Fall into Me (MM)

Psychic Docs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,378
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, bondage, HEA]

Dillan Ellsworth has known Sagan Saldana was his mate for eleven years, but a battered heart prevented him from taking a chance on love. Even after Dillan’s old friend and mentor begs him to handfast with Sagan and take over his mentor’s place as head of the coven, Dillan is still reluctant to give in to the desires of his heart especially now with the turmoil tearing his coven and the Beorc world apart.

Sagan knows his uncle only had his best interest at heart. That’s why he dutifully agreed to the arranged handfasting with the love of his life, Dillan Ellsworth. His mission is to claim the heart and soul of his true love even if it means allowing his coven to sink into obscurity. As the danger closes in on both covens, Dillan realizes he can’t save his friend’s coven or aid his own without accepting Sagan as his mate and claiming him heart and soul.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Fall into Me (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fall into Me (MM)

Psychic Docs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,378
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Sagan stepped into his kitchen to find Dillan sitting at the peninsula with a mug of steaming liquid before him. The dark-golden skin, the thick hair with its hints of red, and his hard body made the man a gorgeous creation of manhood. His sexy smile and pretty eyes all made him eye candy that Sagan could lick up with his eyes all day.

But what kind of man was Dillan Ellsworth? Who was he? He’d mentioned having been with women. What about his family? Dillan knew pretty much all there was to know about him except the only piece of his past that had been withheld from him until only days before his uncle’s death.

He’d spent a good deal of time in Dillan’s company before he became attracted to him. During that time and after, all of their conversations had been open and honest. At least on his end. Sagan told this man everything, wanting him to see him and know him. He’d wanted Dillan to fall in love with him then, and he wanted it even more now. Knowing more about the man he loved and what had him so heartbroken or heartsick he couldn’t love him back might help him understand the man’s fears better.

Sagan crossed the room to the coffeepot and poured himself a cup. His uncle had stocked up on some of the best coffee beans in world, along with a grinder. Obviously Dillan enjoyed a good cup of joe as much as he did. He added a touch of cream and a pinch of sugar and then went to the peninsula.

“You want some breakfast?” Dillan asked, looking up from the screen of his phone.

Sagan studied him contemplatively. “You have nice hair,” he said. “Why do you wear it long?” Dillan had grown his hair out some over the years, and he thought it was as beautiful now as it had always been.

“I like it this way, but I’m due for a trim,” he said then smiled. “You want to cut it?”

Sagan reached across the peninsula and captured a thick strand. “I could trim the ends. I do cut my own hair.” Dillan’s hair smelled nice like the soap he used.

“Don’t all black guys?”

Sagan laughed. “Hell no,” he said.

“Your father was black?”

He frowned. “Yeah. My sister was raised by my Dad’s family.”

“How’d you end up with your mom’s family then?” Dillan asked. He looked down at his phone and typed something in.

“My mom and my uncle were close from what I remember,” he said with a frown as he tried to recall how he’d come to live with his uncle when his sister and younger brother had ended up with his father’s family. “I heard once that I didn’t look like my dad’s family or my dad, and that my mom had cheated on my dad. Well, after my mom died, my dad was stone drunk one night, and I was trying to help him to bed and he started babbling about the time he and my mom had a threesome with his best friend.”

“Do you know for sure if you’re the best friend’s?” Dillan asked, looking up at him with a curious light in his eyes.

Sagan shrugged carelessly. “My mother was promised to a Beorc brother, but before the ceremony could take place, she ended up drunk in Vegas and married.”

“Ric must have been pissed,” Dillan said wryly.

Sagan snorted. “My mother was bred to carry a Beorc’s child,” he said. “She was from a line of psychic healers who could manipulate vibration and emotion. They were empaths. The goal was to breed her with my father to produce me.” He shrugged.

“How’d it happen if she was married to someone else?”

“My fathers were bi,” he said. “They wanted each other as much as they wanted my mother, but they agreed to keep their relationship secret for my mortal dad’s sake. We kids didn’t know, and my siblings still don’t know, but it doesn’t matter because I’m the only child my mother had that was my dad’s.”

“The only child promised to the coven,” Dillan said quietly, and Sagan nodded.

“Yes, and my dad would have taken my uncle’s place had he not been killed.”

“That’s why Ric wanted you with a Beorc,” he said. “You are the product of one.”

He shrugged. “It’s why I can’t just walk away.”

Dillan put a hand on Sagan’s. “Must have hurt like hell when you found out about your dad,” he said. “I mean how he died.”

“Broke my heart,” he admitted. “I did love him. He was always good to me, and he was as much as a dad to me as he could be without me asking questions.”

Dillan nodded. “Rodriguez-Roe?”

“He was my father,” he agreed. “I loved him, and I want follow in his footsteps and be as much a part of this coven as I can.”

Dillan nodded. He saw better now what drove Sagan’s determination to see this through. He’d been surrounded by the Beorc culture and traditions most of his life. He knew how important their survival was and how dependent it was on the males the dominants produced. None of them had ever produced more than two males. All dominants were born of the Beorc through a Beorc dominant or the daughter of one, be she witch or psychic.

