[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Historical Paranormal Western Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, consensual BDSM elements, spanking, wax play, HEA]
An old enemy places bounties on two pack masters and all they hold dear. With a true vendetta against the WolfDen packs, Grant Ford offers a handsome reward for Jock Corrigan and Frank Smith. Soon, a sloth of werebears show up for the hunt and the Wyoming territory will never be the same.
Carla Cassidy is devoted to her Alphas, but as she spends more time with beta Heck James, she is forced to acknowledge feelings between them. When Heck risks everything to save her, Carla senses his commitment is more than duty.
Before the werebears strike, Carla sets the perfect stage for romance, unwilling to postpone an inevitable joining. After an illicit night of passion, Carla and her men are left in a vulnerable situation. And a strange twist of fate leaves bounty hunters standing as the accused as the Wyoming packs are forced to rely upon their enemy and stand for one united cause.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Natalie Acres is a Siren-exclusive author.
Bounty (MFMM)
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Of course I loved this book as much as book 1 (imprints). What can I say is that if u love menage & don't mind the sexy shifters that go with it; then by all means buy these books. I really enjoyed the new type of shifters added. Not going to spoil what they are. Frank is still an all time favorite of mine. He really does take care of Carla & Jock does as well. Carla truly becomes a stronger alpha female in this book. There is a little twist w/in the pack so read to find out what. :)




Since Carla had become two pack alphas’ mate, Heck James had become her keeper of sorts. When Jock and Frank went scouting for new territory, Heck often stayed behind to watch over her and keep an eye on the land previously claimed by the Wyoming Wood and WolfDen packs.

Heck and Frank had the kind of relationship Jock once enjoyed with Grant. They shared similar histories and a kinship not just anyone would understand.

Carla related to their past because she’d been part of it. Before settling in WolfDen, Jock and Grant used to pass through from time to time. They often stopped for a visit, long enough to eat a hot meal and share the adventures of their travels.

“I know Jock’s hurt,” Frank said, pulling Carla away from her thoughts. “I hate it for him, but it doesn’t change the fact that I warned him. Grant held a grudge. A man with a vendetta against someone he once considered a friend is a dangerous sort of character.”

“Grant sees it like we left him for buzzard food,” Heck said, removing his hat as he entered the cabin.

“Did he say that?” Frank asked.

“Yep.” Heck gave Carla a heated look. “That’s the story he’s telling in town.”

Carla hurriedly poured Heck a cup of coffee and handed it to him. Frank watched them with knowing eyes. A smile tugged at his lips and he returned to his rocking chair by the fire. After some quiet moments, he wagged his fingers between them. “The two of you have gotten close. Haven’t ya?”

“No, Sir,” Carla said, aware of her cheeks heating.

Heck stared at her as if he were truly bothered by her quick reply. “I’d say we’re friends.” He drank from his cup. Smacking his lips, he quickly added, “Wouldn’t you say that much, Carla?”

She grabbed a broom and swept their dirt floor, paying close attention to the area around the fireplace. “Oh sure. We’re friends.” Feeling Frank’s burning gaze, she paused long enough to study him more intently. “We’re in the same pack, Frank. Of course we’re friends.”

Frank moistened those thick lips and for a smidgen of a second, his dark eyes looked a tad darker. His gaze was hooded, wrought with lust as much as concern. As if he suddenly had a thought, he jolted forward and stood. “Heck, let’s burn the breeze. Take a ride with me.”

“That’s not the smartest option right now,” Jock said, returning inside. He handed off his cup to Carla. “Did you pay attention to the posters there? Dead or alive means they’ll probably be coming for us soon.”

“Which ‘they’ are you referring to?” Frank asked. “If I know your boy, he’s sipping a Brigham Young cocktail and has his sights set on getting all liquored up this morning. After painting Laramie brown with those posters there, he probably feels like it’s only a matter of time before some bounty hunter drags us back pitching fits and making threats.”

“I won’t argue there,” Jock said. “Knowing Grant, he’s already scheduled a hangin’, too.”

Frank turned to Heck. “Come to think of it, Jock is right. I’ll speak with the pack on our way out. They’ll be here to help guard the place. Jock, let’s take a ride. If anyone can handle Grant, you can.”

Carla rushed him. “Don’t do it, Frank. You can’t go to Laramie now. If you grabbed those posters while you were in town this mornin’, folks either didn’t pay attention to a free man walking around at will or they kept you in their sights. They know you’re aware they’re coming for us. That means they’ll be riding out while you’re riding in.”

“Then I guess we’ll ride with our pistols cocked.” He shot her a wink. “Oh now listen here, honey. We’re counting on trouble, but the good thing about these posters is we’re gonna see danger before it sneaks up on us in the dead of night. We’re ready for it.”

“Besides, now’s a good time to go if we’re going. Grant is a morning lapper. By the time we reach Laramie, the new marshal will be drinking hard. Those bounty hunters will be riding even harder. No one will ever think to look for us at the jail.”

