Fallen Shadows (MMM)

Midnight Falls 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,874
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Fantasy, Menage, Shape-shifters, Suspense, MMM, HEA]

Two thousand years ago, Izel was supposed to take over as tribe leader, but his life is cut short when his very own father kills him. Now Izel has been reborn as one of Jaden’s reapers, given another chance at life.

Kidnapped and attacked by a madman, Orion is determined to put his life back together, but that’s hard to do when his mother wants to wrap him in cotton and keep him from ever leaving the house again.

Duncan envies what two of his brothers have with their mates. He wants someone he can share his life with, someone who will look at him like the way the mated men in the house look at each other.

When the three finally meet, all hell breaks loose. Maybe fate got this mating wrong. But when an ancient creature targets Orion, they have to work together to not only save their mate, but their relationship, too.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Fallen Shadows (MMM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Fallen Shadows (MMM)

Midnight Falls 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,874
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett


Orion felt a tad better when they pulled up to a gorgeous house. This was where Santee lived now? It was a lot better than where his friend used to live. Hell, it was better than where Orion lived, though he’d never say that to his mom because he didn’t want her to think he was ungrateful for all her hard work and sacrifice.

Beckett got out then circled the hood, as if he was about to open Orion’s door, but Orion shoved his door open, jumping out. “How long before the steaks are ready? I’m starving.”

“About an hour,” Beckett said. “Duncan didn’t even have the grill fired up before I left to get you.”

Orion wondered if Santee would feed him snacks while they waited for dinner. He wasn’t joking about starving. So far today, he hadn’t eaten, and now he was ready to devour some food.

Beckett opened the front door and walked inside, Orion trailing behind him. Orion noticed someone who looked a lot like Beckett sitting on the couch. The guy was gorgeous. But so were the other brothers he’d met so far. Their parents’ genes must have been programmed to spit out hunks.

“Duncan, this is Orion,” Beckett said as he waved a hand at Orion.

Duncan pushed from the couch and walked over, taking Orion’s hand in his. “It is a true pleasure to meet such a handsome man.”

When he kissed Orion’s knuckles, swear to god, Orion wanted to swoon. Duncan was a real charmer, and Orion was ready to fall for it. He couldn’t remember that last time he’d been on a date, and he was eating up Duncan’s attention.

“Stop flirting with my friend,” Santee said as he entered the room. “Don’t make me hose you down, Duncan.”

Orion wanted to tell Santee to mind his own business. He liked Duncan, until the jerk yanked Orion closer, sniffing at him. Then Duncan snarled, “Mine!”

Beckett’s brows shot up as he tackled his brother, taking Duncan to the floor while Santee grabbed Orion, yanking him aside.

With all the commotion, Cormac came into the room, frowning as Beckett shoved Duncan back down. “What in the hell is going on?”

“Dick for brains just tried to manhandle Orion,” Beckett said then looked down at Duncan. “That’s no goddamn way to treat your mate, asshole.”

Now it was Santee’s brows that shot up. “Oh boy.”

“What the hell is that guy’s problem?” Orion demanded. “I don’t even know him, so why did he just try to attack me? Please don’t tell me I just met another lunatic.”

Cormac burst out laughing, but Orion didn’t find the matter funny. He didn’t know why Duncan had acted that way or why Beckett had called Orion Duncan’s mate.

“Santee, tell me what’s going on,” Orion said, confused as hell. “Did I unknowingly piss in that jerk’s cornflakes or something?”

“It seems you’re Duncan’s—” Santee screamed, and Orion had no idea why until someone just appeared in the living room. The stranger had long, flowing hair, dark eyes, and a well-groomed beard and mustache. He was also tall as hell.

Beckett and Cormac turned into cheetahs, snarling at the stranger as Duncan snatched Orion from Santee’s grip, pushing Orion behind him.

At least Duncan was no longer trying to attack him. He was now actively protecting him. This was one truly confusing day.

