Creation of Desire: Reassuring Rachel (MFM)

More Desire, Oklahoma 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,807
66 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Running a business and caring for a sick baby didn’t leave Rachel Jackson much time or energy for her beloved husbands, a fact that hit her hard when she learned that her husbands’ ex-lover had been calling them for days, and neither Boone nor Chase had told her.
She believed them when they told her that they’d kept it from her to protect her, but their deception hurt her and shook her confidence.
How could she hope to compete with such a beautiful and sophisticated woman—a woman who’d had the ability to hurt them deeply?
Mona’s appearance brought back the insecurities Rachel had spent months struggling to hide—the fear that Boone and Chase had only married her because she carried their child.
While trying to reassure Rachel that Mona meant nothing to them, they dismissed their ex-girlfriend’s persistence as a nuisance, underestimating her determination to get them back.
It was a mistake they regretted, one that almost cost Rachel her life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.
Creation of Desire: Reassuring Rachel (MFM)
66 Ratings (4.6)

Creation of Desire: Reassuring Rachel (MFM)

More Desire, Oklahoma 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,807
66 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I enjoy the way this series is continuing to give a glimpse into the live of characters from the original series. The portrayal of the insecurities of a new mother, even without a crazy stalker, were very realistic.
A good book
Professional Reviews

FIVE SHOOTING STARS: "I loved Creation Desire: Reassuring Rachel by Leah Brooke. This is the third installment in the More Desire, Oklahoma series. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Desire, Oklahoma and with this series Ms. Brooke returns to town and allows us to glimpse how life has treated are favorite characters after their happily ever after. Having said that, it is best having read at a minimum Rachel, Boone and Chase’s story in Creation of Desire but it is best having read all the stories in Desire, Oklahoma series as many of the characters make an appearance. I love the vibe that Ms. Brooke has given this town. The men are protective of every woman in town. Even as the town is growing, they do their best to extend the mantel to one and all. I love that each man is supportive of the needs of their significant other; a fact that Rachel has forgotten as she allows herself to become overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood. In an effort to be superwoman, she has cut her men out of bonding with their daughter, something that leaves this new mom overworked and overtired. But Boone and Chase have decided they have given Rachel enough rope to hang herself and it is time for them to step in. I love that both men gave Rachel the opportunity to see that she didn’t have to handle everything alone but when she failed to lean on them, they took matters into their own hands. They reminded Rachel that she was the woman they chose and they didn’t want superwoman they wanted their woman. Ms. Brooke reminded us along with Rachel that asking for help doesn’t make you weak. She allowed us to see a strong woman lean on the men that will always love her. I enjoyed my return to town and hope to do so again in the future." -- Luna, Redz World Reviews

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Despite her exhaustion, Rachel smiled at the rush of heat his devilish smile sent through her. They hadn’t made love in days, and she missed it, but she was so tired that every time she closed her eyes, she fell asleep. She didn’t have the energy to make love anymore and it scared her. “Thank you. I won’t be long. I want to finish my coffee first, though. I need all the caffeine I can get today.”

“I know. You’re going to drink it all day and make yourself sick.” Rubbing Theresa’s back, he rocked back and forth, lowering his voice to a whisper. “Something tells me our chat is going to be a little one-sided, but I’ll get her dressed and change her diaper again while we have a nice long conversation.”

Watching him go, Rachel sighed and finished her coffee, listening to the sound of Chase’s low voice as he disappeared down the hall. She could still hear the shower running, and hurried to join her other husband, Boone, before he got out. Hoping the shower would help her wake up a little more, she smiled at the thought of running her hands over Boone while he was naked and wet. He’d gone without sex for more than a week, and it had to be frustrating for him.

She started out of the room, pausing at the sound of a cell phone ringing.

With a curse, she followed the sound to Boone’s cell phone on the counter. The knowledge that he and Chase used their cell phones for their construction business had her grabbing the pen and paper they kept on the counter before answering.



Rachel stiffened at the husky feminine voice, alarm bells going off in her head. It wasn’t unusual for women to hire them, but something about this one set her teeth on edge. “Yes, can I help you?”

