Noah's Need (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,610
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Historical, Edwardian England, MMF, HEA]

Noah Hawk curses his driving sexual need. He desires his best friend Willow Crowley, but he’ll only break her heart. He goes to Hawksfell Manor to resist temptation.

Willow has loved Noah forever. When she’s invited to Hawksfell Manor, she never thinks she’ll see Noah there. They make love but Noah tells her it will never happen again.

Cole Barton, gardener at the manor, sees Willow crying and they share a kiss and more.

When Noah meets Cole in the gardens, they find a connection. They speak of Willow and how much they want her and each other. Passion flares and they make love.

Cole’s sweetness draws Willow as much as Noah’s passion and, when her two men propose a liaison, she happily agrees. Noah cares for Willow and for Cole but is certain it cannot last. He doesn’t want to break their hearts, which he believes is inevitable.

Noah's Need (MMF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Noah's Need (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,610
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


He had been free of his blasted Hawk legacy for the past fortnight and, like the fool he was, he had once more hoped that he would not have to fight the urge again this month. He had attempted to fight it, as he always did, but he’d had to go into the village in the end. It had taken three serving maids to give him the release he’d craved. His damned Hawk allure had been as strong as his own need and the women had enthusiastically given him everything he’d needed to finally quiet his beast as he’d driven them all to climax time and again.

He cursed that compulsion he’d inherited from the unknown father who gave him his name and nothing else but this. Oh, as cursed as he was he was also blessed with his finances. This was exhibited in his fine home and estate. Everything he touched turned to gold, from the estate’s farms to his investments in London. And yet, he had no one to share any of it with. His mother had relocated to the dower house years ago, perhaps with the sliver of a hope that he would one day marry, and he lived here all but alone save for his servants.

He'd had a friend once, a bosom chum, back when he was a boy. A rough-and-tumble girl from the estate that bordered his. Willow. As she had grown, her beauty had blossomed. Long, silky dark hair. Big blue eyes as deep as the lake on his estate. A smattering of freckles across her pert little nose. And a body that had made his teenaged boy’s heart race.

His time with her seemed longer than ten years ago, but those idyllic days had been without even a whisper of the curse that would come to rule his life. Then, that last summer before she moved away, he made her his. They had been each other’s firsts, and it was the only time in his memory that passion was untouched by his Hawk urges. He had never experienced such bliss again and knew in his heart that he never would.

He still thought of her on lonely nights like this one, and longed to return to that time before it all went to Hell. Though he had missed her terribly after she’d left, it was surely a blessing that she moved away. He had never felt the compulsion to use her for his own relief, and therefore had never risked breaking her heart. Now any pussy, mouth, or ass served him. He would die before ever using her in such a manner.

It was the curse. It was always his damned Hawk curse. His mother had told him of it when Noah first felt its burn at sixteen. As for his father, he only knew that the bastard had legitimatized Noah through blind legal channels soon after he was born and then abandoned him and his mother. She had sent their long-time steward to comfort Noah when he had tried to ease himself. Touching himself had caused unimaginable pains in his stomach and an erection that lasted for hours. He had known these past ten years that relief could not be found in that manner. Why was this so? Why did the Hawk men, who apparently had populated most of Yorkshire with their own bastards over the past generations, suffer from this driving sexual need?

Surely it was all part of his Hawk legacy. Blessed with money and charm, though slaves to their driving need for sexual satisfaction. Perhaps a long-ago Hawk had used a witch ill, some said the story went, and she in turn had cursed the lot of them. Perhaps there was a familial predisposition to raging sexual need and compulsion, other tales insisted. Whatever way he looked at it now, it was his curse to carry. Alone.

A chill washed over him, and it was more than welcome. For too long this evening, hot lust had ruled him despite the cold autumn weather. Perhaps he would be able to sleep tonight.

He went abovestairs and readied himself for bed, leaving his rumpled clothes for his valet to see to in the morning. He’d shed his attire in a heated rush in the little room abovestairs at the inn. The maids had done likewise and with startling efficiency. One was on her knees in front of him in a thrice while the other two eagerly waited for their turn at pleasure. He had given it too, over and over again. Shame threatened to swamp him again, but he tamped it down. It was the way of things and had been so for the last ten years. It was surely too late to expect anything different.

After sleeping like the dead, he awoke the next morning feeling more the thing. Last evening’s events seemed as hazy as the windscreen on his Daimler on a rain-soaked night. Writhing bodies, pounding lust, and wild release until he was at last sated. Then the sweet, melancholy memories of Willow. He sat on the edge of his bed and buried his face in his hands.

“Enough,” he growled as he came to his feet.

He washed and then rang for his valet. Confident that he would be in control of himself for the next fortnight or so, he dressed and went belowstairs to eat breakfast. He was surprised to find his mother was within the breakfast room.

