Coming Home (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,032
35 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, time travel, bondage, spanking]

Bella McPherson is on her first vacation in Big Lake, Texas. She sees a sapphire necklace in a shop window and finds herself purchasing it. Bella puts the necklace on and begins to feel strange. She slips into unconsciousness, only to wake up in a bedroom of strangers: in the year 1865.

Clint, Adam, and Marcus Aldridge are over the moon when they find the unconscious woman and take her back to their home on the Triple A Ranch. Bella has captured their hearts with her beauty and feisty personality from the first day, and they will do anything to seduce her into their beds and keep her there.

Will the danger stalking their woman win out? Or will their woman be taken from them to be whisked back to her own time?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Coming Home  (MFMM)
35 Ratings (4.5)

Coming Home (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,032
35 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A great book
I didn't really know how I would feel about going back in time but this book was great. I loved how she seemed to fit in right from the start. Loved, loved, loved this book.
Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Bella McPherson is on her first vacation ever, and she chose Big Lake, Texas. It had taken her years since she's never made much as a waitress. But on her very first day she's drawn to an amazing sapphire pendent in an antique shop and for some unknown reason knew it was meant to be hers. So despite its cost and her tight budget, she buys it. She continues on to the park and there she sits down to finally try on the necklace, when she suddenly becomes dizzy and soon passes out. In 1865 Clinton Aldridge and his brothers Adam and Marcus are riding into Big Lake when they find an unconscious woman and take her back to the Triple A Ranch. Bella is shocked to wake up in the brothers' house and to find out what year it is, but at the same time she's very attracted to all three of the brothers. As the foursome draw closer, they know that there are threats to their happiness, both in their time and the fear of Bella being drawn back to hers. All the brothers can do is vow to hold on to Bella no matter what. But will they be able to? Oh my goodness was Bella a lucky woman. This is one incredibly hot story. Those Aldridge brothers are lethal to read about when they're focused on Bella's pleasure. I really enjoyed not only the sex scenes, but also the story. I especially enjoyed getting to know Bella and her history more. You really find yourself seeing her happiness with her men and wanting to see her stay with them. I also liked the fact that Ms. Van didn't just leave the worry of her returning to her time as the only worry in the book, and instead added another threat, with a few great twists from the traditional time travel romance. This really was just a very good book." -- Amy Hopkins, The Romance Studio

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Story Excerpt


“Did you enjoy the show, boys?” Bella asked facetiously, from just inside the door.

“Don’t see any boys ’round here, do you, Marcus?”

“Bella, these are my younger brothers, Adam and Marcus Aldridge,” Clint introduced.

“Marcus, Adam,” Bella acknowledged then turned her eyes back to Clint. “I thank you for taking care of me, but could you please take me back to Big Lake? I’m booked into the motel there and would like to get on with my vacation.”

Clint looked at Bella as if she’d lost her mind. She glanced to his brothers to see the same puzzled expression on their faces.

“What’s a motel?” asked Clint.

Bella breathed in deeply and let out the breath slowly. Her anger was beginning to take hold at the little game he was playing with her, and she didn’t like to be angry. She was one of those people who was slow to burn, but when she reached her limit, look out.

“It’s a place where you rent a room to sleep in at night.”

“We ain’t got no boarding houses in Big Lake. There used to be one, but the lady who owned it turned it into a whorehouse and saloon,” Marcus explained. “That’s where we were going, when we found you.”

“Marcus, shut it,” Clint snapped.

“Well, could you please give me a lift back to Big Lake anyway?” Bella asked.

“You’ll have to wait till tomorrow. We have too much to do around here to just drop everything for you,” Clint stated.

“Look, I’m sorry to be an inconvenience. I’ll just call for a cab on my cell and be out of your hair,” she stated and pulled her phone from her pocket.

“What’s a cell?” asked Marcus.

“What in tarnation is a cab?” Adam asked at the same time.

Bella felt the air whoosh from her lungs. The two sexy brothers didn’t look like they were playing with her. In fact, they looked downright confused. Bella let her eyes wander over the brothers. God, they were so sexy. All tall, muscular, and handsome, with similar features but different hair and eye color. Marcus had light brown hair, and the sexiest green eyes she’d ever seen. And Adam—he made her want to drool. His black hair and blue eyes along with his great height made her feel so small and sexy. She just wanted to curl up in his lap and stay there. She dialed the numbers on her cell and put the phone to her ear. Nothing happened. She looked at her display screen and saw she had no signal.

“A cab is a car for hire and this is a cell,” Bella began to explain, holding her phone out.

“What’s a car?” Clint asked. “The only car I know of is hitched to a steam train.”

Bella stumbled over to the vacant chair at the table and sat down heavily. She reached up to stroke the necklace she’d bought the previous day and nearly panicked. It wasn’t there.

“Did you remove my pendant when you removed my clothes?” Bella asked, pinning Clint with her eyes.

“No, honey. You weren’t wearing anything but your strange man clothes. Didn’t you have enough money to buy fully made garments?” Clint questioned.

