Discovering Pleasure (MFM)

Rescue Ranch 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,805
11 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, HEA]
Isabella Adams is in Pleasure to find her little brother. Hunky Marine cowboys Rowdy Fuller and Shane Baker want to give her another reason to stay. When she discovers her brother is on Rescue Ranch, she knows Rowdy and Shane can put her where she needs to be. Not wanting to ruin whatever happiness her brother may have found, she keeps her connection to him a secret. But, when the truth comes out, hearts may be broken and the happiness of everyone involved could be at stake.
Rowdy and Shane know what they want in a woman and they see every bit of it in Isabella. The feisty, headstrong beauty won’t hesitate to go toe-to-toe with them, but she’s got a submissive streak they’re ready to please. She’s also got a secret they’re determined to uncover. But, when that secret threatens one of their own, they find themselves in an unexpected battle of desire, heart, and loyalty they might lose.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.
Discovering Pleasure (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Discovering Pleasure (MFM)

Rescue Ranch 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,805
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Very good book
This is an awesome series and I really liked this book.




The man blocking the end of the hallway lifted a hand a fraction of an inch, and Isabella’s finger stiffened on the trigger. “I said don’t move, cowboy.”

“The name’s Rowdy. Rowdy Fuller and I’m just gonna turn on the damn light. If you’re about to shoot me, I’d at least like to get a look at your face before you put a bullet in my chest.” He reached for the switch on the wall to his left, flicked it on, and flooded the hallway with bright light.

Isabella immediately wished he hadn’t. Holy hormones, the man had been heart palpitating enough in the dark, but by the light of the overhead bulb, he looked ten times more dangerous, more forceful, and, God help her, more appealing. A black Stetson sat low on his forehead, leaving her only a glimpse of his short, blondish-brown hair beneath. Green eyes that put her in mind of a Jolly Rancher candy gazed at her from a tanned face with chiseled features designed to make a woman cream her panties. He wore a Western-style shirt that strained over a muscular chest and perfectly sculpted abs tucked into a pair of well-worn jeans that did nothing to disguise the sizable bulge behind the zipper. Black cowboy boots that had obviously seen better days completed his rugged cowboy look and finished sending her hormones into a tailspin of desire.

“Hellfire.” His candy-green eyes flashed with surprise as he gave her a slow once-over that had her blood heating and juices leaking from between her pussy lips.

“I take it she’s a looker?” Shane’s voice came from behind Rowdy and was full of amusement.

“Sexiest thing I’ve seen pointin’ a gun at me in a long damn time.”

Isabella lifted a brow. “You have guns pointed at you often?”

“I’m a Marine, darlin’. It’s happened a time or twelve.” Rowdy’s gaze dropped to the gun before meeting hers. “Most people around these parts have a rifle at the ready, not a Glock .380 automatic.”

“I’ll make a note of that.”

He glanced back at the gun. “And most people, whether from these parts or not, don’t carry a gun like that unless they’re a cop.”

“Or a woman that knows her weapons and wants something reliable and compact that gives a good punch,” Isabella countered, not wanting him to know she was a PI. She was undercover on this personal assignment, at least until she determined where Dillon was in this backwoods town and whether or not he was safe.

“You got a name, darlin’?”

“Emma Allen.” She was surprised she didn’t cringe when the name rolled so easily off her lips. Emma was her middle name. She’d always hated it, especially in conjunction with her first name. Isabella Emma simply didn’t sound right together. The names had been her mother’s idea. She’d told Isabella she had wanted to give her distinguished-sounding names. Isabella supposed her mother had accomplished that. She’d decided to use her middle name for her new role, figuring she would probably answer to it more quickly than she would if she’d simply drawn a random name out of a hat like she’d done with the last name, Allen.

“Well, Emma,” Rowdy drawled. “Now that we’ve properly introduced ourselves, how about you put that gun away and we get to know each other a bit?”

His casually asked suggestion shouldn’t have set butterflies loose in her belly, but it did. The mere idea of getting to know this prime specimen of pure male perfection put her in mind of a darkened room with a nice big bed and rumpled sheets. Jesus, what had gotten into her? She was twenty-five, not sixteen?

A twenty-five-year-old that hasn’t had sex in more than four years.

Ruthlessly pushing the reminder from her brain, she hesitated, holding his candy gaze for another moment before she slowly lowered the Glock. She watched him, her grip still steady on the gun, ready to raise it again and fire if he so much as budged in a threatening way. His lips were the only thing that moved, unfolding in a grin of pure male confidence and interest as his gaze dropped from hers and traveled slowly down her front.

Tingles of acute awareness brought goose pimples to the surface of her flesh. The trip from West Palm Beach to Pleasure had taken her close to eleven hours on the road, and she hadn’t stopped once she’d hit town. She’d taken the time to drive around, found a job, and scoped out the town before detouring to the back country road to find the house she’d rented. Near exhaustion, she’d brought her things inside, kicked off her shoes, exchanged the slacks she’d been wearing for a pair of short comfortable shorts, and shed her bra from beneath her white tank top.

