Defending Braylon (MM)

Willow Point 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,432
13 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Braylon Kemp just inherited his childhood home, bringing him back to Willow Point after being gone so long. He isn’t sure if he wants to sell the property or keep it. While walking his pet piglets and goose one morning, he runs into a sexy deputy who has Braylon wondering if maybe settling in town isn’t such a bad idea. Until his uncle shows up, a guy Braylon hasn’t seen in fifteen years, and Uncle Elliot is up to something. Braylon can feel it in his bones.

Deputy Landry Brennan envies his coworkers who have all found their mates. It drives home the fact that he’s still single, until he spots a curious guy walking unusual pets. Befriending Braylon seemed like the right thing to do and discovers that the human is his mate. When Braylon is shot, Landry will do whatever it takes to protect his mate, even when Landry finds himself in the fight for his own life.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Defending Braylon (MM)
13 Ratings (4.8)

Defending Braylon (MM)

Willow Point 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,432
13 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole

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Landry had started his shift an hour ago. He was fully awake, but he did love his morning coffee from Kent’s. He also loved all the aromas permeating the air. They were a bit overwhelming but still smelled amazing.

After getting his coffee, Landry walked to his patrol car and stopped dead in his tracks. His jaw actually fell open as he watched the sexiest twink he’d ever seen come around the corner.

That wasn’t what drew his attention, although the stranger had Landry’s cock stirring to life.

It was the fact that he had three piglets with him. All three were wearing harnesses, and he was leading them by a leash. They stopped at every scent, sniffing and grunting, and the stranger waited patiently as his animals explored.

What the hell?

Never in Landry’s three hundred and sixteen years had he seen anything like this. One piglet had a red bow around its neck, another a green one, and the third had a pink bow.

The piglets themselves were pink with black splotches in various places over their bodies. The stranger bent and smiled as he petted them, while one was snuffling at an empty candy bar wrapper.

Landry took in the sight, unsure if he was seeing what he was seeing. The stranger himself was around five-six. He had golden-blond hair, big green eyes, and had the nicest ass Landry had ever seen.

Small but rounded.

It was early morning, the sun barely up. Landry just had to introduce himself and get the story behind those piglets.

Before he could take a step, a white duck waddled around the corner. The thing stopped by the piglets and shook out its feathers.

Oh yeah. Landry was definitely still sleeping and this was some bizarre dream. His wolf took notice of the animals.

Landry took noticed of the guy.

Curious as hell, he strode to the sidewalk across the street from Kent’s. The guy looked up, and Landry felt as if he’d just been punched in the gut. The stranger was even more beautiful up close.

“Oh, hi.” The guy gave Landry a dazzling smile before it faded. “Am I breaking some kind of law by taking my babies on a walk?”


Landry’s wolf went nuts, and he knew why. It was dying to get to those piglets. “Uh, no. It’s fine, just as long as you clean up any mess they make and they don’t bother anyone.”

The stranger pulled out a small roll of doggy poop bags. “They never bother people and I’ve got the potty thing covered. I’m a very responsible pet parent.”

Pet parent?

“These are your pets?” Landry, with his coffee still in his hand, bent and looked at the tiny things. He had to admit they were adorable, though he now had a wicked craving for some bacon.

“Yes. The one in the red bow is Oinkums. He’s the adventurous one. He’s also very mischievous. The one with the green bow is Amsterdam. He’s shy. And lastly, the one in the pink bow is Peppa, although the cartoon character is a girl, while Peppa here is a boy. He just likes wearing pink.”

Now Landry knew for certain the guy was off his freakin’ rocker. He was talking about the animals as if they were his kids. There was even deep affection in his green eyes and a proud little smile on his kissable lips.

“And that’s Waddles.” The guy chucked a thumb over his shoulder. “I’ve tried to leash train him, but he’s not having it. He likes his independence. He’s not a bother to anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Landry simply scratched his head, trying to figure out if this really was some weird dream. “And you are?”

“Oh!” The guy stuck out a slim hand and blushed. “Braylon Kemp. I just moved to Willow Point and wanted to check things out. It’s better to do that in the morning when there aren’t a lot of people around. They tend to stop me every five seconds so they can see the animals, Deputy…”

“Landry Brennan.” He still hadn’t let Braylon’s hand go. His fingers were slim and delicate and felt good against his own skin. It had been a long time since Landry met anyone who sparked this kind of interest in him. “And as long as you clean up any mess they make, and they don’t bother anyone, there’s no problem taking them for a walk.”

Braylon’s smile returned. Dazzling and perfect. “Thank you, Deputy Brennan.”

Landry nodded and started to turn, but he caught the scent of wildflowers. He turned, scenting the air, then realized it was coming from Braylon.

His wolf was still going crazy, and Landry knew in that moment that he was staring at his mate.

“Well, I’m not going to take up any more of your time. It was nice meeting you, Deputy Brennan.” Braylon smiled at him before heading down the street.

Landry slowly turned, watching him, frozen as his brain tried to catch up to the fact that Braylon was his.

Finally shaking out of his stupor, Landry used long strides to catch up to Braylon. He jerked back when Waddles turned and bobbed his head toward Landry. The damn thing was trying to bite him.

“Waddles!” Braylon looked wide-eyed at the goose. “You know better. Stop being a brat.” His green gaze went from the darn goose, who Landry was tempted to eat, to Landry. “I’m sorry. He gets very protective of me. I honestly think he’s adopted me and now I’m like his kid or something. I’ve never met a stranger goose, if I’m being honest.” Braylon chuckled.

