Beautiful Butterfly (MM)

Midnight Falls 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,738
3 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Suspense, MM, HEA]

What do you do when your parents kept such a tight hold on you that they did more damage than good? That was the crux of Alister’s problem. He’s like a bull who runs at any red flag and his last boyfriend was the biggest red flag of all. At the last minute he discovers that Sloane plans to auction him off. Alister and his bestie flee to Midnight Falls, only for Alister to find out that Sloane has already sold him.

When Deputy Wyatt Birch first met Alister, he didn’t want anything to do with the hot mess. That was before he discovers that the little red panda shifter is his mate. Alister is an energetic ball of sass, extraordinarily stunning, and is in danger. Wyatt nearly loses his life in order to keep his mate safe, but is that enough to keep his beautiful butterfly out of the clutches of the man who now thinks he owns Alister?

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Beautiful Butterfly (MM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Beautiful Butterfly (MM)

Midnight Falls 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,738
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett


Alister inhaled the delicious smell of food then followed the heavenly aroma. He stopped short of entering the kitchen when he saw Wyatt at the stove, his back turned.

Sweet sparkly hell. Wyatt had on a pair of white silk shorts that reached his knees, but his torso was bare, gifting Alister with a scrumptious view of the man’s muscled body.

Wyatt’s entire back was inked, as were his arms. Alister was dying to walk over to the stud and take a bite of him. He trapped a groan in his throat as his gaze glided lower, his eyes feasting on a nicely rounded ass.

“I was going to wake you when the food was done,” Wyatt said, though he hadn’t turned around.

“What’re you making?” Biting his lower lip, Alister moved slowly into the room, still eyeing Wyatt’s body. There was no better way to start a day than seeing a half-naked, barefooted man at the stove.

“Just some pancakes and bacon.” Wyatt pointed the spatula at the cupboard to his left. “Mind grabbing some plates?”

As he moved even closer to Wyatt, Alister asked, “What time is it?”

“Three something in the afternoon last I checked.”

Alister mouth fell slightly open. He’d always dealt with broken sleep, which made him tired throughout the day. He couldn’t recall the last time since he’d slept so soundly.

As he passed Wyatt—still unable to rip his gaze away from such perfection—Alister’s nose twitched. With a deep breath, he closed his eyes and let the electric air of an approaching thunderstorm fill his lungs. Images appeared in his mind of dark clouds looming on the horizon, their shadows creeping closer and casting the landscape into an eerie twilight. The temperature rose, the air becoming dense and heavy with moisture. And then, with a deafening boom, thunder echoed across the sky, shaking the ground beneath them.

Alister loved thunderstorms, reveled in overcast days, but he’d woken up to a bright sun. So why did it smell like an approaching storm?

His eyes flew open as he glanced at the large windows overlooking the backyard. The sky was cloudless, the sun still shining brightly. Then his gaze slid to Wyatt.

Numerous times his dad would regal Alister with how his mom’s scent was like running through a field of wildflowers. His mom had often said when she’d met Alister’s dad, she’d been reminded of peppermints and hot cocoa.

They’d also told him about the pull. His dad explained that it felt like an unstoppable force had guided him to his mate.

Alister’s heart raced wildly as Wyatt cut off the burner and turned. His gaze swept over Alister as the side of his mouth turned upward. “I like how messy your hair is in the morning. Glad to know I’m not the only one with unruly hair in the morning.”

Absently, Alister touched his hair as his gaze swung up to Wyatt’s. It was long on top and shaved low on the sides. Alister had seen how styled it was the morning they’d met, but at the moment, it was a silky mess.

Snapping out of his daze, Alister opened the cupboard and grabbed two plates. “You’re the first guy, aside from Paris, who’s seen my hair like this. Don’t you dare tell anyone I don’t spring out of bed looking extraordinary.”

“Your secret is safe with me, but you do look extraordinary.” The warmth of his smile made Alister’s insides sigh.

