[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Dylan Thomas is a normal human being, but not for long. The day he meets Aengus again after months apart, the two reconnect. Along the way, Dylan faces elves, Basilisks, and a new kind of enemy. This new opponent tells him about a new world and escapes Dylan's grasp every time.
Aengus Bane, a panther-shifter, has loved Dylan since the day they met. The first moment he has the chance to convince the human of his feelings, he doesn't let go. With the great amount of setbacks and interferences in their relationship, Aengus manages to keep his mate close.
The couple's lives change when Dylan makes the most unexpected development. New species appear on both Earth and Marmon, the shape-shifter world. The enemy's mention of a new world makes Dylan wonder if there was enough reason for someone to end up killed because of him. Unpredictably, someone fatally poisons Dylan. Will he survive?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Opposite Attraction (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Aengus looked up at the building surrounded by the woods. If they were unfortunate to not catch them in the act, the elves would move locations. Taking a deep breath, he walked in. The guard stepped in his way. “I’m thinking of buying a human.”

The guard narrowed his eyes. “Haven’t you bought one already?”

“I got tired of him,” Aengus answered nonchalantly. The other man allowed him to pass with no further annoying questions. Aengus made his way to the hidden auction rooms. He’d only known Dylan’s location the previous night because he knew those elves. He had bought a few items from this house before, so it came in handy.

Once he walked into one of the crowded rooms, he stared at Dylan on the other side of the glass. Someone had taken his shirt off. Aengus clenched his jaw and sat on one of the chairs. The biding started with fifty Nubo. He couldn’t believe they didn’t give a damn about the contract they made. They couldn’t sell someone who had already been sold. How corrupt of them. But then again, a shady business always meant exactly that, shady trades.

All of a sudden, the door opened on the other side of the glass and the leader of the elves walked in. The elf got a hold of Dylan and pinned him on the glass face first. The bidders were thrilled when the human struggled. It surprised Aengus that they hadn’t sensed his scent all over Dylan yet. Or most likely they had, but they didn’t care. After all, scents could ware off after one year or even replaced by someone else’s scent. Still, he knew that hadn’t been the case.

Dylan growled, which surprised Aengus. When was the elf going to stop? The elf kept sliding his hands everywhere he could. Dylan turned around and punched the elf, sending him through the door. Aengus stood in alarm. He knew there had been a possibility of Dylan’s body awakening to a part of his shifter self. But it wasn’t like his brother Kevin, whose small part had awakened, something far more powerful awoke in the human. He bolted out of the room and went to where Dylan had been locked in.

“You pervert,” Dylan said coldly, glaring at the unconscious elf on the floor. He turned to see Aengus approaching him. “It seems that I have something similar to Kevin’s.”

Aengus nodded. “The problem is that we don’t know what kind of shifter branched your family tree. All we know is that it’s canine, since Kevin’s cat was afraid of him for a few days,” he said, glancing at the elf. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think they would do something to you right from the beginning.”

“It’s not your fault. I was the one who accepted Dominic’s request, remember?” Dylan leaned on the shifter. “I’m cold, so warm me up.”

Smiling, Aengus took his jacket off and covered the human with it. Dominic and the others crowded the area and stopped the bidders from escaping. “Can you come to my house now?” Aengus asked.

“He can’t,” Dominic said, catching their attention. “I saw what happened. You can’t just go la la la da after you released an uncontrolled power. If it was like Kevin, a mild power, it would be fine. But in this case we have to contact the leaders.” He sighed and rested his hand on Dylan’s shoulder. “It’s not normal for a human to become a hybrid out of the blue.”

Dylan frowned, making the shifter raise a brow. “Who said I’m going to use it ever again? I’m just a normal guy.” He paused. “My hand is itching?” he muttered and frowned at it.

Aengus widened his eyes as black fur grew all over Dylan’s hand. “This is bad. He must be shifting. If so, he’s going to be in a lot of pain.” Not one shifter ever felt a painless first morphing, and Dylan was a human to begin with, so the pain could be much greater. All of a sudden, Dylan wobbled and fell on the floor before Aengus could catch him.

“Dylan,” Kevin called and rushed to his brother’s side. He quickly pulled away as Dylan shifted slowly. His brother grew a snout, pointy ears, claws, and fangs. A furry tail appeared from under him.

Dominic pursed his lips. “This is definitely something new,” he said. “He’s not even a wolf, he’s a werewolf. Just like in the movies, this human is half man and half beast. We need to talk to the people that know who passed the hybrid gene to him.”

