Vintage Red (MFM)

Loving in Silver 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,193
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Contemporary, Small Town, MFM, HEA]

Maggie Griffin is a woman who knows what she wants. When she meets two men visiting her vintage store, dormant emotions spring to life. They’re sexy, calling to something deep inside her soul. However, they live several states away and once they left Silver, without contacting her again, she let thoughts of them fade.

When Trent Sullivan and Judd Wells returned to Silver months later to see her, Maggie was thrilled and hopeful. However, there were complications. One or two of them might be insurmountable, like Maggie’s desire to be in a menage relationship. Or her exhibitionistic nature. Could the men accept her as she was, or would she have to give them up?

Trent and Judd both thought Maggie was incredibly unique, intelligent, and beautiful. There was nothing about her that they didn’t find desirable. Unbeknownst to each other, neither could forget her completely. Discovering they both wanted her could pose a threat to their friendship.

Vintage Red (MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Vintage Red (MFM)

Loving in Silver 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,193
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


When Maggie opened the door and walked into the diner with the wind at her back, she knew what would happen. There were shouts of protest from the mostly male crowd filling the establishment. She grinned and kept on walking, five equally dirty and smelly men at her back.

“Ah, shut up, all of you!” she shouted jovially. “I promised the guys supper here, and supper is what they’re going to get.”

“You couldn’t have washed the shit off first?” the owner yelled back. “Maggie, darling, think of my other customers.”

Her gaze swept over them. Most of the people in the diner were locals. With the exception of two men dressed in expensive suits, seated at a table near the one she and her friends were headed to. It was the largest in the place. “I’ve seen these guys with shit on them a time or two. Besides, I washed my face and hands.”

“But, Maggie…”

“Ah, leave her alone, Bud. She’s right,” one of the men at the lunch counter said. “We’ve all come in here with questionable things all over us.”

Maggie and her grandfather’s ranch hands circled the table, pulled out chairs, and sat. She pretended not to hear one of the men at the next table coughing. The other was wheezing. She grinned as she looked over the menu in her hands. Truth be told, they were more out of place in the diner than she was.

Bud walked up to the table to take their orders. As he did so, he informed her, “The two gents at the next table are interested in a few things from your store that they saw online. They made the trip here all the way from Palm Springs.” Bud made it sound like the men had arrived from Mars. “You might want to talk to them.”

She leaned back and looked at them. They both looked a little green. “The store’s closed today. It’ll open at ten tomorrow morning.”

“We’ll be back in Palm Springs by then,” the man on the left said. He was handsome, with dark hair, chiseled features, a five o’clock shadow on his jaw, and intense blue eyes. So hot. The guy with him was equally sexy, in an uptight perfectly coiffed kind of way. Maybe he was a banker.

Her gaze went over them again. There were parts of her that were coming awake, physically acknowledging the fact that it had been a while since she’d been this attracted to someone. Now there were two men that made her want a taste them both and ask if they wanted to do naughty things to her.

This wasn’t the time for that. She didn’t need anyone seeing her gawking at them. She also didn’t want to appear rude.

Maggie nodded in understanding. Some people just seemed to rush through their lives, but she didn’t know what kind of schedule they’d crammed themselves into. Her life was busy, and those looking at it from the outside would probably wonder when she had time for herself. However, she always made sure that Maggie cared for Maggie.

“Bud, could you give them the key? Anyone know the code for the alarm?” she shouted, grinning.

“1789935!” The numbers were recited. Laughter filled the room. This wasn’t exactly a novel situation. People often wanted to look around her store when she wasn’t available. She had two employees who worked parttime for extra money, but today wasn’t one of the days they worked.

“Thanks.” She looked at Mr. Blue Eyes. “I’ll be over as soon as I’m finished here. Take your time, look around.”

Both men looked shocked. “You trust us?”

“Why, shouldn’t I? Are you criminals?”




