[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA] 

When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever.

Erin Holmes is dying. She empties her account and heads to New Orleans. Her plan: one last party before saying good-bye to her friends. After meeting her old college buddies at their hotel, they have a few drinks and take a trip to a cemetery.

Mikael Moreau is a vampire. Inside the cemetery, he smells his Eternal Love—a vampire’s perfect match. Abandoning a territory battle, he spots an unconscious woman. He carries her back to the coven, hoping he can save her life.

Elijah Moreau is angry when he learns that his brother went into battle without him. When he goes to confront the other man, the smell of death hangs in the air. He soon finds out that the woman lying on the bed is Mikael’s Eternal Love. To save Erin, both men must donate their blood to empty hers of disease, which means that Mikael will need to share his Eternal Love with his brother. The three form a blood bond, but is it enough to last an eternity?

A Siren Erotic Romance   Alicia White is a Siren-exclusive author.

Erin's Redemption
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When she reached the courtyard, Erin stood on her tiptoes and looked around. She nibbled on her lower lip, hoping to spot her friends, but the place was packed. Weaving through the crowd, Erin walked toward the bar. She knew her friends and suspected that they would be right in the middle of the party. It didn’t take long before she spotted a familiar face. Excitement rushed through her system and she smiled. This time it was all real.

Shrieking with glee, Erin ran toward her friends that were surrounding a table. She hugged Shayla Marino first, followed quickly by Faina Andropov, Heidi Purdue, and then Dani. She was giddy, bouncing in her four-inch pumps. The five of them giggled and started talking at once as they embraced in one big group hug.

“We were wondering when you’d be down to join us,” Shayla teased her, hitting her hip gently against Erin’s.

“I needed a few extra minutes getting into this costume.” Erin grinned, placing her head on Shayla’s shoulder.

“Let’s get you a drink.” Faina turned toward the bar and held up her glass, motioning to the bartender for another round.

“How was your flight?” Heidi wrapped an arm around Erin’s waist and led her to the table.

They chatted for a while, the five of them reminiscing about the good old days.

A little while later, Erin sat on her barstool, sipping her fruity cocktail. Looking toward the dance floor, she watched as Dani and Shayla sang along to the music, dancing around the bar like free-spirited pixies. She couldn’t help but smile even though she knew this would probably be the last time she would see them like this. Her eyes filled with moisture, and she blinked rapidly, banishing the tears. She had to stay in the moment and enjoy this time with her best friends.

Faina raised her glass and cleared her throat. It seemed that it was toast time. “To Lisette. It’s been ten years since she departed this plane, and I still miss her.”

Lisette Trudeau had gone to college with them at the University of Mississippi. To this day, Erin didn’t know all the details relating to her death, but it had changed them all in different ways. Lisette had also been from New Orleans and the reason the four of them were now in the magical city. The woman had been into voodoo, and although Erin hadn’t believed at the time, she had since changed her mind. Erin looked at her friends and wondered what each one would say about her when the time came. As soon as that thought entered her mind, she pushed it away.

“Hear! Hear!” She lifted her glass and tapped it gently against her friend’s before taking a drink.

Heidi laughed. “That’s exactly how Lisette would have phrased it…departed this plane.”

Erin smiled, took another sip of her drink, and looked around. There were a lot of people wearing costumes, from overly sexy to downright silly. Faina elbowed her, and she jerked her head to the side. Faina pointed to a couple of men wearing pants with suspenders.

Oh, firemen!

“Why do I suddenly have an urge to burn down my house?” Faina asked and started giggling.

Erin couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She immediately grabbed her purse and started looking through it. “I think I have matches in here somewhere.”

Using the search for matches as an excuse, Erin shoved her hand in the cellphone pocket and palmed a pain pill. The firemen caught on pretty quickly and started staring back, winking, and Erin only shook her head.




Licking Mikael’s neck, Erin moaned, “I need you.”

“We’ll take care of you,” Mikael told her. “Elijah and I will give you everything you desire. You belong to us, Erin. You’re our Eternal Love. Say it. Tell me you understand.”

“Yes,” she moaned. “I belong to you and Elijah.”

“Then you’re willing to be claimed as our Eternal Love?” Mikael asked, and Erin nodded.

Mikael grinned. He moved at lightning speed, picking her up, and Erin automatically wrapped her legs around his waist. Her back hit the wall and she moaned, rubbing her pussy against the front of his pants. Fuck yeah! He took her mouth like a starving man—biting, sucking, and consuming her. This kiss was about possession. He owned her mouth. Hell, the man owned her. Mikael moved one hand up her thigh. Grabbing her fishnet stockings and panties, he ripped the crotch wide open, exposing her naked pussy to the cool air.

“Mmmm,” she moaned.

Erin reached out and grabbed the top button of his jeans. She pulled hard, forcing all the buttons to open at once. Mikael shifted his hips, letting the denim fall down his legs. The length of his shaft rubbed up and down, her juices covering his cock, and Erin swallowed hard.

Damn it!

Cupping her ass with one hand, Mikael easily held her exactly where he wanted her. He grabbed the base of his cock and rubbed her opening with the head, back and forth, teasing her. Erin moaned and wiggled. She wanted to beg them to take her, both Mikael and Elijah. She couldn’t seem to think or breathe. Her whole body centered on the pleasure it craved.

“Oh, God,” she said, feeling her insides clench. “Fuck me.”

With one single thrust, Mikael shoved his cock in her pussy. He filled her, stretching her, and Erin loved the small bite of pain, making her pussy stretch to fit his size.

“Oh, baby. Tight. Hot. Mine.” Mikael growled deep in his chest, an animalistic sound that had her moving her hips, desperate for more.

“So good…”

Erin closed her eyes and focused on his cock buried deep inside her. He took control, thrusting deep and moving fast. Mikael kept one hand on her ass, and with the other he cradled her head, forcing her to look at him. Erin loved the way his eyes darkened and sparked with desperate need. He was sexy, almost possessed. Arching her back, Erin did her best to ride his length.

“Harder. Faster,” she demanded, her needs the only thing that mattered.

Mikael didn’t need to be told twice. Pulling her off the wall, he moved her to the nearest flat surface. He grabbed her hips tight and powered into her. As if completely in tune with her wants and needs, Mikael thrust into her, his rhythm finally at the beat her body craved most. He seemed to know exactly what to do to make her body respond. He moved her hips in small circles so her clit brushed against him. The motion sent bolts of pleasure throughout her body. She grew wetter, her body opening more, making Mikael’s thrusts into her smoother.

Turning her head, she spotted Elijah. Erin held out her hand, not wanting him to be left out and he moved closer. He touched her, rubbing one fingertip above the top of her dress. He seemed uncertain for a moment before finally pushing the material down, exposing her breasts. Elijah stared at her as he lowered his head. He paused, his mouth directly above a nipple and Erin held her breath. Elijah didn’t leave her waiting for too long. Leaning forward, he took her nipple in his mouth, biting, causing a flash of pain that shot straight to her pussy.

Closing her eyes, Erin gave her body over to their demands. Elijah suckled her breast while squeezing and torturing the other nipple. She could feel her orgasm coming to life as Mikael pounded into her pussy. She let the sensations take over, letting them manipulate her body.

Mikael picked up his pace, fucking her harder, his cock rubbing on a spot deep inside her that made her toes curl.

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