Double Her Pleasure (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,385
16 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Jayson and Joshua have wanted Haley to be their wife for several years now. They think she is finally ready to handle them both. Will she balk at the idea of two men and embrace them as a family? Or is there something else going on that they aren’t aware of?

Haley doesn’t want to lose the most important people in her life, and she thinks that if she succumbs to their ménage proposal she will lose their friendship. They have been there for each other through everything including life and death. She isn’t sure a possible long-term relationship is worth losing the very real one she has now.

When she is kidnapped and realizes she may never see them again, she knows she has made the wrong choice. She prays that they will find her in time so she can beg for their forgiveness and a second chance.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Double Her Pleasure (MFM)
16 Ratings (4.2)

Double Her Pleasure (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,385
16 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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“Where you going, baby girl?”

“Got to get on the road. Housework calls and waits on no man—or woman for that matter.”

He smiled. “If you would marry us you would never have to do housework again.” It was his standard reply.

Haley knew he didn’t mean anything by it.

“Sorry we missed you this morning. Got some things going on we needed to take care of.” Joshua frowned then quickly turned it into one of his lazy smiles. “Going out to The Watering Hole tonight?”

“Depends on if I can get everything done in time to get ready or not. Maybe.” She really had more to do today than usual.

She and the men usually met up at the local bar in town for a few drinks. Lately, she hadn’t gone as much. While she had been dating Matt, he didn’t like her hanging out there, and now that they were on the outs, she planned to spend a little more time there on Saturday nights with her friends.

“I’ll be looking for you there. Don’t disappoint an old cowboy,” Joshua said.

“Right, old my ass. We’re about the same age.”

“I’m three months older than you.”

Haley grinned. “Big deal. I don’t hear Jayson moaning about being old, and he’s older than both of us.”

“He’s only five minutes older than I am.” Joshua smirked at her.

She snorted and started the SUV. “Got to go. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Be careful, baby. Rough roads out there.” It was another of his standard replies.

Haley could always count on him. She waved out her window and headed down the gravel drive toward home. The farther away from the ranch she got, the more she missed them. She shook it off and concentrated on what she needed to accomplish today. First, groceries and her dry cleaning, and then she would focus on housework and laundry. Ugh. She hated housework. Too bad she couldn’t take Joshua up on his offer. She smiled. Being married to one of the brothers would come with lots of benefits, like never having to do housework again. She sighed. It would mean choosing between them, and she could never choose between them. They would never expect her to.

By the time she had folded the last towel and put it away, Haley was worn out. She glanced at the clock and groaned. There was just enough time to shower and get ready to go if she pushed it. Did she really want to go out tonight? She grinned. Hell yeah!

Maybe she could talk one of the men into a game of pool. She was pretty damn good and could give them a run for their money. She loved beating them. They got so pissy about it. Hopefully this time Matt wouldn’t be there. Matt was the ex-boyfriend from hell. He’d gotten too bossy and controlling. He hated the time she spent with Jayson and Joshua. They were her best friends. When he forbade her to spend time with them, it had been the last straw. She ended it with no regrets at all. Later, she realized they hadn’t really had much in common. Why she had gone out with him in the first place, she didn’t know.

Matt was the reason she had snuck out the last time. He kept after her saying she belonged to him. She didn’t want to make a scene. If they made one, Jayson and Joshua would get involved. They were very protective of her, and she really didn’t want them involved.

Haley quickly showered and washed her hair. The entire time her thoughts of her men dominated her mind. They were good-looking men. Jayson stood a half inch taller than Joshua. His six foot four inches towered over her five foot three inches. His rich brown hair fell just below his collar when he forgot to get it cut. Broad shoulders accented a wide muscular chest that narrowed down to a trim waist and tight butt. He had washboard abs to go along with the rest of the package. His face was chiseled perfection with a square chin and hazel eyes the color of changing autumn leaves.

Most people thought Joshua to be the exact image of his older brother with the same muscular build and ruggedly handsome face. Haley knew the little differences though. Like he was that half inch shorter than his brother, and he had a dimple in the cleft of his chin. He had just a little less chest hair than his brother. Then there was the constant devilry in his eyes. He could always be counted on to do something outrageous when you least expected it.

Haley loved them both like brothers. That was why when she caught herself thinking a little too intimately about them, she shut down the naughty thoughts and concentrated on something else.




“I want to sink my cock into your hot cunt, Haley. I want to feel you squeeze around me as you come undone.” Joshua whispered naughty words in one ear.

Jayson whispered in the other ear. “I want to lick your pretty pussy as you come, so that I can lap up all your honey. Then I would thrust my dick inside you and make you scream my name.”

