[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
After Jessie’s sister and her husband passed away, he’s left with the care of his two nieces. As a human, he has no idea how to raise two hyper active werewolf pups. Hiring a manny seems the answer, but when that manny turns out to be the handsome stranger he had one amazing night with years ago, things get awkward.
Alex’s life has taken a full 180-degree turn after that fateful night with Jesse. He’s always known the human is his rightful mate.To survive prison, all Alex’s ever thought of was finding Jesse again. It seems too good to be true that Jesse’s looking for a manny right after he’s completed his rehabilitation program.
However, when the heat between them gets too hot to handle, Jesse begins to harbor doubts and Alex’s old crimes come back to haunt him. Can a human and werewolf Alpha from two different worlds cast aside their differences to fight for their future?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Manny of My Dreams (MM)
12 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Sorry, were you talking to me?”

The guy huffed. “Who else? So, I can’t tell if you’re playing hard-to-get, or simply just disinterested. I need to know now.”

“Were you actually flirting with me, or is this some kind of lame practical joke?” It had to be a prank. Maybe the shifter’s buddies were in a table somewhere, making bets whether the handsome shifter could bag the ugly human. God. It was like high school all over again.

His self-esteem had taken a major blow after his last argument with Bart. Recklessness made him wander over to one of the dangerous bars in the city which exclusively catered to the paranormal. Heck, there was even a sign outside, saying the owner wasn’t responsible for any potential harm that came to a human who walked in without protection.

Since it was unlikely no one would hit on him, he thought he could waste the night away being invisible. Did he make a mistake? The stranger in front of him narrowed his eyes, a snarl slipping from his lips. Shit. Did he say something wrong?

“A joke? Why the fuck would you think that? I’d never sink so low.”

“Well, come on. Take a good look at this.” To emphasize his point, he gestured to himself. 

The stranger regarded him. “True, you could use better clothes, but my wolf instantly zeroed on your scent the moment I entered this bar.”

“My scent?”

“You smell like mint and something else.” The werewolf suddenly stood inches from him, sniffing his neck. He yelped, surprised, nearly falling over his stool, but the guy easily caught him, hauled him to his feet. 

“Ink?” the guy asked as if sniffing Jesse was normal. 

“I write,” he muttered, wondering why he wasn’t searching for the exit at this very second. 

He had zero experience when it came to dating shifters. True, Bart paid him to be his pretend boyfriend, but it had been a role, nothing more. He’d been the fool who believed something genuine could come out of an arrangement built on lies and deceit.

“Write what? You look familiar.”

“Gay romances.”

“You’re a prolific author then?” The stranger looked interested. He waited for the werewolf to make some kind of crude joke about his profession, but it never came. Yellow eyes met his. He wondered if the guy was born with those eyes, because he knew a shifter’s eye color only changed to amber when they felt intense emotions. They looked natural, though.

“Uh. I wouldn’t say that,” he admitted. 

“Damn, I forgot my manners. I’m Alex,” Alex introduced, holding out a hand, which he reluctantly shook. 

He was struck by how huge Alex’s hand was compared to his, and they were lined with calluses. A tingle shot up his arm. He shivered. What was that all about? Why couldn’t he stop gawking? Part of his mind remained in suspended disbelief, because the Jesses of the world never got hit on.

“What do you do?” he blurted.

God. Did he actually shout out that question?

Was he so out of the dating game that everything that came out of out his mouth sounded awkward? 

“Me? I repair cars, among other things.” 

“Oh, a mechanic?” His heart beat faster. Of course a hot werewolf like Alex would do something so hands-on, so manly. “That’s cool.”

“You’re supposed to introduce yourself,” Alex said, grinning, showing him a hint of fang.


“How about that drink, Jesse? Then you can tell me what dragged you here to our neck of the woods?”


They took their seats again, and Alex ordered two more beers from the bartender. 

“Not a lot of humans would wander here on their own. Usually, they’re accompanied by shifter friends.”

“What makes you think I came alone?”

“You looked like you were only interested in your bottle over there, and no one wanted to approach someone who’s wearing a ‘fuck off, I want to be depressed on my own’ expression.”

“I didn’t look like that. Besides, it’s probably this.” Once more, Jesse gestured to his plain looks and clothes.

Alex growled, making him jump in his seat. “Don’t ever do that again.”

“Do what? It’s the truth. You probably hit on me only out of pity or something, because guys like you couldn’t possibly be drawn to guys like me.”

“How the fuck do you come to these untrue conclusions?” Alex demanded.

In truth, Jesse was shocked Alex still stuck around this long. It was a bloody miracle to tell the truth, because few guys stuck around with him, according to personal experience, anyway. Before Bart, he had Travis, his college sweetheart and only boyfriend. Travis broke his heart by cheating on him with one of their friends. His luck with men had always been bad, to say the least.

Was the universe making it up to him or something?

Still, Jesse didn’t trust easily, but what if Alex was looking for the same thing he initially came here for? Jesse entertained the notion that some shifter would be drunk enough to take him home for a one-night-stand. Dangerous, he knew, but desperation sometimes drove men to do foolish things. He hadn’t been an exception.

