Blood Moon Rising (MM)

Willow Point 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,063
14 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Shape-shifters, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Liam’s world came crashing down around him, and now he’s in witness protection from a ruthless criminal who slaughtered Liam’s entire family. Not all of them. Now Liam has custody of his four-year-old nephew who witnessed the murders. Liam is thrust into a small town called Willow Point and has no idea what to do or how to raise a child. When Bruno Rawbone finds out where Liam is hiding, Liam turns to the man who inserts himself into Liam’s life. His knight in furry armor.

Gatlin never thought to find his mate. In truth, he never thought to have one. Not when he holds a dark secret that is a mark on his soul. But when he discovers Liam and Morgan renting Braylon’s childhood home, and learns the two are in hiding, Gatlin will protect them with his life. But trouble finds them, and now Liam is missing. It’s up to Gatlin to save his mate and bring him home where he belongs.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Blood Moon Rising (MM)
14 Ratings (4.6)

Blood Moon Rising (MM)

Willow Point 14

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,063
14 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole

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Liam wasn’t too keen on having leftover pizza for breakfast, but until he made it to the grocery store, that was the only option. Which Morgan didn’t seem to mind. He devoured two slices and the rest of the bread sticks.

Maybe Liam could ask Braylon to take him to the grocery store. Just as long as Landry wasn’t there. He still didn’t feel comfortable with the way Landry had studied Morgan and made a note to himself to make sure his nephew wasn’t anywhere around the guy today.

Noon rolled around too fast. Liam had given Morgan a bath then let him run around outside, making sure Morgan understood the rule about not shifting today.

All too soon the doorbell rang. Liam looked at Morgan who was sitting on the living room floor playing with his Matchbox cars. He’d tried to coax Morgan upstairs multiple times in the last hour, but his nephew kept coming back down. So Liam decided to keep the boy close and pray the child didn’t turn into a furry wolf.

“No shifting.”

“No shift-team,” Morgan repeated.

Taking a deep breath, Liam opened the door. Braylon and Landry stood there, along with the sexiest stranger Liam had ever laid eyes on. Holy shit! His dark blue T-shirt stretched across miles and miles of muscles. Liam had never seen anyone that gorgeous in his life. He’d never been attracted to anyone with a beard but damn if it didn’t look good on the rugged man.

“Come in.” Liam stepped aside, watching to see if Landry gave Morgan too much attention.

“Thanks for not having a fit over us stopping by,” Braylon said as he passed Liam. “I promise we won’t be long.”

Liam nodded, forcing himself not to drool over the stranger. It was hard not to since he was so freaking gorgeous. Liam wasn’t comfortable feeling that way considering what he was going through, but he was human, and he couldn’t help appreciating how stunning the stranger was. Broad shoulders, massive chest and biceps, tall as hell, and a trim waist.


“This is Gatlin Norrington.” Braylon waved a hand behind him. “He’s going to take a look at the plumbing.”

Gatlin. Liam really liked that name. He liked how stunning the man was even more. He had the prettiest, most sensual turquoise eyes ever, with thick, dark lashes that only made the color more dramatic. Liam had always been a sucker for pretty eyes.

“He also owns Gatlin Garage,” Braylon said. “So, if you need your car fixed—”

“Don’t own a car.” Liam closed the door behind him.

“Oh, okay.” Braylon nodded. “Well, we’ll get moving so we can be out of your hair as quickly as possible. Remind me to leave my phone number in case you have any problems. I promise to get back to you right away with any issues or concerns.”

Liam watched as Gatlin smiled at Morgan. “Hey, pup.”

Morgan beamed as he got up and came over to where everyone stood. “You’re big like Hulk.”

Gatlin chuckled. “Yeah, but I’m not green.”

Liam froze. Why did Gatlin call him a pup? That was what Erol had called his son. Did Gatlin know Morgan was a shifter? How? Was Gatlin a shifter, too? Liam’s stepfather told him the world was filled with shifters and not just wolves. He’d also explained to Liam when Liam was a teenager that there were also vampires and demons and a council called the Ultionem that ruled over the nonhumans.

