Finding Love in Another Dimension (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,412
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Alternative, Menage, MMM, HEA]

Darryl Long is a weak dimension explorer. Exploring dimensions is risky so it isn't easy for him to find assignments to earn money. When he discovers that Leofric Spencer and Titus Cooke, two of the most famous and strongest dimension explorers need someone who can create a pocket dimension to carry their things, he signs up for the assignment because he has that ability. It's nothing more than a glorified porter, but he needs the money.

Leofric and Titus are boyfriends. They're both attracted to Darryl. Leofric prefers to be more direct, but Titus doesn't agree because he's afraid they may end up scaring Darryl away. After spending time together in another dimension, the three men grow closer. Unfortunately, they encounter a ferocious group of demonic dragons. They must defeat the dragons while working on their relationship, but that's easier said than done.

Will the three men survive and return home as lovers?

Finding Love in Another Dimension (MMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Finding Love in Another Dimension (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,412
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“I’m wondering if there’s any assignment that I can participate in.”

“Have you checked out the forums, either through the application on your smartphone or by going to our website?”

“I did it earlier this morning,” Darryl replied. “I couldn’t find anything. I would like to know if there’s any assignment that The Association has yet to upload to the application or onto the website.”

Lily sighed while appearing thoroughly annoyed. “Give me a minute. I’ll have to access the database.”

Darryl had to force himself to remain calm. He had no choice but to tolerate Lily’s rudeness because if he snapped at her, she might refuse to assist him.


While Lily was typing away and staring at the computer screen, Darryl darted his eyes all around him. He noticed that there were many more people entering the room, even though there were several others who were still waiting to be served. He was thankful that he had decided to arrive really early in the morning. Otherwise, he would definitely have to stay in this room for hours before it was his turn.

“Mr. Long, there’s nothing suitable for you. Maybe you can visit the Emergency Room on the other side of the lobby. There may be an individual or a representative of a company who is searching for someone like you to join them for an urgent case.”

Darryl nodded, and he thanked Lily before he got up and made his way toward the door. After that, he headed toward the room that Lily had referred him to. He didn’t hold out much hope, but he might as well take a look just in case. When he reached his destination, he noticed that only six of the tables were occupied, while the others were vacant. He approached the first table, but he was disappointed after reading through the requirement listed on the portable tablet. Apparently, only a C-class explorer and above should apply. Hence, he didn’t even bother to talk to the occupant of the table. The second and third tables pretty much had the same demand.

When he got to the next table, he was taken aback because he recognized the two men there. They were two of the most famous dimension explorers in the world, Leofric Spencer, an S-class sword master, and Titus Cooke, an A-class healer. Darryl had never met these men in real life, but he had seen their faces on the television, digital billboards, and online, and they were so much more good-looking in person compared to their photographs. Leofric and Titus had black hair just like him. However, unlike his dark brown eyes, Leofric’s eyes were a much lighter shade of brown, while Titus’s eyes were blue. He knew that Leofric and Titus had been best friends since freshman year in high school, and they were both twenty-eight years old, only four years older than him, but those two men were a lot more successful and more financially stable than him, which made sense considering the disparity in their levels compared to someone like him. He knew explorers of higher ranks could earn a lot more money when doing assignments.

“What are your skills?” Leofric asked before Darryl could pick up the tablet.

Darryl pulled his hand back and tried to appear more confident than how he truly felt inside. “Uh, I’m Darryl Long. I’m an F-class explorer. I’m an excellent runner. My record is 10,500 miles per hour, which is fifty-two and a half times faster than a peregrine falcon’s steep-diving speed. I can also—”

“So, all you’re good for is to escape with your tail between your legs.” Leofric cut Darryl off midsentence.

Darryl gaped a little. He was simultaneously stunned and humiliated. Meanwhile, Titus was glaring at Leofric.

“Baby, you promised!”

Darryl was taken aback upon hearing that. Obviously, Leofric and Titus were more than just best friends. Darryl briefly wondered why the men’s relationship status wasn’t reported anywhere. Or maybe it had been published somewhere and he hadn’t seen it yet. Leofric folded his arms across his broad and muscled chest, but he didn’t utter a single word. Darryl wished he could say something nasty back to Leofric, but if the two of them ended up getting into a physical fight, he would definitely lose. He had his pride, but he also treasured his life. It was preferable to lose face and survive to live another day. Darryl was aware that some explorers had died after their arguments had turned ugly.

