[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition]

Valentina Petrova leaves Russia after much personal tragedy to begin a new life after an old college friend in Colorado offers to help her. Already an American citizen, Valentina just needs help navigating the landscape and a financial boost to get started.

Wyatt Smith, an FBI agent, and Dillon Jones, an ER doctor, are tasked with telling Valentina that the man she counted on to help her is now dead. They offer her sanctuary and help her acclimate to American life. They also give her a peek into their unbridled lifestyle.

When she tries to collect the unclaimed money from her college bank account, she finds out it's been flagged and the FBI detains her. Will Wyatt be able to save her? And when her past catches up in the form of a Russian ex-fiancé that her father wanted her to marry, will Wyatt and Dillon lose her forever?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.

Unbridled and Unclaimed (MFM)
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Valentina Petrova got a wretched feeling in the pit of her stomach the moment she stepped down from the train and onto the rustic wooden platform in Ryder, Colorado. The lonely, hollow feeling was likely due to the lack of breakfast this morning. Or possibly, it was the additional lack of dinner the night before.

After nearly two days on a train she was just so grateful to have reached her final destination. So she dismissed the ache in her belly as unimportant for the moment and took a few steps into the crowds, dragging her luggage. Her singular bag, sporting a seriously wobbly wheel, was filled with everything she had left in this world.

People, streaming off the train and dressed in light autumn coats and sweaters, bustled around her. She rubbed one of her arms with a palm, wishing she’d been able to pack a heavy coat. The travelers gathered luggage and greeted loved ones who’d come to fetch them with kisses, hugs, or friendly pats on the back. Valentina took a circuitous route around the small groups of static people. She pulled her battered, burgundy, gimpy rolling bag slowly behind her.

Several steps away from the loud humming engine of the train, she searched through the throngs of people milling around for her friend, Henry Foreman. He was her lifesaver. Her only link to a life in this country hopefully filled with new opportunities. He’d promised to help change her dismal former life in Russia for the better.

In only the quiet recesses of her mind did Valentina dare admit that she desperately needed better.

She looked to her left and saw only a square, white post supporting the center of the overhang roof. She looked right and only saw dwindling people making their way to the parking lot and new destinations. She didn’t see anyone who stood out or seemed to be looking for her.

Here she was, a stranger in a land that had obviously forgotten her. She hoped Henry had not, and searched the surrounding area once more. Did she look different from her college days? She had not thought so.

Her friend Henry was a doctor. And when she’d known him long ago, he’d always been late to everything. Back in college, his tardiness was likely forgiven due to the fact that he was from a very rich family and president of his fraternity. His overall popularity probably helped keep him out of a lot of different kinds of trouble.

For today’s tardiness, it was not out of the realm of possibility that he’d be late due to his job as an ER doctor. She was, however, slightly surprised to not find him waiting. His few messages to her had been very enthusiastic about her pending arrival.

The last communication she’d had with Henry was a written one over two weeks ago. She’d had to give up her cell phone months ago as an extravagance she couldn’t afford. Her computer went next. She used the public Internet at the library as her primary communication source. And seemingly old-fashioned handwritten letters, too.

Henry had graciously sent the money for her tickets to Colorado all the way from Russia. She’d cried in relief, swore she’d live only to pay the debt back, and then planned the most inexpensive trip she could find. The one which put her on this train instead of an airplane for the final leg of her journey so she would have a bit of money for food along her journey.

With nowhere to go and no one to see until Henry came to get her, Valentina inhaled a deep lungful of fresh mountain air and crossed to a bench seat facing the train tracks. She sat down and consulted her wristwatch, trying to estimate how long she’d have to wait and how best to broach the subject of lunch as soon as possible when he arrived.

The beauty of the mountains from her viewpoint already made this arduous journey worth the difficulties she’d endured.

She was no shrinking violet, but the air today had a particularly powerful chill. It reminded her a bit of Russia. She shook her head to dismiss her previous life. No need to go back there again, even in her mind. Ever.

After fifteen minutes, she noticed two very handsome men saunter onto the platform. They looked around a bit and walked over toward the train. The large conveyance still rested on the tracks. The two men looked exactly like what she expected to see in an American cowboy. Not that they had ten-gallon hats or rode in on horses. They didn’t. But they wore well-fitted jeans and fleece-lined blue denim jackets and tooled leather cowboy boots.

Tall, rugged, and attractively masculine, these men made Valentina take notice. She could easily be impressed by their looks. But then mentally shook her head. She wasn’t here to get a man. She was here to begin a new life. One that didn’t include a healthy dose of fear each and every day. Or one that had a man dominating her every move or making daily choices for her. Ever again.

She did enjoy looking at attractive men, though. The two crossing the platform each had a very nice backside. This was her personal favorite attribute to study when watching men. Sure, she liked nice eyes and a good body, but there was something illicit in watching a man’s ass as he walked that made a long-neglected part of her libido stand up and sing.

The slightly shorter of the two men had burnished blond hair with light streaks, like he’d be better suited at the beach with a surfboard tucked under one arm. The other man, only an inch or two taller than his friend, had dark hair, dark eyes, and a rugged, square jaw with a hint of five-o’clock shadow already showing at noon. Sexy. Both of them were so very easy to look at.