That was one thing Liam had loved about his stepdad. Thomas never held anything back. He’d always been honest with Liam, no matter the subject. The only time Liam wished Thomas hadn’t been brutally honest was when his stepdad had sat him down to have the sex talk. Especially after Thomas had found out that Liam was gay.

That had been the most embarrassing conversation of Liam’s life, but his stepdad hadn’t balked at the conversation. He’d told Liam that if he couldn’t talk about sex, then he shouldn’t be having it.

Gatlin hunkered down and stuck out his hand. Morgan’s hand was swallowed as he shook Gatlin’s. “It’s nice to meet you, pup. What’s your name?”

“He’s Mason,” Liam quickly said.

“Morgan,” his nephew said at the same time.

Liam groaned. He saw now that making Morgan remember that he should be Mason was a losing battle. He couldn’t blame his nephew. The child was only four. It wasn’t as if he knew the gravity of the situation, no matter how many times Liam had told him he was now Mason. Liam had argued that Morgan would never remember, but since Bruno was a huge case for them, no one had wanted to take any chances.

Gatlin rose to his feet, towering over Liam. “And you are?”

“Mitch.” Liam hated calling himself that, but he knew how dire his situation was. If Bruno found out where he was, the guy would finish the job. Liam didn’t want to die, but he also wanted to protect Morgan, too.

“Nuh-uh.” Morgan shook his head. “You’re Leam.”

Now Liam had four sets of eyes on him. Especially Landry’s eyes. They were intense as he looked Liam over. “I just retired from my job as a deputy, Mitch. Or should I call you Leam?”

“What’s going on?” Braylon asked with troubled eyes. “Oh god, please don’t tell me you kidnapped this boy!”

Now Liam had four sets of eyes on him. Especially Landry’s eyes. They were intense as he looked Liam over. “I just retired from my job as a deputy, Mitch. Or should I call you Leam?”

“What’s going on?” Braylon asked with troubled eyes. “Oh god, please don’t tell me you kidnapped this boy!”

Liam wanted a hole to open up and swallow him. His heart was beating so fast that he should have passed out. Panic settled in as he scrambled for an explanation, but none came to him, so he deflected the question with a question. “Why on earth would you jump to that conclusion?”

“What’s kidmap?” Morgan asked with scrunched eyebrows.

Liam slid his arm around Morgan’s small shoulders. “It’s when a grownup takes a child from his mommy and daddy.” He wasn’t going to tell his nephew what to say. Liam didn’t want to look as if he was coercing Morgan.

Landry hunkered down and smiled at Morgan. “Mitch is your uncle?”

Morgan shook his head.




“Thank you.” Liam set his glass aside. “I mean it, Gatlin. When I first got here, I had no idea what to do. It feels like some white knight stepped in, and suddenly some of the weight on my shoulders eased.”

Liam hadn’t meant to say all that, but once he’d said thank you, the rest had just tumbled out.

Gatlin picked Liam up and sat, putting Liam in his lap. “Gatlin!”

“Hush.” Gatlin kissed his temple. “I know you’re not ready to be claimed, and I’ll give you all the time you need, but please don’t deny me this. My wolf is going nuts, and I’m keeping him locked down, but I can’t help touching you. I need that connection.”

After everything Gatlin had done for him, could Liam deny him such a small thing? No, he couldn’t. And Gatlin was right. Liam wasn’t ready for anything more, not yet. He had to admit, though, the simple act of touching turned him on.

“Fine, petting is allowed.”

Gatlin grinned, and damn if that smile wasn’t sexy. “How about I show you the bedroom and get a little petting in while Morgan plays with Gem and Braylon?”

“I don’t know.” Liam still had a hard time trusting others with his nephew. He also had a hard time letting Morgan out of his sight for too long. His worst fear was that he’d come back and Morgan would be gone.

Gatlin tucked his fingers under Liam’s chin and made him look at those gorgeous turquoise eyes. “Morgan is safe, Liam. Gem and Braylon are out here with him, and there are six wolf shifters inside. As soon as we go into the house, they’ll come out here. Morgan is safer than even the president. If anyone tries anything, trust me when I tell you they’ll regret ever stepping foot on this property. But if you’re that fearful, petting can wait. I won’t be mad, Liam. I swear.”