After a brief pause, the woman blew out a breath. “Put Boone on.” The demand in the sultry voice had a surge of adrenaline rushing through Rachel’s veins.

“He’s busy.” Gritting her teeth, she forced a cool politeness into her tone. “May I take a message?” When she caught herself trying to smooth her hair and straightening her stained nightgown, she inwardly cursed at her own insecurity.

“Oh. He’s probably still in the shower. I thought he’d be showered and dressed by now.” The other woman laughed softly. “He’s magnificent in the shower, isn’t he? They both are. If Boone’s busy, let me talk to Chase. God, he’s so playful and inventive in bed, isn’t he?”

Finding it suddenly difficult to breathe, Rachel pressed a hand to her stomach, struggling to keep her coffee down. “Who is this?”

Dizzy, she clung to the counter.

It had happened to her mother, and Rachel had sworn to herself that she’d never let it happen to her.

“I’m Mona. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” Her voice dropped, the challenge in it unmistakable. “Boone’s and Chase’s lover.”

Rachel’s hand tightened on the phone, bile rising in her throat as she recognized the name from their past. “I believe you mean ex-lover.”

Even though she told herself that this woman had to be lying about being their lover, her knees shook, the fear of losing Boone and Chase so intense, it actually made her stomach hurt.

Mona’s twinkling laugh grated on her nerves and made the pain spread. “I can see they haven’t told you that we’ve…renewed our acquaintance. Hmm, interesting. Well, I’m sure they’ll tell you when they’re ready. When I talked to Boone last night, he told me that it was a bad time to talk and to call him this morning. I’m sure he’ll call me as soon as he can.”

Gritting her teeth again, Rachel glanced toward the doorway. She would have liked to believe that neither Boone nor Chase would ever cheat on her, but they’d had a relationship with this woman in the past—something Rachel knew she would be stupid to ignore. “I’ll be sure to tell him you called.”

She definitely would.

Later—when she wasn’t so damned tired, and when she figured out just what to say.

Mona sighed. “I really do feel sorry for you, you know. Boone, Chase and I are so good together.” Mona’s voice lowered and took on an edge that sent another chill through Rachel. “Don’t try to get in the way. You played it real good—getting pregnant and forcing them to marry you—but you had to know it wouldn’t be enough to keep them.”

Rachel gripped the counter tighter. “Good-bye, Mona.” Disconnecting, she cursed and started to toss the phone onto the counter, pausing at the last second. Lifting the phone again, she quietly went to the doorway and listened to see what Chase and Boone were doing.

Mona had gotten to her, and she was already spying on her husbands.

Chase still spoke to Theresa from the nursery. “Yes. You’re Daddy’s little girl and when you’re older, and those boys come sniffing around you, Daddy’s going to scare them all off. Yes, he is. You think that’s funny, do you?”

Smiling at his sing-song tone, she blinked back tears, hoping that he would still be around when Theresa was old enough to date.

Tuning him out, she listened for Boone, jolting when she realized that she could no longer hear the shower running. Her heart raced at the sound of drawers opening and closing in the master bedroom, and she knew she didn’t have much time.

Calling herself all kinds of a fool, and cursing Mona’s small victory, she searched through Boone’s phone for incoming calls, her heart lurching when she saw that Mona had called several times over the last several days.

Neither Boone nor Chase had said a word about it.




Kneeling in front of her, Chase pressed his lips to her belly. “And we love you. We’re not going to let you hide parts of yourself anymore. Everything out in the open.”

Boone yanked the edges of her robe aside and cupped her breasts, tugging lightly at her nipples. “Chase and I have made mistakes with you, and let you have your way far too often.” He tightened his fingers on her nipples, startling a cry from her. “Quiet!”

Her pussy clenched at the sharp demand in his voice, her entire body trembling at the spike of sexual tension.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he touched his lips to her ear. “If you wake Theresa, I’m going to turn you over my knee and give you the spanking you deserve for keeping so much from us.”

Sliding his hands up her thighs, Chase held her gaze. “I know I’d welcome an excuse to paddle your ass. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure.”