“Noah, dear!” She wore a smile for her only child on her still-beautiful face. “How are you this morning?”

“Good morning, Mother.” He walked around the table and bent down to kiss her offered cheek. “What brings you to the hall?”

She blinked her amber eyes, so like his. “Can a mother not pay a call on her own son?”

Noah arched a brow. “Certainly.”

His tone brooked no further argument, and his mother apparently knew it.

“All right.” She let out a sigh. “A report of an alarming nature reached me.”

Noah served himself from the sideboard and sat at the table across from her. “Truly?” She did tend to exaggerate matters. “Do share.”

She leaned forward, worry lines appearing between her brows. “Willow Crowley is back.”




And so it was that he found himself with Noah in the greenhouse later that afternoon. It had begun to rain, and the gray skies and patter of raindrops against the glass lent the place a moody atmosphere.

“This is a secluded spot,” Noah said. “Do you spend much time in here?”

“Not this time of the year, no.” Cole removed his overcoat. “Come the winter, I will have to make certain the cuttings and bulbs will be ready for spring.”

Noah strolled along the aisle of the greenhouse, ending in the orangery. “It is like a small grove in here.”

“The scent when these trees blossom is incredibly sweet.”

Noah arched a brow. “Like our girl?”

Cole laughed. “Yes, though I would rather breathe in her unique scent than any other.”

Noah grew thoughtful. “Cole, are you developing a tendre for Willow?”

He was not certain of that, but he had never felt for another woman what he did for her. As for his affections toward Noah? He would not press for more than what they had at present.

“She is quite lovable, is she not?” he asked in the end.

“I have always believed as much.”

“Then why are you asking if I am coming to love her?”

Noah’s brows drew together. “I do not know.”

“Do you love her, Noah?”

“Matters cannot be that simple.” Noah raked his fingers through his hair. “They never have been.”

“Do you need to complicate everything?” Cole asked softly.

Noah came closer and touched his shoulder. “I shall endeavor to refrain for the afternoon.”

Cole nodded. “Good. Did you invite Willow to join us?”

“I mentioned it in passing.”

Cole crossed through the trees to the wall of glass. He spied a slight figure heading toward the greenhouse, wrapped in an overcoat. He signaled to Noah, who opened the door before she could do more than raise her hand to knock. She blinked in obvious surprise and then smiled. The expression cut through the gloom and Cole joined her and Noah at the door.

“I did not dare hope you would come, Willow,” Noah said.

She dipped her head as Noah removed her overcoat. “I could not stay away.”

Cole drew her close and kissed her. “I am so glad you could join us.”

She glanced first at Noah and then back at him. “I could not stay away.”

Cole kissed her again as he and Noah undressed her. The three of them were soon naked and situated on a thick blanket spread over the hard stone floor. Cole ran his mouth over her breasts, teasing and licking her tight pink nipples. She moaned and leaned back against Noah. He was on his knees, his thighs spread to support her. Cole lowered his head to her pussy, burying his face in her fragrant cunt. Her scent was sweet and salty, and her cream was already flowing. Her flesh glistened and his mouth watered for a taste. It did not disappoint. Covering her pussy with his mouth, he all but devoured her. She wriggled beneath him, moaning as her pleasure grew. Riding his tongue, she began to come so he slipped a finger inside of her.

“Cole!” she cried. “Oh!”

She was slick and hot, and he gave her everything as she reached orgasm. His cock was throbbing now, but he would not take her pussy this time. He shared a look with Noah, and he shifted her until she was on her hands and knees. Unable to resist, Cole licked her again from behind and she threw her head back. Noah moved into place and entered her.

Willow arched as Noah rode her. Cole slid in front of her and she obliged by pulling his cock deep into her mouth. He sat back on his heels as she licked and sucked him. She lifted her head to moan as Noah drove her to climax again. His head was thrown back and he was as beautiful as Willow as he gave her everything. When he began to come, Cole felt his own orgasm coming fast and hard. He came in hot spurts into her eager mouth as Noah withdrew and shouted his release.

Cole held her as she collapsed against him. She wore a soft and lovely smile, and her body was flushed from her pleasure.

“Oh, loving the two of you was beyond what I could ever imagine,” she sighed.

Cole gave her a squeeze but Noah appeared a bit unsettled. He seemed to rally after a few moments and appeared both satisfied and content.

“Riding you as you pleasured Cole was incredible but there is more we can share, Willow,” Noah said.

“More?” she asked drowsily.

Cole knew full well precisely what Noah meant, that they could both take her at the same time. As pleased as he had just been moments ago, his cock twitched at the thought of fucking the little hole in her perfect ass as Noah filled her pussy.

“We will talk about it the next time we are together,” Cole said.

She turned a bit to look at both of them. “There will be a next time, then?”

“Damn right, there will,” Noah growled.

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