 Clutching the plates to his chest, Alister nibbled his bottom lip. “Can I ask you something?”

“What’s on your mind?” Wyatt eased the plates out of Alister’s hands and filled them.

The words were stuck in Alister’s throat as Wyatt took their plates to the table, set them down, then grabbed a container of orange juice from the refrigerator.

Alister froze when Wyatt reached above his head, all those sinewy muscles now inches from him. If he was bold enough, all he had to do was lean his head forward and trap one of Wyatt’s nipples between his teeth.

“What did you want to ask me?” Wyatt pulled two glasses down, but he didn’t create any distance between them. Alister was captivated by the sight of hard pecs covered in intricate tattoos.

“Our food is getting cold.” Wyatt walked to the table. “We can talk while we eat.”

Alister joined him. “This looks delicious. Thanks for cooking.”

“You’re welcome.” Wyatt got up to retrieve the syrup from the pantry. He plopped the bottle in the center of the table before he sat back down. “I’m a decent cook, but since it’s just me, I usually grab something to eat at the diner.”

A moan escaped Alister when he bit into his bacon. “It tastes like you cooked it in maple syrup. I tried making a grilled cheese sandwich once.” He poured juice into both glasses. “I set off the smoke detector and ruined a brand-new pan, along with my sandwich, which resembled a lump of charcoal.”

Wyatt’s infectious laughter made Alister chuckle. “I’m glad you didn’t burn your place down.”

“I think every resident in the building was thankful I didn’t set the poor sandwich on fire.” Alister’s chuckle settled into a smile. “The apartment and the hallway outside my door smelled like toxic cheese for a week.”

“I’ll show you how to make one.” Wyatt ate a forkful of pancakes.

“No thanks.” Alister wrinkled his nose. “Every time I see a grilled cheese, the memory of that nasty smell fills my mouth and I want to gag.”

Wyatt tapped his bare foot against Alister’s. “So what did you want to ask me, or did you change your mind?”

“I haven’t changed my mind.” Alister took a sip of his juice as his heart started beating wildly again. “You’ve been nice enough to let me stay here, and I don’t want to freak you out.”

Curiosity filled Wyatt’s light gray eyes. “I don’t freak out easily, butterfly.”

The cheetah shifter gave off a calm and easygoing vibe, qualities Alister had always been drawn to. He’d met other men who seemed that way at first, until they realized Alister was a complete trainwreck and dumped him.




With a squeak, Alister spun and raced up the stairs. He nearly tripped a few times as peals of laughter floated behind him.

He knew the chase would only heighten Wyatt’s arousal, and the rush of anticipation made Alister head for his mate’s bedroom, his thirst and aches forgotten. He’d made it halfway to the bed when Wyatt lifted him off his feet. They bounced when they hit the mattress, then Alister was trapped under raw muscles.

Wyatt’s eyes were dark with desire, his lips curving into a triumphant smirk. “You triggered my cheetah, sweetheart,” he murmured.

 Alister’s heart raced as his mate’s thick cock pressed against his thigh. When their lips met, he noticed Wyatt’s breath smelled minty fresh. Did the guy have mouthwash stashed somewhere in the kitchen?

“Did you drop my water somewhere along the way?”

“I’m very talented.” Wyatt winked then leaned sideways and grabbed the glass off the nightstand.

“How in the hell did you accomplish that feat?” Alister seriously wanted to know.

“Right before I grabbed you, I put the glass down.” Wyatt leaned back, pulling Alister into a sitting position, then handed him the water.

“You’ve got mad skills.” Alister drank half of it down. His dry throat was thankful since his tongue was no longer sticking to the roof of his mouth.

“I thought for sure I was going to drop it.” Wyatt chuckled. “It was pure luck I didn’t.”

“Is it pure luck your breath is so minty?” Alister handed the glass back and his mate set it aside. “I’m pretty sure my nether regions aren’t the reason.”