“What?” Bella asked and released her cell as Adam reached for it to study it. He was pushing buttons indiscriminately, and she knew he was astounded by her phone from the expressions flitting across his face.

“Well, I ain’t never seen pants like those before, and your shirt doesn’t even have sleeves. You were scammed when you bought those things,” Clint said.

Bella looked down at her clothes, not seeing anything wrong with them, and then she turned her eyes to theirs. They looked like something a cowboy would wear in an old Western movie. She noticed that all of them were wearing gun belts tied around their hips, Stetsons, and black boots, which looked to be handmade.

Bella remembered feeling ill when the world spun around her as she touched her sapphire pendant. The scenarios running through her head couldn’t be at all possible. No, she was just dreaming, maybe even hallucinating. She licked her dry lips. Her heart was beating rapidly against her breast, and she was panting as if she’d just run a mile. But she had to ask anyway.

“What’s the date?” she croaked out from her dry mouth.

“October twenty-third,” Clint answered with a frown.

“What year is it?”

“1865,” he stated.

Bella felt the breath leave her lungs. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she fainted for the second time in her life, within the space of twenty-four hours.


Adult Excerpt


Bella’s gaze got caught up on Clint’s. He had a wicked light gleaming in his eyes, which made her wonder what he was about to do. She didn’t have to wait long. He positioned himself between her splayed thighs until he was lying on his belly, leaving his mouth a hairbreadth away from her pussy. She could even feel his warm, moist air on her throbbing clit as he breathed out.

And then his mouth was there. He laved his tongue through her labial lips, going from her weeping, creamy hole to the top of her slit. The first lick of his tongue over her clit was her undoing. She thrashed her head from side to side on the pillow beneath her and screamed out her pleasure. Her pussy was clenching and releasing as pleasurable contractions coursed through her womb and her wet sheath. It was pure bliss. She’d never dreamed such pleasure existed, and they hadn’t even fucked her yet. As the last convulsion subsided, she could hear what the three men were saying.

“You’re so sexy when you come, darlin’. I can’t wait to get my cock in that pretty little ass of yours,” Adam said in a deep, rumbling voice.

“What? What do you mean? No. No way are you touching my ass.”

“Bella, we are going to fuck your cunt, your ass, and your mouth. We are going to give you so much pleasure, you’ll be begging for more.” Marcus groaned.

“But, you can’t do that. It’s not right.”

“Baby, if everything we do feels good, then it’s not wrong. Just lie back and relax. We know what we’re doing,” Clint said softly.

“But,” Bella began. Then her words were muffled as Adam leaned down and kissed her.

Bella couldn’t help but open up to his demand as Adam swept his tongue into her depths. God, he tasted good. She couldn’t get enough of him. She tangled her tongue with his and heard him growl in response to her mewling sounds.

Bella was overwhelmed by sensation. Marcus had just taken one of her nipples into his mouth and was suckling on her sensitive flesh. Clint was licking her pussy again and slowly penetrating her cunt with one of his large fingers, and Adam was devouring her mouth. She wanted more.

Bella reached up, grasped a handful of Adam’s hair, and held his mouth to hers. She arched her chest up into Marcus’s mouth and spread her legs as wide as they could go. She was burning up with a need so carnal and depraved she knew she would end up begging them to fuck her just like Marcus said. They all stopped when Clint’s loud growl reverberated through the room.

Bella had no idea what was going on and began to feel vulnerable and perverted as the three men moved off the bed. She was about to ask what she had done wrong when she realized they had begun tearing at their clothes. She gasped with awe as she looked over three of the sexiest, most muscular, masculine men she had ever seen. Clint was the leanest of the three brothers, but his muscles rippled with every move he made. His cock was the longest of all three brothers and slightly smaller in girth. She let her eyes drift over to Marcus. He was thicker in the chest and torso, his muscles larger, his thighs strong and delineated with striations, and also taut with arousal. But his cock…Oh my. It wasn’t as long as Clint’s, but it was definitely wider.

Bella’s eyes slid over to Adam, her gentle giant. He was so much taller than his brothers. His biceps were thicker, his pecs and abs were just as impressive, but his cock…He was the largest of them all in that department. He was only just slightly shorter in length than Clint, but he was nearly as thick around as her wrist. There was no way in hell that would fit anywhere in her body.

The three men crawled back onto the bed in the same position they had been previously. Clint eased up between her legs then pulled her down toward him by the hips. He was sitting between her spread thighs and was about to penetrate her tight, wet sheath.

Bella moaned as Clint’s cockhead touched her pussy. She wanted to arch up and impale herself on his hard rod but knew if she did she would hurt herself. So she let Clint ease his way into her body. He stopped when he had the head of his cock in her hole while he rubbed gently over her sensitive clit.

“Are you all right, baby?”

“Yes,” Bella moaned. “It’s not enough. Fuck me, Clint. Please.”

“Shh, darlin’, let Clint get in you slowly. He doesn’t want to hurt you,” Adam crooned then leaned over her and sucked a nipple into his mouth.

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