Deadly Rescue (MM)

Driscoll Security 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,695
15 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Several attempted abductions have already taken place against Samuel Whitlock, so his father, billionaire tycoon Malcolm Whitlock, hires security in the form of wolf shifter named Jesse Hart. Sam was taught by his father that shifters are savages, brutal and untrustworthy, so why on earth would Malcolm trust one to keep Sam safe? Sam is leery of his new bodyguard when he meets Jesse, but he’s also secretly intrigued by the gorgeous man.

Jesse isn’t too keen on his latest assignment to guard a demon. Whatever. He goes where his firm sends him, and he’ll get through this, or so he thinks. Then he meets Sam, who he quickly realizes is his mate. It’s the worst possible scenario, and Jesse has never crossed the line when it comes to a client, but his control is tested with the gorgeous little demon. When the person after Sam finally succeeds, it’s up to Jesse to get his mate back and make the culprit pay.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Deadly Rescue (MM)
15 Ratings (4.6)

Deadly Rescue (MM)

Driscoll Security 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,695
15 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole


Sam swung his gaze to the man who had just entered, and his jaw nearly dropped. Mr. Hart was tall and lean, with killer blue eyes and dark hair. Sexy was the world’s biggest understatement, but he also looked arrogant as fuck. He wore a suit and tie, with a Windsor knot, and gleaming black shoes. He was like a model who’d stepped off the cover of a magazine.

Great. Just what I don’t need.

 The guy would probably be horrified when he saw Sam’s shop. Not only did he sell lingerie but also sex toys and all manner of lubes, and he’d just gotten in a new line of vibrators that would make Mr. Arrogant want to run away. The only reason Sam had opened a sex shop, as his father called it, was to piss Malcolm off, a finger to his father.

It hadn’t worked. Malcolm hadn’t batted an eye at Sam’s choice. Again, another indulgence. Not that his father was proud of him. If Malcolm ever felt pride, he’d never told Sam.

Mr. Hart held out his hand, and Sam got up, crossed the room, and shook it. He expected the guy to squeeze his fingers, the kind of dominant play that Sam hated, but his grip was firm, but gentle, and he let go of Sam’s hand with a smile.

A forced smile. “Please, call me Jesse.”

“I’m confident Ian Driscoll went over my requests,” Malcom said to Jesse in a scathing tone.

“Yes, sir.” Jesse nodded.

Malcolm eyed the guy. “I’m not particularly fond of the fact that a wolf shifter will be guarding my son, but your firm came highly recommended.”

Sam’s gaze shot to his father. What the hell? Malcolm had preached to Sam his entire life that shifters were savages, uncouth beasts that could not be trusted, yet he’d hired a wolf to keep him safe? He desperately wanted to question Malcolm, but Sam knew better. When his father made his mind up, there was no arguing with him.

Still, Sam wanted to take a few steps back.

“My son is to be guarded at all times. No cigarette breaks, no letting him talk you into going off on his own, and keep your hands to yourself. Samuel is delicate, naïve, and I’ll not have you taking advantage of him.”

Sam. Was. Mortified.

“I don’t smoke,” Jesse said. “I’m a professional, so I’m not easily duped, and I have no interest in getting involved with a client on a personal level, sir.”

Malcolm gave a firm nod. Sam’s father had never had a problem with him being gay. It was another indulgence. But my god, did he have to say the last part? Sam was not delicate and naïve, goddamn it. And did Jesse have to look so stiff standing there, like an immovable object?

“I have a meeting I need to get to.” Malcolm turned toward Sam. “He’s here to make sure you’re safe, son. Don’t try to slip your detail. The last abduction attempt was too close. You’re a Whitlock, which means there are those who would use you to get to me.”

It was always about Malcolm. How nice would it have been if his father had said he cared about him and didn’t want to see any harm come to him? No, it was about his father not wanting anyone to use Sam as leverage, for the weak link in his armor to be exposed.

And Sam was Malcolm’s weak link because he hadn’t been born with powers. Maybe that was why Malcolm had hired a shifter. If something happened to Sam, his father wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore.

