[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, M/M, HEA]
After being deemed a rebel, Sterling escapes the Unseelie realm, only to end up being attacked by a rogue vampire and nearly drained dry. It was ironic that another vampire was the one to rescue him. But the rescue came at a price. Sterling had to receive a transfusion of blood in order to live, and now he has become one of the bloodsuckers. Worse, the vampire who rescued him is Sterling's mate.
Gavino has swept the tunnels under the city for decades, eradicating rogues whenever found. But he never thought one of the rogue victims would be his mate. Sterling isn't grateful for his life. In fact, he fights Gavino tooth and nail to get away.
Only, no one knew Panahasi had set up a spell that would alert him if anyone escaped the realm, and that spell included an ancient being hell-bent on destroying the dark fairies. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Immortal Kiss (MM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
Loved it!!!




“You had to have done something!” Sterling rocked back and forth as the pain escalated.

The stranger cursed, then dialed his phone. Sterling wanted to shove that phone up the guy’s butt for not doing anything to help him. Sweat gathered along his skin as his hair stuck to his face and neck. His arms shook as he tried to get to his feet, but he dropped to the floor and his cheek pressed into the carpet.

He felt like he was dying.

“We got a problem,” the guy said into his phone. “Your little guest just collapsed. He’s in a lot of pain.” The guy listened and nodded. “You don’t have to worry about me letting him anywhere near me.”

What did that mean?

“Just get here fast. If he attacks me, you’re gonna owe me for more than just babysitting.” The man tucked his phone into his pocket.

“What’s…what’s wrong with me?”

The stranger scrubbed a hand over the stubble that lined his jaw as he squatted near Sterling. “Apparently you’re going through a conversion.”

Sterling imagined growing another head or sprouting a tail or having scales pop up all over his skin, but his gut told him this had something to do with that vampire who’d attacked him. “What kind of conversion?”

The guy shook his head. “I’ll let Gavino explain all this to you. I’m just the babysitter.”

Sterling felt as if an unseen hand gripped his throat and squeezed tight. He rolled back onto his hands and knees, trying desperately to crawl away. Then the most wonderful smell filled the room. Sterling tilted his head back and sniffed the air. His gaze zeroed in on the man’s throat.

He could see the vein just beneath the skin, the flow of blood, the pulse of the guy’s jugular as it beckoned to him.

Sterling licked his lips as he started to crawl toward him.

“Nu-uh.” The man shook his head. “You’re not about to use me as a banana bag.”

“So thirsty,” Sterling whimpered. “Throat…hurts.”

The stranger pushed from his crouch and moved away from Sterling. “Keep your ass right there or I swear we’ll be fighting up in this bitch.”

Sterling barely heard what the man said. He was fixated on that beating pulse. His top gums burned, then Sterling gasped when he felt throbbing pressure around his canine teeth. He touched his mouth to discover two long, sharp fangs.

Fangs? Was he turning into one of those bloodsuckers? “K-kill me.” His voice was scratchy and talking hurt, but Sterling didn’t care. He didn’t want to belong to some deranged vampire or live in a coffin. Did vampires sleep in coffins? Sterling wasn’t sure, as he hadn’t actually had the opportunity to ask the only vampire he’d ever met, seeing as the guy had been trying to drain him dry at the time.

The stranger glanced toward the door before looking back down at Sterling. “Damn, where are you, Gavino?”

“Please,” Sterling begged.

“I don’t envy you, but I’m not taking you out. Not gonna happen.” The guy began to pace, checking his watch every few seconds.

Sterling slowly pushed to his feet, swaying slightly as he glared at the werewolf. “I’m. Thirsty.”

He shot across the room and was reaching for the stranger when a powerful arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him off his feet. Sterling screeched as he fought against the hold. He needed that vein. He needed to get to that werewolf.

Red haze enveloped his mind. Sterling hissed and struggled until he scented blood. He grasped the arm at his nose and sank his fangs deep, drawing in deep gulps of blood. The pain eased a little at a time until Sterling went limp and pulled his fangs free.

He stared in horror at the bloody wrist in front of him and grimaced at the metallic taste on his tongue. “Oh crackers. I think I’m gonna be sick.”

The werewolf was no longer in the room. Where had he gone? Who was holding Sterling? Was it the wolf?


No, it wasn’t the wolf. Sterling didn’t remember his voice having such a deep timbre. Was it the vampire who’d attacked him in the tunnels? If so, why would he be giving Sterling nourishment now? It didn’t make any sense.

“I just downed your blood,” Sterling said with panic as he wiggled to get free. “How could that possibly be better?”

As soon as the man set Sterling on his feet, Sterling raced toward the door, where he ripped the knob off attempting to open it. Sterling stared at the bronze knob in his hand. How on earth had he done that?

“You could run from this room, but you wouldn’t get out of the compound.”

Swallowing tightly and sending up a prayer, Sterling turned and stared at the guy who’d just fed him. It wasn’t the vampire who’d attacked him.

The stranger was tall, thick with muscles, and wore all black. He was devastatingly handsome, but he was also telling Sterling he was a prisoner.

The newcomer pressed a hand to his chest. “I am Gavino Venetia. And you are?”

“Trapped.” Sterling let the knob fall from his hand. It hit the carpet with a muted thump. “Are you going to let me leave?”

Gavino simply stared at him.

Impatient, scared, and still thirsty, he snapped, “Fine, my name is Sterling.”

“Any other name?”

“My mom used to call me Giggleboots.” Sterling snapped his lips closed. Maybe he shouldn’t have said that. It was an embarrassing nickname, and he was thankful his mother had stopped calling him that years ago.