“Untrue? Hah.” The bartender set two beers on the counter. Jesse grabbed one, took a gulp.

“Slow down there, partner.”

“What do you care?”

“Don’t want to kiss you when you’re drunk?”

He froze. “What?”

He definitely imagined those words, but no, Alex leaned over, gripping the back of his neck. He swallowed, unsure of what to do. Was Alex going to actually kiss him, even though he looked so sloppy? God, but he couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like, having those demanding lips on his.

Every muscle in his body seemed paralyzed as Alex slanted his mouth over his. Heat slammed down his throat, kick-started his heart until it beat so hard it threatened to burst out of his chest.




“Don’t get too comfortable there,” he drawled. “I haven’t fucked you senseless yet.”

Jesse’s eyes winded slightly, but he nodded. “I have lube in my wallet.”

“Wait, what? Why?” Unwarranted jealousy hit him. Of course, Jesse would have had other lovers. It had been five years, after all. Nonetheless, a snarl slipped from his lips.

“Did you just snarl at me?” Jesse demanded as he grabbed Jesse’s jeans. Jesse’s wallet fell out and he found the lube, along with a condom.

“How many men have you been with after me?”

Alex knew envy had no place here, that acting all possessive would probably lower his chances of sinking his dick inside his Jesse. God damn it, though, Jesse was his mate, made for him.

Once more, his wolf whispered in his ear, told him to put an end to this wondering and doubts, claim Jesse as his in every way. This time, he had trouble establishing control, because part of him agreed with his wolf.

“None at all. I dated, but we’ve never really gone beyond a kiss. I wasn’t ready and besides, I don’t think anyone could top you.”

That pleased him, but he wasn’t letting Jessie off easily yet. “And you always come prepared?”

Thinking back, when he found Jesse in that bar, he’d been surprised Jesse had the lube and condom with him, too. 

“Habit,” Jesse muttered. “It doesn’t mean anything. I swear to you, that the last guy I’ve had sex with is you. God. Actually admitting that out loud now makes me sound so pathetic.”

“Not pathetic,” he instantly said. 

Fuck, but his wolf was preening in him, immensely pleased he had such an effect on Jesse, that Jesse never fucked the guys he dated after Alex. He took Jesse’s lips, muffling the human’s cry as Jesse thrust his hips into his hand and he swiped some of Jesse’s pre-cum. Alex raised his slick fingers to his mouth, sucked at them, just to watch Jesse snap out of his post-orgasm state.

“You taste as fine as I remembered.”

Jesse blushed, gaze moving down the line of his body, settling on his dick. “Alex, I want you in me.”

He grinned at that. Alex was pretty sure he wouldn’t last long this round, but it didn’t matter. He missed being inside Jesse, wanted to claim the human in every way. Once he conquered Jesse’s body, perhaps Jesse’s heart wouldn’t be far along.

“Hands and knees,” he instructed. 

Alex helped Jesse get into position, but he didn’t reach for the lube and condom yet. He ran his hand down the slender curve of Jesse’s back, amused Jesse wiggled his ass when he reached the cleft between Jesse’s buttocks. He gave the human a playful swat, making Jesse jumped. Slipping his hand between Jesse’s legs, he gave Jesse’s cock a squeeze, certain that by the time he was inside Jesse, Jesse’s dick was ready to blow a second time.

He reached for the condom on the ground, surprised Jesse touched his hand. For a second, he wondered if Jesse changed his mind. Alex would back off instantly, he didn’t force himself on the unwilling, despite his wolf pushing him to take that final step which would guarantee Jesse would never get away from them again.

“No condom,” Jesse said. “I’m clean, and I know werewolves don’t catch anything.”

“You sure?” Just like before, he didn’t say out loud, incredibly pleased. Bare skin felt so much better than having a thin piece of plastic between them.


He took the lube, positioned himself behind Jesse once more, and slathered some on his finger before working a generous amount into Jesse’s puckered hole. The human moaned as Alex pushed a finger in him. Alex added a second as Jesse squirmed, and he chided him to behave.

“When are you going to fuck me?” Jesse demanded from over his shoulder.

“Be patient, little human. Need to prepare you first.” He gave Jesse’s ass another slap, which only made Jesse growl, actually growl, at him. 

Amused, he began making twisting motions to prep Jesse. He wasn’t exactly small, so hurting Jesse was the last thing on his mind. Besides, it had been so long for him, so his control wouldn’t be the best, either. Jesse mewled, clawing at the grass, and he realized he must have brushed against the human’s secret spot. He did it again, just to hear that sound of pleasure emerging from Jesse’s lips.

Then he pulled his hand away, replaced it with his dick. Gripping Jesse’s hip, he pushed in, gritting his teeth, telling himself to go slow, while fighting against his wolf’s aggressive instinct to dispense with gentleness. Steadily, he thrust past the thick ring of muscles. Jesse groaned in front of him.

“Breathe,” he told Jesse. Satisfied at the rise and fall of Jesse’s chest, he finally buried his dick all the way in, until his balls brushed against the curve of Jesse’s ass. A perfect fit. 

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