[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, whipping, paddling, fire play, HEA]
Adelaide Stuart, receptionist at The Dom’s Dungeon BDSM club, longs for two Doms of her own, but she’s terrified of shape-shifters. The only problem is, the men she wants, Doms Wade Sullivan and Mason Barlow, are werewolves. She purposely got the job there because she’s intensely attracted to the lifestyle. But she also thought since several of the men there were shape-shifters, working there would help her overcome her fears.
So far her plan isn’t working. She aches to experience all the delights of the dungeon. She craves all the CosPlay costumes and wants to dress up and play with her Doms. But she can’t let go of her terror at the thought her delicious Doms might be wolves.
Finally she agrees to perform a CosPlay dungeon scene with Wade and Mason, but when she can’t bring herself to sign a contract, they tell her the rules of the club prevent them from taking the relationship any farther.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dungeon Play (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love this book.




Dom Mason Barlow had paced out the empty space in the center of the party room so he’d know exactly how many steps he could take while he and Wade gave the party-goers a taste of cosplay. None of the daytime parties were ever hardcore. They were all about introducing people to the concept of an area of kinky play and-or BDSM play.

There was never any complete nakedness or any actual sex at these events either. The erotic parties were held late in the evenings with a very strict admission policy. Besides, he and Wade weren’t looking for quick sex anymore. That kind of entertainment was all very well for a young man at the height of his youth and testosterone production. Once Mason had turned thirty, he’d been ready to find the right woman and settle down. The problem was, two years had passed, and the only woman that he and Wade were both attracted to was Adelaide Stuart, and she was more skittish than a wild brumby on speed.

He leaned against the wall, crossed his legs, and watched her. The very fact that she was here now, when she wasn’t on shift and could have been at home or out with her friends, showed the intensity of her desire for this lifestyle. She was staring at the costumes as if they were cupcakes behind a locked glass case and she was on a diet. Not that he’d ever want her to go on a diet. Her rich, lush curves were exactly what he liked. When two men possessed a woman, they needed to know she was strong enough to take them both. Adelaide’s body was built for two men to worship.

Her shoulder-length brown hair and long bangs fell forward over her face as she admired the costumes, half hiding her enormous brown eyes. But Mason didn’t need to see her face to know her gaze would be poised halfway between adoration and terror, the way it always was when she was near him or any dungeon toys. What made her so wary of this scene? Had she been hurt, personally, by an abusive person? Or did she know of someone who had been? Surely it wasn’t just that she wasn’t ready yet to take the step into the dungeon herself? That should have been more curiosity or wariness than fear. What he discerned in her face was stronger than mere wariness. Something frightened her, yet not enough to keep her away from the scene. After all, she worked here, and no one had forced her to do that. The co-owners of The Dom’s Dungeon were extremely strict about every aspect of the safe, sane, and consensual rule. If she hadn’t signed a contract of her own free will, they wouldn’t have employed her.

No, Little Miss Adelaide was both thrilled and worried, and he was just the man to guide her out of that conflicted place and into a zone where she was filled only with passion and enjoyment. And right after that, he’d invite her into his and Wade’s bed. After they’d fucked her brains out, they could ask her about her problem. Punishment, joy, release. These were the tools of the Dom, and he was ready and willing to use them all on Adelaide. As well as the tool between his legs. He was ready to use that on her as well. By the time he and Wade had warmed her up in the dungeon, she’d climax all over their cocks, their mouths, and their hands. Multiple times. He was certain Little Miss Adelaide was the kind of woman from whom they could coax multiple orgasms.

Mason walked over to where Wade had been setting up one of the tables for their games later on. “Look at Adelaide.”

Wade glanced across at her. She had a hand out and was touching one of the harem costumes with the tip of her finger as if she was frightened it was alive and might bite her.

“She wants to try it on.” Wade spoke confidently.

“Exactly what I was thinking, and Dungeon Eight would be the perfect place for her to do that.”

Wade turned to look at him. “I know we’ve talked about her before. Why do you think she’s ready now, when she clearly hasn’t been ready before?”

Mason shook his head. “I don’t know that she’ll ever be ready. But she definitely wants it. That’s why she’s here. Anyone else whose shift didn’t start for hours yet wouldn’t be here. It’s time for us to make a move on her if that’s what we want.”

“Oh, I definitely want her. But there’s something holding her back.”

