Fated to be Mated (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,041
9 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Omega wolf Austin Boone’s life is a mess. Stressed-out and fired from his job, he decides to fulfill his brother’s dying wish. Austin’s never done anything reckless but for once in his life he makes an exception. Surrounded by wild wolves in the woods, Austin thinks he’s done for when reclusive werebear Erik rescues him. Austin knows Erik is his mate, but can he melt the icy heart of a werebear who’s sworn off love?
Erik prefers isolation for a reason. After his previous boyfriend died, he’s lost faith in the world. He’s barely living when fate drops a mouthy Omega on his lap. Erik tells himself he’ll care for Austin until the Omega is fit enough to head back to town, but neither man expects to be trapped together in the middle of a snow storm.
Will Erik learn to forgive himself and open his heart to another?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fated to be Mated (MM)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Fated to be Mated (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,041
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Austin Boone’s scent was still fresh, and Erik had always been a good tracker. He moved faster, frowning as he stopped in front of a narrow path on the side of the mountain. Austin’s scent stopped there. Seeing a strip of green cloth caught underneath a rock, he hurried over. Erik bent down, sniffed.

He flared his nostrils as the telltale smell of copper hit him. For some unexplainable reason, his bear reared up inside him, angry and protective. Erik shook his head. His animal had become unpredictable since Jed’s death, no reason to ponder why his bear acted this way over some random stranger.

His animal slowly began to slip out of his leash right after they buried Jed. It was one of the reasons why he moved out of the main town area and chose to live the rest of his life in seclusion.

That and because while he never liked socializing and being around people, after Jed died, he couldn’t stand the fake condolences given by the townsfolk or the single unmated shifters in town who think he was back on the market.

For fuck’s sake, the man who was to become his mate just passed away, and yet these assholes flirted shamelessly with him.

Expecting the worst, Erik took a lesser-known path that would lead him to the spot where Austin had fallen. Omegas were nearly as fragile as humans, so he expected the worst. The scent of blood rose and somewhere nearby, he heard the howl of a wolf, not a shifter but one of the wild wolves that roamed around the mountainside.

The other predator must have also smelled the blood, and food became scarce during winter. Erik hurried up, wishing he’d brought his shotgun with him. It didn’t matter, he could change forms if need be. Austin’s curious scent, curious because his bear was somehow interested in it, drew him closer to where he suspected the Omega had fallen.

The growls were easy to trace, too. Not just one wolf was attracted to Austin it seemed. Then he heard the voice.

“Stay away from me, you hear?”

Didn’t the Omega know that provoking wild animals wouldn’t help him one bit? Still, his bear was pleased. The Omega wolf, despite being injured badly, also had claws it seemed.

“Fool,” he grumbled, coming upon Austin and the wolves.

The lean, cute guy with the dark blond hair and wide brown eyes matched Mrs. Fig’s description. Wait just a second. Cute? Since when did Erik tolerate fools? Then Mrs. Fig’s words came back to him, about how this Austin Boone reminded her of Jed.

Jed was certainly reckless, too, sometimes, but this was taking it too far.

Erik appraised the situation. Three wolves formed a semi-circle around Austin, all looking hungry and starved for meat. Any other man would have considered calling for more help. Even a dominant shifter male wouldn’t come out of this fight unscathed.

The instinct to protect the brave Omega overcame all other thoughts. Erik couldn’t leave the Omega on his own, and there was no time for backup. He let the shift take over. His bear spilled out of him. Clothing tore as fur covered his chest and shoulders. Bones broke, and organs shifted. He stood on his hind legs and let out a challenging roar before breaking into a run.

The wolves spun. The closest charged at him but he flung that one away, only to feel another sink its fangs on his left hind leg. Another came at him from the side, raking claws against his side. He howled, shoving the one who bit his leg only for the third to come at him.

Erik had lived on this mountain for three years, had come to an understanding with the other predators living alongside him, but he could tell these three rabid wolves would kill to get to their food. He gave them a quick, merciful death as possible.

In minutes, it was all over. Bloody and banged up, he looked down at the corpses beneath him and went for the Omega, who watched the entire thing with huge eyes.

“Don’t harm me,” Austin said. Erik grunted, sheathed his claws, and hefted the Omega over one shoulder. He growled in warning when Austin began punching and kicking at him with one good leg. Shifting back to human wasn’t an option, given he had torn all his clothes during the change.

He gave the Omega a thump on the ass.

“Hey,” Austin protested. “Did you just whack my ass?”

Erik did it again before scooping up Austin’s belongings, then padded to his own. The walk back to his truck would be a pain in the ass, he decided. If he were human, he’d let out a tired sigh. Austin gave up midway, and he realized the Omega had fainted. Finally! He could tell Austin had a broken leg but couldn’t tell if the Omega sustained any more damages.

He reached his truck much slower than going solo to find Austin. Setting Austin’s body on the ground, he changed back to human, dumped their stuff in the back of the truck and carried Austin to the back seat.

Erik always kept spare clothes in his truck, so he changed into a fresh pair of jeans, a shirt, and shoes before returning to Austin with a first aid kit. He started keeping the kit around after chancing upon a few lost climbers. Just as he finished tending temporarily to Austin’s leg, Austin opened his eyes and asked, “Are you a dream?”