Aengus watched in concern. If he touched Dylan, he could hurt him, since he’d never experienced morphing. He’d never thought the humans would make movies and stories of the being that was right before him. Had they known about werewolves’ existence? But he’d never seen one in his life. On the side note, as a panther-shifter, he didn’t get along well with canines. Shaking himself, he regarded Kevin. “We should take him someplace comfortable. I can call Ed and he’ll fly us to my house,” he suggested. Since Dylan was unconscious, he wouldn’t feel any pain.




Aengus made the human walk backward until he had him pinned on a wall. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you,” he said faintly, his hands roaming down Dylan’s sides. “Please, let me love you. I’ll beg more if I have to.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Dylan said. The shifter rested his hand on his crotch, making him jolt. “You don’t have to beg. Just promise me you won’t distance yourself from me.” His answer came when Aengus pecked his lips. Dylan knew how that kiss had connected them, almost like a promise. He couldn’t quite understand how he felt, but his heart thumped in his chest for Aengus, the man who was his opposite.

“I’m a man of my word. I promise,” Aengus said determinedly. “I have one question, though. Where’s the guestroom?”

Dylan laughed briefly. “This way.” He held Aengus’s hand and paced to the bedroom. In the current circumstances, he didn’t care if the gate would close. His debt to the shifter had been far away from his thoughts as well. All he cared about was Aengus. How could he not see it earlier? It felt completely difference from his feelings toward his ex-girlfriend, or anyone for that matter. This time, it flustered him and lightened his body of any weight. He opened the door and led Aengus inside. “What now?”

Instead of answering, Aengus closed the door and hurried to lay him on the bed. “I love you, Dylan. Ever since you left Marmon, I couldn’t think of anyone else. I can’t hold back now.” He pulled Dylan’s shirt over his head and threw it over his shoulder. He then leaned down and brushed his tongue on the human’s pert nipples. “You smell great. The wave of pheromones is endless.”

“Whose fault is it?” Dylan commented, gazing at the shifter taking complete control of him. Aengus could do whatever he wanted for all he cared. Shifters weren’t like some humans. They didn’t let go of their mates without a good reason. And he needed someone just like that. He’d gotten sick of having his guard up around everyone but his family and friends.

Aengus pressed feathery kisses down Dylan’s abdomen, making him moan. The more the shifter got closer to his pants, the more in a daze the human got. As he unbuckled Dylan’s belt, the door swung opened.

“I have to work in the morning. Be quiet,” Uri shouted, startling the other two. “And this is my love nest, not yours.” He slammed the door shut and stomped back upstairs. “They’re doing it,” he told Kevin on his way there.

Dylan gulped down the knock in his throat. “What a way to ruin the mood.” But his shaft was still at full attention. He needed to do something about it. “Let’s be quiet.”

Aengus nodded. “It would be a pity to stop now.” He grinned, taking the human’s pants and underwear off. “I can see you’re pretty lively down here.” He rested his hands on the back of Dylan’s thighs and bent his legs further.

“It’s what you get for loving a younger guy,” Dylan said, grinning widely. It’d be a while until he got rid of his bad habit of insulting others. He followed with his eyes Aengus lowering his head. The shifter traced a path with his tongue from the base to the tip of his cock. The man then took it into his mouth. It sent violent shivers that spread from his groin to the rest of his body. Breathing heavily, Dylan put his hands on the sides of Aengus’s bobbing head. He whined when the shifter pulled away.

Aengus licked three of his fingers thoroughly before he pressed one into the other man’s entrance. He engulfed Dylan’s shaft again at the sound of discomfort. While at it, he slid his free hand into his pants and stroked his cock slowly.

Dylan’s mouth fell open, his eyes widened, and his back arched. Aengus had reached his prostate with relative ease. The man joined a second and third finger and used them to caress the same area while thrusting them. “Aengus,” he called, but quickly closed his mouth. He almost forgot that they couldn’t make any noise. Once about to release, the shifter moved away again. “Stop doing that,” he whined quietly.

“I have to,” Aengus said as he peeled his clothes off. First, he revealed his strong torso, then the rest of his body. What a sight. Dylan couldn’t believe such a man would fall for him this hard. With a welcoming tightness in his chest, Dylan got on his knees and headed straight to Aengus’s cock.

“No, no, don’t do that,” the shifter said, his hands on the human’s shoulders. “You might be lively, but just because I’m older doesn’t mean I’m any less.” He pushed Dylan down and mounted him, Dylan surrounding his waist with his legs. “Let me show you what I can do.” As he kissed the other man’s lips, he directed the tip of his shaft to the awaiting entrance.

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