He quickly dismissed that idea. Malcolm Whitlock might have been a lot of things, but Sam knew he cared about his offspring. Even if he never said the words.

Sam followed behind Jesse. They rode the elevator downstairs in silence and walked into the parking garage. The man’s blue eyes were everywhere as he led Sam to a black Yukon. Jesse opened the back door, and Sam slipped inside, wincing when the guy slammed the door and walked to the driver’s side.


It seemed Jesse was about as happy with this as Sam was. Whatever. Sam was going to do his best to pretend Jesse wasn’t even there, though, damn, why did the guy have to be so gorgeous? A gorgeous, arrogant man who would follow Malcolm’s instructions to the letter.

Sam kept glancing at Jesse as he drove. Why would Malcolm entrust Sam’s care to a shifter? That made no sense. Even if Sam called his father right now, Malcolm would tell Sam not to question his decision and deal with it.

Jesse kept his eyes on the road, never looking in the rearview at Sam. The guy’s wolf scent filled the interior, and to Sam’s dismay, he wasn’t offended by it. In fact, Jesse smelled kind of nice. He wore a hint of cologne that wasn’t overpowering, and it blended in with his natural scent. That combination was kind of heady.

Sam didn’t even have to give directions to his shop. Malcom must have told Jesse, because he navigated his way with ease. They pulled up to the entrance at the back of the store. Sam started to open the door, but Jesse’s words stopped him.

“I’ll let you out when I know it’s safe, Mr. Whitlock. I would ask that you not go against that.”

With a frustrated sigh, Sam pulled his hand away from the handle and waited for Jesse to get out and look around. Jesse scented the air then headed for Sam’s door. Sam slid out and walked into the back of the shop, uncaring that Jesse hadn’t come in first. He was uneasy around Jesse, but damn if Sam would show that.

“Sammy!” Gloria hurried over as best she could since she was wearing six-inch stilettos. It was more like graceful shuffling. “Mwah.” She air-kissed both cheeks. “How did your visit with daddy go?”

“Please stop calling my father daddy.” Sam rolled his eyes as he chucked a thumb over his shoulder to indicate Jesse, who had stopped at the threshold between the front of the store and the back. “That’s how it went.”

Gloria slid her gaze over Jesse. “Oh my. You were nearly kidnapped and your daddy sent a model?”

Sam chuckled. “I highly doubt Mr. Hart will model a damn thing for you. He’s probably mentally freaking out right now because of the sex dungeon he’s walked into.”

“That’s too bad,” Gloria purred as she batted her eyes at Jesse. “I wouldn’t mind removing his shirt and oiling him up. I bet he could pull in sales like nobody’s business if the ladies saw him on display.”

Sam heard a choking sound behind him. He looked over his shoulder and was surprised to see how wide Jesse’s eyes were. Gloria had that effect on people. She was a catty drag queen who had no compunction about saying what was on her mind. Jesse looked like he was ready to bolt.




Jesse forced that thought out of his head as he shoved his jeans and underwear off. Sam’s breathing hitched as his eyes focused on Jesse’s hard cock.

He was struggling internally. Protect Sam. That was all that mattered. Would mating him throw off Jesse’s focus? His mate had had multiple attempts against him, yet as much as Jesse wanted to walk away, to keep them from getting in too deep, he couldn’t muster the strength.

Jesse was all in now, and he wasn’t going to back away unless Sam called a halt to this. But his mate didn’t. He flipped to his hands and knees, and Jesse expected his mate to kiss him, but Sam moved closer and wrapped his lips around Jesse’s cock.

“Son of a bitch,” Jesse groaned. Sam’s tongue was so damn hot as he licked Jesse from tip to base then back again. Jesse’s heart pounded as he gripped strands of Sam’s dark hair, keeping him in place as he guided the head to Sam’s lips.

Sam took the head of Jesse’s cock into his mouth and groaned. The sound reverberated through Jesse and sent waves of need pounding through his body. Jesse jerked against Sam’s tongue as his mate took more of him.