Maggie led them to the room she’d had since childhood, although all girlie items had disappeared years ago. Despite being alone in the house, Maggie closed the door after they entered the bedroom. She didn’t waste any time. She began to undress, hoping the two men would follow suit. It was a huge hint at what she wanted. 

They started to shed their clothes, but they moved apart as they did so, leaving the width of the bedroom between them. Maggie suppressed the grin that wanted to burst free. She got that they were uncomfortable with this threesome thing they were about to attempt. And she didn’t blame them. This was new to her, too. While she had a somewhat freer attitude toward sex and unorthodox relationships, she knew her hopes and dreams could be crushed out of existence if this didn’t work between them. 

“Fuck if you’re not spectacular,” Judd muttered hoarsely after she kicked away her panties and stood naked in front of them. He was standing there with his clinging cotton boxers pushed almost to his hips. His rigid cock remained hidden from view, but she could clearly see the impressive bulge pressing against the soft fabric. “I could stand here and look at you all day.” 

Maggie chuckled. “Please don’t. I think we can find other things to do.” 

“He’s right, Maggie. You are spectacularly beautiful.” 

“Good genes,” she confided, “and a few hours a week at the gym. Now, let’s end this slow reveal you guys have going on. What I can see so far is drool-worthy.” It was the truth. Both men seemed to spend at least a minimal amount of time working out. “I want to see more.” 

As Maggie spoke, she walked toward Judd. She knew he had some doubts about what was happening, so she would distract him from focusing on Trent being there. When she reached him, Maggie went up on tiptoe, her breasts pressing against his chest, so she could spread kisses along his jaw and chin until she settled her lips against his. Judd’s lips moved, partly slightly, inviting her to kiss him. Maggie did so, pleased by his promising reactions.  

As they kissed, her hands were busy exploring his muscular torso, stroking him from shoulder to waist and teasing his pebbled nipples when she paused, tracing the sculpted pecs. When Maggie finished, her hands went to his waist again, her thumbs tucking into the waistband of his underwear. She slid them down over his buttocks and along his thighs as she lowered herself to her knees.  

“My, my, my, what do we have here?” she asked as Judd’s beautiful cock sprang free. It was above average in size, circumcised, with thick, twisting veins beneath skin that appeared velvety. She leaned in close to nuzzle against the nest of dark blond curls at the base, inhaling his scent and nibbling through them to the skin beneath. “Mm, you smell wonderful. Warm, earthy, male.” 

The ache between her legs, which seemed to have been there for months, increased in intensity. No surprise there. Desiring two such fine male specimens was fuel for her growing passion. Her initial attraction to the men had quickly turned to full-blown lust. Now she was allowed to free it. The moisture wept from between the folds of her sex. 

Maggie turned her head slightly as she pulled back, her lips dragging along the side of Judd’s heavy erection, the tip of her tongue sliding along the twisting vein until she reached the swollen red crown. Droplets of pre-cum leaked from the tiny slit. Her mouth watered for a taste. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base of Judd’s cock and cupped his balls with the other. 

The sound of Judd’s groan filled her ears, giving Maggie a jolt of pleasure, when she took the spongy flesh into her mouth and sucked away the pearly liquid. The tangy, salty flavors were intense. She inhaled Judd’s scent again, knowing she would never forget it. 

Trent, bolder than Judd, kneeled behind Maggie, straddling her calves. He was close, his cock sliding into the cleft between the cheeks of her ass, his body pushing against hers, his hands coming around her torso to cup her breasts. Excitement made her skin feel as if it was tightening.  

Trent didn’t seem to mind that his own face was so close to Judd’s groin as he nuzzled Maggie’s ear while she gave his best friend head. It increased her hope that they would both throw away their inhibitions to enjoy the natural physical attraction between them. 

A low, throaty moan, muffled by the shaft in her mouth, escaped her as Trent gently molded her breasts with his hands, his thumbs and index fingers rolling the hard nubs of her nipples between them.

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