What Big Teeth You Have (MM)

Luna Werewolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,498
15 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]

Ashkii Fisher is a bear shifter, and he has no place within the pack of luna werewolves. They are welcoming and kind, however, and after the death of his mate so many months ago, he cannot help but stay, even if he is somewhat disappointed they haven’t killed him.

Then he meets his mate, another omega luna werewolf who is running away from something. Ash thought he would have only one mate in life, so he is stunned to learn that he has another, and he won’t let anything happen to this one.

David Austen did something that very few omega luna wolves survive. He broke off his mating with the alpha that he’d spent years of his life with. Tired of being abused, he was willing to risk death to get away. Severing the connection didn’t kill him, however, but his former mate just might if he finds David.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

What Big Teeth You Have (MM)
15 Ratings (4.5)

What Big Teeth You Have (MM)

Luna Werewolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,498
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

"This third book in the series tackles yet another preconceived idea present in many shifter books, and gives us an interspecies couple that is not only mated but able to conceive a child (thus adding a second male pregnancy to the story). Now, you may say it's all fantasy and therefore not real in any case, and you would be right. And yet, as I am very much into this sort of fantasy and love different shifter worlds, I am intrigued by someone who seems to turn much of the "accepted wisdom" on its head and comes up with something slightly different - equally fantastical to be sure. If you are a fan of paranormal and shifter stories, you might be able to understand my delight about this; and yes, I am usually on the side of the "rebels", the ones who don’t necessarily obey all the rules. If you are not a fan, well, you've probably already stopped reading this review by now. David, an omega luna wolf shifter, has survived the impossible. Or the almost impossible, at least: he has broken a mating bond. Shocking, right? Actually, his mate is an a**hat and not only cheated on David but hit him as well. Just the once, but that is enough. Rightfully, David decides to leave. I've always wondered if "bad mates" existed and what would happen if a good guy was mated to a bad guy. Supposedly, that won't happen, but this author has asked the question "but what if it were possible", and has given us this story. Complete with the pain and suffering both ex-mates go through. I loved how David still doesn’t give up, and is willing to try again despite his bad experience. Ash, the bear shifter, couldn't be more perfect for David if he tried. He's gone through his own traumatic loss (his mate dies, killed by hunters), and doesn't expect to find another mate. Especially not one of a different shifter species! I thought it was super cute how the big bear of a man doesn’t think he belongs with the wolves, even though they invite him into their pack. Realizing that David is his mate, his second chance at happiness, changes that, of course. Ash is super protective and thank God he is as strong as he is – when David's ex suddenly reappears, David needs all the help he can get. Finally, in this book Westley, from book one, gives birth. We don’t get to see any details, but we do find out he has the baby. I'm hoping for more in book four. If you like shifter stories that don’t adhere to the "traditions" of the paranormal genre, if you enjoy reading about mates who get second chances but have a hard time accepting that at first, and if you're looking for a read with lots and lots of hot and loving shifter-on-shifter action, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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David Austen hardly slept a wink in the two days since he’d started driving away from the home he shared with his ex. He still had trouble believing that he’d actually broken off their mating, and that the connection was severed.

He thought he would be dead for sure, especially when the pain of that severed link made him pass out, with Vince right behind him, chasing after him.

Thankfully, he had survived. David thought it would be better to die than to live with a mate who was constantly bringing home women and then hitting him when David called him out on it.

To be fair, Vince had only hit David that one time, but even though his eye was no longer swollen shut, it was still discolored, even after two days and his werewolf healing to speed things along.

David had always known that if someone hit him it would be only once. He just hadn’t thought that Vince would go to that extreme. When had the man gotten so angry and violent? Was it something that David had just refused to see until recently? Because surely a change like that couldn’t happen overnight.

Of course, that was when David ran away from him, right after telling him that it was over between them. Vince had chased him out the door, yelling his apologies and demanding that David come back.

He hadn’t, obviously. He was too scared to so much as turn around after what he’d said. David thought Vince was going to beg and cry and scream until David was forced to tell him that he was serious about ending it between them, and he didn’t want to stick around for what Vince’s reaction would be when that happened.

If David was honest with himself, he hadn’t expected their mating to end as quickly as it did. He’d always been told that either the alpha or the omega who was ending it had to really mean it for it to even work. There had to be no doubt, but even then it could be fatal to both parties.

David had really meant it. He wanted out.

After David woke up, alive but groggy and sore, he’d rushed back in the house and packed his things up as quickly as he could before jumping into his old truck. It was in his name, so it wasn’t like he was stealing it.

He’d screamed bloody murder when he saw that Vince was awake and watching him, complete and utter betrayal in his eyes.

If looks could kill...

That had been what David had thought, and he’d wasted no time putting the truck in gear and speeding away before Vince could try to get inside, or follow him.

Out of fear that the man would track him down if he stopped, he hadn’t. David was forced to stop the truck once to fill up on gas, but even that had been a nightmare he hadn’t wanted to repeat. He hadn’t even bothered turning the engine off, and he’d paid with cash, bought a couple of energy drinks to keep him awake, and then jumped back into his truck to speed away.

Not before checking the backseat to make sure no one was hiding there.

That would’ve been just too horror-movie cliché for him to handle.

He’d gone through all the drinks, but he was tired as all hell, but too scared to stop. Even when he pulled over for a quick bathroom break, he didn’t step very far away from the truck, just in case.

David rubbed at his eyes, careful of the one that was still bruised up because it still stung like a bitch.

It was a fight keeping his eyes open, but he was almost there, he was sure of. That email he’d gotten from Warren, a pen pal of his, had said to go this way if he and Vince ever wanted to join a luna pack.