“Fuck…Sam.” His mate began to stroke him as he sucked Jesse off, palming his balls. His ass was jutted into the air, and Jesse groaned at the need to sink inside of his mate. His blood raced with heat and need.

As badly as he wanted Sam to finish what he’d started, Jesse knew he wouldn’t last long with that talented tongue. They had plenty of time for that later. Right now his skin felt too tight. His wolf was snarling, and Jesse was too damn close already.

He pulled back, watching as his cock slipped from Sam’s mouth, Sam’s saliva coating Jesse’s dick. His mate looked up at him, his eyes questioning.

“If you keep sucking me that way, I’ll explode.”

“I think that’s the point.” Sam tried to reach for Jesse’s cock again, but Jesse grabbed his wrist.

“Not where I want to come, babe.” He scooped Sam up and dropped him onto the bed, coming down on top of him. Sam wrapped his arms and legs around Jesse.

Sam ran his hands over Jesse’s back, his legs squeezing him, as if his mate was afraid Jesse would pull away. Not a chance in hell. Jesse dropped his mouth over Sam’s, their lips fusing.

And Sam knew how to kiss. He gave as good as he got, their tongues dueling, gliding against the other before Jesse sucked Sam’s into his mouth, his cock growing harder as Sam moaned. Jesse absently patted the bed for the bottle of lube he’d seen, ecstatic when his fingers touched it.

Sam still clung to him, his limbs curled around Jesse, as Jesse lathered his cock. He tossed the bottle aside, pulled his head back, and stared into Sam’s trusting eyes as he pressed the head of his cock to his mate’s hole.


“Yes.” Sam nodded. “Please, Jesse, make me yours.”

Sam’s body clamped around Jesse’s cock as he entered him. The tight heat was almost his undoing. Jesse clenched his jaw and froze, trying to reel back his impending orgasm.


Jesse closed his eyes. “Just…just give me a second. I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you, thought about this a million times, of my cock deep inside of you. I just need a moment.”

“Okay,” Sam whispered.

Jesse lowered his mouth to Sam’s ear. “Tell me what you want me to do to you, sweetheart. I want to hear the words.”

Sam shivered. “I’ve never…I don’t know what to say.”

“You know exactly what you want,” Jesse said. “I’m not going to move until you tell me what I want to hear.”

“I-I want you to fuck me.”

Jesse gave a low, gravelly laugh. “Baby, you can do much better than that.”

It also gave time for Jesse to control his body. He was no longer on the edge, teetering toward falling off. The tension was no longer at the breaking point.

Sam licked his lips. “I…I want to feel your dick pounding into my ass. I want to scream your name.”

Jesse sucked in a breath at Sam’s dirty words. He thrust inside his mate to the hilt, and Sam cried out. Jesse pulled back then did it again. Sam lifted his lower half, as if silently begging Jesse to move faster. He had no intention of doing so. Jesse wanted to draw this out for as long as possible.

He pulled Sam’s arms from around his neck and reared back. Then Jesse grabbed his mate’s ankles and spread his legs, Sam’s knees bent. The sight of his cock buried inside Sam made Jesse jerk with lust. He slid back, leaving in just the head, then pushed forward.

“Too slow,” Sam argued with a whine.

Jesse gave his mate a devilish grin while squeezing Sam’s ankles. “We go at my tempo, or we don’t go at all.”

“I swear I’m going to smack you.” Sam gripped the blanket in his fists. “You’re torturing me.”

“Do you want me to go at lightning speed? This will be over in three minutes.”

“Yes. No. Yes. Fuck.” Sam closed his eyes. “I’ve never been slow-fucked before, and I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.”

Jesse pulled back slowly then slammed into his mate. Sam gasped as he opened his eyes. “I think you love it.”

“Maybe I do.” He arched his back, his legs pulling slightly. “Do that again.”

He alternated between fast and slow, keeping Sam right at the edge. Just when he thought his mate would fall over, Jesse eased back. Sam wasn’t the only one being tortured, but Jesse wasn’t going to let this end in three minutes.

“Grab the headboard, Sam.”

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