Stealing Hope (MFM)

Midnighter Seductions 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,324
13 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Capture Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]

An ancient portal quietly reopened the day the Mayan calendar ended, but it wasn't the "big bang" ending of the world as predicted. It will, however, change everything for Hope Laroux. Researching localized stories for her thesis is what brings Hope to New Mexico. There she learns the legends of ancient hunters like Midnighters and Chupacabra are, in fact, truth, not fiction. When she's kidnapped by two seductive Midnighters and taken through a portal into their world, she allows herself to pretend in an ever-after love she never thought she'd find. Until she learns they don't plan on ever letting her leave.

Falcon and Wolfe steal Hope away in the middle of the night to protect her from their ancient enemy, the Kimil, creatures locals know as Chupacabra. They know she was chosen by the gods for them, but can they convince her to give up everything she's worked toward for a chance at a legendary love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Corinne Davies is a Siren-exclusive author.

Stealing Hope (MFM)
13 Ratings (4.5)

Stealing Hope (MFM)

Midnighter Seductions 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,324
13 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is book 2 in the Midnighters Seductin series (the Mayans!) It's another must!!!!
Kalissa Wayne
I loved this story even more than the first one. An absolutely enjoyable read from start to finish.
Susan Hayes



Wolfe could see the fire in her eyes and the color rising in her cheeks with her anger. It was the most enticing sight he’d ever seen. The angrier she got the more he wanted to see how far below the neck of her shirt she flushed. “He called you, Atan. It’s not another woman, and it’s a name we’ve never used with any other woman before you, and we’ll never use it with anyone else.”

“That is a good line.” Hope turned her blazing gaze on him. Her eyes sparked like the fireworks they’d watched the day before they’d last headed home. Their color had deepened to a dark gray blue, like an angry sky before a storm. “But I’m not naive enough to fall for it. Excuse me.”

She lifted her chin and stormed between them, anger radiating off her, but as she passed he picked up the delicate scent of her arousal. Darting out an arm, he hooked her around the waist and pulled her back against his body. Her spine pressed against his rock-hard cock and it took every shred of patience not to thrust against her.

She gripped his arm, curling her fingers, her nails pressing against his skin. “Let. Me. Go.”

“You have a bit of a temper, Miss Hope.” Falcon dropped to his knees in front of her and rested his hands on her hips. He glanced up at her face and winked at her. “I like it.”

Wolfe, too, was reanalyzing his preference for quiet, biddable women. Hope had shown a fiery side a couple times now and he already knew her passion burned as hot. “Do you really want to go, Hope? Or do you want to feel what you did outside again?”

She held herself straight as the iron bars that reinforced the concrete of the floor beneath them. Taking a chance, he rolled his hips and rubbed his hard cock against her spine. The pressure was exquisite and agonizing at the same time. He bent down and kissed the shell of her ear. “You’re beautiful when you’re angry.”

“I’m not angry. I’m pissed.” But her voice didn’t hold the same venom it had a moment before. Her head tilted ever so slightly to the side and he took advantage. Stroking his fingers down her neck he brushed her hair back away from the delicate skin.

He watched as Falcon moved forward and pressed a kiss to the base of her throat. Hope’s body shivered under their touch and Wolfe fought the urge to strip her down and ravage her.

“I’ll beg for forgiveness for both of us, Hope. We didn’t mean to make you angry, but I couldn’t stand there and watch those men talk to you like that.”

“Like what? They were only being friendly.”

“Bobby was being friendly,” Wolf clarified. “Donovan and Jim wanted you between them, but you belong between us.” He punctuated his comment with a nip to the sensitive skin below her ear. Her scent reminded him of the breezes that came off the Great Sea at home. He could feel her life energy rippling around her and the way it easily merged with his and Falcon’s. If he wasn’t already certain that she was meant to be his, that would have told him.

“Eddie might be waiting for me.”

“He won’t leave without you, Atan.” Falcon slipped his hands under Hope’s shirt and raised it up, exposing the pale skin of her torso. Wolfe wanted his brother to pull it off her completely so he could touch her everywhere, but Falcon was in the mood to tease her. Hope tried to take a deep breath, but her attempt was shaky and rapid.

“What are you nervous about, Hope?” Wolfe whispered into her ear. He felt the goose bumps rise up on her skin in reaction to his question. “Have you never been between two men before?”

Hope shook her head and looked up at him. Her eyes had changed to a darker gray now, and he could see the concern and anticipation in her expression. She opened her mouth as if to say something but then stopped.

“Do you trust us, Hope?”

“I don’t know you.”

“Then you will learn.” Wolfe reached down and caught the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her arms rose slightly but then dropped to cover her breasts as soon as they were free of her clothing.

