[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Fergus didn’t particularly like getting kidnapped, or spending Christmas morning listening to the screams of his omega as he was tortured by the vampires. Fergus has been in love with Parker ever since he first bit the man, but he never claimed him, wanting Parker to have that choice for himself.
Now, it’s too late. If Fergus doesn’t make the claim, then Parker will become a wild and feral wolf, hurting only himself and others, and Fergus needs Parker’s head on right if they’re going to get out of this hell hole.
Except Parker has no memory of Fergus, or who they are to each other. He only feels the mating pull and remembers nothing of werewolves and vampires.
If Fergus will keep himself and his mate alive, he’s going to have to get Parker up to par real soon, because the vampire queen is coming, and she wants omega wolf on her breakfast menu.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Big Bad Wolf on Top (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Fergus Greywolf slammed his hands against the bars when Parker shrieked again.

He gripped them. The silver stung his palms. It hurt so fucking badly but that was another part of his brain that wasn’t paying attention to that pain.

The only thing he could think of was getting to Parker as he screamed.

Fergus roared. His fangs had long since popped out, fur grew along his body as he struggled to get to his omega, to save him from whatever those cocksucking vampires were doing to him.

But he couldn’t. With all of his strength, he couldn’t break the silver bars. He couldn’t get the collar off his neck. He couldn’t get to Parker.

Parker had been taken out of his cage and brought out of the room. Fergus didn’t know where precisely he’d been taken to, but Fergus was fairly sure he was close by the sounds of his screaming.

Fergus pressed his forehead against the bars. They burned. He didn’t care.

No, God, please, no. They were going to kill him. Fergus didn’t want that for his omega.

He didn’t hate Parker. He’d never tell the man he hated him ever again. He hadn’t meant it. Please don’t kill him.

Another shriek, and Fergus couldn’t hold it back anymore.

He roared, yanking on the bars. His cage shuddered. A few stinking vampire grunts closed in on him with their metal wands, ready to attack him.

He ignored them.


Parker screamed again.

Fergus clenched his eyes shut, but then he was simply imaginging the horrifying things they were doing to him.

“I’m right here! I’m right here!”

He didn’t know if he was comforting his omega at that point, or himself, but he needed to say something. He needed to do something.

One of those fucking grunts shoved the wand against the bars of his cage. It didn’t even make contact with Fergus, but the metal made the electricity travel.

Fergus would have screamed if he could. He opened his mouth to get it out, but nothing came.

He wasn’t able to release the bars until the vampire laughingly pulled the metal rod away from the cage.

Fergus dropped down. His hair smelled as though it was burning. What little hair he’d had left. The second he’d been brought here, those mother fuckers hosed him down and shaved his head.

For some reason, they didn’t do the same to Parker.

And Fergus knew why. They thought Parker was Fergus’ mate. They wanted to keep Parker as whole as possible, for what purpose, he didn’t know.

Parker wasn’t his mate, but he might as well be.

Fergus blinked through the haze in his eyes. He snarled up at the vampires who snickered down at him. “I’ll fucking kill all of you.”

Those smiles revealed rows upon rows of fangs. They weren’t like the glitzy vampires of teen romance novels. These actually were creatures of nightmares.

Except for their queen, who suddenly stepped into view, wearing a skimpy evening gown that glittered, and barely covered her tits.

“Now, sweetheart, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

Fergus didn’t get the chance to answer her, or beg for some mercy when something suddenly smacked Fergus on the head, and everything went black.

He wasn’t sure how long it lasted. He continued to hear Parker’s screams. That could have been a dream, or it could have been real and he just wasn’t aware of it.

Either way, it killed Fergus that he couldn’t get to him. That he was so close and yet so far away. He was useless. Fergus was a Goddamn alpha, and the only thing he could do for the man he loved was sit here and listen to Parker shriek with agony.

Fergus would take it from him if he could. He wished he had that power.

He became aware of himself and everything around him when he heard the squeal of the door to his cage opening.

Fergus got his eye open just as the door shut again, and the vampires locked it tight with a skeleton key and everything.

He was so foggy, his body so heavy, but at the sight of them, Fergus woke right up and flew at the door to the cage. The vampires backed away, laughing at the close call as Fergus banged against the door.

“Where is he? You motherfuckers! You ugly pieces of shit, where is he?”

Again with that smile. Like a shark smile. One of the bald headed shits pointed a long, pointed finger.

Fergus frowned, and then glanced back.

On the floor of his cage was Parker, naked and bruised. Shivering.

Fergus immediately went to him. He got to his knees, putting his arms around Parker’s shoulders.