Braylon was calling his goose strange? Landry was positive he’d never met a stranger human. Who the hell walked piglets, let alone in harnesses? Though he had to admit, Braylon fascinated and intrigued him. The guy hadn’t cared that he was walking what some people might consider breakfast food.




There was no way Braylon could deny that he wanted to explore what was between them. If riding Landry’s thigh had been explosive, he was dying to find out what actual sex would be like between them. He just bet Landry would blow his mind.

Like he hadn’t done that already with all the revelations. Even so, would it be so bad being mated to Landry? Was he willing to take that leap of faith?

“I still don’t know that much about you,” Braylon said. “For all I know, you could be an asshole who’s just being charming to get into my pants.”

“True.” Landry nodded. “And I don’t know anything about you. You could be some nagging jerk who gets on me about every little thing as soon as I walk through the door.”

“That’s not me,” Braylon argued.

One of Landry’s perfect brows rose.

“Okay, you’ve made your point,” Braylon said. “But just so you know, I hate nagging people. I used to work with a guy whose girlfriend would pick him up just to bitch at him. Gordan looked so freaking miserable, and I thanked my lucky stars no one did that to me.”

“Communication is key.” Landry placed his hand back on Braylon’s knee. “If you’re upset about something, just talk to me.”

“Same.” Braylon’s gaze lowered to Landry’s hand. “If I’ve done something to upset you, don’t bitch at me. The quickest way to shut me down is to talk at me, not to me.”

“See,” Landry said with a soft laugh. “Already we’re doing great.”

Braylon glanced up at Landry. “So where do we go from here? It seems insane that I’m rushing into this without getting to know you first. That should be a huge red flag.”

Landry squeezed Braylon’s knee. “It’s different for nonhumans. When we find our mate, we hold on with both hands and don’t let go. I’m bossy, an alpha male, and like to get my way. But I’m also considerate, loving, and will most likely bend to your will.” Landry frowned. “I probably shouldn’t have told you that.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of my new powers.” Braylon winked before his smile faded. “But I have to let you know I’m afraid. Something tells me mates can’t get a divorce.”

“No, they can’t.” Landry stood and held out his hand. “But if you feel I’m being that jerk, call me on it. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground. I might get mad, but I’ll never raise a hand to you. Ever.”

Braylon was filled with trepidation. This was moving way too fast. The only thing he was truly certain about was how he felt toward Landry. There was no denying the connection he felt as they walked upstairs to Landry’s bedroom.

“If you want to take this slow, we can go have dinner.” Landry turned to Braylon and cupped his face. “I’m willing to take this as slow as you want.”

That right there told Braylon what kind of man Landry was. Then again, they’d known each other only two days.

Two days.

Braylon should be backing away, telling Landry that he needed to think about this, that they needed to get to know each other first, but he couldn’t form the words.

Then Landry kissed him, and all other thoughts fled. Braylon moaned as he clung to Landry’s shirt, pulling the guy closer as their tongues slid into each other’s mouths. Landry curled his arms around Braylon, holding him tight, his beard scraping over Braylon’s sensitive skin.

He would wear the abrasions proudly.

Landry pulled back long enough to yank Braylon’s shirt over his head and toss it aside. Braylon was dying for skin, so he did the same with Landry’s shirt. Good god, the guy was built. Braylon had never been with anyone this fit. Landry had a six-pack and pecs that Braylon couldn’t stop running his hands over.

And that sexy V that ran on either side of Landry’s hips? To die for.

Landry fused their mouths together again, and when he pulled at Braylon, Braylon gladly jumped up and wrapped his legs around the guy.

“You fit me perfectly,” Landry said as he kissed and nipped his way down Braylon’s jaw. How did Landry expect Braylon to think let alone comprehend words? Never had he felt this out of control with a lover.

Braylon could feel Landry’s heart racing and his mate’s quick breaths fluttering over his face. He ground his trapped erection against Landry, as if that move would ease the ache deep inside of him.

“I can already tell I’m not going to last with you,” Landry murmured. “I want you too fucking badly, Braylon. All I can think about is sinking my cock deep into your ass.”

“That’s all I can think about, too.” Braylon tilted his head back, loving how Landry’s lips and beard felt on his neck. “But I need more, Landry.”

Landry turned toward the bed and lowered both of them to the mattress. Braylon’s breath came out in quick, short bursts as he lowered his legs and watched as Landry unfastened Braylon’s pants then slid them, along with his underwear, down his legs.

Braylon’s cock sprang free, the slit weeping pre-cum, which instantly started pooling onto his belly. Landry scooted down the bed, slowly, sensually, then inhaled the scent of Braylon’s pre-cum.

Braylon’s heart stopped as he watched Landry swipe his tongue over the wetness, groaning, his fingers pressing into Braylon’s hips. The raw pleasure that ignited over Landry’s features was enough to make Braylon slip close to the edge. He grabbed the base of his cock, forcing back his orgasm.

“I could feast on you for hours.” The desire was clear in Landry’s voice. “I could worship your body for days.”

Oh hell. Landry was saying all the right words, making Braylon feel drunk off of them.

Landry’s mouth closed over the head of Braylon’s cock, creating suction as he took Braylon deeper into his mouth. Braylon spread his legs, scraping his fingernails through the man’s hair, tugging at the strands as he cried out.

Landry pressed his hands behind the back of Braylon’s thighs and lifted him slightly, devouring Braylon and moaning like Braylon was the best meal he’d ever had.

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