Deceptions Revealed (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 57,220
9 Ratings (3.8)


[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance] JoAnna Sheridan has raised her son in a loving single parent home, but her hard work may dissolve with the appearance of James, her ex, now seeking forgiveness. James Montgomery wants to be a part of their lives as if his betrayal hadn't happened, so sharing custody of her son, Daniel, will take all the resolve JoAnna can muster.

Coming to terms that his trusted grandfather, Benjamin Montgomery, had orchestrated the rouse will make James rethink his entire history, and meeting Daniel will reinforce his grief for lost time.

However, the physical and emotional attraction between JoAnna and James is still strong. Can they forgive the past and move forward as a family?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Deceptions Revealed (MF)
9 Ratings (3.8)

Deceptions Revealed (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 57,220
9 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


He realized the hollow feeling he’d been carrying all this time wasn’t quite so deep today. He bit back a grin, realizing and accepting for the first time since Dr. Harris showed up with his guilt ridden confession, that Daniel was his son and Joey was still single.

“And you believed him.” Joey said the words before she could pull them back. “It was all a ploy, James, to get me and Daniel out of your life, and you let him. You could have changed this back then, and Daniel would have had his father all this time. But instead, you let your grandfather led you by the nose, again, and look what’s happened.” She ran out of steam and quickly stood, stilling for only a moment before walking to the far end of the room, forcing her attention out the window.

“Feel better, Joey?” James asked. “I was wrong, you were right. But we can’t go back, only forward.”

She spun on her heel and braced her hands on the table. “We can end this, James. Relinquish your parental rights, and we can all go back to our lives. You didn’t want him then. Why would you want him now? Guilt and reputation are the only things that come to mind. Do you feel your social status will be harmed if this gets out?”

“I’m not signing away my rights to my son, Joey, so forget the idea. It’s not going to happen.”

“You already did it once. Why turn this into a nightmare? Daniel is healthy and happy. We have a good life here. Don’t come busting in and try to take control just because your conscience is bothering you. If you hadn’t gotten these papers, would you still want to see him?”

“I didn’t think he was mine.” James voice was hard and edged with anger.

“You knew, James. You looked at me and Daniel and then Ben started telling you I’d made a fool of you. Your ego couldn’t handle it. You signed the papers and left me sitting speechless in that room full of suits with a three month old infant, to fend for myself.” Joey pulled back her anger and the tears that threatened. “You walked out without ever looking back at me or the baby. Do it again, James, and we can all go home.” The silent dare was verbalized and she couldn’t take back the words. Antagonizing James wasn’t a wise idea.

“No. I’m going to exercise my full parental rights to my son.”

“A son you refused to acknowledge. A son you never cared enough about to check on, a son who can’t understand why his daddy isn’t around like the other kids’ daddies are.”

James stood, bracing his weight on the table with his hands, leaning toward JoAnna’s end of the table.


“I’ve missed you, Joey, too much. God, I’ve missed you.”

“This shouldn’t happen, it’s not wise.” Her words lost their conviction when he sucked her nipple between his teeth.

“Then tell me to stop.” His mouth covered hers before she could respond, but she felt the difference immediately in her body. She’d shut down, was pushing him away, trying to tug down her shirt over his hand.

“I was only joking. We’re not stopping anything, just starting up.”

Stilled against him, she slowly turned her back on him and straightened her clothes before drawing a deep breath and rounding back in the circle of his arms. He started to kiss her again, and she used both palms to lightly push him back.

“James, turn around.” Slowly he did but saw only an empty kitchen. Her hands moved his head toward the upper corner and he suddenly saw the monitor to Daniel’s room was on. “I don’t think we need to give him any visual displays just yet.”

“Damn, that thing is like being on candid camera.”

“It would have been if he’d woken up.” JoAnna put distance between them and slowly went about shutting out the lights and closing down the kitchen. “It’s late. You should be going. We’ll be busy tomorrow, and I need some sleep.”

“All right, get some sleep. I’ll bring some wine for supper tomorrow.”

“Night, drive safe.” She stood beside the back door, ready to let him out, not taking any other excuse. He slipped past her, giving in to the urge to close his palm around her shirt-covered breast. Still she budded instantly, and he licked his lips. His head dropped down, and he covered her lips with just the breath of a kiss. Her sigh gave him encouragement and before she realized what he was doing, he’d slipped his fingers under the elastic waist band of her pants and slid them down her legs, taking her undies with them, leaving them puddle at her ankles. She started to resist but his tongue swept across her clit. Once, twice and she forgot to be angry, accepting the intimate kiss she’d missed for so long.

JoAnna let her head fall back against the wall, her palms pressed firmly against it, holding her balance while he continued to suck her. His tongue took long strokes along her already moist lips then he went back sucking her. She felt his index finger slip along with his tongue, separating her as he lapped at her earlier excitement.

“James, please,” she managed, not sure if it was a plea for him to continue or stop. When his long thick finger slipped easily inside her pussy she gave herself over to the moment, dropping her hands to his shoulders for balance and holding him in place. He slid second finger inside her and she lost control as he continued to fuck her with his fingers and his mouth. There was no mistaking her orgasm, as he continued to lick her through the peak than stayed to lap her juices. When he finally pulled from her and stood, his mouth went immediately to hers, sharing her juices, their tongues tangling for the remnants of her pussy juice. When she gasped for air he broke the kiss. Then he was gone, without a word. He’d left her propped against her hallway wall, sated yet wanting more. While she’d always enjoyed sex with James, his blatant reminder was like a thunderbolt running through her veins. Now that he’d touched her, she couldn’t evade the feelings she’d packed away so long ago. Her body wanted more, needed it, and she hated him just a bit for his blatant reminder. While it was a short relief, her body started to remember, pushing forward all the horny thoughts and desires she’d once shared so openly with him.  

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