[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Charlie Young is an omega werewolf, but also a defect. He cannot shift, and he and his wolf are stuck together, molded into the same body. Banished from his pack at a young age and forced to live with his abusive mother, he's shocked when he's called back by Dane Griffiths, the son of the former alpha who shunned him.
Despite that hurt, Charlie wants to climb into the man's lap and obey. He doesn't want to be made into a concubine because he's a defect, however, so when Charlie runs, Dane not only chases him, but mates with him.
Charlie is not even sure if it's a true mating, but his body is certainly intrigued. He wants to know more about Dane, about the thing that caused him to push Charlie away all those years ago. It might bring great happiness, if jealous pack members don't kill Charlie in an attempt to take his place, first.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
I Want to Bite on Your Ears (MM)
24 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
MUST READ.............This looked interesting from the excerpt, but wasn't sure what I was gonna find......Then as I read it I slowly fell in love with the story and the will be looking for more of this Author........Can't wait for more in this Story-line and hope it's a long series.....
I don't write a lot of reviews but since I keep rereading I Want to Bite on Your Ears I feel compelled to share. I love everything about this book! The author is one of my favorites anyhow, but in this she outdid herself. I want to take Charlie home and cuddle him. The story is wonderful and the characters amazing. You keep writing them Marcy, and I'll keep reading them!
Kiel Nichols




Charlie ran passed his brother and into the house. Marlia was shrieking and writhing in the arms of a beta, a huge beta, the kind who looked like he could easily take over the position of alpha if he wanted, but the man didn’t look like he was giving the orders. He looked like he was receiving them as Marlia screamed at another man standing in front of her, someone just as big, who gave off the all-powerful aura of the man in charge.

It took Charlie a half a second to realize that was Dane. Dane Griffiths was staring at Charlie’s mother like she was a worm that had slithered its way onto his shoe, and Marlia was half shifted, her claws and ears out, fur growing all over her body as her face became longer, but she was still capable of speech. “You can’t have him! He’s mine! You can’t take him!”

“He’s not yours, he’s mine,” Dane said, and his tone brooked no room for argument as he glared down at Charlie’s mother, his eyes turning alpha red.

Even just looking at him, knowing that Dane hadn’t noted Charlie’s presence, and wasn’t directing any of that anger at him, Charlie’s ears fell back against his head, and he had to fight to keep his stupid tail from curling between his legs.

Didn’t mean the damn thing didn’t try, however.

Mason leaned down to whisper into Charlie’s ear. Because he had two pairs of them, his hearing was one of the few things that was better than even a normal werewolf’s. “He’s here to take you. He says he wants you in his pack.”

“I guess he doesn’t want Marlia?” Charlie asked.

“He doesn’t want either of us,” Mason said.

Charlie looked sharply up at his brother, his only surviving brother, and he realized what the sad expression on the man’s face was now. Mason was under the impression that he was never going to see Charlie ever again.

Charlie shook his head. “No.”

“Yes,” Dane said.

Charlie jumped and turned back to what was happening. Dane had stepped away from Marlia, who was still being held onto by that huge beta, but was otherwise quiet, her hair having gone wild in the struggle, as she stared at Dane and Charlie.

Charlie had to grab onto his tail just to keep the damn thing from going between his legs, but he was pretty sure that didn’t make him look much braver.

Dane stared down at him with cold dark eyes that Charlie thought he could just fall right into.

It had been so many years since Charlie had seen the man. He’d been only six or seven, and there were times when he thought he’d forgotten what Dane had looked like. Now he wasn’t sure how that could have ever happened at all. The man just had this presence about him, there was something in his aura that both scared Charlie shitless and made him want to kneel at the man’s feet and obey him blindly.

That wasn’t the only thing he wanted to do while on his knees either. Charlie didn’t consider himself to be a prude by any means, but he’d never had the unmistakable urge to get down, yank Dane’s pants down around his ankles, and put the man’s cock in his mouth. He’d never had that feeling of urgency with anyone before, and yet here it was. It was kind of crazy.

How could he have ever forgotten this man’s face? It couldn’t have changed that much since he was a teenager. Charlie wanted to press his mouth to the man’s lips, his face, right where the stubble was coming out through his skin on his jaw. He wanted to suck on Dane’s Adam’s apple and have Dane push him up against the nearest wall, kick his feet apart and just own him.

What the fuck was Charlie’s problem? He had to knock it off before someone smelled his lust. These were werewolves in here with him. It wouldn’t take much for them to realize the reactions that Charlie was having.

Still, he couldn’t stop admiring how the man looked. Unlike some alphas, Dane’s hair was cropped short, shorter than Charlie’s, and it was gelled to look well groomed and even spiked in some places. He was wearing a business suit, the kind of thing that looked like it would be on the CEO of some multimillion-dollar evil corporation or something. Charlie couldn’t remember what the last alpha wore, so he wasn’t sure if this was normal or not, but his beta was wearing the same thing, only his hair fell down in a braid that ended between his shoulder blades.

Dane was watching, one thick, black brow raised up, as if waiting for Charlie to say something.

“Why…why take only me and not them? Why not take them?”

“I’m not interested in them,” Dane said. “You’re the only one that I want.”

