Finding Pleasure (MFM)

Rescue Ranch 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,763
8 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
There’s little Zoey Jamison enjoys more than cooking, but lately, her meals have become as sour as her personal life. Looking to spice things up, she leaves everything behind and hits the road for parts unknown. When she finds herself on Rescue Ranch, sexy cowboys Trent Dickson and Bobby Wiggins awaken wicked hungers she’s never known. But what they expect in exchange for their touch might be too much.
As former Navy officers and men who grew up on Rescue Ranch, Trent and Bobby love to eat a good meal and aren’t afraid of hard work. When Zoey shows up on the ranch, they know the beautifully sophisticated, if a bit frazzled, chef is for them. Convincing her to let her hair down is easy enough, but getting her to realize she’s the submissive they’ve been looking for is an uphill battle they’re more than willing to fight from the kitchen to the bedroom and straight into her heart.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.
Finding Pleasure (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.5)

Finding Pleasure (MFM)

Rescue Ranch 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 59,763
8 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book with terrific characters
Great series and great book.



How did he know she really needed far more than a little gas so she could get her car rolling again? Zoey stared into Bobby’s light brown eyes and wanted so badly to tell him her life story and beg to stay on the ranch that it surprised her. What the hell was she thinking? She’d known this man for all of ten minutes at best, and yet the sudden urge to fold herself in his arms and ask him to rescue her from the world swept through her so swiftly, she nearly did it. Instead, she stepped away from his powerful touch just as Trent walked into the parlor.

“Here you go, darlin’.” Trent passed her a glass of tea and turned to hand another to Bobby. “Did you convince her to stick around for lunch yet?”

Bobby took the glass in the hand he’d used to cup her cheek and tossed her heels to the floor near the sofa. “I was working on it.”

Zoey’s gaze followed the shoes and she winced at the sharp sound they made as they hit the hardwood floor. “Would you mind being more careful with those? They’re Jimmy Choos.”

The men exchanged quizzical looks, glanced at the shoes, and then turned their gazes on her.

“Darlin’.” Trent’s voice held the slow drawl of the Deep South and moved over her like warm, sugary syrup. “I dunno where you’ve come from, but the only Jimmy on this ranch would rather chew on horse feed than a pair of shoes.”

Zoey cracked up. She couldn’t help it. It was just too fucking cute! “Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian fashion designer out of London. Those shoes your friend just tossed across the floor like a couple of dirty rags cost me nearly a thousand dollars.”

Both men stared at her as if she’d suddenly sprouted a second head.

“You paid a thousand dollars…” Bobby started.

“For shoes?” Trent finished. “Christ, do we want to know what you paid for that skirt and blouse you’re wearing?”

Still giggling, Zoey shook her head. “Probably not.”

“You must be one hell of a cook to be able to afford designer stuff like that, unless—”

“Wait. You can cook?”

Though Trent’s surprised question had cut Bobby off midsentence, she knew what the man had been about to say. Unless she had a boyfriend or husband back home who had bought the clothes for her. She felt herself bristle and didn’t think to hold back the retort before it spilled from her lips.

She pinned Bobby with a steely glare. “What is it with men that think women can’t make enough money on their own to afford lavish clothes if they want them?” Before he could respond, she shifted her attention to Trent. “And yes, I can cook.”

“I didn’t mean…” Bobby started, but she bulldozed over him as she continued to talk to Trent.

“I have my own catering business back home.”

“Which means you can cook?” he asked again.

She rolled her eyes and let out baffled half laugh at the dumbfounded expression that had taken over his handsome face. “Yes, I can cook.”

“Lord have mercy on my heart.” Trent covered said heart with his free hand as he set his glass of tea on the end table and closed the distance between them before she could blink. In the next instant, his strong arms locked around her waist and he pulled her against the hard wall of his body. “Marry us, Zoey.”


“Say yes, and I promise we’ll have you a ring by sundown.”

She didn’t know what had everything in her mind and body going haywire most, feeling the heat of his solid body seeping into her flesh even through the material of her clothes, his outlandish proposal, or the fact that his proposal had included words like us and we’ll.

“I…” Don’t know what to say.

Of course, she wouldn’t say yes. Hell, she was already dodging one proposal, and she’d known that guy for months. She certainly wouldn’t marry him or them or… Them? What kind of backwoods world had she stumbled into? Surely, that hadn’t been what he’d meant.

Bobby walked up beside Trent and patted the man on the back of the shoulder even as he slid his other hand around her waist just below Trent’s arms. The combination of their touches, of both their bodies so close to hers, and the mixed aromas of soap, sweat, and man short-circuited every rational thought in her head.

“I think you’re moving a bit too fast for our girl.”

Their girl? Zoey shot a look at the shoes Bobby had discarded, stupidly expecting them to be red when she knew damn well they were black. She hadn’t clicked the heels of them together when she’d gotten out of her car and been transported to Oz either. Had she?

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Trent drawled, his gaze never leaving hers. “Forgive me, darlin’. I get a little quick on the trigger when I find something I want.” He kissed the tip of her nose and slowly released her. “How about I make you another proposition?”