“Oh, God. What are you doing to me?”

“Then one day, we’d take you together. I’d take your ass while Jayson fucks your cunt. You can’t imagine the pleasure you’d feel with us both inside you. You’d be full of cock at any one time.” Joshua nipped at her earlobe then sucked it into his mouth.

“Just think about having all your fantasies fulfilled. We’d give them all to you if we can.” Jayson nibbled at her neck then placed openmouthed kisses down her neck.

He slowly unfastened her jeans and slipped his hand inside to tunnel past her panties, through her trimmed mound, and into her dripping pussy. He exhaled in her ear when he reached it.

“You are so fucking wet. You want us, don’t you, baby girl?”

“Please, Jayson. Don’t tease me.”

“Tell us you want us, baby. Let us know that you desire us as much as we want you.” Joshua cupped her face on either side and lowered his mouth a hair’s breadth from hers.

Each time she breathed in, it was his breath, and when she breathed out, she gave it back to him. He closed the distance and sipped at her lips before thrusting through them into her mouth. Their tongues sparred, rubbing back and forth over each other. Haley moaned into his mouth and tried to suck on him as he angled her head for better access.

Then Jayson was pumping his finger in and out of her pussy, adding pressure to her clit as he did. She felt her legs begin to quiver as her blood began to boil. They were killing her with their lovemaking. She wouldn’t survive intact if they continued, but she didn’t have the strength to pull away. Wanting them was a mild term for how she felt. She desired them and needed them to the point of losing her sanity. They’d awakened her feminine needs so that she knew she would go crazy if they ever turned away from her.

Jayson chose that instant to press his thumb over her clit and massage it as he filled her pussy with two fingers. Joshua swallowed her screams of completion. Then he pulled away just enough to look into her eyes that were heavy with arousal. She couldn’t stop the small smile that bloomed across her face.

“We need to get back. I can’t wait another day without being inside of you.”

Jayson pulled his hand from her pussy and rearranged her jeans. She fastened them as he sucked his fingers in front of her. She drew in a shuddering breath at the sight of him licking her juices from his fingers.

“You taste like spicy honey, baby girl.”

“On the horses. Now.” Joshua took her hand and led her to Sugar Cube. He helped her up into the saddle before climbing on back of his own horse. Jayson was one step behind them. They made it home in less time than it took to ride out. Joshua was off his horse as soon as they arrived. He pulled out his cell phone and spoke into it before putting it back on the clip.

“I’ve got a hand coming to tend to the horses. In the house, Haley, or I’m going to fucking take you out here. I want a bed under us.”

Before she could say anything, Jayson was urging her inside at a fast clip. The moment they were inside, Joshua began pulling off her boots and then the rest of her clothes. She opened her mouth to say something, maybe to protest, but lost her train of thought when Jayson latched onto her breast with his mouth.

Joshua pulled her away from Jayson and picked her up in his arms. He was striding down the hall and up the stairs with Jayson right behind him. She turned and looked over Joshua’s shoulder to see Jayson with heavy lidded eyes staring hungrily at her as he unbuttoned his shirt. She caught her breath at the sight.

When they walked into the master bedroom, Joshua laid her on the bed and began stripping. She glanced at Jayson and found that he was already half undressed. This was it. She would never be the same after this. They were going to make her theirs and she couldn’t do a thing to stop them. She didn’t want to stop them. Maybe later, but not now.

Joshua crawled between her legs and propped himself on his forearms as he slipped his hands beneath her hips. He used his thumbs to pull her pussy lips apart as his tongue delved between them. She couldn’t halt the small scream that erupted from her when he licked up the slit. He lapped at her juices as they creamed from her body.

As Joshua ate at her pussy, Jayson sucked on her nipples, giving each equal time. His tongue teased the tips then licked along the areola. He massaged them then shoved as much of her breast into his mouth as he could get. When he pushed them together and sucked both nipples in at one time, she actually felt her juices release from her body.

“Jayson!” She couldn’t put into words what she wanted to say.

He growled and nibbled her tits before nipping around them. Then Joshua was thrusting two fingers in and out of her cunt. A tingling began along her spine as heat burned deep in her pussy. Little sparks ignited larger flames until a wildfire of emotions and sensations coursed through her body. He curled his fingers and stroked over her sweet spot even as he sucked her clit between his teeth and lapped at it with his tongue. Jayson twisted her nipples, pinching them lightly between his thumb and forefinger. She bucked between them as her climax rushed her over a giant waterfall of pleasure so intense she thought she would die from it.

While Jayson kissed her and soothed her as she floated down, Joshua rolled on a condom and lined his cock up with her slit.

“Please, baby. Let it be okay. I want you.”

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