“What about Carla?” Heck asked.

“What about her?” Frank asked, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

“The locals were tearin’ up Jake, making a terrible racket that is, as they spread the news as fast as they could spread it. Telegraphs were sent out advising others about the large reward offered for the two of you.” Heck frowned. “And Carla has a bounty on her pretty little head, too. Grant wants her alive, but he still wants her.”

“Yes, I read all about that,” Frank said. “Guess that means you’ll need to pay close attention to Carla today.”

Carla and Heck locked gazes. She couldn’t tap into his head then and that greatly disturbed her. One of the things she loved about being an Alpha female was her ability to hear her pack members’ thoughts. When she’d first mated with Jock and Frank, they’d told her she wouldn’t be able to hear the other wolves’ thoughts. Turns out, they couldn’t hear hers, but she could listen to them anytime she wanted. The only exception was her mates. They could tap into her mind whenever they saw fit.

“That won’t be a problem,” Heck muttered, looking away.

Jock studied Heck with fierce eyes. “I’m starting to believe Grant ain’t the only one who wants our pretty little woman.”




Frank cupped her right breast as Jock removed the wax from her left. When Jock completed the task, Frank reached around her and dipped his hand lower, tapping the tender spot between her legs. Nuzzling her neck, he whispered, “Ride my fingers, Miss.”

“Oh, Frank.” She was nearly to the brink of another orgasm long before he touched her.

“That’s right, Carla. Let go, honey. Move for me.” Then, he stuffed three digits inside her pussy, wiggling them inside her as she swayed back and forth, curving her arm behind her back and cupping Frank’s nape, holding tight as a ripple of pleasure washed over her.

She swayed against him as he finger fucked her to one orgasm and then another. He manipulated her womanhood as her other mates stood by and watched with lustful expressions.

Her first release had left her trembling in his arms. The second rocked her to and fro. The third drove a satisfied scream from her lips, but by the fourth, she could barely manage a moan.

As she wilted away, sated and happy, Jock carried her to another stack of blankets. Rubbing her face against his bristly chest, she whispered, “Now, we come together as one?”

“Is that what you want?” he asked, tilting her chin to his.

“Yes.” She placed several kisses along his strong jaw. “That’s the only way I’ll ever feel complete.”

Her wish was their command.

Frank took the position on bottom and drew her back against his chest. Jock knelt next to them and Heck would soon top her. She wasn’t entirely sure how a group act would work, but delving into their heads, she could better understand their initial plan.

“Relax, honey,” Frank said, breathing hard at her ear. “Spread your legs.”

As soon as she parted her thighs, Heck gasped. He stared at her privates and stroked his stretching erection. “Frank, if you don’t hurry up, no promises here.”

“It won’t be as enjoyable for Carla if you don’t wait your turn.” Frank rubbed his cock against her puckered hole. He dragged his swollen head around and around, easing inside her and pulling out, preparing and stretching her for a fuller invasion.

He finally gave her a few inches more and she took a deep breath, anticipating the exquisite pressure. At the same time Frank entered her, Jock grabbed hold of her chin and aimed his penis at her mouth. She kissed his slit, savoring the bittersweet taste of masculine excitement.

Frank breached her rear passage and the first complete impalement left tears in her eyes. Soon, Jock parted her lips with his straining length and Heck inched closer. She was lost in the idea of three men loving her, three mates trying to satisfy her insatiable desires.

Heck placed his thumb to her clit. Cocking his head and staring at her pussy, he whispered, “That’s amazing.”

“Tell me,” she whispered, delving inside his head and coming up empty handed. “And why are you blocking me from hearing your thoughts?”

“I’m not,” Heck said, rubbing his cock over her opening. “I just loved watching your pussy lips spread and relax as he entered you.”

“If I need to make room for you, Heck, it better happen fast.”

Carla sensed Frank’s firmer strokes, his forced restraint. Turning her head to Jock’s cock, she sucked his tip with a tight suction, focusing on the wet slit and loving his salty taste.

She was devoted to Jock’s pleasure, spoiling him with her dedicated tongue and not paying much attention to the movement behind her, but when Frank backed out of her rear passage and Heck speared her pussy from the front, she accidently bit down on Jock’s shaft.

He winced in pain and she shuddered at the thought of bringing him discomfort. “I’m so sorry.” She caressed his penis with her fingers. “Are you all right?”

“Kiss it and make it better.” He winked. “Besides, I’m more concerned about you.”

She accepted a generous kiss along her trunk as Frank pampered her with his lips and she coddled Jock with hers. When she returned her focus to the man in front, she couldn’t help but notice the tight strain of veins bulging in his neck.

“Heck needs to…”

“Heck is fine,” he assured her, pinching and twisting her nipple.

“Then I need to,” she admitted, breathless. Without missing a beat, she returned to Jock’s cock, sucking and licking, pulling his shaft to the back of her throat and humming against his size in hopes that the vibrations from her mouth would send him into throes of ecstasy.

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