Zoey’s head was still reeling from the first one. Quick on the trigger? He’d gotten that much right. Something he wanted? Jeez, she couldn’t keep up! “I, uh, that depends on what you’re proposing this time.”




“You…want me…to…” She’d never masturbated in front of anyone before. Oh, God. Could she do this?

If you don’t, they might punish you.

A part of her was willing to risk it. Another part of her felt a dark thrill speed through her at the idea of Trent and Bobby watching her finger her pussy. Because there wasn’t a single part of her that even considered using her safe word, she crawled onto the rose petal covered bed, turned over onto her back, and spread her legs wide.

She closed her eyes, bringing the fantasy from the night before back to the forefront of her mind as she lightly touched herself just below her breasts. The clamps hadn’t been there last night in her imagination, but she could work with it. She danced her fingers down her abdomen and stomach, pausing briefly just before they reached her clit. Taking a deep breath to calm her racing heart, she slipped a finger between her folds and found the swollen, throbbing bud.

Her breasts lifted at the first glorious touch to the part of her that was so desperately longing for more. She gave herself that, circling the pad of her finger over her clit in a pressured grind that drew soft moans from her throat.

“Zoey, why are your eyes closed, sweetheart?”

She dimly heard Bobby’s question and barely registered the shift of the mattress before she felt the heat of his hand close around her ankle. She drew her bottom lip between her teeth, concentrating on the fantasy as the claws of the orgasm scraped her womb.

“Answer me, Zoey.” Bobby’s tone grew harsher.

Zoey sighed, but still didn’t open her eyes. “I’m concentrating. My eyes were closed last night when I started.”

“Then fast forward to the part where you opened them and look at us,” Trent ordered.

Zoey’s sighed, her finger stilling on her clit as she opened her eyes. Her mouth opened, too, when the first thing she saw was Bobby’s delicious looking cock in her face. Her gaze slid past his shaft to see that it was Trent that had crawled between her legs. As if Trent’s magnificent cock wasn’t distracting enough, he’d put something transparent yellow around it with what looked like a slender dildo jutting from in front of his balls.

She squinted her eyes in puzzlement as her gaze jumped up to meet his. “What is that?”

“Another toy we think you’re gonna love.” Bobby slid a hand beneath her head, his long fingers caressing her scalp. “I was gonna be the one to wear it, but after watching you suck his dick, I couldn’t wait to feel your hot little mouth around my cock. You went wild on Trent’s dick, sweetheart. I’m betting you’re gonna go crazy on mine when he’s fucking your cunt and your ass at the same time you’re sucking me off.”

Zoey’s attention dropped to the dildo-looking-thing between Trent’s legs as realization dawned. “Will it hurt?” It was decidedly the stupidest question she’d asked since she’d walked into the room and she knew it. Of course, it was going to hurt. The butt plug Trent had put in her ass that morning had hurt…at first. Then it had started to not hurt so much, as in that fine line between pain and pleasure kind of not hurt so much.

She swallowed hard and nodded. “Okay.”

Trent’s lips tilted in that cocky grinned that transformed him from mere sexy to a sex God. “That’s our girl.”

Zoey angled her head, studying the contraption he’d put on his cock. “Does it hurt you?” It looked like it should. She could tell it was made of rubber, but a thick ring circled the base of his cock, holding it in place. The rubber got thicker in the front and had a raised piece in the center that she deduced by the design to be something made to stimulate her clit while his cock and that other part were inside her pussy and ass.

Trent chuckled. “It feels good. This part”—he curled his fingers around the piece circling the base of his dick—”works like a cockring. Have you ever heard of those?”

Zoey nodded. They were supposed to keep a man from climaxing too quickly. The trouble came in knowing she was dealing with an experienced Dom. If he could teach her to control her orgasms like he’d said, then she didn’t doubt for a second he could control his. Anything to make him last even longer meant… “I’m in for a long night, aren’t I?”

Bobby snickered and caressed the back of her head. “Are you complaining, sweetheart?”

Zoey smiled up at him. “Not yet.” She might be soon, though. The idea of having every erogenous zone on her body explored, fucked, and toyed with at the same time could very likely send her over an edge she’d never imagined.

“I doubt you’ll start anytime soon, darlin’.” Trent leaned over her and lowered his head, tracing her collarbone with the tip of his tongue before licking his way down her chest. He stopped at her nipple, circled the clamp and left a wet needy flame burning in her areola as he continued down her abdomen. He lifted his head and shifted between her legs. “Are you ready for me?”

Zoey reached out to cup his nape with one hand and closed her other hand around the back of Bobby’s hairy thigh next to her. “I’m ready for both of you.”

She realized she was. She understood the purpose of the toy Trent was wearing. The gooey dildo-thingy was similar to the butt plug in its importance. It was another way they were preparing her virgin hole to take one of their cocks while the other fucked her pussy. Still, her body burned for what Bobby had promised her this morning. Every inch of her being was aching to ride Trent’s cock with her hands bound behind her back while Bobby fucked her ass.

Bobby gazed down at her, his heart in his eyes. “You’re not yet, sweetheart, but you will be soon.”

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