Beneath the brightness of the hallway light, she didn’t doubt he could see straight through the thin material of the shirt. The husky tone that took over his Southern drawl when he spoke again confirmed she was right.

“There. That’s better.” His gaze made a slow climb back up her front, lingering on her breasts for a long moment before finally reaching her eyes. “You’re obviously a city girl, darlin’. What brings you to Pleasure, Tennessee?”




A finger slipped between her sodden folds, found her clit, and pressed. “Did you make yourself come imaginin’ one or both of us inside your sexy body?”

The finger he kept pressed to her clit started to rotate, turning any response she might have given him into a low moan. His hand still on her ass moved, skimming over her heated flesh to the crack. Her muscles tensed when a wide, long finger slid into the crack and grazed over her forbidden hole.

Shane’s hand in her hair fisted the strands. “Answer him, Emma.” His tone was as firm as the hold he now had on her hair. He’d let his dominance out, even if only a little. A wicked thrill shot through her, slamming into the riot of feelings Rowdy was awakening in her pussy and ass.

“Yes.” The word sounded breathy, needy, and frightened, even to her own ears. White-hot trepidation slammed into greedy anticipation as Rowdy worked her clit with one finger while he teased the rim of her anus with another. When that finger flattened over the puckered hole and pressed as if threatening entrance, she gasped. “Rowdy!”

The finger eased away, and his hand returned to her ass cheek, the palm gliding in slow caressing circles. “I’m just testin’ you. Have you ever let anyone make love to your tight ass?”

Unable to speak around the calamity of sensations barreling through her, Isabella shook her head, straining against Shane’s hold on her hair.

“Don’t worry, darlin’,” Rowdy soothed. “We’re not goin’ to do it tonight. I gave you the choice.”

“Next time, the choice will be ours.” Shane’s brown eyes were dark with the promise of his words.

Isabella didn’t bother to argue. She couldn’t when everything inside her was going wonky with equal parts apprehension, devious thrills, and even more sinister needs. She didn’t know what was happening to her. All these erotic desires and devilish demands she felt coming to life in her body didn’t make sense. She was stronger than this, in control of her mind, and had always had a firm grasp on her body. That grasp was being taken away now, stolen by these men, and ruled by them in ways that left her feeling powerless to stop.

“Think about it, darlin’.” Rowdy shifted behind her, and she felt the heavy weight of his cock rest along the crack of her ass. “Or is that what you were imaginin’ last night? One of our cocks right here…” The bulbous head of his cock pushed between her ass cheeks and glided down, pausing when it reached her anus. “While another dick is inside you right here.” His cock continued its downward glide until it found her sodden entrance.

Isabella had started to think about it, right up until the moment he thrust his cock inside her. Her eyes widened involuntarily from the shock of the pained pleasure that seemed to overtake her very soul. Her pussy was wet, damn near dripping with juices, and yet it wasn’t enough to fully lube the way for Rowdy’s enormous cock. The girth of his shaft stretched her, the length reaching so far into her body she was certain he’d hit the end of her womb, and still she didn’t feel the base of his body meet her ass.

“Oh, God.” She tried to bow her head as her eyes closed, but Shane’s hold on her hair remained firm.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” Rowdy eased his cock back a few inches, worked it back in, and gave her even more of his stupendous length. “Tell me I’m not hurting you, Emma. You feel too damn good to pull out.”

The sheer desperation in his tone surprised her, twisting emotions around her heart she didn’t want to acknowledge. “No.” It was all she could manage to say as her inner muscles sucked his cock deeper, spreading and inviting every magnificently long inch of him to bury deep. Instead, she felt him start to pull back again.

“Rowdy, please.” The words burst from her on a gasping plea, and she pushed her hips back, unwilling to lose the smallest fraction of the fantastical pleasure he was giving her. “More. I want all of it, all of you. Please, don’t pull out.”

He thrust his cock deeper in a single, fluid motion that drove his full length inside her until she finally felt the base of his body meet hers. Her pussy unimaginably jam-packed with his cock, she fought to breathe as her body rode a hot tide of wondrous bliss. All pain morphed to a mind-numbing, all-consuming ecstasy of his creation.

“Damn, you feel too fuckin’ good.”

He did, too, though she couldn’t find her voice to tell him so. She did it with movement instead, wriggling her hips in an effort to create the friction her body craved. He gave her exactly what she wanted, pulling back until only his cockhead remained inside her flaming opening, and then pistoning his hips forward to drive every rock-solid inch inside her to the hilt before stopping again.

Her mouth opened on a sound that was part scream, part moan, and part protest. That’s when she felt the large, rounded head of Shane’s cock brush over her upper lip. She forgot all about arguing with Rowdy’s seemingly intent need to torment her pussy as she opened her eyes, gazed up at Shane from beneath her lashes, and met his gaze. She reached out to run her tongue down the slit in his cockhead he’d presented and smiled when he jerked slightly.

Encouraged, she licked again, giving his slit little laps that led to longer and slower exploring caresses of his engorged cockhead. His hand in her hair fisted tighter and pulled her head closer. Her mouth already watering in starving anticipation, she closed her lips around his cockhead, obeying his silent command.

“Mother of God.”

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