Carrying the Alpha's Heir (MM)

Alpha Wars 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,025
20 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Jake Kelly didn't expect the world's most gorgeous man to walk into the cafe where he worked. But what are the odds he would be gay, or interested in a skinny, overstressed barista who was clearly out of that man's league? So he's shocked when Glendon introduces himself and asks him out on a date.
Jake has never been happier, until his boss dumps an extra shift on him, forcing him to cancel, and a creature attacks him while taking out the trash. FML, can this night get any worse?
When all hope seems lost, a huge wolf comes to his rescue, and transforms into Glendon. He's an alpha werewolf, and he's in a thousand year war between the vampires and werewolves.
Now that Glendon found his mate, the vampires will stop at nothing to get what they want from him, including killing Jake, and coming after the unborn child Glendon has every intention of putting inside him.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Carrying the Alpha's Heir (MM)
20 Ratings (4.5)

Carrying the Alpha's Heir (MM)

Alpha Wars 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,025
20 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Large black coffee for...Glendon.”

It took Jake a second for him to read the name right. It wasn’t awkwardly spelled, and he was pretty sure he pronounced it right, but in small town America, it didn’t seem very traditional. He’d never seen a name like that before, and he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to expect when the tall, dark, and incredibly sexy man stepped forward to collect his drink.

Holy shit. Jake was honestly star struck. He stared into those silver eyes and thought he’d gone to heaven.

Silver eyes? Was that a thing? Maybe they were contact lenses. People didn’t naturally have eyes that color, did they?

The man smiled at him. “My coffee?”

Jake blinked. “Oh, yeah, right.” He cleared his throat, pushing the cup forward. “Sorry about that.”

Glendon took his drink. He had to be a full head taller than Jake, and Jake didn’t consider himself to be short. The man smiled down at him. As if he thought Jake was cute.

Oh please, yes.

“What’s your name?”

Jake swallowed. There was a line up at the cash register, and a number of tickets for drinks he had to get started.

And yet all of that faded away into the brink of nothingness when asked a simple question.

Then he snapped out of the haze and quickly pointed to his name badge. “Jake.” He had to clear his throat again when he let out a strange croaking noise. “My name is Jake.”

“Nice. Jake what?”

Was he really asking? “Jake Kelly.”

Glendon nodded. “When do you get off work, Jake Kelly?”

His entire voice was smooth like melting butter. Jake wanted to have this man whisper all kinds of sweet and dirty things into his ear from now until the end of time.

If he didn’t cut it out he was going to end up with some problems. The last thing he needed was to hide a hard-on at work because his dumb cock wanted to react to a handsome man giving him attention.

But handsome men never gave him attention. Well, sometimes they did, but in the end those guys turned into creeps.

This guy...he looked normal enough. If normal meant he could be posing on the cover of GQ, Men’s Health, or any other magazine Jake couldn’t think of in that moment.

Glendon leaned in, asking again, “What do you get off?”

That question sounded so sexual in that moment, maybe that was why he blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “Whenever you want.”

Glendon smiled at him. “Good boy.”

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a Sharpee, then grabbed Jake by his hand and started writing. “This is my number.”

Oh God. He was getting this guy’s number! He didn’t give off any vibes that sent Jake’s gaydar off. Jake never would have thought this man was into men, let alone he’d want to give Jake his number. He was so lucky!

“I’d like to get your number, too.”

He held out his hand, as though he knew for a fact that Jake would give him what he wanted.

That was confidence for you. Jake didn’t blame the man for already know where this was going.

Then he remembered his cell phone didn’t get calls anymore. Because he was four months behind on his payments.

Jake swallowed hard. Taking Glendon’s hand. “Uh, to be honest, I’m getting a new number, and I don’t know what it’ll be tonight, or in a couple of days. Why don’t I give you my address?”

Fuck, so stupid. He was so stupid and this super hot guy was going to see through everything.

“Sounds good.”

Really? Jake almost questioned it, but then his boss yelled at him.

“Kelly! Are you working on those lattes?”


“Uh, yeah. Just a sec! I’m helping this customer.”

He hurriedly wrote down the address on Glendon’s hand. “I’ll be free tonight. I get off in another three hours.”

Glendon grinned at him, glancing down at his hand, before those smouldering silver eyes returned their attention back to him.

Did eyes actually smoulder? Or was that something he’d read in a romance novel and now just thought everyone’s eyes did that?

What did it matter when he was being looked at as though he was a meal?

“See you tonight then.”