Wyatt straddled Alister’s lap. “If you recall, I was running late this morning, forcing me to multitask. I brought my mouthwash downstairs and gargled while putting on my utility belt.” He placed his hands on either side of Alister’s head, their noses almost touching. “It was still in the kitchen when I got your water.”

“My throat appreciates your kindness.” Alister’s heart doubled in beat as he gazed into his mate’s stunning eyes, which shimmered from the early afternoon sunlight bathing the room.

“Your throat is more than welcome.” Wyatt brushed his lips over Alister’s, teasing him with a promise of a kiss. He smiled softly, playfully and slid his tongue over Alister’s bottom lip then flicked the tip upward.

Alister wanted that kiss. They’d spent the past five days living under the same roof, but his mate hadn’t made a single move on him. The two had cuddled on the couch while they watched TV. They’d made meals together, talked, shopped at the grocery store.

Had Wyatt been giving Alister time to mentally recover from Negan’s attack? If so, he was grateful for his mate’s consideration and concern.

But recovery time was over.

Alister scraped his fingernails over Wyatt’s soft beard. “Are you going to tease me all afternoon or kiss me?”

Wyatt stretched out beside Alister, half covering his body. He slid his hand around Alister’s neck and drew him closer. At first, the kiss was as light as a summer breeze. Then Wyatt swept his tongue inside, the delicious sensation sending the pit of Alister’s stomach into a wild swirl.

Dizziness swept over him, thrill rushing through him, the kiss turning from soft to being devoured by a wild animal. When Wyatt focused on giving pleasure, there was no holding back.

Their lips parted, only for a brief second, to allow precious air into their heaving lungs. Then their mouths crashed back together, hungrier and more desperate than before.

Wyatt tore his mouth away from Alister, twisting as he reached for his nightstand. He leaned farther away, and then he came back with a bottle of lube. His breath hitching, Alister watched as his mate lubed his fingers. This time Wyatt loomed over him, capturing Alister’s lips once more, his fingers probing at Alister’s aching hole.

“Spread your legs, sweetheart,” Wyatt said against his mouth.

That deep, husky demand had Alister sweeping his legs apart. He sucked in a sharp, excited breath as Wyatt’s fingers circled his hole then pressed firmly against his ring of muscle. His mate playfully nipped at Alister’s bottom lip as his finger pushed inside.

Moments later, Wyatt pulled his finger out. When he thrust back in, Alister could tell it was two instead of one. “I don’t know what I love to see more in your eyes, your feistiness or the way the pale blue darkens with hunger and need.”

“I definitely need right now.” Alister almost couldn’t breathe when Wyatt’s fingers brushed over his kill zone. He pushed down, trying to take the fingers deeper. The very air around Alister seemed electrified. The look of longing in Wyatt’s eyes softened the hard edges of his features.

He was watching Alister, his gaze penetrating as his fingers thrust and scissored, making Alister writhe beneath him.

Then the fingers were gone, confusing Alister’s brain. His body was still moving, still trying to get them deeper, but they weren’t there. Alister forced himself to focus, and then his stomach somersaulted at the sight of Wyatt lubing his hard cock. His hand moved up and down the straining length, almost as if he was kneeling there slowing jacking off while shredding Alister’s senses.

A delicious shiver ran through Alister. He lay there feeling wrecked from Wyatt’s fingers, but his mate’s fingers were wrapped around hard flesh that Alister wanted more than anything.

“Wyatt,” he begged in a whisper. His mate was honed power, captivating, a sensual beast that could lure Alister in with a single heated glance.

Wyatt leaned forward, poised over Alister, his cock gripped in his fist as he guided the head until it was wedged between Alister’s ass cheeks.

The anticipation was building, stoking higher, Alister’s legs still spread, his hole aching madly to be filled.

Pressing his palms against inked flesh, Alister already felt conquered, even though Wyatt hadn’t breached him yet. Wyatt’s mouth slammed onto his, the kiss savage, consuming, all fire and need, like a crashing wave hitting the shore, as Wyatt buried his cock deep, stretching Alister wide.

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