Charlie wrecked his brain trying to think of whatever it could be that would make an alpha take a defective omega over Marlia and Mason. He couldn’t come up with anything. “Mason’s strong, you know, he could be very useful in your pack. Marlia could work with the pups.”

“Marlia? You call your mother by her given name?” Dane asked, and it was clear that he didn’t understand the dynamic of Charlie’s family.

Charlie didn’t think he could explain it either, not without making himself look even weaker than he was in front of this alpha and his beta, not to mention the other betas that were standing around, probably waiting for Charlie to cause problems so that they could muscle him out of here.

“That’s just what I call her,” Charlie said.

Dane narrowed his eyes at him, and Charlie could sense the man’s disapproval just as he shook his head, as if he was disgusted. With Charlie?

“If you have anything you want to keep from this place, you need to pack it up now. We’re leaving in five minutes.”




“Oh!” Charlie cried when Dane reached one of his hands up and pinched at his nipples. He was now humping into the man’s talented mouth while arching his chest against the hand that was teasing his nipples into tight buds. He was going to blow, and soon, if Dane didn’t stop. Charlie wanted to stay on the precipice of pleasure for as long as he possibly could, but even with his previous orgasm not too long ago, he wasn’t going to be able to hold himself back.

Then Dane’s mouth pulled away from Charlie’s prick with a rude sounding pop, and Charlie looked down, eyes wide. “Wh–what the hell are you doing? Don’t stop! Keep going!”

Fuck! He was in a panic over the thought of Dane just leaving him here, unsatisfied and begging for more. Charlie could barely remember what it was like to live inside of a pack, but Mason had told him all the rules he needed to know about what happened to concubines, and how they were kept under control.

Their orgasms belonged to their alphas, and if Dane wanted it to happen, he could put Charlie on the very edge of pleasure, make him writhe until a gust of wind would be enough to make him come, and then with a simple command from that wicked mouth, he could also put a stop to it as well.

Charlie had been told it was a form of torture, designed to keep concubines and other worthless omegas in line with their alphas. It hadn’t sounded like such a bad thing to him when he’d first heard of it. Staying on the edge of pleasure for hours, days even, always seemed like the type of fantasy porn that the humans liked to get into. It was even in some of the manga books that Charlie liked to read. Now that he was on the verge of coming, he knew how bad it would be if Dane denied him.

Keeping him from coming for a few teasing minutes was one thing, but Charlie was going to burst into tears and start begging if Dane got up and walked away from him. That would be a sure way to get Charlie back to the pack, that was for sure.

Dane got up, sort of. He stood on his knees and stared down at Charlie with those red, cold, and calculating eyes. He was so fucking handsome that Charlie could barely get his eyes to behave themselves. He watched and waited for what the alpha would do.

Dane didn’t get to his feet and turn his back. Instead he reached down for Charlie’s face, and Charlie got up and off of his back, wincing just a bit when his tail was squished into the ground by the weight of his body, but then he was also up on his knees, staring into Dane’s eyes, both of their warm breaths mingling.

“Have you ever sucked on a man’s cock before?” Dane asked.

Holy shit. The heat in Charlie’s body intensified. He was going to have a heat stroke. He wasn’t even remotely joking around about that. He swallowed over the lump in his throat, and then shook his head. “No.”

“Are you a virgin?” Dane asked.

That part embarrassed Charlie more than anything, and not in a good way. “Yeah. I’ve kissed other guys, and there’s been some heavy petting before, but no one I’ve ever gone all the way with.”

Charlie only went into that much detail because he didn’t want Dane asking him too many embarrassing questions. It was bad enough that he was out here, in the woods, about to lose his virginity to someone who thought he was only good enough to be a hole, but he couldn’t say no, and even if his brain wasn’t operating through his cock at the moment, Charlie was pretty sure he wouldn’t have the power to walk away right now anyway. He’d felt this the moment he’d looked at Dane in house back in the city.

He wanted the man. He craved him, and he was about to get him. Maybe, if Charlie worked hard enough later on, he could at least get Dane to see him as something of a friend. That would be kind of nice.

“So no one’s ever touched you like this?” Dane asked, sliding his hands around Charlie’s body, both palms gripping the swell of his ass before a wet finger slid between the crack of his ass, touching his pucker and teasing a circular pattern around the ring of muscle. “No one’s ever put their mouth on you like I have? Or put their fingers here? Or their cock?”

Charlie could hardly take any more of this torture, and he struggled just to keep his eyes from sliding shut on him. “Nngh…fuck! No! They haven’t! Stop teasing me already.”

“So fucking ready for me,” Dane said, and he put his wet mouth over Charlie’s lips one more time, biting him as he kissed him. “I fucking love it. Suck on my cock. Put it in your mouth for me,” Dane said, and he was already giving Charlie’s shoulders a gentle push to get him to go down even lower than before.

Charlie did it. He got to his hands and knees, suddenly desperate to do exactly what Dane was asking of him, but only because his body was demanding it. It was the strangest thing. Charlie always thought of this sort of act as being just to give the other participant pleasure, not himself, but it was like his body was buzzing with all kinds of raw energy and pleasure of its own, and just the thought of putting Dane’s long, thick shaft into his mouth, of swirling his tongue around the dark head and sinking his mouth down that heavy cock as far as it could go, was enough to make his cock pulse and throb, as though Dane’s mouth was still around it, sucking on him and yanking his pleasure right out of him.

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