[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Nate Smith is a wild omega. A tormented past changed the course of his life forever, making him less than human, with almost no control and a fear of being touched. Had he not been taken in by the Greywolf pack, he would most definitely be dead by now. His lust for an alpha wolf Orion eats at him. After suffering his trauma, Nate was left with a fear of being penetrated, and alphas want to dominate by their very nature.
Orion has always felt protective of Nate, even though the former human made a habit of being alone. It’s difficult for an alpha when his mate refuses his touch and can’t control his wolf. Orion knows he can cure Nate’s wild wolf if he would just let Orion in.
But if Orion pushes it, he will chase his mate away from him, and if he does nothing, he risks losing Nate to his feral instincts.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


No Longer an Outsider (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Fergus had given Parker the bite that had changed him, but that had been to save Parker’s life.

A vampire had bitten him. If Fergus hadn’t changed the bite, Parker would be either dead or a vampire. Both were pretty much the same thing as far as Nate was concerned.

“I don’t hate him,” Parker muttered. The color in his cheeks became deeper.

Now Nate was really starting to feel sorry for him.

“You just don’t want to be in lust with him?”

Parker suddenly looked at him as though Nate had pissed in his cereal. “I am not in lust with him!”

“I get that you’re straight, but you’ve got his bite and he’s your alpha. This is natural.”

Parker stood abruptly. He nearly knocked over his coffee mug. “I said I’m not in lust with him!”

Nate shrugged, taking another drink from his mug. “I don’t care whether or not you say you are. Just don’t lie to yourself about it.”

Parker glared at him. Nate still couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Fuck you. I thought…I thought…”

Nate looked hard at the man. “You thought that because I’m a feral animal that I’d understand your stupid hissy fit? Get away from me, you idiot.”

Parker blinked at him, as though he hadn’t expected Nate to say that to him, let alone to say it with such a straight face.

Nate didn’t care. He didn’t have to deal with Parker’s stupid drama bullshit. Parker still had the chance to be normal. Nate didn’t. The last thing Nate wanted to hear was how much the man was struggling with his stupid lust when Nate had been living with his pain, and his lust, ever since he’d come to live in Greywolf Pack.

Parker opened and closed his mouth a couple of times before the redhead apparently decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. He stormed off.

Nate couldn’t even summon the energy to make himself care.

He used to care about things like this. He used to care about people’s feelings and making friends. Now he was a miserable fuck. Especially when people like Parker came up to him and complained about how he might transform, and how horrible it was to have an alpha constantly watching out for him.

Nate would have given anything to have his experience be Parker’s. Parker was lucky.

“Don’t you think you went a little hard on him?”

Nate barely surpassed a shiver at the sound of that voice. He pressed his lips together, staring down into his coffee mug.

“He’s a giant baby.”

Nate didn’t have to turn around to look. He could practically see the smile on Orin’s face. “Don’t be mean. He’s new to all of this.”

“He can get over it.”

Orion came to sit around the other side of the table. The air around him was calm, but the way he looked at Nate had his blood heating and heading directly south.

He didn’t want to think about his stupid cock twitching while Orion was in front of him.

“You want to tell me why you’re in such a bad mood? You’ve had a good month so far. Only one transformation.”

Nate looked away from that handsome face.

He wasn’t just handsome. He was fantasy style handsome. Orion’s long hair was braided behind him, his bangs loose. He had a square jaw with a hint of shadow coming in. He always had that. Nate swore the man’s beard stubble came in two minutes after he shaved.

And Nate was totally into the look. He’d never liked piercings, until he'd seen what a lip ring looked like on Orion. It glimmered, and every time Nate looked at it, it reminded him of the time when he’d tongued it, kissing Orion on the mouth, the both of them getting hot and heavy, clothes coming off…

Until he’d panicked and fled.

Things had pretty much not moved between them every since. He hated that.

“It’s only the nineteenth, plenty more time for my stupid wolf to flip out. Might even be a Christmas present.”

Orion smiled at him softly. “If you end up shifting on Christmas, I’ll make sure we postpone everything. You won’t miss it.”

Nate just wished Orion wouldn’t be so accommodating. Nate wanted to be miserable, and Orion seemed determined to not let him do that.

“Don’t bother. I don’t want to ruin everyone else’s holiday because I can’t keep it in.”

“You could always spend it with me.”

Nate froze. He looked right at Orion, and the man didn’t seem to be joking. He looked back at Nate with a smile on his face that suggested how very serious he was.


Nate cleared his throat. God. Why did he have to sound like that? Like a teenager whose high school crush had just asked him to prom.

“Sure. I can rent us a cabin, somewhere by a lake. We can be alone. Or I could take you to the city.”

“The city is a bad idea.”