“I know. She reminds me of a wild horse, never broken to bridle. I think you and I can deal with that problem between us.”

“It’ll be tricky. It might take a lot of work.”

“But I’m sure she’ll be worth it.”

Wade slapped him on the shoulder. “I agree. Let’s do it.”

Together they walked through the room to where Adelaide was still standing by the rack of women’s costumes. Up close he could see the enormous longing in her face. Hell yes, she was ready to play. All they needed to do was nudge her gently over the line and into their dungeon. She was theirs. She just didn’t know it yet.

“Hi, Adelaide. If you were to play a scene, which costume would you choose?” Wade asked her.

That’s a good question and an excellent way to open the conversation.

Adelaide startled and looked up at them both, flipping the hair off her face as she did so. Her big brown eyes were hot with need, but her body was tense. What the fuck was she afraid of?




He ran his hand over her shoulders, down her back, and across her ass. Her skin was pink and hot, and she gave an erotic little shiver as he touched her. He longed to sink his fingers into her cunt. He was certain she was wet. He could smell her arousal. But it wasn’t time for that yet. Once a Dom fucked a sub, she became his sub and his alone, and Adelaide had only said that she wanted to play the game, not that she was ready to be their sub.

Mason uncuffed her and asked, “Was that what you expected?”

“Yes, Sirs. It was even better than I expected.”

“Will you want to do it again?” Mason asked.

“Yes please.”

“Do you agree to be our sub?” asked Wade. Maybe I’ll get to fuck her now. That’s what I want.

“I’d like to play more scenes with you. It was wonderful. All that I’d hoped for and even better than that. But I don’t think I’m ready to sign a contract to be your sub yet.”

The Dom’s Dungeon had extremely strict rules. Before Doms and subs were matched for more than a try-out or play session, there was a multi-page contract explaining clearly what was appropriate and what was not that a sub needed to fill out.

“It’s completely up to you. Totally your decision. You may get dressed and go now,” said Wade.

She stared at him and then looked from him to Mason. “But I’m aroused. Hot and needy. Aren’t you going to give me release?”

“We can’t. There can be no release from us until you agree to be our sub. Those are the club rules,” said Mason.

“But I want to come. I can’t go out there all wet and unsatisfied like this.” Adelaide’s voice was almost a wail.

Wade looked at Mason, and he nodded.

“Sit on the floor with your legs spread wide apart. Let the cold stone of the floor cool down your overheated ass,” said Wade softly.

She gave him a questioning look, but she did as he said.

Mason took a large hand mirror from the drawers under the counter and gave it to her. “Look at your cunt. Hold your pussy lips wide open and see how pink and juicy it is. Imagine a nice big cock in there fucking you.”

Wade had followed Mason over to the drawers and came back with a pink vibrator. “Switch it on to the lowest setting and touch your lips very lightly with it. Watch yourself in the mirror. Only the very lightest of touches now, remember.”

“Now rub it over your clit,” ordered Wade. Watching her was making his dick harder than hell. He’d have to be damn careful to focus on her, or he really would fuck her. It was clear she’d be happy if they did ignore the rules and fuck her, but there was no way Wade could do that. The rules were there for the safety of everyone no matter how much he wanted to fuck this particular woman.

“Now slide it inside you and get it all covered with your honey,” said Mason in a hypnotic voice. Once she’d done that, he said, “Rub the wet vibrator over your nipples. Wet your breasts with your own cream and watch yourself doing it.”

She was moving slowly but confidently, obediently doing everything they suggested. Adelaide’s eyes were heavy lidded, her breathing heavy, and her lips slightly parted. It was clear she was very aroused indeed, and quite close to orgasming.

“Put the mirror on the floor, hold your cunt open with one hand, and fuck yourself with the other. Keep watching. See how far the vibrator will slide inside you. Feel it fill your channel. Wiggle it around so it touches your walls and then slide it out and look at your honey gleaming on its surface,” said Wade.

He and Mason continued to direct the way she touched herself, making her turn the vibrator down to the lowest setting when it looked like she might come and then turning it up again.

Soon Adelaide was gasping aloud, her hips moving with her hand.

“Now, Adelaide. Fuck yourself hard, and as soon as you start to come, drop the vibrator and look in the mirror. Watch yourself climax in the mirror,” ordered Wade.

She stared, seemingly entranced, as her cunt, now a dark red, rippled in the mirror. Damn I wish my cock was in there.

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