Legend of the Feral 1: Shadow Lovers (MFM)

Legend of the Feral 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,074
10 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking, HEA]
Three hundred years ago, the eternal flame was extinguished, casting both Khal and Ryder into the shadows. There they waited for their love to return and a chance to right the wrongs of the past. Now the time has come. 
Jean “Cookie” Cooke can no more deny the passion Khal and Ryder inspire in her than she can the truth they carry with them.  She must face her own past decisions and decide once again whether to sacrifice everything for love. 
Cookie, Khal, and Ryder must learn to trust one another if they stand any hope of a happily ever after.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Legend of the Feral 1: Shadow Lovers (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.0)

Legend of the Feral 1: Shadow Lovers (MFM)

Legend of the Feral 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,074
10 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
An excellent book with great humour. I can't wait for the next one.
Really good book!




That drew a heavy sigh from Klah, who rolled his eyes and shot Ryder a disgusted look. “She was asking me, you idiot. You already told her who the hell you are, and I’ll tell you who the hell I am, princess.” Klah’s gaze cut back to her and pinned Cookie with a pointed look. “I’m the man who is going to keep you naked, spread, and stuffed full of cock. Now can we get to the fucking?”

“No.” Cookie snorted, certain he was teasing despite the seriousness of Klah’s expression. She’d already figured out that he went around scowling, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t laughing on the inside. Cookie kind of suspected he was, especially when he followed up his first question was a second one almost instantly.

“Then can I have a donut?”

“No!” Cookie couldn’t even believe he had the audacity to ask. “This was supposed to be my flaunting, and you ate it all.”

“Well, we’ve been flaunting other things,” Ryder shot back with a grin that told her he was more than amused. He was downright tickled by her bossiness, tickled and trying to embarrass her, but Cookie felt no shame over what had happened or what would.

“Yes.” Cookie smiled warmly at both men. “And you’re quite good at that…but explaining things, we need to work on that attribute.”

“How about we make a deal,” Ryder suggested as he settled back down into his seat. “One donut for one honestly answered question, hmm? You’ve got eighteen donuts there. Surely, you’re not going to eat them all.”

“I might,” Cookie insisted, but she did like the sound of his suggestion. It just needed to be tweaked. “I could consider giving up a donut or two for both answers and assurances.”

“Assurances?” Klah frowned at that. “What kind of assurances?”

“Well, for one, we’re not making babies until I say so.” That wasn’t even in question. Unfortunately, it led to one that even had Ryder scowling.

“Shouldn’t you have worried about that a few days ago? I mean it’s kind of late to close those barn doors.”

“I’m on birth control, but that doesn’t protect against diseases.”

“What?” Ryder gaped as if appalled at her comment, but Cookie wasn’t backing down.

“Diseases,” she repeated, “which is just why condoms—”

“Why are you on birth control?” Klah demanded to know, cutting in without appearing to have heard the rest of what she’d said. “Do you have a lover?”

If she did, Cookie suspected he’d have been a dead man, given the looks that Klah and Ryder were shooting her. So, Cookie chose her words carefully.

“No, not lover, but…I mean I wasn’t a virgin. I hook up.” That was not the right answer from the way the two men continued to glare at her, but Cookie refused to cower. “Oh, come on. Neither of you were virgins. Hell, you’re both hot and rich. You must have women hanging all over you.”

Ryder reared back at that accusation as if she’d smacked him. “I beg your pardon. I’m not rich…please don’t rob me.”

“That’s not funny,” Cookie informed him with a dirty look.

“I thought it was,” Klah chipped in. “Just a little.”

“Like you’re any better,” Cookie turned on him. “I read all about you, too, Mr. Million Dollar Antique Dealer.”

“I’m not apologizing for being rich,” Klah shot back as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Somebody has to make money in this family. How the hell do you think we’re going to afford those two dozen children?”

“It was one dozen.” Cookie sighed with exasperation, knowing a losing argument when she met one. “And I’m being serious here. I don’t want to be rich.”

“That’s absurd.” Ryder snorted. “You want to help the less fortunate and give away some of our money, then fine, but we’re keeping enough to assure that you and our kids are always provided for.”

That sounded like as good of a deal as she was going to get, and Cookie knew it. “Fine. What about the women?”

Because she knew there were other women. There was no way there wasn’t.

 “I belong to you now,” Ryder pledged sweetly, but there was steel in his tone as he continued on. “And you belong to us. Understand?”

“I think so.” But this wasn’t something left to vague threats. “You’re saying there is no cheating, but you’re not saying what happens if one of us does.”

“Then the rival is killed,” Klah stated simply while Ryder nodded his agreement, as if suggesting they no qualms with killing somebody.

Cookie didn’t know how she felt about that. She wasn’t nearly as comfortable with violence as these two. Who was to say that it wouldn’t be her they turned against? Her fears must have shown on her face because Klah’s scowl darkened as he appeared to read her thoughts.

“You needn’t worry,” he grumbled. “We’d never hurt you.”

“Of course not,” Ryder echoed, sounding instantly insulted by the very suggestion. “That’s as absurd as suggesting we carry diseases.”




“This is only a taste of what the last three hundred years were like. There was no satisfaction, no end to the need, no consolation that would ever heal the pain we felt at the loss of you. This is what you did to us.”

Through the whirl of delight twisting tightly through her, Cookie heard Klah’s rough and ragged whisper floating through her head. The sound was filled with an ache that made her heart clench. She hadn’t meant to hurt them, never would mean to, but something had gone wrong. Right then Cookie didn’t have the reason or logic left to figure out what.

All that mattered in that moment was the wickedly wanton feel of being held by one man as another punished her. The sense of vulnerability was hammered in with every crack of Ryder’s hand across her pussy and the feel of the rough fabric of Klah’s clothes. They faded away until she feel the hot, silken length of his cock pressing back between the cheeks of her ass.

Then he was filling he, stretching her wide and making every spank across her pussy all that much more intense. More was what she had to endure as Klah’s big, rough hands came up to cup her breasts and tease her nipples. He twisted and pulled, driving Cookie to complete distraction as she writhed and moaned in his lap, enjoying the feel of all that they were doing.

She wasn’t alone in her lust.

That became clear a second later as Ryder’s spanking came to a halt and he reached for her arms. Then she was jerked out of Klah’s lap and shoved roughly onto the floor. Before Cookie could catch her breath, Ryder was kneeling behind her and forcing her thighs wide as the flared head of his cock brushed against the wet folds of her pussy. Then he was sliding in and setting Cookie’s world back on fire. Ryder taunted her with a slow invasion that had Cookie twisting beneath him in wanton invitation.

Not about to be left out, Klah slid from his seat to come to kneel before her. He disappeared for a moment, merging into shadow and then re-emerging from them cleaned and hard. The flared and flushed head of his cock bobbing before her lips.  Cookie couldn’t help but take a taste. Allowing her tongue to lap out over his thick head, she drew a muttered curse from him before Klah snapped at Ryder.

“The princess still has some sass left in her. I thought you were supposed to be fucking it out of her.”

Ryder snorted at that and responded with a quick roll and thrust of his hips that left Cookie moaning as Klah began to pump into her mouth. His fingers tangled in her hair, forcing her to match the pace he and Ryder set as they began to fuck her with a merciless frenzy.

It was a wild, frantic ride that had all three of them coming in an explosive climax that left Cookie shuddering as she panted for breath. When she caught it, she had only one thing to say.

“That was amazing. Now get the fuck off me, Ryder. You weigh a ton.”

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