Jake’s insides did a little quiver. He couldn’t believe that was real. He honestly couldn’t believe this was happening to him, but that was fine. Even as Glendon walked away with his coffee, Jake felt himself staying in that happy trance.


Tonight was going to be a good night. He couldn’t wait to tell Parker.




Glendon was going to die. He never would have thought it was possible to live in a world where a man who didn’t look as though he could outcompete Glendon in anything seemed to have the better sex drive.

The bed smacked hard against the wall of his room. The hinges squeaked and screamed for mercy, and Jake’s fingernails dug into his back painfully, but it all only added to his pleasure as the man kept his thighs tight around his waist.

As though Jake now had the proper grip he wanted and had no intention of letting him go.

“Harder,” Jake begged, though more and more those sweet little begging mewls were starting to come out sounding like commands.

Which was more than all right with Glendon. He gave his mate everything he wanted.

Two orgasms in, and they weren’t nearly done with each other yet.

Glendon adjust his angle, fucking harder into his mate, their flesh slapping together, creating a lewd noise that cracked in the air around them.

Jake’s body tightened around him, his spine arching, his head pressing back into the sheets and his mouth dropping open.

That was exactly what Glendon wanted to see. That exposed throat. He pressed his mouth to it, then his teeth. He scraped his fangs across the delicious flesh as he pressed his cock forward into that tight heat again and again.

Jake’s fingers found Glendon’s hair, clenching into it painfully tight. And that was good too.

Everything was good. His wolf was at peace like this. For what had to be the first time in all of his two hundred and twenty-five years, Glendon never felt better.

He felt the inner changes in Jake’s body as he fucked into the man. Jake wouldn’t feel it. He would only feel his pleasure, his body changing, accommodating what Glendon was doing to him.

He wished they had more time. He wished he and Jake could enjoy each other’s company before they brought their pups into the world, but that wasn’t going to happen. Nature didn’t give them time for these kinds of things.

“Harder,” Jake moaned, still squirming beneath Glendon’s body, still thrusting back against him helplessly as he took everything Glendon gave him.

Glendon didn’t think he could go any harder. If he tried, he might accidentally hurt the man. Jake was still a human, after all, even though Glendon had made him into his omega.

No. If he used anymore of his strength and fucked into the man any harder, he might break him in half. He was never going to take a risk like that.

Instead he kept at it at the same pace. Jake moaned and complained beneath him, wanting more, having no idea what he was really asking for, and Glendon was forced to refuse him.

“P-please, I need it.”

“No you don’t,” Glendon growled, fighting against everything he had inside him to just give the man what he begged for.

No. He couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t do it!

Glendon growled, forcing back the inner animal that desperately wanted to come out. He pushed it back. He wouldn’t let it come forward. He refused!

But he was close. So close it ached. His balls were painfully tight and he could barely force himself to keep control. His fingernail itches as his claws struggled to come out. He wanted to bite the man again, to taste his blood and make sure it was clean right before he came inside his tight ass again.

It was better than he thought it would be. Why did Glendon worry his mate wouldn’t like this? He’d been almost paranoid about the thought that Jake wouldn’t like anything Glendon did to him, but it was almost natural, and he wasn’t going to fuck that up by letting out his wolf.

God, Jake made it difficult when he moaned as though he was both in pleasure and pain. Glendon leaned back just enough so he could look down, watching as his cock disappeared in and out of Jake’s body.

He’d only done that just to make sure there actually was no pain, but now that his eyes were locked onto that spot, he couldn’t seem to look away.

That was…incredibly sexy. It sent a rush of energy and lust through his body that he couldn’t hold back. The pleasure that had been building within him finally reached its crescendo and erupted. He couldn’t contain it, and by that point, he didn’t want to try.

For the fourth time, Glendon came inside his mate with a rush of pleasure. He fucked harder into Jake even though he promised himself that he wouldn’t, but only because it was as if there was no choice in the matter for him to do that. He had to. He had to milk every drop of his pleasure from himself and give his mate everything they both clearly wanted.

He felt the rush of warmth pulsing between their bodies, and it got only more intense when Jake grabbed Glendon by the ears and dragged him down, crushing their mouths together in a hard kiss before the intensity shared in their bodies suddenly left them.

Without warning, as though all that pent up energy and lust had never been there in the first place. Jake’s body completely melted beneath Glendon’s, and he barely managed to keep himself from flopping onto his mate with the rush of exhaustion that hit him.

Oh, so his body was finally going to give him a rest now, was it?

“That was good. That was beautiful.”

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