narrow hips to guide the human onto his straining, eager cock.

Already adjusted to each other, they fit together with Jeremy settled on Wallace’s lap. Wallace filled every square inch of him. He reached around and caught Jeremy’s narrower shaft in his hand and stroked in time to the pumping of his hips.

With all his senses focused on his building release, Jeremy almost didn’t register the scrape of teeth on his sensitized skin. Wallace had gotten caught up in the moment and forgotten the no-mouth rule. He closed his teeth on Jeremy’s shoulder then nibbled and gnawed his way up to the neck, and the pulsing, tantalizing jugular.

Yes, Jeremy gasped in his head. He gripped the hand working his cock and urged it faster while he leaned into the assault on his throat.  Bite me. For God’s sake, bite me. Please.

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