“Who are you?” Duncan demanded as Orion grabbed Santee and yanked his friend beside him. If the newcomer was a threat, he didn’t want Santee to be hurt.

“I am of no concern to you,” the stranger said. “Touch my mate again and I will send you to the bowels of hell.”

“Your mate?” Duncan snarled. “Buddy, I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, but if you don’t get out of here, it’s you who’ll be sent to hell.”

The stranger held out his hand, and without Orion doing anything, he was yanked into the stranger’s arms. Duncan shifted into a cheetah, leaping toward them. Orion screamed, because, damn, a pissed-off cheetah made for one scary sight.

The stranger held out his hand, and the cheetah hung midair.

“Who are you?” Orion asked.

“I am Izel,” the guy replied. “You are in no danger from me.”

Orion elbowed Izel as hard as he could, dropping to the floor when he was released. He looked between the suspended cat and Izel. “I have no idea what’s going on, but you’re both crazy. I’m outta here.”

Orion stormed toward the door but found it locked. He spun around, glaring at everyone. “Let me out.”

The cheetah dropped, hitting the floor as Izel smirked. “I can’t let you leave.”

Orion really had lost his mind because he stormed over to Izel, stopping a foot away. “And I’m going to kick your nuts back inside of you if you don’t unlock the door.”

Cormac changed back into his human form without Orion seeing him do so. “Who are you?”

What am I,” Izel said. “That is what you should be asking.”

“I don’t care what you are,” Orion said. “Unlock that damn door, now.”

Izel flipped his wrist, and Orion felt kind of woozy. When his head stopped spinning, he gasped as he looked around. They were in a dense forest, the sunlight trying to break through the canopy as what looked like dust particles floated all around them.

“Where in the hell are we?”

Orion spun when Duncan spoke. This couldn’t be real. Orion was still in the hospital, dreaming all of this, from those hunters shooting up the place to this very moment. It was all a very vivid dream.

It had to be.

“We are safe,” Izel said. “If you wish to find answers, I suggest you stow your attitude.”

A very naked Duncan grabbed Orion, shoving him behind him. Orion pushed at Duncan, moving away a few feet. “I don’t know either of you, so keep your hands to yourselves.”

Izel cocked his head, studying Orion. “Just because we are strangers to you doesn’t mean we are dangerous. I am a reaper, but I have no intention of reaping you. Duncan is a cheetah shifter, but he is your mate, as am I.”




Duncan grabbed Orion’s calves, circling them around his shoulders. That made Orion’s ass rise slightly off the bed, but he was too busy drowning in pleasure to care.

He carded his hands through Duncan’s short hair, hissing and wiggling as his mate palmed Orion’s balls, rolling them in his hand as he licked up one side of Orion’s cock and down the other side.

Then Duncan reached into his nightstand drawer, pulling out the bottle of lube. Orion’s breath caught, knowing things were about to become intense.

He couldn’t see what Duncan was doing, but seconds later, one lubed finger entered Orion’s ass. Then Duncan was back on Orion’s dick, lavishing the hardness with his tongue.

Orion whimpered when Duncan crooked his finger, grazing his prostate. The guy was taking his time, which was driving Orion crazy, but he didn’t want to rush this, either.

“I guess you found something to eat before I could get back.” Izel set the tray on the dresser.

Orion’s cock popped free of Duncan’s mouth. “This is much more satisfying.”

This was only Orion’s second time with two men. He wasn’t at the point that he could joke with them. Not yet. Maybe when he became more comfortable with this unusual relationship.

Izel leaned against the dresser, crossing his ankles and his arms, watching as Duncan devoured Orion. Turning his head, Orion closed his eyes, getting lost in the sensations of Duncan’s mouth on him and his finger in Orion’s ass.

Then Duncan added a second finger, driving Orion insane with need. He writhed on the bed, curling his fingers into the bedding, groaning loudly.

