Flawed (MM)

Hot Flash


Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 3,653
0 Ratings (0.0)

Alex Nathaniel is a bouncy, gorgeous model. One day he gets a chance to have a photoshoot with famous model Jake Lawrence. Lawrence is like a Greek god with his sculpted jaw and muscled chest, and to say that Alex is excited is an understatement.

This news, however, doesn't sit well with Jayden, Alex's boyfriend. Jealousy fills his heart, but he's curious, too. He browses the internet for Lawrence, which makes him even more intrigued by the man.

What happens to Alex when Jayden's curiosity turns more serious?

Flawed (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Flawed (MM)

Hot Flash


Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 3,653
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Alex was surprised to get flowers from Jake. A guy he'd known for only two days already gave him flowers, while Jayden, the man he shared his whole life with, ironically hurt him.

"Uh, thanks, Jake. You didn't have to do this. I mean -- these flowers must have been very expensive."

Jake smiled widely, making Alex blush. "You deserve these flowers, Alex. A beautiful man deserves something lovely. I know we just met but I think you're amazing and I really would like to know you more. If you want me to," said Jake in a soft voice.

"I, uhh," Alex stammered. Jake was a nice, gentle guy who always treated him kindly. Alex didn't want to hurt him, but Jayden was still his boyfriend. Alex forgot if he ever told Jake that he was taken.

"You know," Jake said, interrupting Alex's train of thoughts. "I just, that's if you can. It's totally okay for me otherwise."

Alex felt conflicted. If only Jayden were honest with him ...

"But I'd be glad if you'd like to go out ... just for a drink?"

"I'll think about it. I'm sorry I can't accept your offer right away. I have something that I have to take care of. I -- I think I need to be alone for a while."

Alex walked out of the room and headed to his car. He put the flowers at the back seat. Alex pressed his head against the stirring wheel. Why couldn't the flowers come from Jayden? What was Jayden hiding from him? And why did he feel something was wrong with Jake?

Alex felt lost and he couldn't think anymore. Deep down he knew who to go to. Who he should turn to and seek guidance. His heart knew where it should go, and he yearned to reach for the only person he trusted his life with. He trusted Jayden. No question about it. Alex must talk to him.

"Hello?" He gasped with relief when the call went through.

"Alex!" Jayden's voice sounded hopeful and relieved, too.

"So did you get them? You like them?"

Jayden's words made no sense to him.

"Get what? You sent me something?" Alex glanced into the back seat.

"Damn the shop. Didn't they send them to you? Three dozen red roses, Alex. Your favorite flowers."

Alex closed his eyes. Suddenly, he was unable to breathe. "Yeah, they sent them. Thanks, baby, they're beautiful."

With thundering heart, Alex returned to the makeup room. Jake was laughing with the photographer. When Jake saw Alex, his smile grew bigger and he sauntered toward Alex.

"Hi, Alex. We're about ready to go," Jake said and reached for Alex's hand.

"We need to talk." Alex waved Jake's hand away.

"Talk can wait."

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