Gavino kept staring at him, but there was amusement in his dark eyes.

“Fine.” Sterling blew out a breath. “My last name is Flametwist.”

“No, Sterling.” Gavino shook his head. “You aren’t a prisoner, but you can’t leave.”

Sterling scratched his head. “If you won’t let me leave, that means I’m your prisoner.”

“Guess again, little fairy.”




Gavino took the lube and wet his fingers. He set the tube aside, then reached around Sterling and played at his hole. Sterling sucked in a breath, wiggling his ass, as if trying to get Gavino to shove his fingers in deep.

And he did. The tightness made Gavino bare his fangs as he gazed up at Sterling. His mate’s eyelids were closed, and his palms pressed against Gavino’s chest while he bounced slightly on Gavino’s fingers.

Gavino wasn’t a stranger to sex, but this had to be the most erotic scene he’d ever been in. A slight breeze tickled across his skin. He was still in awe that Sterling’s illusion felt so real. He was even starting to sweat from the heat of the sun.

His gaze dipped between Sterling’s legs, and he watched as his mate’s cock bobbed freely. Gavino curled the fingers of his free hand around it.

Sterling grabbed Gavino’s wrist, hissing. “Not unless you want me to go off like a rocket.”

“Maybe I want to see that happen,” Gavino said with a wicked smile. He pulled his fingers free, then held the base of his own cock. “Have a seat, Imp.”

Sterling pursed his lips. “Name-calling?”

“An endearment.” Gavino chuckled. “You are mischievous.”

“I can live with that.” Sterling bit his lower lip as he leaned down and gave Gavino a quick but thorough kiss that left Gavino breathless and wanting more.

Sterling lifted his ass and slowly lowered onto Gavino’s cock. Fuck, as soon as he entered Sterling, Gavino wanted to come. The tight heat had him panting, trying to control his body. Sterling hissed as his fingers curled into Gavino’s chest.

“Take your time,” Gavino said through gritted teeth. He gripped Sterling’s hips, biting his bottom lip as Sterling eased up, then back down, going torturously slow.

Gavino slid his hands from Sterling’s hips to cup his ass. He spread his legs, planting his feet in the grass as he thrust upward. Sterling squeaked, laughed, then looked down at Gavino, his long hair creating a veil as his purple eyes sparkled.

“Do that again.”

With a laugh, Gavino did. His back was still killing him, but he shoved down the pain, forcing the thought of feeding from Sterling from his mind.

For now.

Sterling curled his hands around Gavino’s shoulders, their faces an inch apart as Gavino thrust long and deep inside Sterling’s ass. Gavino jerked up slightly and stole a kiss.

Sterling’s smile was brighter than the sun. “I didn’t know you could be so playful.”

“I can be,” Gavino said, “when my mate isn’t running from me.”

He cupped the back of Sterling’s neck, held on to his ass, then flipped them, placing Sterling among the wildflowers. He looked as if he belonged there as the little fairies fluttered around them.

“No offense to your little friends, but they’re becoming a nuisance.” One kept darting toward Gavino’s ear, another toward his nose. He wanted to swat them away, but was afraid Sterling might get mad if he hurt one of them.

“Go,” Sterling said in a stern voice.

This was an illusion. Why did Sterling have to be so firm with what amounted to his imagination? But the little creatures obeyed, zipping away as Sterling gripped Gavino’s biceps, pulled him down, and captured his lips as he devoured Gavino’s mouth.

When Gavino pulled back, he kissed down Sterling’s jaw and lingered at his mate’s throat. Hunger and need seized him, shaking Gavino hard. He licked a path over Sterling’s small Adam’s apple, barely nipping his skin.

“How do I know you won’t drain me?” Sterling slid his arms around Gavino’s shoulders, pulling back to stare up at him. He wound his legs around Gavino’s waist and pressed his heels against Gavino’s lower back.

“You don’t,” Gavino said. “But you have to trust me.”

Mistrust flashed in Sterling’s purple eyes. “That’s asking a lot. I’m basically putting my life in your hands.”

Gavino was resting on his left arm. He used his right hand to cup Sterling’s jaw. “You already put your life into my hands when I saved you.”

He slowly rocked inside Sterling, going at a teasing rhythm. His gaze darted to the pulsing vein at Sterling’s neck, then he looked back into the fairy’s eyes—eyes that were filled with hesitation and uncertainty.

Gavino pressed his lips to Sterling’s ear as he curled a hand around his mate’s cock. “Trust me, my little fairy.” He traced the shell of Sterling’s ear, watching as it wiggled. Gavino rubbed the tip. It wiggled even faster. It was a definite sensitive spot for Sterling.

Sterling gasped, then moaned. He thrust into Gavino’s hand, his fingers sliding through Gavino’s hair. He looked at Gavino’s chest, then back into his eyes. “Okay.”

Hunger roared inside Gavino, but he held back, kissing Sterling first, showing how much he appreciated his trust. He again kissed his way down Sterling’s jaw, licking and teasing until he came to his jugular.

With a deep inhale, Gavino sank his fangs into Sterling. He tightened his grip on Sterling’s cock, stroking him as he thrust into his ass. Blood spilled onto his tongue—blood so sweet Gavino felt as though he was being drugged. The taste went straight to his groin, firing every nerve in his body.

Gavino felt intoxicated as a fog tried to shroud his mind, tried to make him forget who he was drinking from as the sweet nectar slid down his throat. Sterling cried out, his orgasm tightening his hole around Gavino’s dick, but Gavino was too busy trying not to kill him to enjoy Sterling’s pleasure.

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