Kansas Nights (MFM)

Kansas Heat 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 125,865
21 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Headstrong and determined, Kathy isn’t about to leave Amanda Johnson’s future to fate. She’s out to prove her friend’s innocence and isn’t shy about getting her evidence. Things quickly go awry when Kathy decides to take on the head of Amanda’s security detail.

Jack Harrington doesn’t have time to play games with Kathy. He’s on a mission and it doesn’t have anything to do with that temptress. The only problem is she won’t stay out of his case and he can’t seem to stay out of her bed. Life isn’t made any simpler when his old friend, Collin Hitchens, shows up to lend a hand.

Assigned the task of keeping Kathy occupied and out of the way, Collin finds himself just as captivated as Jack by the luscious librarian. It isn’t long before all three are trapped in a whirlwind of lust that threatens to spin more than just their lives out of control.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.

Kansas Nights (MFM)
21 Ratings (4.3)

Kansas Nights (MFM)

Kansas Heat 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 125,865
21 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
An exceptional book
This is one to sure get your panties wet. I swear this book just got better and better as you turned the pages, I couldnt put it down. Kathy is my kind of gal, and the two hotties is every gals fantasy. Ms Penn did it again with this wicked hot book. I am never disappointed with her books. They keep you coming back for more.
Barefoot Okie



“Eddie’s dead?” Kathy repeated. Like beautiful shards of crystals, her eyes cleared, becoming as sharp as her tone. “Dead dead?”


“And he ain’t going to be any less dead five minutes from now,” Jack assured her desperately. They couldn’t stop now. His damn dick had swelled to painful proportions. It throbbed with the need for release, but he’d already lost the battle.

 “Jack, stop!” Kathy twisted, trying to wrench free of his hold.

“Aw, come on, honey, I’m in pain here.” Jack released her with that complaint, drawing her gaze to the large boner pushing against the metal teeth of Jack’s zipper.

“Yeah?” Kathy began jerking her shirt back down as she scowled at him. “And maybe if you had promised me more than five minutes, you wouldn’t be.”

“I’ll promise you the whole goddamn night if that’s what it takes. Trust me, honey, I can go that long.”

“Too damn bad. I’m not in the mood anymore.” Kathy fluffed her hair as she sauntered over to her seat and sat down, pointedly turning her back on Jack. “You were saying something about Eddie? I believe the words dead, burned, tortured were used.”

“We found Eddie’s charred remains locked in his bomb shelter,” Jack snapped, glaring at Collin over Kathy’s head. He could easily read the obnoxious thought behind his buddy’s smirk and silently vowed retribution as he slumped down into the only seat remaining. “And no, there is nothing left to report. Nothing else to talk about.”

“Nothing else you’re willing to discuss, you meant,” Kathy corrected, refusing to look at him as she picked up her fork. Before she could load it up with noodles, Jack grasped the edge of her place mat and pulled her plate out from under her.

“Hey!” Kathy latched onto the other end of the place mat and started trying to tug it back.

 “Leggo,” Jack snapped. “I’m hungry.”

“You let go,” Kathy shot back. “It’s my plate, and I’m not done with it.”

Releasing the place mat, Jack snatched up the plate and licked his way all the way around the rim. He smiled, assured he’d won the argument and enjoying Kathy’s outraged look. Dropping the plate back down in front of her, Jack settled back in his seat and waited for her reaction. Collin’s was predictable. True to his imperturbable nature, Collin sighed and shoved back from the table, heading for the cupboards to, no doubt, grab a fresh table setting.

“That’s real nice,” Kathy snapped at him, pulling her place mat closer. “But don’t think I won’t eat off this. Hell, you just had your damn tongue halfway down my throat. What do I got to worry about germs for?”

Collin hesitated by the edge as they both watched her pick up her fork. She scooped up a pile of macaroni and brought it up to her lips, but Jack could see in her eyes that she didn’t have it in her to actually eat it. Stubborn as she was, though, Kathy didn’t concede defeat for nearly a minute. When she finally did, it was with ill grace.

Chucking the fork back onto her plate, she shoved her place mat at Jack with a grim warning. “Fine. You win, but don’t think I’m licking anything of yours tonight.”




“Well then—” Kathy shoved Jack out of her way as she began her determined march toward the back door. “Let’s go give them their proof.”

Behind her Collin tsked as Jack as he did what he did best—gloated. “Dude, man, you pissed off the naked lady.”

“Shut up, Collin.” Jack sounded close, his footsteps beating a heavy thump right behind her.