Austin touched his jaw. Erik stilled, shocked by how a simple gesture sent a tingle of electricity through his entire body. Then Austin fell unconscious.

“Why do I have a feeling you’re going to be more trouble than you’re worth?” he grumbled under his breath.




Erik peeled off his shirt. Austin licked his lips.

“Oh, very nice. I wanted to climb you like a tree the first time I saw you when I regained consciousness.” Austin bit his lip then covered his face. “God, that was embarrassing.”

He placed a finger to Austin’s lips. “We’re alone. There’s no need to be ashamed, and I like that you say what’s on your mind.”


“Yes, that’s one of the things I dislike about people in town. They gossip and never say what they mean.”

“Okay, good then. You’re still wearing pants,” Austin added.

“You first.” He approached Austin, gave the Omega a gentle push on the chest so Austin lay on his back.

Then he found the hem of Austin’s jogging pants. Good thing they were easy to peel off. Once that came off, Austin was finally gloriously naked in front of him. He dispensed with his own clothes soon enough, then joined Austin in bed, crawling on top of him, but making sure to keep his weight off Austin.

Austin reached out, touching his chest, and he lowered his head to take Austin’s lips. It was only Austin he’d allowed these kinds of sexual privileges, no one else. Jed left a hole in his heart Erik didn’t think anyone else could fill, but maybe this gorgeous Omega could. Austin responded to his kiss, and when he pulled back, both of them panted.

He wasn’t done. Erik left a trail of kisses down the side of Austin’s neck, teeth scraping against where shoulder flowed to neck, a dangerous spot. It was where he could put his mate mark, and his bear pushed him to do it. That way, Austin would be theirs forever, except it took all his self-control to move on.

Not yet, he told his bear. Be patient.

He took Austin’s nipple into his mouth, gave it a suck, and left his bite mark there. Hearing Austin cry out made his dick thicken. He left more nips and bites down the length of Austin’s body, and reached his main target.

Erik flicked his tongue out, catching the pre-cum from Austin’s tip. Austin shuddered above him as he circled Austin’s cockhead, paying attention to the slit, to the sensitive spot beneath the head. The Omega fisted the sheets, squirmed but he easily held Austin down. He opened his mouth and started taking Austin’s prick down his throat.

The Omega cried out in surprise as Erik bobbed his head up and down.

“God, Erik.”

Austin gripped the comforter harder. He took Austin’s prick inside his mouth and sensed Austin was close. He pulled his lips away only to hear Austin’s hiss of frustration.

“Tell me, little wolf, you want to come?” he asked, curling his fingers around Austin’s engorged member.

“Yes,” Austin uttered then said the word he was waiting for. “Please.”

He began stroking Austin, faster and faster until Austin gasped, eyes wide. Austin’s arousal filled the air, thick, and he knew Austin would blow any moment now.

“Come for me, Omega. I want to see you undone.” He gave Austin’s balls a squeeze and that did the trick. Austin came with a shuddering cry, spilling his load into Erik’s waiting hand. Fuck, but Austin looked exquisite, entire face relaxing and his half-lidded eyes unfocused.

Perfect, but they were far from done. As if Austin knew that, too, Austin’s gaze lingered on his still-hard dick.

“I want you in me, please,” Austin said.

“Exactly what I’m thinking, too, little wolf.”


* * * *


Austin’s heart raced as Erik grabbed one of the pillows and placed it under his injured leg. Then the dominant werebear joined him in bed, sliding in right behind him. Austin turned on his side, but luckily, according to Erik, Garth mentioned he’d only broken his fibula, not his weight-bearing bone. Besides, the bones were close to healing. Austin made a mental note to thank the healer once the snow cleared.

Once that happened, would Austin need to head back to his old life? Everything had changed when Erik rescued him, and the snowstorm happened. When he was still in the city, he planned every hour of the day, mostly because he worked too much and wanted to use whatever free time he had wisely.

Now though, his life felt like an open book with no routines or schedules. It terrified him because Austin badly wanted Erik to be part of his future. Was that asking for too much?

No, he refused to think about that now.

“Tell me,” Erik said against his ear. “Is it true Omega wolves are self-lubricating?”

He blushed, nodded, unsure if he could speak. This was really finally happening. Austin’s fantasies would soon come to life.

“Let’s see,” Erik murmured, running his fingers down his spine.

He shuddered as Erik lingered on the cleft of Austin’s ass. Parting his leg for Erik, Erik pushed a finger inside his ass. He groaned as Erik added a second and began making twisting motions, preparing him for access.

When Erik brushed against his prostate, he gasped. Erik did it again and he moaned, dick already thickening. That was one good thing about both of them being shifters, they recovered quickly from an orgasm.

“You’re ready for me,” Erik declared, then lifted his good leg.

The dominant bear shifter replaced digits with his shaft. He groaned when Erik rubbed his slick cockhead into his hole. Then Erik began pushing in. He widened his eyes. Austin knew how big Erik was, but he’d never had anything so big inside him. It burned, but once Erik moved past the thick ring of muscles, it became easier. Erik worked his way steadily and slowly inside him, until the werebear was balls-deep inside Austin.

He mewled. It felt like Erik stretched him completely.

Erik pressed a kiss on the nape of his neck. “Good job, little wolf. Now it’s my turn to make you feel good.”

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