“Do I have to worry about you hooking up with some woman behind my back?”




Dillan watched him kick off his shoes before undoing his belt first then the button of his pants. Sagan dragged the zipper down then pushed his pants from his hips while Dillan moved to the full-size bed and the nightstand. He opened the drawer and withdrew a few items before turning his attention back to Sagan.

He stroked his cock while Sagan took his time pushing the pants down his narrow hips and legs. Sagan licked his lips, and Dillan smiled. “You’ve already had your taste. It’s my turn.”

Sagan kicked away his pants and turned to give Dillan a back view of the briefs Riley had picked out for him to wear tonight. He heard the sharp intake of breath, and a satisfied smile spread over Sagan’s face as he turned back to face him.

“What pretty little panties,” he drawled. “Come here.” Dillan closed the space between them.

“You’re so controlling,” he muttered, though there was no heat in the statement.

For an answer, Dillan wrapped an arm around Sagan’s waist and dragged him up against him roughly for a hard kiss then kissed a path over Sagan’s chest and down to his stomach. He licked over his navel before dropping to his knees. He peeled Sagan’s underwear down to his hips and wrapped his fingers around Sagan’s cock, breathing harshly. He swirled his tongue around the head, and then he drew the tip into his mouth. “Yum-my.”

Sagan sighed and closed his eyes. He pushed the fingers of both hands into Dillan’s hair as Dillan began to feast on him. The suction of his mouth was tight, and his tongue was a wicked weapon wreaking havoc on his sensitive shaft. He speared the slit, raked his teeth lightly over the shaft, licked his balls, and sucked him deep.

Sagan mewled as Dillan sucked him slowly and kneaded his ass.

He was so damn good Dillan didn’t know if he’d be able to get enough. He hallowed his cheeks as he sucked. He took Sagan to the back of his throat and took him down.

“Oh, fuck!”

Dillan squeezed the base of Sagan’s cock to prevent him from coming. “Not yet, sweet one,” he murmured and reached for the cock cage that lay on top of the nightstand. The cage was a vibrator that would send tiny pulses to the shaft and head via wireless remote. The leather would hold Sagan’s cock erect as well as support his balls. It would allow for some sensory pleasure from the outside of the leather, mainly his light strikes to the cock and balls.

He put the cage on, and Sagan looked down at him. His eyes were almost navy.

“Now the fun begins,” Dillan said, getting to his feet and licking his lips. The taste of the boy lingered on his tongue. He wanted nothing more than to go back to his knees and suck the kid off, but he wanted to play with him more.

He reached for the handcuffs, which were lined with silk inside. “Hands on the nightstand.”

Sagan had once had a lover in New Mexico who had been a cop, and he’d used his handcuffs on him a few times. Sagan had enjoyed the walk on the wild side, so he obliged, and Dillan snapped the cuffs in place. Sagan turned his hands to see if he could grip the nightstand and noted the chain was a little longer than standard cuffs.

“You want to stop?”

He shook his head. “No.” He was wired on lust. It was a drug that had him going higher with each move his soon-to-be lover made.

“I like these,” he murmured as he stroked his hand over Sagan’s ass. They were booty shorts that revealed his firm cheeks. He tore the briefs, using a hint of telekinetic power.

The fabric brushed his skin like a lover’s caress as it was pushed aside, and Sagan gasped as Dillan brought his hand down heavy on his rear end.

“Such a tight ass.” Dillan hit him harder.

Sagan shuddered. The sensations tore down his spine, and the heat set him on fire. The heat flared, and the vibration of power slapped against his cock head, making him whimper.

Dillan hit him again then smoothed his hand over his ass before removing a paddle from the drawer.

“Fuck, I like that,” he said harshly.

“Then, you’ll love this,” Dillan murmured then hit him again.

Sagan clenched his ass and made an orgasmic noise. “Damn you,” he breathed out harshly. “Again.” Sagan licked his lips with the pleasure skittering through him.

Dillan hit him with the paddle, and Sagan whimpered and caught his lower lip between his teeth. He lowered his head and nipped Sagan’s ear. “I‘ve been looking forward to this since you turned twenty-one.”

“I wasn’t ready for this then,” Sagan said, breathless.

Dillan hit him again, playing a tattoo on his ass, and Sagan cried out. The pleasure in the pain ate a wide swath through him. His was burning, a wildfire threatening to burn out of control.

“That little ass is blushing so pretty.”

“Fuck me,” he commanded. “I need it now.”

He slapped Sagan’s ass with his hand. “When I’m ready, I’ll give you what you need.”

“You’re a bastard, Dillan Ellsworth.”

Dillan grinned. “The bastard this ass belongs to now.” He slapped Sagan’s ass again, slapping out a tattoo that left his ass blushing brighter. He smoothed the red flesh and then turned the vibration in the cock cage on. A few more strikes to his ass and Dillan turned the vibration higher.

Tiny pulses of pleasure nipped at the shaft of his cock, and even Sagan’s ass was tingling in pleasure. The next strike of his hand had Sagan’s dick throbbing and pulsing for release. “I can’t take it,” he cried.

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