Fall Spice (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,076
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Multicultural, Paranormal, MM, HEA]

Ross Fielding is a small business owner still trying to recover after the pandemic, but he doesn’t think it’s going to happen. On top of that, he’s still trying to get over his ex, or that’s what he keeps telling himself.

Akira is Ross’s head chef and manager of his inn, and Akira would do anything to help Ross bounce back professionally. He’d also love a chance at a romantic relationship with Ross, but Ross doesn’t seem to notice just how into him he is.

Then, a chance opportunity to see and buy an old house seems like just the perfect thing to bring them together. However, Akira is expecting an old house full of history but finds a haunted house filled with treasure someone is willing to lie, steal and even kill for.

Can he solve the puzzle of the old house and find the treasure before he or Ross is hurt?

Fall Spice (MM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Fall Spice (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,076
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


His door opened as he went through the invoices.

“You wanted to see me?” Akira asked demurely as he came in with a cup on a saucer.

“Close the door,” Ross said sternly.

“You’re upset,” Akira said as he did just that and came to put the coffee on his desk.

“Should I not be?” Ross demanded, ignoring the delicious scent that wafted to him. “You bought things without talking to me. How could you do that when you know what kind of budget I’m working on?”

“What are you talking about?”

“How did you even get my credit card numbers?” Ross asked coldly.

“I don’t have them, Ross,” Akira said with a frown.

“You ordered all this stuff over the last three months.”

“Are you talking about the fall and winter stuff I picked up for just over two and a half thousand?”

“What?” Ross thundered. “Akira!”

“You knew,” Akira said, crossing his arms over his chest. “We talked about it. You said that was the perfect time to give my idea a try.”

“I did?” Ross asked, perplexed.

“Your head was too full of that asshole’s shit for you to remember I guess.”

Ross sat back in his chair trying to recall, and he tensed when Akira moved behind him. He put both hands on Ross’s shoulders and squeezed lightly.

“You sat with me while I picked stuff out. You were on the phone with Roger the first day. You said you’d take care of the payment later. And you did obviously because I got everything.”

“Can you give me more of a date?”

“A date? Baby, you don’t remember things in dates,” Akira chastised. “You connect things with moments and events. The day we ordered the first stuff, it was nine in the morning. The Seasonal Store was having a big blowout on fall stuff, including floral picks and signs. You said I could spend up to seven hundred bucks but nothing blatantly religious.”

“That last part sounds like me.” He moaned as Akira massaged his shoulders.

“It was raining that day, and you were trying to get that turd to come over and have the picnic indoors, but he said his sister was over.”

“Right, yeah,” Ross said bitterly. He’d heard that line enough times that, looking back, he knew that for the lie it had been. “Okay, I apologize for jumping all over you.”

“It’s your money and your place. You have the right to question purchases. I told you to download the invoices. Did you?”

“I guess because I’m looking at one of them.”

Akira bent, and Ross felt warm breath on his neck.

Shit. Not again.

Akira slid his hands down Ross’s shoulders to his chest. “You know I think the change will add some character.”

“What change?” he asked breathlessly, reveling in the contact despite not wanting to.

He couldn’t let his guard down too far ever again. Not after what he’d just gone through with the last two men he’d gotten serious with.




Ross flushed, and Akira smiled. “Why do I make you so nervous, baby?”

“I— You don’t,” he said. “It’s just a little hot in here. You’re crowding me too.”

Akira smiled as he put a hand on Ross’s hip. He wore his usual casual pants and button-down. The shirt was tucked in with the top two buttons open revealing the pale column of Ross’s throat. Ross’s hair was pulled back in a low tail today, and he smelled as nice as he always did.

“Seems like I make you nervous lately,” he murmured, and Ross took a step back putting his back against the door.

Akira moved in, looking down at him. He was only a half-inch taller, which made kissing easier because he wouldn’t have to bend down too far.

“I—I’m not,” Ross insisted. “You’re just so close.” He put a hand on Akira’s shoulder.

“And nobody’s around,” Akira said softly. “I could do this without anyone interrupting.” He lowered his head and brushed Ross’s lips with his own. He wouldn’t push. If Ross told him to back off, he would.

But Ross’s lips parted beneath his, and Akira rested a hand on Ross’s hip. He deepened the kiss, tasting the hint of mint on Ross. He expected Ross to pull away, but he hoped he didn’t. He needed to make it clear he wanted things to go further since Ross obviously wasn’t getting the point from his more subtle actions.

Ross moaned, his fingers cupping Akira’s nape. Akira glided his hand to Ross’s ass and cupped the bare handful of round curve. Ross moved against him, his cock hard now.

Akira decided to take a bit of a leap. He reached between them and cupped the bulge in Ross’s pants, and Ross pressed tighter against him. So, Akira slid Ross’s zipper down and pushed his hand inside. He closed his fingers around Ross’s hard dick.

 He didn’t intend to do anything but get him off. This would determine if he should make further moves.

“Akira,” Ross breathed out roughly.

“Stop?” he murmured, his lips against Ross’s.

 “I— It’s been months since a man has touched me.”

 “Whatever you want, I’ll abide by,” Akira said, and Ross looked up at him. “This doesn’t have to go any further than the kiss.” He ran the thumb pad of his finger over the head of Ross’s prick.

 Ross hissed and kissed the corner of Akira’s mouth.

 “Nuh-uh, baby, you have to say the word. Stop or go.”

 “Don’t stop,” Ross said, and Akira pumped his cock. “Yes.”

 Akira cupped Ross’s balls through the soft fabric of his pants as he worked his cock. Ross groaned and moved his hips slowly, pushing his cock into Akira’s hand.

 Akira teased the head against his palm before pumping Ross’s prick faster. “When you got yourself off last night, did you imagine I was doing it for you?”

 “Akira,” he said and groaned.

 “Did you want to know if I could make you feel as good as it does when you do it yourself?”

 “Yes. Damn it,” Ross muttered.

 “I know, baby.” Akira kissed him as he worked his cock faster. This would just light Ross’s fire, get him interested in what he could have if he just opened the door a little.

 “Oh, fuck,” Ross cried. “Shit, that’s good. I’m going to come, Akira.” He gripped Akira’s arm, his nails digging in.

 Ross mewled as Akira pumped his dick faster. The bliss filling his face had Akira getting drunk, his own pleasure coming from watching Ross’s.

 “Oh. Yes.”

 Ross was close, and Akira knew it. Without breaking contact, he moved to his knees swiftly and closed his mouth around Ross’s cock.

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