“I don’t. I’m not the type…”

Falcon wrapped his hands over her fingers and nuzzled her neck.  “Don’t hide from us, Atan.” He crooned against her skin. “We have never seen such beauty.”

Hope made a little snorting sound that sounded so funny Wolfe almost laughed out loud. Thankfully he caught himself in time.

Falcon lifted his head and looked at her with disbelief in his expression. “You don’t believe us?”

“No, not for a moment, men have been saying things like that for eternity if it meant they could get into a woman’s pants.

“We have no intention of getting into your pants, Hope. Wolfe pressed a light kiss against her shoulder. Her bone structure was delicate but she was soft and welcoming in all the right places. “I assure you our goal is to get you out of them.”




Falcon kissed her deeply as she grasped the bed next to her, swallowing down her vocal cries. He wanted to hear her pleasure ringing in his ears as he and Wolfe claimed her in front of all their brother warriors. His cock jumped as his balls pulled up tight against his groin. Any more thoughts like that and I won’t last more than a few minutes. He looked down and watched as Wolfe buried his face between her legs.

Hope reached out and tried to grip Wolfe’s hair, but he kept it short enough that she couldn’t get a grip. He’d lifted her legs over his shoulders and was making a meal of their little woman. Her back arched up so prettily, and Falcon wondered if Wolfe had tried to fit a finger into her tight cunt yet. If she’d never been touched before, they were going take it slow with her. His cock might explode, but he’d wait until she was ready before causing her any discomfort.

She had her teeth pressed tightly together as she panted. “Are you trying to keep those cries in, Hope?” he whispered against her shoulder as he kissed his way up her neck. Her silky skin tasted like cream and berries to him. “I bet Wolfe it licking you so well you want to feel him deeper, don’t you.”

Her back arched up and she gripped his hair, pulling him closer to her. “Do you want him to push his cock deep inside you, stretching you until you think that he has become part of your soul?” Falcon loved watching her unabashed reactions to his words. Their fragile little Atan was so much more than they’d ever wished for.

“Oh god, Yes.” Hope panted as Falcon cupped one of her breasts in his hand. She fit his palm perfectly, her tight, raspberry-colored nipple begging for his tongue again. Bending his head, he licked the tight nub before pressing it against the roof of his mouth and sucking deep.

Wolfe shifted slightly and Falcon watched for his reaction, knowing that he was about to press a finger into her tight cunt. Hope gasped and flailed for a moment and Wolfe’s shocked expression met his gaze. Delight and a dark possessiveness swamped over him and was reflected back from Wolfe’s expression. He hungered to make his mark on her soul and have her claim him in return.

Falcon moved and gripped Hope’s hands, entwining her fingers with his own. “You’ve never been touched by another man before, have you?” She tried to look away, but he caught her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. He didn’t understand the fear he saw reflected in hers. Doesn’t she realize what a precious gift she is for us?

“It depends on your definition of ‘touch.’” She avoided meeting his gaze and he turned her head until she didn’t have a choice.

“Has any other man pressed his cock into your tight little body? Have you ever trusted anyone enough to let them claim you?” Falcon often listened to his instincts and he suspected that Hope didn’t trust many people. “Can you feel Wolfe’s fingers in your body?”

Her eyes fluttered closed as another tremble danced along her skin. Wolfe followed Falcon’s lead and played with her body as he spoke. “You are ours, Hope.” He pressed his lips against hers, slipping his tongue inside to dance with hers. His emotions rose up high enough to choke him. After everything they’d been though, to be gifted something as precious as her was astounding.

He took her hand and pressed it against the front of his pants. Feeling her small hand against his throbbing erection was pleasure incarnate. Even with the fabric of his pants between them he almost lost his seed. The day her hand touched his bare cock, he’d promise to be her slave forever. Her fingers curled around him and traced the outline of his cock.

“It will fit, my precious Atan. I’ll slide up into your willing body as Wolfe claims your ass.”

A deep, guttural moan escaped her lips and he suspected that Wolfe had started training her back hole to accept them. When they got her home he was going to work on stretching her because he wanted to claim her as soon as possible. She moaned and gasped under his lips.

“Let it out, Atan,” Falcon spoke against her cheek. “Don’t fight it.” She shivered under his touch and her hips jerked as she pressed her pussy up against Wolfe’s mouth. Her head thrashed back and forth. “I’ll hold you here. You’ll forever be safe between us.”

He quickly covered her mouth as she screamed out her release, her body bucking so strongly that he wasn’t certain she hadn’t unseated Wolfe from between her legs. All this passion. All ours.



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