“I’ll check out the other tables—”




He had a huge crush on both Titus and Leofric, but he didn’t have the courage to do anything about it. Titus and Leofric were sweet, kind, and friendly, and even though Darryl had been hired to be their porter, they treated him like a good buddy. He sighed in resignation when Titus and Leofric shifted even closer toward him. He had no choice but to nuzzle his face against Leofric’s neck, taking in the masculine and arousing musky scent, and he could feel the lower half of Titus’s face on the back of his head. He might be imagining it, but Titus seemed to be breathing in and out really loudly through his nose. Darryl squirmed a little as the arousal shot through his entire being. It had been such a fucking long time since the last time he got to experience any form of sexual intimacy with a man, much less two of the best-looking specimens to ever exist. He desperately yearned for Titus and Leofric to make love to him, but he didn’t wish to push his luck. He was already fortunate enough that Titus and Leofric considered him as a friend. Then he was completely stunned when Titus abruptly scooted downward and licked the back of his neck while the man was pinching one of his nipples.


“Tell me you don’t want this, and I’ll stop.”

Darryl trembled while shaking his head. “That would be a fucking lie.”

After that, he moaned in delight when Leofric suddenly grabbed his cock and stroked it, and he immediately reciprocated. All of his resistance had vanished. It was replaced by a heady and all-consuming lust that overwhelmed his senses.

“Suckle and bite on my nipples,” Leofric instructed, and Darryl complied without any hesitation.

Leofric’s manly grunt drove Darryl even crazier with arousal, and he attacked the man’s nipple with such fervor and intensity it was as if he were trying to milk it for all that it was worth. Meanwhile, Titus was nibbling on his ear while fondling his balls. He rumbled deep in his throat when Titus lightly caressed his ball sac. Once in a while, Titus would rub against his taint, and that would send a jolt of pleasure through him. He had no idea how or where Titus got to know that his perineum was one his sensitive spots, but the man was doing an excellent job, and Darryl wasn’t complaining at all.

“Leo and I have been dying to have sex with you for a while now,” Titus whispered next to Darryl’s ear.

Darryl pulled back slightly from Leofric’s nipple. “How long?”

“Since we first laid our eyes on you,” Titus admitted, and Darryl moaned.

“Fuck! I’ve been infatuated with both of you for a while now.”

Leofric chuckled as he palmed Darryl’s cheek. “How many years?”

Darryl wasn’t sure if the heat that suffused his cheeks and neck resulted from lust or embarrassment, but it didn’t matter. He was thankful that his feelings were reciprocated by Titus and Leofric.

“I’ve heard about and watched interviews of the two of you for years. You started out as explorers before I did, but I didn’t develop a crush on you until three years ago. I was twenty-one years old then. You had just come back from an S-class dimension, and the reporters ambushed you outside the building of The Association in San Francisco, each clamoring to be the first one to interview you. You were both shirtless and sweaty, and you looked so fucking sexy. I badly wished I could lick at the droplets of perspiration that rolled down your necks and chests.”

Titus snickered from behind Darryl. “You will get the chance to do that a lot from now onward. This isn’t going to be a one-time thing, man. At least, I hope not. Leo and I want to date you, and if we click, we can eventually become boyfriends.”

Darryl stopped playing with Leofric’s cock. Then he glanced back and forth between Leofric and Titus in astonishment.

“Are you serious?”

Leofric nodded. “And just so we’re clear, if you’re in a relationship with Titus and me, we expect you to be one hundred percent monogamous with us, and we will give you the same courtesy. No other men outside of our relationship.”

Darryl was stunned speechless for quite a few seconds. In all honesty, he had assumed that this sexual encounter with Titus and Leofric was going to be a one-off. The only reason he had been willing to play along with them was because he thought he would never get another opportunity in the future. Apparently, he was wrong.

“Would you like to try dating Leo and me?”

Darryl beamed widely at Titus. “Yes!”

Titus grinned back at Darryl. “Good. Now, shall we proceed with the sexual debauchery?”

Darryl laughed. “Yes, please!”

His amusement was quickly replaced by passion once again when Leofric captured his lips with his own. Darryl parted his lips, and the inside of his mouth was instantly assaulted by Leofric who used his tongue so skillfully. Darryl discovered that Leofric wasn’t only dominant on the battlefield. Leofric was equally aggressive during sex. Darryl didn’t fight back. Instead, he attempted to soften their kisses by tenderly lapping at Leofric’s tongue, and gradually, it worked. Meanwhile, Titus was licking his way down Darryl’s neck and back. He gently parted Darryl’s butt cheeks before he dove in. Darryl whimpered into Leofric’s mouth when Titus ate his ass out and slobbered all over his hole. It was wet, messy, and nasty, and it was exactly the kind of sex that he enjoyed.

“Do you ream?” Leofric asked after pulling away from Darryl.

Darryl grinned and nodded. “Of course! I always insist on getting a taste of a man’s ass before I fuck him.”

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