[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, public exhibition, sex toys, vampires/werewolves, HEA]
Anna Mason’s quiet life as a bookstore owner is shattered the night she gets lost in the North Carolina forest. While trying to find her way back to her camp, she stumbles upon a horrific fight. The violence is right out of some of the best-selling novels in her bookstore. Terrified, Anna runs for her life, only to run straight into the arms of lycan Alpha Marcus and his beta, Derek.    
When Marcus holds the frightened little rabbit that accidentally witnessed a fight between lycans and vampires, he thinks he’ll just be capturing and releasing. He never imagines the attraction between them will be so instant and so intense. Even though he releases her, she is all he can think about. He is tempted to retrieve her, but they are from different worlds.  
Then, Marcus and Derek meet Anna in an underground BDSM club and everything changes. Not only is the pull stronger than ever, but the vampire overlord Mortef notices how attracted Marcus and Derek are to Anna.
If he gets his fangs into Anna, she will be the vampire’s slave forever.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lycans Embrace (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Sara Anderson is a wonderful author who tells the hottest stories! I loved this!!
Pretty good. I'm intrigued by the shifter worked portrayed in this book and I'm looking forward to reading about Rachel in hopefully an upcoming book, as well as Logan and perhaps this Emily he fel in love with long ago. As for Anna, Marus ans Derek, I liked them. I especially liked Derek's personality. I do think the chacacters could use more depth though. I didn't feel liked we truly got to know Derek and Marcus. Their portrayal, when compared to Anna (and to some extent, even Logan) felt a bit superficial. Like there could have been more, and there was maybe a bit more development with Derek, but the author didn't go deep at all with the heroes. I hope in future books she spends more time on the hero or heroes and makes us really feel their intent and emotions.




Anna stood frozen as if they’d restrained her, yet only Marcus’s gaze held her. The others that had been silent around them started to chatter.

“Yerel,” Marcus called over his shoulder. “I know you’re exhausted, old friend, but could you please just look at her? She fell hard a few times.”

“Yes, Alpha,” the silver-haired man from the fight came forward. “I am tired, but I have enough energy left to make sure she isn’t badly hurt.”

Anna swallowed hard and wanted to run. The man’s eyes weren’t right. They were dark as he approached her.

“She’s terrified,” Yerel said as he approached her.

“I can imagine she is, healer,” Marcus said as he watched her. “Is she hurt?”

Yerel placed his hands on her injured wrist. His touch was hot, not scalding hot, but noticeably hot. The heat sank into her flesh and it felt like a soothing heating pad on injured flesh.

Yerel’s eyes opened and instead of the blackness she’d seen before, they were a deep blue. “She has some bruising and a sprain. While she will be sore, it is nothing that time and rest won’t cure.”

The wolf Tyler walked up and put his arm around Yerel. “Come on, let’s get you home to rest.”

Yerel sagged in Tyler’s arms. “Thank you. I am tired.”

Marcus turned back around and faced Anna. “Now to get this pretty female home.”

“So you’re going to alter her memory, Alpha?” One of the wolves asked.

“Yes,” Marcus said as his dark gaze held hers captive. His finger stroked an uninjured part of her cheek. “She won’t remember any of this, and I’ll send an enforcer to take her back to safety.”

“Fuck, Alpha, that was close. I about shat when I scented a human during that fight.”

Marcus never took his eyes off her as he replied, “Yes, Derek, that was close, but I knew we could easily catch our frightened kitten here.” Marcus looked around. “Tyler, I understand you were excited from our hunt and fight with the vampire coven, but next time, try not to scare a little harmless female any more than she already is. I had a feeling from the beginning she was just a lost camper.”

“Yeah, Eric,” another voice added. “It’s bad enough what happened at the camp, did you have to scare her, too? She could know the other humans that those bloodsuckers killed.”

“Fuck you, Allan. She’s not going to remember any of this. We got to her in time. And the cops don’t think the ones that survived knew the ones that died,” Eric said defending himself.

A blond man came forward and stared at her. Fine hair still covered his arms, reminding Anna that these men weren’t completely human. “God, Marcus, just look at her. She’s beautiful. I don’t think it is the scent of her fear that is driving me crazy either. I want her more than I have ever wanted another female.”

Marcus leaned in. “I agree, Derek. I feel an urge to claim her, and it’s not just the fighting mixed with her scent of fear I find so alluring.”




Marcus lifted her and she felt her body nestle into a little nook in the wall. She opened her eyes just as Marcus lifted her hands and she felt cool leather wrap around her wrists. Her eyes widened as she remembered the other woman on the wall. “What are you doing?”

“Shhh. Don’t talk unless you want to say your safeword. Screaming is appropriate, though.”

“Screaming?” Anna’s voice shook a little, but then she gasped when Marcus gripped the lace of her panties and yanked, tearing them off her. She felt cool air hit her pussy as Marcus pushed her legs wide.

With wide eyes, Anna looked around the dance floor to see who was staring at her. She was literally clinging to the wall, but she felt well supported by the seat. There were flashing strobe lights, gyrating bodies, women and men alike crying out as they found ecstasy, but no one was staring at her. Her attention slammed back to Marcus when he shoved her legs wide apart and pinned her into place. She tried to pull her arms down, but the cuffs held them securely.

Anna felt Marcus’s hot breath along her flesh for a second before his tongue pressed against her clit and every fear melted away as sensations swamped her, making her body go rigid. It was delicious torture as he held her in place while his tongue stroked hard and fast over her clit. He held her imprisoned against the wall and she was helpless to do anything but cry out as Marcus’s tongue moved hard and fast.

“You started without me, I see.”

Anna’s eyes flew open and she saw Derek, the man that Marcus had called his enforcer and had taken her to the police station to ensure she didn’t remember them.

Marcus rumbled something without taking his lips from her clit. The vibration sent shivers of rapture through her body and all she could do was arch her back as much as the restraints and Marcus would allow.

“Why yes, I would be happy to help, and she already knows me. I helped her get back to civilization when she was lost.” Derek stepped closer and leaned into her ear. “Does your Master have you on the edge of that cliff? We like to hold our little subs there for a bit.”

Anna nodded as she gulped in air. Once again she felt the momentum build, only to have Marcus back off and the feeling of being on the edge faded to a level hum of pleasure.

“Tell me, Anna, have you ever had two lovers before?” Derek pulled the straps of her camisole away until it bunched down below her breast and he started running light circles around her dark areola and then pinched her nipple until it was just to the point of pain. The pain morphed and added to her pleasure.

Anna arched her back again as her orgasm neared completion. She couldn’t concentrate on Derek’s words. Two lovers at once? “No.”

“You’re going to tonight, dear. We’re going to fuck you all night long and maybe even all day, too…unless you want to say your safeword.”

Anna turned to look at him. Really? Her safeword now? There was no way she was going to make him stop. She felt more now than she’d ever felt before. No one had made her feel as much as Marcus and Derek did.

Then her body seized as white-hot pleasure engulfed her.

Anna’s lungs burned from her breath panting in and out of her. Her hands gripped the leather straps and her head shook from side to side. She was going to come, right here on the dancefloor. I can’t! People are watching! Another shot of erotic heat blasted through her body and she no longer cared. As much as Marcus let her, she thrust her hips to meet his tongue. For a moment, she felt she was on the edge of a cliff before she fell over into the hot abyss as white noise cut out everything but her own cries as the shockwaves of her orgasm washed over her.

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