When he opened his eyes and looked at Izel again, he saw that Izel’s hands were curled into fists and his gaze was focused on what Duncan was doing.

Izel’s stare shot to Orion’s face. He snapped his fingers, and his clothes vanished. Shit. That was a sexy trick. Orion’s gaze slid from Izel’s eyes down his body, appreciating how well-endowed the guy was. He also had a body most men would kill to have.

No gym had created that. Izel was naturally lean with muscles, his six-pack drool-worthy, as were his honed thighs and biceps. Orion wanted to run his fingers through the guy’s long hair, pulling at the strands as Izel fucked him.

As if reading his mind, Duncan removed his fingers, released Orion’s cock, and then stood, getting rid of the rest of his clothes. “How about you suck me off while Izel fucks you?”

All Orion could do was nod. He was incapable of stringing words together. Orion scooted farther onto the bed until his head was near the pillows. Once again, his breath hitched as Izel crossed the room, looking like a true predator with his sexy gait.

He climbed onto the bed, hovering over Orion, his hair creating a veil. “Is that what you want, mi amor?”

“Yes.” Orion hated that his voice broke on that one word, but his thoughts scattered when he felt Izel’s cock tapping against his stomach.

“Lube,” Izel said, never looking away from Orion.

Duncan handed it over. “You two are hot as fuck like that.”

Orion glanced at Duncan, wondering if he felt left out. That wasn’t what Orion wanted. “It’s kind of hard to suck your dick if I’m on my back.”

Duncan’s gaze slid to Izel’s ass. “I think I can find something else for my cock to do.”

Oh god. Was Duncan about to fuck Izel? Why did that thought make Orion’s cock twitch with excitement?

Izel winked at Orion just before he took the bottle of lube from Duncan. He opened it and poured a generous amount onto his hand then proceeded to warm the cold liquid between his fingers. Orion felt the tip of Izel’s finger circling his entrance before pushing gently inside him. Orion sighed.

“You’re so tight,” Izel murmured, adding a second finger to stretch Orion further.

Orion moaned, arching his hips to meet Izel’s fingers. He was so caught up in the sensation that he barely noticed when Duncan climbed onto the bed and knelt behind Izel.

Izel handed the bottle to Duncan before returning his focus to Orion.

 Orion glanced past Izel, moving his hair aside, and watched as Duncan lubed his fingers then tossed the bottle aside. Orion knew the moment Duncan’s fingers entered Izel, because Izel groaned and his eyelids closed for a moment before they popped back open.

“I wouldn’t have pegged either of you as a bottom.” Orion let Izel’s hair fall back into place.

“I’m very versatile.” Izel smiled.

“Same,” Duncan said with a groan. “Your ass is even tighter than Orion’s. I’m afraid you just might break my dick off.”

“It’s been two thousand years since I’ve been fucked,” Izel said.

Orion smirked. “Which might make you a virgin all over again.”

“Except he fucked me,” Duncan said.

“I’m talking about Izel’s ass being a virgin.” Orion chuckled then whimpered when Izel slid his fingers free. He reared back, slung Orion’s legs over his arms, and guided the head of his cock to Orion’s slick hole.

Orion held his breath just as Izel entered him. Though Orion hadn’t gone as long as Izel, he hadn’t dated anyone in a long while before stumbling into Duncan’s and Izel’s lives.

“Tell me when I can move,” Izel said between clenched teeth. “The tightness and heat are too much of a temptation to unleash myself.”

“Not before I get inside of you,” Duncan said. “You better hold the fuck up.”

When Izel’s features morphed from restraint to wincing, Orion knew that Duncan had entered the guy’s ass.

“Now,” Orion said.  

Izel started to move, inch by inch, as if allowing Duncan to work his way in. A sharp intake of breath was all that Orion could hear as Izel began to punch his hips forward at a faster pace.

Since Izel’s arms were on either side of Orion’s head, it was Duncan who curled his fingers around Orion’s ankles, drawing slow circles as he fucked Izel.

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