“I’m just saying,” Collin called out as Kathy wrenched open the back door. “I had her wet and begging. You got her about ready to flash the whole neighborhood. If you step out of that door, sweetness, I’m going to take that to mean you’re an exhibitionist, and you don’t want to know what kind of fun I’ve been waiting to have with one of those.”

Kathy paused, to glance back over at Collin, recognizing his satisfied tone for what it was. The man was daring her and already plotting how to escalate the situation. Now she had to go out that door. With one brave step she made it over the threshold and not a foot more before Jack latched onto her.

“Enough!” Grasping her by the waist, Jack picked her right off her feet with that command. “You want an audience while I interrogate you, fine. You already have one.”

Taking only half the steps she’d needed to cross the kitchen, Jack dumped her back on her feet right between Collin’s legs. A thick arm looped around her waist, pulling her back down onto his lap. Before she could even think of a response to Jack’s highhandedness, Kathy found herself back in the very position she’d started, with one of Collin’s hands buried between her legs while his erection pressed between the cheeks of her ass from behind. Only this time, Jack watched as Collin’s fingers slipped between the plump folds of her pussy.

“Now,” Collin breathed out, strumming his thumb over her clit. “Where were we?”

Nowhere Kathy had ever been. Overwhelmed by the lust-tinged waves of aggression thickening all around her, Kathy found herself caught between two of the largest, hardest, most drop-dead gorgeous men she’d ever met. She didn’t remember to object or fight or even answer Jack’s accusation as Collin began to stroke her pussy back into a fevered pitch of longing.

“Oh, yes. You were about to tell me about Benny George.”

“Benny?” Jack repeated the name, directing a hard look over her shoulder at Collin. Before he could answer, Kathy told him all he needed to know.

“Is just as innocent as I am.”

Kathy gasped out that assurance, fighting for her breath as Collin began feathering butterfly kisses across her nipples. The man was pure evil and way too talented with those damn fingers of his. The wicked tips of his fingers traced the slick line of cream flowing from her spasming pussy all the way down to where it puddled, dampening his jeans and lubricating the clenched opening of her ass.

“You can either tell us what you and Benny George talked about or I can devour this sweet meat right here.” Collin fed a knuckle’s worth of his thick finger into her ass, leaving no doubt to what he was referring to.

Kathy wasn’t a virgin in any regard, but hadn’t found ass fucking to be worth repeating. In fact, it had been unpleasant enough for her to squirm at the very feel of Collin’s finger stretching her muscles. Groaning over the friction her small motions caused, Kathy couldn’t deny the pleasure that streaked through her any more than she could the nervousness still holding her muscles tense. Not that she’d allow either emotion to show as she answered Collin.

“We talked about the stupidity of cops.” Kathy not only dared to taunt them, but brazenly offered a smug smile with that statement.

“What about the stupidity of pissing off a bunch of cops?” Jack snapped back instantly, clearly not amused. “Did you ever discuss that?”

“Nope.” Kathy forced her grin wider even as her nails bit deeper into her palm. “That never came up.”

In retaliation for her insolence, Collin stretched her ass wider around a second blunt fingertip. The sharp twinge of her muscles being forced wide didn’t diminish the sudden flare of delight that seared through her. A responding bolt of pleasure spasmed through her pussy as Collin’s other hand came up to boldly cup her cunt. He pressed down hard, splitting her slit open and leaving the sensitive nub of her clit vulnerable to the hard, grinding caress of his palm.

“What was that?” Collin asked, not sounding the least bit overwhelmed by lust.

As much as Kathy would have liked to respond with a sharp retort, all she could do was moan as he pumped his fingers deeper into the clenched channel of her ass. The slow stroking set afire nerve endings Kathy hadn’t known she had. The flames licked outward, making her ass burn even as her pussy convulsed with molten want.

“Oh, sweet meat, you moan so pretty.” Soft and velvety, Collin’s tongue traced a shiver up her neck to wash her ear in the husky heat of his breath. “I bet you beg exquisitely.”

The pleasure consuming her momentarily deprived Kathy of the ability to think, much less speak. That fact didn’t go unnoticed by Jack, who directed his ire over Kathy’s shoulder to his partner.

“I want answers, Collin. You can make her scream afterward, but until then I need her coherent.”

“I guess you get a reprieve.” Collin sounded truly disappointed as he settled back into his seat. “But not for long. Now go on and give Jack his answers before he sees the wisdom of taking you up on your offer to fuck them out of you.”


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