Parker flinched, his eyes wide open, but he didn’t appear to be entirely here.

“It’s me. It’s me, baby. I’m here.”




Fergus growled. He pulled his fingers back, spat in his hand, and slicked his cock as best as he could before he pressed the head of his aching cock against that tight, star shaped hole.

And Parker continued to reach out for him. His eyes were glazed with lust as he grabbed onto Fergus’s shoulders and gripped hard.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he said, even before Fergus pushed inside him.

Then Fergus did push inside him.

The head popped through first, and Fergus groaned. He nearly came. That tight clench around the crown was so achingly sweet.

And then he slid forward. Inch by inch, allowing Parker’s body to swallow him down.

“Oh, baby,” Fergus moaned. He almost didn’t realize the thin sheen of sweat that had started to build up on his forehead, but it was there, because he was using all of his willpower to not fuck blindly inside his mate.

Because Parker was his. As of now. They were mates, and Fergus was going to tear the head off the next person who tried taking Parker from him.

Parker, on the other hand, canted his hips against Fergus’s cock, fucking himself harder on Fergus better and faster than Fergus was in him.

As though he didn’t need the care to be taken for him in the first place.

“Move. Move, please, move. I need it. I need...your cock...ah God!”

Parker cried out as Fergus gave him exactly what he wanted, though he had to put his hand over Parker’s mouth just to keep the man quiet.

Fergus fucked hard and fast into his mate. He didn’t hold anything back anymore, he wasn’t going to worry about potentially hurting the man since Parker didn’t seem to care about that much right now either.

He growled as he slammed his hips forward, pushing his cock into Parker’s welcoming body.

And it was good. So good. Good enough to make him forget where he was and how the hell he’d managed to get here.

Parker pulled him down. Fergus removed his hand, knowing what the other man wanted, and Parker’s chapped lips kissed Fergus’ mouth so sweetly.

It felt as though he was being hugged as he fucked into his mate.

Which was good. All the love Fergus had in his body, which wasn’t much, rushed right to Parker.

Fergus was a cold hearted bastard and he loved and cared for almost nothing and no one, but what little of that emotion he did possess, Parker could have it.

Only him.

His balls slapped against the back of Parker’s ass, and as Parker clenched and unclenched around him, Fergus growled as he realized his end was within sight.

This wasn’t going to be long and drawn out. Mating heat or no, this had to end soon. Fergus just needed this to take.

He didn’t bother trying to hold back. When Fergus felt himself reaching the peak of that cliff, he ran for it. He fucked hard and fast, soaking in the moans of his mate, the way Parker dug his blunt fingernails into Fergus’s back.

And then everything went tight before the release finally hit home.

There was something symbolic about coming inside of Parker that first time. It wasn’t just an acceptance in their bodies, but having his seed in the other man was something his inner wolf approved of.

Fergus had never had a mate before. Most shifters tended to have only one, and he only knew a handful of others who were mated.

And they kept all the details to themselves about what the mating heat did to them.

Fergus was going to have to do a good deal of learning as he went along.

What he couldn’t stop himself from doing, and he was going to blame this on instinct as well, was when he felt the undeniable need to lean down to Parker’s stomach and chest, and then lick away some of the drops of cum that had landed there.

Satisfying. So utterly satisfying. The saltiness of it, knowing it was Parker, and that now Parker was inside of Fergus as well…

He could have orgasmed again.

“Are you all right?”

Fergus didn’t expect his voice to be so hoarse.

Parker nodded.

“Do you have control now? Do you feel your wolf at all?”

“My wolf?”

Fergus pulled back. He looked down at his omega. No, not just his omega. His mate. Their dynamic wouldn’t change much, but it would still change.

For starters, now Fergus could openly show his concern.

He touched Parker’s cheek. There was a bruise beginning to form there, and within an hour or so, Fergus knew the color would hide away those freckles he loved so much.

“Can you feel it at all? The wolf. Is it sleeping?”

Parker blinked at him.

“You should still be able to feel it, but you should be able to control it now that I…now that we, have finished this.”

Even as he spoke, Fergus’ stomach tightened into a hard knot.

This was it. This was where he was about to hear Parker’s outrage. The reason why Parker wasn’t talking to him now was because he was pissed off that Fergus had claimed him.

Fuck, Fergus was still inside him.

He pulled out, leaning back, covering his cock with his hand just in case Parker didn’t want to see that right now.

“Are you cold? You’re hurt. I can…fuck, I can keep you warm, but you’re going to have to let me hold you for that.”

Parker sat up, still blinking as though he was trying to clear his head.

“I’m a little cold. But, who are you?”

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