[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Laci Sinclair came to Lusty at the urging of her best friend, Chloe Jessop. The last thing she needs is romance. So how did Trace and Lucas Benedict get under her skin so fast?
Trace and Lucas leave Montana to find a place of their own, with a stop to visit their cousins in Lusty. Once they meet Laci, they know their drifter days are over. Though leery of working with family again, they give their cousins the benefit of the doubt and decide pretty fast they like family, Lusty style.
They hope to cure Laci’s relationship reluctance with two men ten years her junior by offering to be her “friends with benefits.” But they soon discover she’s hiding something from them—and that something could end their love before it ever truly begins.
Meanwhile, Ricoh Stone knows it’s time to find out about Angela Monroe’s past, and he turns to a rodeo  friend who now lives in Divine—Julián Alvarez.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love Under Two Drifters (MFM)
44 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I have to say I always have a soft spot for older women with younger men stories. This older woman is not - absolutely not interested in a relationship. In friendship yes, and some side benefits - what could be the harm? The book contains (in my opinion) the hottest scenes Ms Covington has ever yet penned, and the stories (because there are more than one) are tender and heart-warming. But please don't read it out of order, and you might just want to refresh yourself on the Lusty characters in the most recent books before you start reading - or you might get confused, as I did. My only slight, slight niggle is that I would have liked to see a little more of the friendship developing before Laci and her swains decided to take it further to the hot stuff. But - I guess we'd all like our favourite books to be longer, wouldn't we?
Mary Blackhill
This whole series is awesome!!!!!

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“Yes, Trace?”

“How long are you going to pretend that you’re not interested in taking this friendship to the next level? How long are you going to make us wait to taste your lips, to suckle your luscious breasts, and then let us sink our cocks and balls deep into your pussy?”

Just his words made her slit leak and her nipples grow even tauter. She tried to come up with a sexy, clever response, and failed. “I never did well with multiple choice questions.”

Lucas reached across the table and took her right hand in both of his. Trace took hold of her left. Both men stroked the backs of her hands with their thumbs, sending tiny shock waves of raw desire and aching, gnawing need zapping through her.

Her brain short-circuited, and her mouth went dry.

“You’re relationship shy.” Lucas’s voice was like an emotional balm soothing every part of her. “We get that. We’re the same, to be honest with you. We don’t really know, right at this point in time, if we’re only going to be here in Lusty for a few months or for longer, so there’s that to consider. You’re not looking for forever, and quite frankly, we can’t offer you that.”

“Pardon the bad metaphor, doll face, but this isn’t the first rodeo for any of us. Is there any reason you can think of for the three of us to not spend our time together more privately—or more intimately?”

“Or are you still in so much in love with your late husband that you can’t see yourself with anyone else? Is that the reason you’ve built that wall around yourself? The one that has the big, flashing no-trespassing sign on top?”

“No, that’s not it. That’s not it at all.” Despite everything that had happened, Laci had never been the kind of woman who talked trash about her husband. She’d had two close confidants in her life—Chloe and Deirdre. She’d told them some, but not all of what she’d been through with Frederick. And she’d told Chloe some, but not all, of what had been bothering her recently.

When Frederick had been alive, as difficult as days sometimes were, she might reach out to one or the other of her close friends because that was what girlfriends were for. But she’d never castigated him in conversation the way some women did their men.

That had just gone against the way she’d been raised.

Even when he’d asked for a divorce, she’d kept her mouth closed about the facts of their marriage. But Frederick was dead—the official ruling had been “death by misadventure.” And while she would not tell tales, generally speaking, any man—or men—she considered getting involved with deserved to know some of what she’d endured.

Marriage to Frederick Sinclair had been an endurance. God help me I wish I could say different. I wish I could feel different. She still wore a layer of guilt that the first true emotion to hit her when the police had come to her, the day after the fire, and told her that Frederick was dead was relief.

Her marriage was over for good, and she was free at last.

Except that freedom hadn’t lasted very long at all, and she had no one to blame for that, either, but herself.

“Tell us what’s going through your head, baby.” Lucas leaned in closer, and Laci knew she had his full focus.

“I see those emotions chasing across your face, Laci, and some of them make my heart hurt.” Trace’s words, quiet and without humor, touched her deep inside her soul.

“Okay.” She kept her gaze fixed on her hands, so completely captured and dwarfed by the hands of the men sitting across from her. She was more than attracted, and damn it all to hell and back, hadn’t she paid her dues? Didn’t she deserve to finally and at long last enjoy her single status and her sexuality? Fred had had no trouble enjoying sex outside their marriage, and he’d done so before the ink had even dried on their marriage license. Here she was, single and way the hell over twenty-one. Damn it, she deserved some fun and happiness, too.