Valentina purposefully turned her gaze away so as not to be caught leering.

They walked with a purpose, scanned the area of the platform, which was now mostly empty, and finally stopped by the white post she’d passed.

“Where do you think she is?” the blond asked his friend. He turned his head left and right, but didn’t seem to notice her.

“Hell if I know,” the dark-haired cowboy replied. “But we need to find her if she’s here.”


Adult Excerpt


Wyatt leaned in and peppered kisses along her shoulder and the back of her neck.

She moaned and reached behind her to stroke his side.

“Have you ever had a cock here before?” At the word here he pushed his cock against the crevice of her ass.

She shook her head. “Will it hurt when you do this? Is that why you think I am not ready?”

Wyatt loved that she was willing to try it. “Maybe a little at first. I’ll ensure you’re ready. I’ll stretch you with my fingers first, okay?”

“Yes. Please do.”

Wyatt carefully rolled a condom on his already rock-hard cock, grabbed the lube, and squeezed a generous amount over her anal hole. He also pushed more into that sweet, tight, puckered hole.

She didn’t resist. The sounds she made seemed encouraging. Soon, Dillon distracted her with a kiss. When Wyatt inserted the first finger into her rear channel, she moaned and pushed back against him as if she wanted him to go deeper. So he did.

When he added a second finger to her ass, she made a noise half between a moan and a grunt of satisfaction. Wyatt pushed his fingers deeper. His cock pulsed against her ass cheek, wanting desperately to replace his fingers with his randy cock.

As he stretched her, Dillon distracted her with a kiss and soon started stroking her clit.

Valentina allowed them to play with her for a few minutes, but soon stopped them.

“How does this work exactly? Two men sharing a woman.”

Dillon put his hands on her face and kissed her quickly. “Wyatt is stretching your rear channel. Once you’re ready, he’ll shove his wide, hard cock up inside your tight, virgin ass. Then I’ll impale you at the same time with my cock in your slick, hot pussy. We’ll both move inside of you and out again with our thick shafts. It’s called double penetration.”

She didn’t sound worried at all. “And will we do this right now?”

“We can. Are you sure you’re ready for us?”

“I am ready. I want to try this very much. I want to know what it is.”

Wyatt pulled his fingers halfway from her ass and then shoved them back inside as deeply as he could. She groaned and her knees buckled. Dillon kept her from falling. “I don’t know that you understand. My cock is bigger than my fingers. If I put my sizeable dick inside here instead, it will hurt a little bit more.”

“I understand. But I want it. It is very naughty. Almost illicit. I believe I like things that are seemingly forbidden.”


* * * *


Valentina was so turned on by the prospect of sharing these two amazing men, she didn’t care if it hurt. The words forbidden pleasure echoed in her mind. She wanted to try it now. She wanted to feel both of their cocks shoved deeply inside of her body.

The woman in her aunt’s apartment, who had the two men living with her, had been talking on the phone one day to some friend of hers. She’d described something that Valentina hadn’t quite understood at the time. Now she got it. Now it was clear what she’d been talking about. Threesome sex and double penetration.

There had been whispers amongst the other apartment dwellers regarding what went on between the threesomes in bed. Much speculation and whispered gossip abounded about whether they were all in bed at the same time, or if the woman in the relationship just hopped from one bed to the other. The overheard conversation made clearer what Wyatt and Dillon had just explained.

Valentina was about to find out exactly what truly went on.

She didn’t know what would happen tomorrow, or later on after that. She only knew that she wanted to experience it right now. Tomorrow was no guarantee. Her new mantra since moving to the US was Live for today. Always. Tomorrow is no guarantee. It was another version of what her Aunt Sonya had been fond of saying regarding the future. Live for today.

And so she would.

Wyatt moved the tip of his sheathed cock to her anal hole and pushed her forward to ease his entry. “If you want me to stop, I will. Just tell me.”

Her face bumped into Dillon’s cock. She slipped her lips over him and distracted the both of them as Wyatt attempted to slip his huge cock into her ass.

She was so excited she wanted to squeal in joy, but her mouth was full of Dillon’s cock.

Wyatt’s hand went to her lower back as if to hold her in place as he slid inside. The pressure of his entry grew and grew. It didn’t hurt, but she was afraid it would, and tensed up.

Wyatt stroked her back. “Relax,” he murmured. She took a breath through her nose and pushed it back out again. She relaxed her body. His cock slid forward past the ring of muscles guarding her rear channel. He suddenly half filled her ass with his humongous cock. The dark, burning pleasure was like nothing she had ever felt before. Like nothing she’d ever imagined.

Dillon pulled her mouth off his cock and she rose slowly and carefully to press against his chest. Wyatt had stopped moving. His cock was jammed halfway in her butt, and he was breathing hard.

“You’re so tight, Valentina.” He reached around her body, slid his hand between her legs, and stroked her clit several times. His aim was sure. He rubbed her clit and the sensation of wanting to come overwhelmed her.

This maneuver also made her relax, and his wide cock intruded into her body even further. The discomfort was overridden by the dark, naughty pleasure of the act. Two bold words came to mind once again. Forbidden. Pleasure.

Dillon kissed her face. “I hope you’re ready to have your pussy filled up with my huge cock.”

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