Biting back a moan, Rachel shivered at the threat, their focused attention on her suddenly overwhelming.

Chase ran his thumbs over her folds, parting them as he leaned closer. “Look at that pretty clit.” He stroked a finger over the throbbing bundle of nerves, smiling when she gasped. “It’s all red and swollen. Poor baby. I’ll bet it’s agony.” The amusement in his voice didn’t bode well for her chances of being able to come anytime soon, and she knew him well enough to know that he had no qualms about teasing her until she begged.

She was very close to begging already, thrilling at the slide of her husbands’ hands over her as Boone unbelted her robe and used the belt to tie her hands around his neck.

With both hands free, he seemed determined to torment her, running palms over her breasts with a firmness and hunger that thrilled her. Rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, Boone placed several open kisses over her neck and shoulders, his cock pressing insistently against her back. “You’ve obviously mistaken our concern for your health for disinterest in sex. I think it’s time to show you just how wrong you are about that.”

Pressing his cock against the small of her back, he tugged her nipples, forcing another cry from her. “Does this feel like I don’t want you? I always want you.”

Rachel tried to bite back a moan as Chase focused his attention on her clit, crying out when he tightened his grip on her thighs and lifted them over his shoulders. Grateful for the arm Boone slid around her waist to hold her, she struggled to hold back cries of pleasure so she didn’t wake Theresa.

She cherished this time with her husbands and wanted no interruptions.

The light flicks of Chase’s tongue over her clit drove her relentlessly toward the edge, each slide making her shake even harder. Her clit burned, so swollen and sensitive that even the caress of his breath on it became too intense to endure. Still, she wanted more, and lifted her hips for more intense friction, her body jolting with every flick of his tongue.

It burned hotter, her clit throbbing with every beat of her heart until she teetered on the edge. Tightening in anticipation of the pleasure to come, she groaned when Chase chuckled and pulled back, frustration sparking her temper. “You’re not coming until I’m inside you, baby.”

“Don’t tease me.”

His gaze raked over her as he stepped back and reached into his pocket, withdrawing a condom. “But, baby, I like teasing you.” Using the foil packet to tease her right nipple, he watched her face as Boone ran his thumb lightly over the other. “I like seeing you all spread and defenseless, and since your thighs are soaked, I don’t think you can deny you like being so vulnerable.”

Rachel’s breath caught at the sight of Chase yanking his jeans to his knees and rolling on the condom. Arching, she pressed her breast more firmly against Boone’s hand, a moan escaping when the arm around her waist tightened and lifted her several inches off the floor.

Chase moved in, lifting her thighs to wrap her legs around his waist. Smiling, he tilted her hips and plunged into her, bending to nip at her lips as he filled her completely. His eyes narrowed on hers, the glint in them unmistakable. “I guess this feels like I don’t want you, too.”

Boone’s hands slid to her bottom, lifting her higher and spreading her ass cheeks as Chase began to move. “When Chase is done fucking you, I’m taking you to bed and starting all over again. You might think that we’ve forgotten that you’re more than Theresa’s mother, but we haven’t forgotten a thing.”

“Hmmm.” Rachel tilted her head back to his shoulder to kiss his jaw, groaning at every hard thrust of Chase’s cock. “Yes! So good. Just like before. Better.”

Every stroke filled her pussy with heat—every thrust going so deep it stole her breath.

She trembled all over, the bombardment to her senses overwhelming. Reveling in their attention and the purpose in their eyes and touch, she let sensation take over.

She didn’t think about being a mother or proving anything. Nothing mattered at that moment except the growing intimacy between her and her husbands.

The reinforcement of the bond between them, the passion that hadn’t been forgotten.

Pumping into her, Chase watched her through hooded eyes. “Look at you. So fucking beautiful. So passionate. Christ, I love being inside you. I love taking you.” Spreading her thighs wider, he bent to take her mouth in a hard kiss, filled with hunger. Lifting his head, he stared into her eyes and thrust faster. “I love knowing you’re mine, and if you think I’m going to risk that on some bimbo, you deserve to be spanked.”

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