Vince had scoffed and said it was probably a trap, and that Warren was going to end up a dead man, or a sex slave, for being so stupid.

Well, David had risked his life to sever his connection to Vince. He might as well risk it again to see if what was happening out here was as good as it sounded.

The road suddenly got bumpy. What the hell?

David snapped his eyes open. Fuck, he’d closed them! He was driving on the very side of the road, and there was a man right in front of him!

It was Vince! He was here!

He hated the man and feared him, but he didn’t want to kill him, so he snapped his arms to the side, pulling the wheel in a sharp turn so he wouldn’t run the man over.

His turn had been too sharp, as there was a loud popping noise that went right to David’s eardrum, and suddenly everything was upside down. The empty cans of Red Bull were flying all over the place like there was no gravity.

A horrible shrieking sound followed, and there were bright lights.

It was the sound of the metal of his truck scraping across the pavement, and the lights were the sparks.

Then there was a heavy crash as David’s truck was knocked into something, and then his world went blessedly black.




“Fuck me!” David demanded. “Now, I need it. Put your cock inside me.”

He didn’t want Ash’s fingers anymore. He wanted to feel his cock. Better still, he wanted that exchange of energy and spirit that he desperately craved from a mate. He wanted to feel that Ash was really alive and whole on top of him, even though that made no sense because he could plainly see that the man was. He was right there with him.

That had been exactly what Ash had been waiting for, and he eased his fingers out of David’s stretched hole before reaching for the lube one more time and coating his cock with the stuff in a real hurry.

It was strange the things David did and didn’t notice when he was in the throes of lust, like the thin sheen of sweat that was on Ash’s forehead. Actually, it was on the rest of his body, too, and his hands were trembling as he coated his dick with more lube. David might not have even noticed that detail if Ash hadn’t put his hand on David’s knee, and David felt the tremors.

Then David moaned out loud when he felt the thick and blunt head of Ash’s cock pressing against his hole. He loved that feeling, the anticipation that came right before Ash thrust his cock inside and—oh!

The burning slide was always the best. Ash was taking his time. He always did, but David got the impression that today he was being extra careful due to his injuries, and David wanted to make sure that his mate, his mate that he loved so much and wanted only good things for, didn’t hurt himself while they were doing this.

Ash pushed his cock inside, keeping to his slow but steady rhythm, and David felt so full he thought he was going to burst, but that wasn’t going to happen.

“You’re so damn tight,” Ash said, and then he grunted as he was finally balls deep inside of David’s body. “Fuck.”

“You’re just as big as an elephant,” David said, his breath panting, which was strange because they’d barely just gotten started.

Ash’s warm breath puffed over David’s shoulder when he laughed. “If I was an elephant shifter, I don’t think you and I could be doing this.”

He had a point there.

David lifted his knees, looking down Ash’s body to make sure that when he crossed his ankles around Ash’s hips, it wasn’t over one of the bandages.

Then he gently moved some of Ash’s black hair out of his eyes before pressing a kiss to his face. “Fuck me,” he said.

Ash did.

His eyes weren’t really black, but just an incredible dark shade of brown, but it was hard to tell that unless David was in the position he was now, staring so closely at them.

It was harder still to see how they dilated with lust as the man’s body began moving back and forth, his cock touching everything and everywhere inside of David’s asshole as it moved in within him.

It stretched him wide open before retreating, back and forth, constantly touching his prostate but never staying long enough to make him come like he wanted to.

Ash rolled his hips then and moved faster. “You close?” he asked, grunting the words.

“Y–yeah,” David said, stroking his cock, eager to come, but at the same time knowing how much better it would be if he held off a little longer.

“You’re mine,” Ash said. “Just you and me. No one else will be coming for us.”

“You and me,” David agreed, and then he threw his head back into the mattress, loving the feel of Ash’s weight pressing him down onto the sheets as he fucked the ever-loving hell out of him.

“Ash!” David reached out to touch his mate.

He must have gripped his shoulder somewhere, or even his legs, where there was a bandage, and Ash abruptly hissed and stilled on top of him.

“Fuck,” he said.

“I’m sorry!” David said quickly, noting the pain that his mate was trying to hide.

“It’s okay,” he said quickly. “Just give me a minute.”

David did, but he then began looking at Ash’s bandages to make sure that there wasn’t any blood seeping through them.

Everything appeared fine, and then Ash blew out a breath and smiled at him. “Let’s start over.”

His cock was still hard and pulsing inside of David’s ass, so he knew his mate wasn’t pretending to still be interested in sex.

Maybe it was impossible for an alpha shifter to pretend something like that because they really did only want sex.

“Yeah,” David agreed, and then he pushed at Ash’s shoulder just enough so that the larger man got the hint and turned over, putting David on top.

Ash grinned up at him. “I think I like this position.”

“Sit back and enjoy,” David said as he began rising and falling up from his knees, always making sure that Ash’s long cock stayed inside of him.

It was no time at all before he was on the brink again, and from the way Ash was bucking and gripping at David’s hips, the same could be said for him.

Ash’s fingertips digging into David’s hips might have been painful, if David wasn’t so busy feeling so damn good about what he was doing.

There was no point in holding out anymore. He had to come. He was coming right now.

David reached for his cock and began stroking the length of his dick quickly as he bounced up and down on Ash’s erection. His asshole tightened around Ash’s cock, and he could feel the man’s warm cum shooting into him, filling him and touching his prostate with each downward thrust of his hips.

“Come on me. Do it,” Ash said.

He hoped that was what the man was saying because that was what David was doing. His cum coating the ripples of Ash’s six pack.

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