“Maybe, but in small doses it can be fine, and I’ll be there with you anyway to keep your wolf under control.”

Nate honestly thought about it. Even though being alone with Orion was probably the worst idea in the world, the thought of being alone with him was both appealing and terrifying.

The thought of going to the city with his…condition was even worse.




Orion let out a heavy groan, as though Nate had already taken his cock in hand.

“Worth the wait.”

Nate froze a little at that. He looked up at Orion, and he swore he could almost see the wolf in the man’s eyes right before Orion leaned in and kissed him again.

Orion moved quickly, however. The kiss was over fast before he dropped to his knees, shoving Nate’s pants down around his ankles.

Nate nearly fell backward, but luckily, the railing was behind him. He held on tight, and his claws came out when he felt the first touch of Orion’s tongue around his cock.

“Oh God.”

He nearly came. Thank God he’d jerked off yesterday, or else he might have completely embarrassed himself.

“I missed you. Missed this,” Orion groaned, and he only put the head of Nate’s cock into his mouth before he seemed to abandon the whole thing.

He kissed and sucked on Nate’s testicles, as though worshiping every inch he could get.

Nate didn’t know what to do about that. He’d seen people do that in porn he’d watched online, and though it wasn’t anything far outside of vanilla territory, he never in a million years thought Orion, tall, strong, powerful, alpha Orion, would be willing to do that to Nate.

It was wonderful. It felt so fucking good that when Orion pulled back it should have been considered a form of torture.

“You tell me the second you want me to do something else. Even to stop. Got it?”

Nate nodded quickly, though he promised himself he wasn’t going to say anything to make this stop.

He got the feeling that if he stopped this now, he might never get another chance. He might shatter this fragile thing to the point where it could never be repaired.

And he wanted this. He wanted it more than he was scared of it, which meant he had to do something about it.

“K-keep doing that.”

Orion grinned up at him, a wicked expression that looked almost predatory.

A predator had once looked at him like that, but it was different because this was Orion. He wasn’t evil. He was just horny.

And then he went back to kissing and mouthing at Nate’s cock. Nate swore his dick jumped every time the man flicked his tongue against the slit.

And the feral wolf in his head…it was actually content. It wasn’t scrambling in a panic to escape, which meant Nate could actually enjoy this.

“Put your hands in my hair. Hold on tight.”

“R-really?” Nate wasn’t sure he understood the need Orion had for that, but the man nodded, and Nate didn’t want to deny him.

He did as he was told, and he honestly was starting to feel as though he was back with Orion during that first time they were together. They’d been in Nate’s room, and Nate had almost let the man go all the way with him. They’d been at about this point before Nate felt his feral side rising up.

As though the wolf was getting ready to defend against an attacker.

No. Orion wasn’t an attacker, and maybe the wolf was aware of that now, because it was silent, whereas back then, it had wanted to escape as much as Nate had.

Then Orion deep throated him, and Nate swore he nearly made the alpha prematurely bald as he gripped tightly to his hair. At the very least, he messed up Orion’s braid. The guy would have to redo it, but Nate didn’t care.

Jesus, he was pretty sure he just felt the tip of his cock touching the back of Orion’s throat.

Orion pulled back slowly. As though savouring the flavour of him.

“I love your cock. You’re big.”

Heat rushed to Nate’s face. “Uh, thank you?”

Orion chuckled, and he went back to what he was doing.

Nate couldn’t help but watch as his dick vanished inside the alpha’s mouth. Again. And again. And again.

Nate had to do his breathing exercises just to hold back the building pleasure beneath his stomach. His balls tightened, and God, he nearly had an attack of spasms when Orion cupped his testicles and gently rolled them in his hands while he bobbed his mouth back and forth.

It was by far the most amazing, most erotic thing Nate had ever experienced in his life.

Sex was scary, sure, by why the hell had he never allowed Orion to do even this? This was fucking magical.

Fuck, he was going to come. He pushed frantically at Orion’s shoulders, stopping him.

“Wait, Orion, stop.”

The man pulled back quickly, his eyes alert as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Nate puffed for breath. “I…I want to do that to you.”

More heat. He was going to burst into flames if he didn’t calm down, but he couldn’t help himself either.

Orion’s expression turned relieved. He got to his feet. “Where do you want me?”

This was a lot of talking. Nate had thought they would be relying mostly on body language, but then again, Orion was trying to be overly careful with him.

“The bed. Sit down on the bed.”

Nate kicked out of his jeans, which were still bunched up around his ankles. He felt weird for walking around with no pants on, bare assed and dick exposed and all, but Orion didn’t seem to mind as he freed his cock and sat down, hands spread out behind him, waiting for Nate to do as he pleased.

Orion had said Nate was big, but he was nothing compared to Orion.

How in the hell was that supposed to fit inside him?

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