Liam’s fears were justified as long as Bruno was on the loose. Even after the arrest, if the feds could find him, Bruno could still send his goons to silence Liam and Morgan. He wasn’t sure he’d ever feel safe again.

But he couldn’t put his life on hold. Liam still needed to find a job, which meant a babysitter. That thought terrified him. Maybe a distraction was just what he needed.

“Ten minutes.” That was all Liam could stand to be separated from Morgan. “And you have to let me thank your friends, especially Landry for giving Morgan toys and clothes.”

A growl rumbled in Gatlin’s chest. “Fine, but please don’t get too close to them. I’m really not trying to be a dick, but it’s in my wolf’s nature to kill anyone who comes near you until we bind our souls and he’s satisfied that you’re mine.”

It seemed like a macho, possessive, alpha-male thing, but Liam wasn’t a shifter, so he would never understand what Gatlin was going through right now. “And after the two weeks you won’t be so jealous?”

“I still won’t want any male touching you, but, yes, after the honeymoon period I won’t be so dangerous.”

Somehow Liam doubted that. His mom might not have been Thomas’s mate, but he’d still been very possessive of her. For anyone who didn’t hold the knowledge of nonhumans, it might have looked like Thomas was obsessed with his wife. But Liam’s mom loved that about her husband, and Liam loved how protective Thomas was about her.

Gatlin stood, setting Liam on his feet. “Ten minutes.”

“I’ll be right back,” Liam hollered to Gem and Braylon. They gave a wave but didn’t look his way. They were too engrossed with playing with Morgan.

And Gatlin was right. As soon as they went inside, the men passed them, heading toward the backyard.

“Wait,” Liam said as he moved a distance away from them. “I just wanted to thank all of you for helping me and Morgan.”

The guys said Liam was welcome but kept moving toward the kitchen. This seemed ridiculous to Liam, but he heeded both Braylon’s and Gatlin’s warning.

“Thank you, Landry. For all this furniture and the gifts you gave my nephew.”

Landry nodded. “You don’t need to thank me, but you’re welcome.”

Gatlin grabbed Liam’s hand and led him upstairs.

“That was rude.”

“They understand,” Gatlin said. “They’re good guys, and they know what I’m going through right now.”

As soon as they entered Liam’s room, Liam asked, “And what are you going through right now?”

He knew the answer, but Liam couldn’t help but tease Gatlin. The guy was too damn serious right now, and Liam wanted to see his mate smile. He wanted to lighten the mood, which, in turn, would lighten him, too.

His mate. That still blew Liam’s mind.

“Better to show you.” Gatlin closed the door and pinned Liam against it. Their bodies were aligned, and Liam could feel how hard Gatlin was. But Gatlin’s hold was loose, as if he would step away from Liam if Liam wanted out of the man’s arms. Which he didn’t. Liam needed this, to forget, even for a moment, to feel grounded, safe, and wanted.

Then Gatlin dipped his head and gave Liam a toe-curling kiss as he moved his hands over Liam’s hips and sides. Liam groaned as he sucked on Gatlin’s tongue, pressing his palms to Gatlin’s chest and loving how hard the man’s muscles felt under his fingers. Need zipped through Liam like an electrical storm, making his cock hard as stone as he moaned into Gatlin’s mouth.

Fuck, Liam’s cock pressed against his zipper as he slid his hands under Gatlin’s T-shirt, loving how his mate’s bronzed skin felt, how hard his pectoral muscles were, and how rigid his abdomen was.

“Just petting,” Gatlin said against Liam’s mouth as he picked Liam up and took him to the bed.

Liam whimpered as Gatlin laid him down then stretched out next to him, kissing and nipping across Liam’s jaw and neck.

He was so turned on that he just might come from this foreplay. Liam didn’t want to go any further, but damn if resisting Gatlin was an easy thing to do. His body was primed, ready for Gatlin to take him. His cock throbbed heavily, and his hole ached to be filled.

“I just need…Gatlin, I just…”

“I got you, baby.” Gatlin unfastened Liam’s pants and shoved his hand between Liam’s body and his underwear.

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