“Oh, baby, you are so getting fucked.” Lucas looked as though he wanted to say more because his gaze searched hers. But whatever had been on the edge of his tongue, he kept to himself. Instead of further explanations, he nodded and then stepped back. “Naked. Now.”

Laci grinned. She was long past needing a man to undress her, stretching out his seduction of her. She’d been married, and widowed, and would never see forty again. She was a woman in charge of her life, her destiny, and she knew what she wanted. She didn’t need seduction. She needed to get fucked.

Laci didn’t give a thought, either, to the fact that her breasts were beginning to sag a little or that her stomach had turned the corner from taut to soft. They weren’t here auditioning for some lifelong position or some damn movie about young hardbodies. They were here to scratch a mutual itch and have some fun. They were friends with bennies, and she was really looking forward to the bennies.

Laci wasted no time stripping. Her gaze centered on the two men standing mere feet from her. As each bit of masculine flesh showed itself to her, she felt her mouth watering.

They’d kicked their boots off at the door. Major points to them for getting their socks off before reaching for their belt buckles.

They must have been of the same mind as she because they also wasted not a second unbuckling, unzipping, and shoving the denim and the BVDs down long, firm legs.

Oh. My. God. Laci was forty-one years old and had no idea that cocks came that big. Okay, maybe these two could be auditioning for a movie, although she was pretty certain that was something that had never even entered either of their minds.

She thought she was about to finally find out the truth of that old saw that it wasn’t what a man had but how he used it that counted.

“You’re looking at us like we’re lollipops and you’ve got a real sweet tooth there, doll face.”

“Oh, yeah. I think I just won the lottery.” Completely shameless, Laci licked her lips to let them know she more than liked what she saw.

“That’s it.” Lucas stepped forward, lifted her up, and then placed her on the bed. He came down over top of her. His hot gaze glittered, and Laci nearly moaned at the way, just that easily, her nipples drew tight and her slit leaked. Lucas looked down her body and licked his own lips. Then he met her gaze again. “I’m going to have my dessert now.”

Whatever Laci had planned to say became tangled in her teeth as Lucas Benedict laid his lips on hers. His tongue invaded her mouth, drinking from her, owning her. He lifted his head and kissed her cheeks and neck and the base of her throat. He used his tongue to circle her nipple before sucking the tiny nub into his mouth.

“Oh, yes!” Laci’s body responded instinctively to the stimulus, stretching to press her breast even closer to Lucas’s very talented tongue. She combed her fingers through his hair, pressing his head closer, letting him know how much she liked his attention.

A finger caressed her cheek. She turned toward the masculine touch. Trace was on his hands and knees beside her, his grin full of fun. “Give me some of your sugar, woman.”

His mouth took hers, his kiss hot and honeyed. Laci gave as good as she got, drinking him in deeply. Arousal ignited within her, stoked by Trace’s mouth on hers and Lucas’s on her body.

Lucas’s lips and tongue left her breast and spread a line of kisses down her body. When he nudged her legs, she obeyed his wordless command and spread them wider for him.

“I do love cream for dessert.” Lucas’s words wafted moist heat against her already hot, wet, and swollen folds.

Trace weaned his lips from hers. “He’s not kidding. He really does.” He looked down her body. His eyes widened slightly, and his nostrils flared, both sure signs of arousal. Curious, she followed his gaze.

From between her wide-open thighs, Lucas grinned at her and then lowered his head, opening his mouth over her pussy. He sucked and lapped and moved his head from side to side, lavishing her labia and the opening they guarded with eager, gulping draughts.

He made savoring sounds against her flesh, and the wet vibration just sent her arousal higher and higher still.

So much exciting stimulation all at once flooded Laci’s senses. “Oh God!”

“Lucas looks like he’s really enjoying his cream, doll face. Kiss me. I want my tongue in your mouth when you go over.”

Trace covered her mouth with his, his tongue snaking in and out, a sly and slippery lover. Laci matched his dips and swirls with hers. She sucked on him, imagining for a moment that it was his cock she held within the cavern of her mouth. The press of his erection was a hot shaft that flexed and grew even larger against her hip. She smiled against his lips.

“Yes, you will,” he said in answer to her sexy, mimed suggestion. “But my first time, I want to come inside your pussy.” Then he kissed her again. Laci cupped the back of his neck with one hand and gave back all she was.

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